By darthelwig

I don't own anyone. I don't even own a pet.

Rated: T

Pairing: John/Cameron

Summary: John's attraction to Cameron was driving him nuts.

Being around Cameron was slowly driving him insane.

She seemed, most times, less like a cyborg than a disturbingly naïve, disturbingly pretty teenage girl. It was difficult to remember he shouldn't be lusting after her- with her walking through the house in her underwear, looking feminine and all too tempting. How much could a fifteen year old boy really be expected to take?

She was his constant companion, watching him with those unreadable, exotically slanted eyes, her attention always focused in his direction. Her unvarying awareness of him was unsettling, to say the least. To be honest, he found it as alluring as he did irritating, and the mix of conflicting emotions inside of him was shredding his already frayed patience.

She was even starting to appear in his dreams- teasing him with fantasies he shouldn't be entertaining. His mother would kill him if she knew.

But his imagination and teenage libido didn't care about consequences. He was continually being distracted by Cameron's beauty. Hell, he'd even given her a diamond- impulsively, wanting to please her, not that it should've done anything of the sort.

She'd seemed strangely… happy…though, with his gift. He could've sworn it was real emotion he'd seen in her eyes, even though her face had remained as expressionless as ever. His fleeting glimpse of that emotion- real or imagined- had sent a thrill through him, settling in the pit of his stomach.

He had to ignore the warmth of her skin, the softness of lips he wanted to kiss- those were only trappings, covering the machine that existed beneath.

Only…John had always loved the story of the Tin Man. All he'd wanted was a heart, and when he finally got to the end of his journey he discovered it had been within him all the time.

Was Cameron like the Tin Man? Did she have a heart? Was she capable of love? Was she capable of feeling?

He kept trying to tell himself it wasn't true. It couldn't be true. But doubt nagged at him anyway. He'd seen emotion in her eyes. He was almost certain of it, and his gut told him it was real. She'd felt real pleasure when he'd given her a gift.

And, as Cameron had already acknowledged, she was different from other Terminators he'd encountered. She hadn't told him exactly how she was special, but he was beginning to get an idea of how far-reaching the differences were.

So, even though it was probably wrong, he kept thinking of her as a real, sentient being. And he wanted her.

He hoped school would help. Maybe he'd meet a nice, normal girl and be able to put his feelings for Cameron aside, finally. He hoped so. They didn't need any more complications. His life was already far too messed up as it was. It would be nice to have at least one thing in his life be as normal as possible.

He already had a robotic guardian. He didn't need a robotic girlfriend.

But damn if she wasn't tempting.