This is a sequel to "Pain of Loss, Agony of Love", which I originally was not going to expand upon. However, it was requested that I do so by i luv ewansmile, and so is written for them. Personally, I don't think it compares to the first story, but I'll let others judge that in reviews (hint hint). It's not supposed to be quite canon, so I probably made some mistakes in that respect.

It was raining on Coruscant.

The downpour had come suddenly, a sweeping curtain of liquid beads that clinked loudly against durasteel walls and transparasteel windows. Drops of water flung themselves recklessly, harmlessly, against buildings and transports alike in a suicidal and fruitless quest to give nourishment to the nonexistent flora of the city planet. The dark, brooding clouds had also spilled out their wrath upon the Jedi temple, dousing the leaping flames of the funeral pyre that had only an hour ago consumed the body of Jedi Knight Siri Tachi.

Tears were falling upon Coruscant.

Striding heavily along one of the corridors of the Temple, Padawan Anakin Skywalker sighed, noticing and understanding the grief-laden atmosphere that pervaded the entire Temple. All mourned the sudden passing of Siri Tachi, a promising Knight who had given her life for the work of the Order. Two Jedi in particular were devastated by her death. One was her Padawan, Ferus Olin, whom Anakin often regarded with hostility, and yet he now felt only sympathy for the fellow apprentice. The other was Anakin's own Master, Obi-Wan, who had become Siri's closest friend from Padawanhood.

Only now was Anakin beginning to suspect that, at one time or another, there had been more than friendship between them.

Turning, he entered the apartment he shared with his mentor. His eyes travelled from the storm driven window, sparkling with patterns of wetness, to Obi-Wan, who was seated nearby like a stone; his body was rigid, and rivulets of tears carved shadows into his face. Taking a seat across from the Knight, Anakin waited impatiently in the tense silence, until it shattered like crystal as he finally spoke his thoughts aloud.

"Master," he said quietly, "you loved her, didn't you?"

For the first time, Obi-Wan moved, turning his face away in silent confirmation of the inquiry.

Feeling as though he both did and did not fully understand his mentor, Anakin left it at that, knowing the subject was painful. Both sat in utter silence, the only sound being the steady wash of rain from outside. Alone with his thoughts, Anakin reflected on his own secret love. Would this be his own response if she, too, were to die?

Unbidden tears welled then in his eyes. He brushed a hand roughly across them, and knew that he was weeping not for the death of a lover, but for the high cost of love itself.

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