Six years past, Tokiya and Fuuko had vowed to see each other again as Tokiya leaves for America. Problem: he didn't keep his promise. On his own way, Tokiya resumes with famous model Toudou Shizuka.

Another problem: After two months trial relationship, Tokiya and Shizuka break up. As he struggles to convince his foster father that he loves someone else (so that Toudou would stop pestering him) Fuuko and Tokiya cross paths once more.

Upon a blackmail agreement, they end up being together as long as Shizuka bothers Mikagami. Both expect to be in charge. Both expect to clinch a deal. Both expect to solve their troubles. What they don't expect was to fall in love.

Till I Met You

Chapter 1

The Hell With The Marriage

Tokiya POV

"Where are you going?"

Here it goes again.

"Do you need to know?"

Steadfast emerald gaze met my own stubborn silver eyes.

I won't yield on him. Not ever.

"You're getting married, may I remind you."

You don't need to remind me! I shout in my mind. Who is he to conquer my life?

Okay, technically speaking, he is my father. But who cares? I am already twenty four years old, for Satan's sake!

"So what?"

That glare again.

"Godforsaken, Tokiya, you're not a kid anymore!" his silvery hair shook at his disposition. He was old yet still strong. "You must know that this is not child's play. Getting married needs time, space, meditation and—"

I pushed my hands upwards in irritation. "You were the one who pushed me into this marriage!"

"You know it's what's good for you."

"What good? To be married with a bitch who doesn't know anything but to flirt with guys and pretend she's perfect? Gods, I don't know what has gotten into you that you wanted her to be your daughter in law. What did she tell you?"

"She's a very nice lady, Tokiya; you're not just giving her a chance."

"I did." I answered. "And I regretted it."

"You never gave much effort."

"Of course I did!" I howled. Does this man actually had an idea how nauseous that woman is? And I endured the torture for two months!

"I don't know where this conversation is going." He resigned, standing to leave.

"You know of course." I answer sardonically. "If you just didn't—"


I chose to shut up. Calm, Tokiya, keep your cool. This man has heart ailment.

Yes, if you're asking, that's the reason why. Mikagami Tokiya will never bow down or obey anybody against his wishes if he wasn't his father and if he won't die once he disobeys him.

"Just come back home before three o' clock, Tokiya. Shizuka's family will be coming. You two must now plan the motif. It's just four months before the wedding and we're rushing."

Of course, no chance to contradict.

Writer POV

"That's a nice one, Fuuko-chan." Yanagi remarked as the purple haired girl waved the gown on her grasp.

"It should be, I made it!" She gleamed with pride.

"Sure looks like the wedding is a bit…provocative." Yanagi giggled nervously. "I mean, look at that…"

"Neckline?" Fuuko finished. Then, she laughed as she gazed at the plunging hole. "Well, it's their choice."

"That woman must be sexy." Yanagi pondered. "How I wish I could be that voluptuous on my wedding."

"Well, no need to worry about it." She boxed the dress neatly. "In Recca's eyes, his hime is the most attractive woman on their wedding, Helen, Aphrodite, Athena and Venus rolled in one."

"Yeah right." The brown head smiled and daydreamed. "Oh Recca…"

"Here you go again." Fuuko smirked. "Sometimes when I look at you, I wish I'll never get married. I'd never want to look like a pathetic oddball."

"Fuuko-chan!" Yanagi grimaced. "You just don't know what it feels."

"What it feels to sit down and be in a stupid trance all day?"


"That's meant to be a joke." She quickly affixed. "I mean, why are all women just so excited about it? It's just a day you would be tied up to an unfaithful, foolish, indolent bastard and live your miserable life with him."

"It's weird that you work in a wedding organizer shop yet you don't believe in marriages."

"That's what we call; business is business."

"Men aren't all like what you think they are."

"They all are. I'm sure. I know it."

"No they are not."

"They are."

"Are not."

'They are."

"Are not!"

"They are!"

"Are not!"

"Okay, let's clinch a bet." Fuuko challenged, her mauve eyes sparkling with arrogance. "If after three months you don't come to me ranting or crying about Recca's mischievousness, men aren't all like that. But if you do, then I am right."



And with that, Fuuko Kirisawa shook her head and turned to the rings waiting to be placed in their velvet boxes.

Fuuko POV

What a nice sight.

Tow lovebirds chirping petty sweet nothings on each others' ears; vowing love and faithfulness all their life.


I bet all my money here in my pocket that those two will break up after a month or so.

And here they are, preparing for a wedding? Jesus Christ, they don't know what they're doin'.

They're just engaging themselves in a wretched destruction they would regret in no time.

Believe me, it's all true. BELIEVE ME. I went through it. The love letters, the roses, the teddies, the dates, the rings, the dreams, the sweet nothing. I went through it all.

And my conclusion? Nope. Love isn't true. It's just a fake illusion everyone mistakenly trusts.

I also hoped once, like them.

And learned the lessons the hard way.

Mikagami Tokiya. Such a lovable man.

Strong, sensible, handsome, prominent, affluent, enigmatic, charming, loyal, talented and manly. That's how girls describe such a man called Mikagami Tokiya.

And there was me, a helpless, innocent girl who fell in love with the ivory haired ice man. It was hopeless. It was not hard. It was impossible.

But miracles of miracles, the impossible happened. Yes, Mikagami Tokiya courted Kirisawa Fuuko. And the Kirisawa Fuuko, the lucky woman, accepted.

Or should I say, unlucky.

Mikagami Takashi had ordered his son to come back to the United States after he graduated high school.

And the bastard asked me to wait.

And the bitch that I am, I agreed.

It wasn't that bad. We still called everyday, sent letters, e-mailed, chatted on the net and texted. He was far but I could feel his 'love'.

One day, one fateful day, Mikagami Tokiya showed me his exact, manipulative nature behind the sheep's clothing.

Son of Mikagami Takashi, engaged to Toudou Shizuka

The headlines told me more than what I need to know.

Heir of Mikagami Corporations Announced Engagement to A Well Renowned Model, Ms. Toudou Shizuka.

But I still gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I didn't have the courage to call him. I might break apart. So I e-mailed him. I asked for his explanation. I told him I'm not angry; that I'll believe in whatever he'll say.

That I love him so much.

You know what he said?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

He told me he's sorry.

I didn't stop. I need to know. Why did he break us apart? Why did he choose that woman over me?

So I sent him a letter.

Do you know what I received?

A letter.

From Mikagami.

Mikagami Takashi.

The goddamn, money sucker tycoon.

He told me that he understands.

He told me that he sympathizes.

He told me that he's sorry.

He told me Mi-chan and I weren't meant to be.

He told me we lived worlds apart.

He told me that I have a very bright future ahead of me.

And he told me he wanted to help me.

He told me he's willing to grant my wishes.

He told me he has enclosed a check on the letter, enough to make me pass through the course I wanted so much but cannot afford; medicine.

Ten million yen.

You know what I did?

I ripped the check without even thinking.

Mikagami Tokiya. He's just like his father.

Mikagami Takashi, he's the epitome of every man's dark soul.

Men, they are all the same.

Believe me.

Writer's POV

"I think scarlet and turquoise would be fine, Tokiya."

The feminine voice jerked the man awake.


'You're not listening again." The curly brown haired model retorted, frowning.

"I'm sorry." He apologized half heartedly.

"Our wedding's just four months away, Tokiya honey. We cannot waste time."

He wanted to snort but the warning gaze of his father stopped him. "I'm excited." He remarked a bit unexcitedly.

"Me too." She replied, enthralled. "So, shall we continue? What motif do you want? Rose with lavender or red and baby blue?"

Lavender. His mind immediately registered. Lavender.

The word lavender just reminded him of someone.


Where can you be now?

"Tokiya. Tokiya!"


"You fell on your reverie again." The soon to be bride confirmed. "So, you think red and baby blue would be fine?"

"No." he immediately responded. "If you ask me, I'd pick lavender and rose instead."

"Then lavender and rose it will be."

Tokiya watched his engagement partner flutter her lashes in enthusiasm and he shook his head.

For a moment he thought he saw a certain purple head.

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