Endure One More Hindrance

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I place myself into the words so if you find something out of character that means I added too much of myself into it. I know I don't fit into his character but by personality it's as close as a guy like me can get.

I'm trying ok? If you want to you can yell and hate me.

Summary: SxT, after the lost of his love can he recover? Mokuba gets Tea to help him but can she snap him back into reality? She will never replace his first love but she can save him from his despair. In aiding the fallen Kaiba will Tea gain some unwanted feelings?

I'll try to update every weekend. If I should fail to do so on the weekends then you know that I'm trying to live without that hindrance in my life.

Reader replies from the Prequel:

Violent Light: I find it strange that you're reading this… I find it weird that you even read…

Anyways… How can I trust you on that? You go through girls faster than I go through Kleenex boxes. Even when you decide to leave they still like you. How's that possible? I was with her for years and she hates me… Why can't I get back my cell? God can't be that cruel, now tell me who has it.

Disclaimer: I don't own M&M's just because I love them, don't own YGO, don't even own this rose I'm nibbling on. No I'm not a rabbit I just like eating roses… I know weird and psychotic…maybe that's why she left?

Now on to the story:

Time passed but who was he to care? Staring out at the world that turned his back on him he brushed his fingertips against the ice cold glass to remind himself that he still felt. Glancing briefly up at the bright blue sky with its shining hub he blinked from the light.

Wanting to forget, wanting to let go he stood still and let the world pass him by hoping that time would let it heal.

At least Mokuba thought so. Time heal these pains pffth I doubt it. She's gone what is left? Me that's what. Now Mokuba left as well. Australia was it? Why Australia of all places? This house has never seemed so cold so desolate… Silence, never has the sound seemed so deafening in my ears as it does now.

Sighing Kaiba decided to sit at his desk about to wander in his memories once again when he saw the red blinking light on his phone. Seeing that his younger brother had left him a message from this morning he punched in the blue button and waited.

"Seto? Hi, it's me Mokuba, your little brother if you have forgotten. I really thought that leaving you alone would be healthy for you rather than having me play mother over you. That was what three months ago, I left? I don't even know if you're alive anymore. Seriously, you don't answer my calls, don't respond to your pager, never E-mailed back or showed up at work. What are you? Who are you? I don't know you anymore, big brother…

Groaning Kaiba got up and flopped onto his bed. He's just going to keep up this rant of his again. Yeah, like I'm going to reply.

"Have you even been eating? I'm probably talking to a corpse," Mokuba questioned then muttered before continuing, "So in my doubt I came back to Domino yesterday night and hired someone to take care of you. She'll be arriving by today so look forward to it. Love you big bro please be ok. I pray that she doesn't find your body on the floor and all skeletony."

He should know that I can take care of myself. I'm fine. Actually when had been the last time I've eaten? Maybe two days ago… Last time I jumped into the shower? Two days ago… He paused in his thoughts to look down at himself.

Back then I would've been repulsed but now… I don't know how I feel… Gritty that's how to describe it. Wait, she's coming today? Shit…

But instead of rushing off to wash himself, dress appropriately, and eat Kaiba simply laid on his bed in his underclothes looking lazy and haggard. It was only noon and he had pasta two days ago so he figured that he should just sleep.

"Why did Mokuba ask me to do this? Wait didn't he say something like," she began mimicking Mokuba's voice, "He'll heal better on his own. Hush, I know what I'm doing. He's my brother who would know more than his own flesh and blood? Really trust me on this. He heals best when he locks himself away and learns how to bottle it all up. No, don't applaud my genius just let it roll."

Tea mimicked the boy's haughty tone badly and sighed inwardly. "Just because he older than you doesn't mean he's stronger especially at this point… Now the kid's asking me to feed his brother while he's gone. Mokuba makes it sound as if Kaiba is some kind of pet. The way the things on this list are written seems to make it as if I'm taking care of someone's pet while they are on vacation. This seems a bit nuts…"

'List of Care Items

Feed at least twice a day.

Make sure shampoo until hair is glossy.

Try to clip his nails (be careful he scratches)

Brush his teeth if needed (be careful he bites…)

Place in exercise room or let him run outside at least three times a week

Remember to make him get the mail

Once in a while throw in a compliment or two. Say something like good job or whatever.

Thanks Tea!'

"I hope this is a joke. I mean I remember Kaiba succumbed to a coma once but he's just depressed so he can still function… I hope…"

Inwardly the girl felt sympathy towards him. First off the two things he considered 'right' in his life left him. Just when he had just begun to show a semblance of a heart she died. Then Mokuba had college to go to and after a while everyone in Domino went all over because they had other lives to live. Joey moved to Osaka or something to settle down with Mai. Tristan and Miho moved to Okinawa and have kids now. Duke has gone missing for a while now. Yugi and his other half have improved the Kame Game shop and have moved to a bigger lot and the two are incredibly busy running it. Isis went back to Egypt leaving her three brothers here to go to college. Then Bakura and Ryou went back to London for some reason I can't recall. The only reason I'm back in Domino is because I couldn't keep up in Julliard. Now I have to live with Kaiba…


Sitting on a bench and miserably down in the dumps Tea contemplated how to get a place to stay. She had spent all of her savings on her lifelong dream just to find out in the end that she wasn't wanted. Out of the blue she saw someone she recognized deeper in the park.


Running and shouting out his name she was gasping for breath when she got to him.

Standing up glumly he greeted, "Hi, Tea. What's up?"

When the brunette finally regulated her breathing she answered hoarsely, "I now have nowhere to stay, you?"

"You know you shouldn't be running with so many bags hanging off of yourself…"

"Say, you look down. What's wrong? Did something happen to Kaiba?"

Mokuba scrunched up his nose about to answer when he lifted his head and grinned brightly upon reaching a grand revelation.

"Since you don't have anywhere to stay can I make you an offer?"

Looking at the kid suspiciously Tea gestured him to continue.

"You can stay at my house. Meanwhile I go to college. I promise you it's a good place to live. It's stocked with food, has a pool, dance studio," Mokuba began counting off his fingers.

"What's the catch? It seems too good without a sacrifice," Tea interrupted.

The raven haired teen nibbled on his lower lip and murmured, "You only need to take care of Seto. Here's the keys, list of needs, address, and a Ben. Thank you Tea bye!"

-End Flashback-

That is why I'm here looking after an old enemy… Ok, so he and the others can get along and to me he wasn't so bad but I still can't understand how my friend ever came to love him. He seems so cold and distant even now when the rest of us mellowed out he stayed the same except maybe he showed a different side to her. Like how he smiles and laughs with Mokuba. I haven't seen him since the funeral though… I wonder if he's still that silent brooding statue…. Well, Mokuba said to come here in the afternoon… Strange he has specific instructions for today. Tea thought staring up at the manor then down at the list resting in her palm.

Tea cautiously slid the key into the intricately designed door of the mansion and entered. Taking her shoes off at the door and placing her bags down she closed the giant entrance while her blue eyes scanned the list.

How did he write all of this? That's probably what he was doing sitting in the park. He planned this from the start! That little devious monkey…

"So what does it say? Pick up small canister and shake it while walking around the house? What good does that do? It says here the sound will attract the Seto…" Tea popped the lid of the canister and spilled some of the substance onto her hand.

"M&M's? Wait, doesn't Kaiba like chocolate? Mokuba, that kid how does he… He's too involved with other matters to do anything else… Taking care of the press, running Kaiba corp. in his brother's absence, and chasing after the love of his life he's too busy to care… Poor Kaiba here is left to his own demise. Trapped in this marble cold prison," Tea mumbled to herself.

Walking around the house caught up in her rambles she smashed her face into something towel-like. Trying to back away she found hands on her shoulders holding her upright.

"Why are you here?"

As she looked up to meet his eyes she saw that he had already turned away.


Turning his hollowed eyes to her he seemed to see through her like air. A soft grunt in reply was all she gained. His eyes even though she had only seen for brief moments were like dark wells, wounds of the soul that showed nothing but pain. All Tea could do was wonder why.

"Why are you here?"


"You should be in New York," he muttered pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"I wasn't accepted," she looked down at the ground ashamed face but feeling odd that he knew.

"If you are looking for a place to stay this isn't a good place," he muttered taking the canister from her and downed the colorful candies. Chewing the chocolate he shuffled away in his bathrobe and slippers sipping his coffee with the candy.

"If I want to stay?"

"Choose a room in the right wing," he pointed down the hall then flopped onto the couch and tossed the empty mug onto the carpet were thirty six other mugs laid.

Tea stood by the entrance to the kitchen before picking up the empty cup and placed it on the table but simply stared at the rest of the mugs with a sort of wonderment.

"What are you waiting for? She isn't going to come back," Tea tried to rile him. Any feeling in him was better than that cold indifference.

"…I know she isn't. Still I'll wait," his voice dripped into a low whisper as he draped his arm over his eyes.

"What do you wait for Kaiba?" Tea stood next to him, her arms crossed against her chest staring down at him.


What do you wait for just laying around here day in and day out? What do you gain from this?"

Why is she going on about this? Is she purposely aggravating me? She's just looking for trouble. Not that I would hit her but I'm tempted…

Faster than she calculated Kaiba got to his feet and stood before her. A menacing presence he was even though he was clad in blue silk pajamas under a black bathrobe and fuzzy dark blue slippers.

"All I'm doing is killing time. In turn I gain life and that is all I need for this moment."

"You state you aren't waiting but yet you stay imprisoned here. Why do you hang over her memory as if she'll come back?"

"How are you to understand?"

How can she understand what I'm going through? How can she possibly know?

"I may not understand your pain but I do know that Serenity wouldn't have wanted you to live out your life clinging onto her and using her as an excuse to lock yourself from the world."

"I'm not using her as an excuse," he turned on his heel but before he could leave Tea pulled him back by his arm.

"Then tell me this. How long has she been gone?"

Without looking back he robotically answered, "Three years, ten months, seven days, thirty two minutes, and forty…."

"How many seconds?"

"I'll be in my office," taking his arm from Tea he strode off.

"I'm beginning to regret my decision…"

So how is it? Pretty horrible right? I picked this out from a time where one of my friends came into my apartment and tired to lure me out of my room using Reese's peanut butter cups…

I better start studying. After finals they've been throwing homework at us right and left. I'll try to update tomorrow. If I don't then you know I've got too much homework to do.

I wish I had someone to snap me back into reality back in those times…

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