It was storming that night and Kyo woke up due to the heat. 'Damn its gatta be so damn hot in here?" he said to himself taking off his shirt to try to cool him-self down. Kyo walked downstairs to the kitchen to get something to drink on his way back up he passed Tohru's room. He stopped and listened to the noise from her room, it was soft crying. 'Why is she crying?' He asked himself as knocked on the door but no response.

"Tohru, are you okay?" he asked as he opened the door. Kyo looked to see a figure on the bed and he crept over to it. He heard Tohru's crying and lifted up the sheet to see her red eyed from crying " Tohru why are you crying?" a bolt of lightning hit and Tohru jumped making an "epp" before pulling the cover back over her head. Kyo chuckled "Don't tell me, you're afraid of the storm" Tohru muffled a nod under the blanket. He sat on the bed next to her "Tohru there's no need to be scared I'm right here" another lightning strike Tohru jumped and hugged Kyo's waist burring her face in his stomach.

He turned a bright red. He didn't know how to comfort her, Yuki was better at this than he was. Kyo tipped her chin up "It's okay go back to sleep it will be over soon" and with that he got up and walked toward the door but stopped when he heard his name "Kyo, p-please stay I'm scared" He sighed. He hated to see her in pain but he couldn't stay. I mean, Kyo loved her but never dare tell her.

He thought he was a monster, the cursed cat from the zodiac. NO, not anymore she broke the curse. He sighed again and walked back to the bedside and got under the covers next to Tohru, but didn't get too close to her. "I'm not going anywhere okay? Now get some sleep already" he said facing her. Tohru snuggled as close as she could to Kyo's chest "Thank you Kyo" she said as she was about to fall asleep in his warmth.

Kyo stiffened when she kept snuggling to him and noted he was in her bed, but as the thunder boomed loudly outside he hugged her close making her feel safe from the storm. In the morning when Kyo woke up he noticed that there were purple curtains and that something-no-someone was wrapped in his arms. He looked over to see Tohru, then remembered the previous night and smiled at her dazed. Tohru started to stir, she opened her eyes to see Kyo looking at her as if in a daze he had a small smile on. "Uh.This is an awkward position" She whispered to him. Kyo broke out of his daze and whispered back "Yeah.I guess" They both turned a cherry red.

"Oh gosh. I need to make breakfast" Tohru said getting out of bed "Kyo you might wanna go before Shigure sees you" " Yeah. Your right no telling what is in that perverted mind of his." He got up and went to his own room. " Kyo! Breakfast is ready" Tohru yelled upstairs and Kyo came down. " Hey. Where are the perverted dog and that damn rat?" Tohru set his plate down " Oh. They went to the main house and said they wouldn't be back till evening" Kyo noticed that him and Tohru would be alone all day, maybe he would tell her. " Kyo are you alright?" he looked up to see a very worried Tohru.

" Yes I'm fine. So I guess its just us today, huh?" " Yup! So what are you going to do?" " Not sure. I might just go to the roof or something. You?" " Well since there is no cleaning I guess I'll watch TV or something" and with that she gathered his plate and took it to the kitchen. Kyo got up and quietly followed her. Tohru had no idea he was in the kitchen so he crept closer then tickled her waist. " K-Kyo…p-p-please s-stop it… tickles" he laughed he couldn't resist "No way" he said. Tohru fell to her knees laughing and finally Kyo had her pinned down on the floor each tickling the other.

He finally stopped tickling her but kept her pinned down getting lost in her eyes. Tohru blushed noticing how close they were getting. Then Kyo closed the gap between them. Tohru responded quickly and kissed him back. Kyo took the invitation and deepened the kiss then touched her lips with his tongue while kissing her.

She again returned his kiss. Kyo broke the kiss from lack of air and got off Tohru. She got up. They didn't say anything for the smiles on their faces was good enough. Kyo finally spoke " Uh. I'm going to the roof" and with that he was gone, leaving a confused Tohru behind. On the roof Kyo was thinking ' Why did I kiss her? Why can't I just tell her? It was wrong of me to kiss her. She would never love me. But then why did she kiss me? Does she have the same feelings?' Back in the house Tohru was laying on the couch thinking ' Does he love me? If he didn't he wouldn't have kissed me.' Thinking too hard made her fall asleep.

When Kyo came back, he couldn't find Tohru anywhere. He finally made his way to the living room to find Tohru asleep. Kyo made his way over to the couch and noticed that her skirt was bunched up a little in the back. He had to try and restrain himself. He pulled a blanket from the closet and covered her with it.

Kyo sat down in a chair and watched her sleep. ' God she's beautiful' he thought over and over again. Tohru opened her eyes to see Kyo looking at her with that same smile he had that morning. She sat up " Kyo?" she said while waving a hand in his face. Kyo broke from his trance to see Tohru looking concerned.

" I'm fine Tohru… but there is something I need to tell you" " Yes?" he gulped " Tohru you mean a lot to me and I don't think I could go on with life if you weren't here. I'm saying that I love you." She smiled and took his hand in hers, he laced his fingers with her own and she said " I love you too Kyo" He looked up at her and she gave him a peck on the lips. When she broke away from him he wanted more but restrained himself the best he could. He smiled and she got up and ran her fingers through his hair and breathed in his ear " A lot" and she ran her fingers across his chest and over his back giggling.

' Is she teasing me?' he asked him-self. Tohru then ran upstairs ' Yeah, she's teasing me' he concluded and ran after her upstairs. Tohru ran in her room, Kyo one step behind her. Still chasing her. Kyo grabbed her as they both jumped on the bed. He had her pinned down again