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She looked over his prone form serenely until she noticed that Bakura was forcing spoonful after spoonful of lime jell-o between his lips just for it to ooze out. Then when she was about to do something about it Bakura ran out of the sugary treat so he began to poke Kaiba's facial features with the spoon. Raising an eyebrow in question Tea wanted to say something when Kaiba swiftly swiped the spoon from Bakura's hand and promptly shoved the handle up Bakura's nose. Clenching his fist before the thief Kaiba was about to punch him when arms suddenly wrapped about him and held him back.

He felt something warm but wet drip down his back. Kaiba pulled back his punch to Bakura and turned around facing Tea but instead of sitting before him she leaned in and rested her cheek against his chest. "I thought I was going to lose you for good, Seto… I thought… I thought I had really lost you," she murmured into his neck her arms tightly around him as if he could disappear any second.

Unsure of how to act for a second he paused before folding his arms around her, one rubbing her back soothingly trying to get her to stop her tears and the other holding the hand she had placed on his chest. "Tea, I…"

Before Kaiba could utter another word Bakura yanked the spoon from his nostril and delivered a blow to the back of Kaiba's head temporarily knocking him out.

Tea that had been simply leaning against him was taken aback when he had stopped in mid sentence with a blank look on his face before limply collapsing into her lap. First looking down at Kaiba laying on her she wondered what just happened then looking up she caught Bakura with his palm still held in midair after striking him.

The thief seeing he was caught put his hand behind his head immediately and tried to portray innocence while plastering a fake grin across his features. Tea calmly pushed Kaiba back under the covers and tucked him in trying to pretend she didn't just catch Bakura knocking Kaiba out when he was about to say something important to her. But after finding herself clenching and unclenching her fists while trying to sit in front of Bakura for four quiet seconds she realized she could not resist hitting him and out of the blue threw her right fist into Bakura's face.

Atemu looking up from his food upon hearing the sound of Bakura falling out of his chair and seeing Tea landing on top of him decided to walk over.

Standing to the side of Tea on her knees which were on either side of Bakura's torso and her body basically leaning over him Atemu said, "Tsk tsk, Tea I never knew you as the type of girl to cheat on your boyfriend as soon as he's on his deathbed."

Tea stopped clubbing the thief king's face in with her fists to look up at the pharaoh who had an eyebrow raised while staring back into her eyes. Slowly she stood and that's when Atemu's bemused expression turned into one of fear. Raising his palms to her as a sign of submission he backed away from the girl.

"…Tea let's not take your frustration out on your friends?"

He offered weakly.

Three hours later

Rubbing his head he woke up feeling as if he had just gone through déjà vu. The same four white walls, the same place that smelled sharply of medical supplies and 409 and the same small but warm body curled against his side. His memory only reached as far back as to where Bakura had gone so far as to knock him out so as far as time went his grip on it was skewed. His shoulder and chest were still sore to the point of pain so he surmised that it couldn't be more than a few days after the last time he had woke.

Blinking wearily to try and adjust his eyes to the light of the room he noticed that Bakura was gone and so was Atemu. Kaiba stiffly got up and sat there idly rubbing his shoulder. As he did he noticed Tea still asleep. Her long dark hair felt like satin wherever it brushed against him. The small soft fingers of her hands were curled around his, gentle but tightly. A look of worry crossed her features even in sleep. For the shortest of seconds he thought of waking her but of course fearing conversation he just contented himself with just having her near.

Pressing his lips to her forehead he then took a deep breath and leaned his bare back against the cold steel headboard of the hospital bed. Trying to relax and find the dregs of sleep was when he found that his entire left arm was covered in splotchy colors. Confused he raised his arm to eye level and stared at the odd markings up and down his appendage.

"Tic, tack, toe?" He mused aloud.

There was a collage of doodling randomness all over. Stick figures waging wars, games of tic, tack, toe, smiley faces, and other miscellaneous drawings were all he could make out some were so badly drawn he couldn't tell what they were.

"Reminds me of the time I was ill for a week and Mokuba visited me every day enduring it with me. It took days cleaning off the entire magic marker mess. Easy clean up my ass…"

Then looking back down at her he wondered if she was the one to make a mess of his arm. Just then he spotted all of the markers strewn on the white linoleum floor in complete disarray then he figured there must have been someone else with her.

'Most likely Yugi, that vertically challenged imp goes everywhere with her.'

Abruptly screams echoed down the pure white halls outside his room. Tea stirred in her sleep as if about to wake from the sound. 'Damn it…'

Throwing the sheets off of himself and tucking her in Kaiba stepped off the bed and onto the cold floor. Dressed only in a hospital given pair of pajama bottoms he opened the door and stepped into the hallway where doctors were screaming and running amok. Patients seemed to be confused and frightened not knowing what to do.

He however stood in the middle of the hall surveying the situation but before he could make even a yelp of a complaint he felt a low rumble beneath his feet and before he knew it a mini rogue hospital transportation car zoomed down the hall and collided with him.

Thrown into the backseat of the vehicle that resembled a golf cart he was completely shocked. Breathing heavily was all he could do while trying to blink away the spots in his eyes. Then sitting up he noticed the crazies who was driving the 'cart' down the hallways the one and only Marik and Bakura. With all of the swerving and crashing Kaiba noticed that the cart was running down doctors who were too slow and overly fed nurses who were too big to get out of the way. By running down he meant bumping into since the cart couldn't actually run anyone over.

Bakura and Marik were whooping and crooning at the top of their lungs; yelling inane insanities like, "Run mortals or be crushed under my powerful fist." Or, "You powerless weak squirming vermin die under our combined might."

Kaiba desperately wanted to beat the two but because there were no seatbelts and since the two couldn't drive he was sliding to and fro in the backseat. Soon however the cart collided with the inner wall of an elevator. Then and there he made his presence known to the two unstable morons by roughly clearing his throat.

"Kaiba…? I thought we ran you over," Marik said surprised.

He just raised an eyebrow at the two. 'They knew they ran me over but yet didn't even stop and look…'

Marik turned to Bakura and asked, "You don't think?"

"Holy Ra, it's his ghost wanting revenge for killing him!"

Instead of getting mad he simply clenched his fist and jumped into the front seat pushing Marik aside then pushed the button for the floor he resided on. As soon as the elevator door opened Kaiba simply drove back to his room, parking outside of it and picked up the two and dragged them into the room as well.

"You two should be banned from society you are a danger to everyone including yourselves…"

"It's not our fault the world is boring without us," Bakura said rather brightly taking a seat by the window with Marik.

"I think life is exciting enough without you two running around causing scenes," he rolled his eyes at them.

Tea got up as soon as she heard them enter. "You shouldn't be walking around, Seto."

"I think I'm fine. I just drove a motorized vehicle and rather smoothly I might add."

She just tapped her sock covered foot on the floor trying to convey her anger towards him but went up to him and hugged him anyways.

"I'm glad you're alright…"

He grinned down at her smugly, "Did you seriously think I was going to die just like that from a mere flesh wound?"

Tea pouted albeit smiling within, "Well, that little 'flesh wound' as you put it nearly killed you. You have no idea how much blood you lost do you?"

"No idea at all but I'm alive and that's all that matters."

She just narrowed her eyes at him but held onto him all the same. Tea then looked at Marik and Bakura who were talking secretly to one another in another tongue. Stepping out of Kaiba's embrace she asked them, "Where's Atemu and Ryou? They went out with you didn't they?"

Marik turned to her dismissively saying, "Oh them, Atemu is duct taped to the second floor railing in the lobby. He's fine a bit stuck but fine…"

"And Ryou is in the church of the hospital," Bakura finished the explanation.

"That doesn't sound so bad," she mused.

"But Bakura conveniently forgot to mentioned that we shoved him in a rain gutter that opened up into the church purifying fountain causing him to be stuck in the locked church," Marik muttered under his breath.

Tea gasped and looked at the two with a gaped mouth.

Bakura let out a low chuckle, "Don't worry about it."

"The day I worry about those two I'd sooner jump off a bridge," Kaiba grumbled slumping back onto the bed.

Tea just rolled her gorgeous blue eyes at him and scoffed, "You are all talk, Seto. You say you don't really care but I know that deep down you don't wish ill on them."

She poked his cheek, brushed her lips over his, then before he could do a thing turned on her heel and left saying, "Stay there I'll go look for our two victims. You keep an eye on the troublesome ones."

As the glass double doors swung shut he breathed out a sigh and just stretched himself out on his back with his arms crossed behind his head. Staring at the holes in the ceiling Kaiba pondered over everything that had happened during this last week. Then peering at the tomb raider and tomb keeper he knew that then and there he had to do something about them. They might not know it but he knew what they were saying he was not an idiot.

In the Lobby

"How did they manage to do this to you when so many people were watching?"

Tea was pulling at some of the duct tape that was wrapped around Atemu's arm with no hope in freeing him anytime soon.

Atemu frowned and said, "Well, Tea. There were people here. In fact a lot of them were watching but do you think one did anything? No, not at all; they were content with just watching…"

Huffing an exasperated sigh she said, "People are more like sheep than anything aren't they? If one person doesn't do anything no one does anything."

Tea succeeded in freeing one of his legs from the tape and most of his arm but alas he was still fastened sideways to the frosted glass side railing of the second floor in the lobby. The nurses and doctors below just watched along with passersby in amazement but none helped.

Atemu noticing Tea's frustration tried to help her out by struggling to tear apart the mess that secured him.

"Stop squirming, Atemu… It's not helping," she yelled at him while tugging at a loose end of tape.

Tea was about to give in and just leave her friend there when an intern walked over with a pair of scissors and began cutting away the silver tape. She paused and looked at the man curiously until he said without looking at her, "Don't you want to help your boyfriend anymore?"

"He's just my friend," Tea explained with a slight blush.

"Oh," was all the stranger said while reaching down and trying to help Atemu up over the railing. At the same time he was helping Atemu up he tried for a quick introductory, "Well, I'm Danny. Here's my card."

Before Tea could object Atemu's weapon-like hair jabbed Danny in the eye when he lurched forward trying to climb over the rail. Unfortunately in his pain he let go of Atemu who slipped back over the rail and onto the first floor. Tea just watched this tragedy unfold in silent horror. When she finally dared to move the intern had long ago stumbled away and the pharaoh was sprawled over the front reception desk like some giant decorative failure.

Looking down she realized that Atemu would be fine, he was surrounded by doctors and nurses after all; so she ran off to the sanctioned off church in the hospital. Glancing briefly at a nearby map she noticed the church was on the third floor. Tea meandered about the third floor awhile before wandering into the cafeteria and ended asking a food cashier where it was. The bored overly fed cashier pointed outside the big bay windows to the balcony area.

Tea pulled open a glass door and stepped outside. At first she thought that the man-lady had wanted her to leave but then she came to the conclusion that the balcony was larger than it appeared at first. Basically it was just the roof of the second floor but they had decided to plant flowers here and there and put benches around just in case someone wanted an outdoor mass for about twenty or so people. Then in the middle if the garden and to the left of the ring of benches was a small but quaint church.

She walked around the building and noticed that near the back was a place where a small rain water pond entered to feed the fountain that Bakura talked about. The hole was about big enough for a grown person to enter if they submerged themselves fully under water and crawled under the decorative stained glass window.

Tea placed her hands on her hips and muttered, "How they managed to shove Ryou into the church through this way without drowning him is beyond me."

She walked around again then tried the front doors. There was barely any resistance as the doors pushed inward and let a warm musty smell of incense washed over her. The sound of gurgling water filled her ears but out of the dim lighting of the church Ryou immerged drenching wet and soggy in appearance.

"Tea, oh am I glad to see you," he said cheerfully.

"Are you ok?"

Ryou gave her a slight shrug, "Other than a bit cold and wet, fine."

"You aren't the least bit mad?" She asked as they walked back together into the hospital.

"Mad? Mad at what?" Ryou absent mindedly took a towel from a nurse who offered it to him and tried to dry his hair but just ended up making it look like some white mane about his head.

Tea wondered if Ryou truly was that nice of a person, "Mad at Bakura perhaps for shoving you in a rain gutter and locked you in the church?"

Ryou frowned, "Is that what he told you? I slipped and fell into the pond and seeing a penny I… I kind of broke into the church for a bit of donation money…"

"…they exaggerated the story completely," Tea said, "and it turns out you aren't that nice of a person as I had originally thought."

Ryou nodded as the two opened the twin doors to Kaiba's room. They found the CEO sitting on a chair reading an old hospital magazine but none of the crazies were in sight.

But before Tea could ask he just gestured back towards the bathroom where the door had been jammed closed with the use of a chair.

"I couldn't tolerate them," was all he said.

Tea sidled over to him and sat beside him.

Ryou still looked around the room before asking, "What happened to Atemu?" Then seeing the couple's expression he muttered sheepishly, "Never mind don't tell me. I'll look for him myself."

Just as Ryou had left a nurse entered, looking every bit like a scared rabbit walking into a wolf's lair. She approached Kaiba as if he was Vlad himself. She noticeably swallowed deeply before asking Tea if he was well then handed her some extra bandages then poked his bandages lightly, visibly she shirked away when she had done so. Then said, "You may check out whenever you please to, Sir Kaiba."

Then the nurse almost ran from the room.

Kaiba just stared after the aid, "What was that about?"

Tea looked a bit surprised before saying, "Oh, I forgot you weren't awake then. Bakura and Marik caught a nurse a few days back and they scared the poor thing out of her wits. Then during the following days they spent their hours frightening any nurse that came in here checking on your condition…"

"Great… I expect I'll be hearing a lawsuit in a few days then," Kaiba rolled his eyes and got up.

As she followed him out into the hall Tea grabbed onto his wrist instinctively before he left, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to check out what do you think?"

She let go of him and replied, "I'll stay here for a bit to wait for Ryou to bring Atemu back. But where will you go?"

Kaiba grinned at her, "If you look for me you can find me I assure you."

"Yeah right," was all she muttered as she swung an arm around his neck and kissed him.

As he turned and left she just gave him a wink. From there she walked back towards her friends and he walked out alone onto the streets.

The sun was sinking into the horizon and the blaring orange sky was proof that the day was near its end. Kaiba withdrew his cell phone from his pocket then at the last second stopped himself from calling a limo to drive him home. Instead he shrugged his shoulders and walked with no real direction in mind.

Upon walking deeper into the hospital it became clear to her that she wasn't quite complete without him and that if she just let him wander off he'll come upon his own insane conclusions that end up in himself distancing himself from her. If that should happen she knew what would happen and in that end she would never be able to let him go.

Tea had found Ryou arguing with some nurses. Apparently he was fighting with four of them over Atemu who was fighting against both sides. Tea not really wanting to get involve in their argument explained where she intended to go and that the person who they had visited had already gone and left.

Ryou just turned to her with a smile, "Go, Tea. If you feel that strongly then go. I can handle this."

Tea gave him a nod and left the hospital. Taking a breath of fresh air from the outside world she realized she had taken it for granted all of this time. The outside air was so much sweeter than the acrid smell of disinfectant and medication. Pausing for a while she wondered where he would go. His phone didn't work so he wouldn't be able to call anyone so where would Seto walk to? Looking around from where she was she immediately knew where he would go.

He sat upon the knoll and faced towards the sea, towards the glowing streaks of sunset. His thoughts muddled and the turmoil of his emotions and the inner strife clearly showed. Kaiba had long been adding up everything that had happened ever since he could remember to possibly draw some plausible conclusion, some reasonable end to this.

She had been walking up the long road of extravagant houses all the way to the top most manors until she stopped before one that just days ago held a nightmare she wished to forget. Tea walked over to him and sat beside him staring out towards the endless blue ocean.

He didn't turn to look over at her but says, "Aren't you supposed to run from mat this point shrieking and crying?"

I haven't left the man for over fifteen minutes and he already comes up with his own conclusions…

She leaned her head against his shoulder, "Why would I run from you after all we've been through?"

Kaiba didn't answer her so Tea thought it over as to why he thought that way.

He said something like this to me before… Could it be?

Tea asked slowly, "Was Serenity kidnapped then afterwards ran away from you?"

"…You could say that. Mokuba was the one… He was still at that 'ripe' kidnapping age. I got him back like always but she was upset even then to the point where she left the house and stayed with Duke for a while. If I had to guess that's when she strayed from me," the last sentence he said at barely a whisper.

Hold on… Serenity cheated on him…with Duke?

Tea rubbed her palm up and down his back out of habit trying the soothe him. "I can't believe she would do that… Was Duke the one who told you?"

Kaiba nodded slightly then said, "The sickest part was that I believed him. I knew that it wasn't just another lie. Somehow I think I always knew that she was going behind my back but yet I asked her to marry me anyways… Maybe there lies my fault. I disillusioned myself to believe she wasn't what she was. Perhaps I cared for her far too much to give her up to him."

Tea just closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh, "Seto…"

She then placed her hand upon his cheek and turned his head gently so that he looked into her eyes as she said, "Don't think for a second that I'm going to act the way she did. You cannot compare her to me so don't."

He was going to say something in protest but she smiled at him sweetly and went on saying, "I don't plan on leaving you so don't count on me running from you. I know you Seto and I know that whatever you do, whatever you become you cannot scare me. Remember I've seen you at your absolute worst before. If you keep insisting that your enemies are too dangerous and because of them you must shove me from you I'll just cling to you all the more because you can't face the world alone forever. All I know is that I can't stand being away from you so for now just let me stand by you."

She got up from her kneeling position before him and said with a cheery smile, "I'll be at home if you want me."

Tea was about to leave when she felt his hand wrap around her wrist she looked back in question but didn't turn to meet him. She couldn't read his expression but before she could make anything of it he had pulled her into his arms and said, "Silly girl, you thought I was comparing you with her this entire time? At first I was but I know that you were always better than such. Tea you already know I cannot stop you once you set your mind to something. As for being with you…

He wrapped his arm around her tightly while his other hand was cupping her cheek, "I wouldn't have it any other way so don't think for a second I'd cast you out and live my life alone. My life without you in it is a pitiful waste, Tea."

Kaiba was about to say how much he had loved her when Tea rolled her eyes and forced her lips over his.

Then and there under the dying blaze of the sun and the birth of the stars looking like endless diamond skies the two stood where one was broken now mended, where one was destroyed but now renewed with life. It was an end to conflicting emotions and many troubling times. Another past was safely placed behind them as the briefest of memories. It was a new beginning as something ignited in their veins accompanied by a rush of blood on this endless night.

Yes, fin. I know it took me a long time. Almost a year I think. I thought I'd finish this before summer ended do you remember that crazy dream of mine? Well, here I am. There is a sequel. It doesn't really have a storyline. It's more or less a compilation of failed attempts of what I will not say but it is more humor than anything. I like trying to be funny, because it really doesn't suit me. The best set of jokes I ever came up with are lobster jokes I'm just not a very funny person. It will be called Love is Overrated or something of the like.

From Reality to Fiction

Hospital Plus Markers: I spent one week in the hospital and I ended up with my friends drawing all sorts of things all over my body even thought there was no real lack of paper. I swear they are more like kids than my friends.

Hospital Car: Happened once at a very expensive hospital I was put into. My friends (how grand they are) ran me over then and tried to hide my 'dead' body in the backseat. When I got up and scared them they crashed into an elevator and I ended up having to drive back to my own room.

Duct tape: Yes this did happen unfortunately. One of them fell asleep so the other three of my friends tied him up and sloppily duct taped him to a rail in the lobby. The doctors didn't do anything they just stared as some teens taped a sleeping teenager to their working place.

Church: I know sad, I was sent to a Catholic/Christian hospital. I was there for quite a while and since the land lord doesn't like having them around the apartment without their 'chaperone' they had to stay with me. They wreak too much havoc to be able to be kept anywhere… Anyways they found the church. It was closed since…I don't know it just was. They apparently dared each other, who could use the rain water tunnel to the fountain to sneak into the church.

I remember that on this same stay at this hospital that they managed to scare almost all the nurses from me.

Last two pieces of Dialogue: I just took what I remembered from what Selene told me. Again I base a lot of what I write on what I have lived through so it fit. I tried to shove her away once because I was afraid the guys I was up against might hurt her. I also dreaded the fact that she might leave me for my rival since she was kind of his girlfriend until I stole her (I know I'm a bad guy…). Basically I twisted some words so that they would fit the story.

And that is it. Look forward to the sequel. Which should be up shortly since I already had it typed up I just forgot which disk it was on…

Hope you all enjoyed Endure One More Hindrance.

P.S. If you want the alternative ending…I realized she's a really big procrastinator it could be years before she writes it up. I hope she heard that as I yelled it out to her.