It was springtime, the land around them transforming into bright colors of reconciliation and adoration

It was springtime, the land around them transforming into bright colors of reconciliation and adoration. In Karin's eyes, anyway. She readily latched into the arm of her much adored avenger, whom she had come love. She cast a lusty gaze his way, and gave a tipsy smile. Even touching him made her feel intoxicated, like some addictive drug. He have her a deadpan gaze, but made no move to get her off his arm. Karin was giddy, no; elated, at this small acceptance. But a little need tugged at her. The urge to touch his ivory skin, to caress his raven hair, had washed over her.

What would he do if I had kissed him? The idea of doing such a thing made Karin's skin tingle. Unable to withstand this, Karin leaned over, and gave him a chaste kiss. She stood back shyly. She had just stolen a kiss!

"Karin." Sasuke said, in his deep, rich, smooth voice. Karin's gaze snapped up to him. Was he angry? Had she displeased him?

"Not…like that." He said, leaning into her. Their lips met, not hungrily, but a soft little meeting. Karin's fingers twirled through his raven locks, savouring his kiss. They broke apart after endless seconds, air rushing back inter her, as a lightheaded thrill set in.

"Like that." His burning hot gaze met hers; red against red. Sharingan, such a deadly and beautiful weapon. Only those brave enough, or perhaps those allowed; look into it's crimson depths. Forcing herself to look away, the tracker nin set her glasses upon her face, trying to get her bearings.

"Karin." All thought was lost as she focused her attention on him. She could not tell what he was thinking, but she held his gaze. Always, she did, not that Karin had thought about it. Whether it be curiosity, annoyance, sympathetic, she always sought his eyes. Or maybe he was always meeting hers?


"You might want to breathe." Karin exhaled a breath she didn't know she was holding. A blush filtered onto her face, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, whispering a quiet thank you. Not for his last remark, but rather…something she couldn't explain.