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Chapter 15 (Epilogue)

Seeing the Juniors

A smile made its way to Yanagi's face as she opened the white invitation with golden letters.

"Mikagami-Kirisawa Nuptials"

She can't believe they're already on this time, this place, when they'll see the union of two of their friends, clashing at first and loving next.

After six years, Tokiya and Fuuko are going to celebrate their marriage.

She could hardly wait for the three more hours to go.

Fuuko's mauve eyes widened as she saw the man coming.


She almost caught her breath at the sight of the bishie in his white tux, too surprised to find him here.

"Hi, Fuuko-chan." He replied, smiling gently. "You're a wonderful bride."

A sad smile graced Fuuko's lips. "Thank you."

"Mikagami's a very lucky man." He said. "I hope he'll take care of you as well as I wish he would."

Fuuko approached him, a hand in the air to hold him and comfort him.

"No." he slowly backed away. "I might not be able to give you to him if you hold me right now. I just came to see your very special day."

"I don't know if it's wrong that I sent you an invitation." Fuuko answered softly, tears forming in her eyes. "If I didn't, I might offend you. After all, you're a close friend. But when I did, I think I hurt you even more."

"Don't think about me, Fuuko." He smiled again to reassure her. "I could handle. And you have to be your best today. Mikagami won't want a weeping bride now, would he?"

"Thanks you for everything Raiha, I could see you loved me enough to let me go." She gratefully said. "You will surely find someone for you someday."

"Is that the general line women give to turn-downed (A/N: Sorry for interrupting. Dunno if there's a word like that xD) men these days?" he joked, trying to cheer her up.


"Sorry, it was meant to be a joke." He chuckled, happy to see her back to her high spirits. "Please accept my handshake and my greetings."

"Raiha, you're inconsistent." She pouted. "You told me not to touch you." She reminded him, but accepted his hand anyway.

"You may make your vows…"

"I, Tokiya Mikagami, promise to share my life with you, Kirisawa Fuuko, along with your stupid habits, manly advances, lack of intelligence and AW!!"

The audience sweatdropped as Fuuko bonked his groom's head with her fist.

"It's always painful to say the truth when I'm with you, monkey."

"Shut up, you ice block."

The priest sweatdropped.

"Uhm…may we continue…?"

"Yes, father. Fuuko answered, still irritated of her soon-to-be-husband.

"I, Kirisawa Fuuko, gladly vow to be always there for you both in your joy and in your troubles, even though you are maniacally sick, cleverly insane, stoically stubborn and devilishly egoistic."

"I didn't even know such words are in your airhead vocabulary, chimp." Tokiya coolly remarked.

Another bonk.

It was the priest's turn to speak. "Tokiya Mikagami, do you accept Fuuko Kirisawa to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death befalls you?"

Without a blink, he said, "I do."

"Fuuko Kirisawa, do you accept Tokiya Mikagami to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death befalls you?"

Fuuko looks dazed. She didn't answer.

Tokiya nudged her.


"Shut up, I'm just thinking if I should marry a fridge like you are and live with it the rest of my life."

"You should be happy. There are hundreds of women out there who will kill just to marry me. And you, you are a mere idiotic chimpanzee."

"But you did choose thismere idiotic chimpanzee, right?" she sneered.

Tokiya felt his face grow red. Finding him cute in that way, Fuuko leaned and kissed him squarely on the lips.

At first, Tokiya looked baffled, but in a second, instantly kissed back.

The audience cheered.

The priest smiled happily and muttered, "I don't think there's room for verbal vows anymore…"

Yuuya practically leaped through the passing players and students as his adrenaline rush came pumping him.

"Shit…I might accept another detention from Fuukiya the terror coach…"

The wide doors opened and gave way to the panting black haired teen.

"Gomen nasai, Coach. I'm late." He didn't even bother to take a peek at the most probable twisted face he'd see.

He was surprised when he didn't receive another punishment.

He slowly looked up…

…and caught a glimpse of Mikagami-sensei talking to a dignified man, with long silver hair and great built.

'Fuck the hell…is that her boyfriend…?'

He suddenly became aware of what he's thinking. 'Hey, I don't care…who is she to me anyway?'

"So Hanabishi, you're here as I see."

He went back to reality and found his teacher's eyebrow to be raised.

"Late for the fifty sixth time this school year, aren't you?"

"I…I'm sorry, sensei." he muttered, not looking at the strange new man.

"You're actually trying to be so original on your mission of being kicked out of the team because of incessant tardiness." She smirked. "Thirty laps, may I?" she asked, though not necessary.

And it surprised Yuuya. His coach never ever asked for his permission when giving laps.

Nonetheless, he agreed with a respectful bow.

"Yes, ma'am."

He wondered why his head felt so hot and angry throughout the day. He just can't concentrate. The shooting and dribbling he once found to be a piece of cake now seemed like hard labor.

And he would simply burst every time he sees his Mikagami-san and that dimwit talk and laugh.

He always has known Fuukiya-sensei to be strict and stoic, and she never showed a laugh at the basketball team.

But now, she's like a whole new person.

A whole new person.

A cheerful person, with gleaming mauve orbs, smiling red, plump lips, a tint of pink on her cheeks.

A charming lady.

'No, no, no!'

He fought all the thoughts flooding him as the laughing blue eyes turned to him, now stern. It was like a warning.

He glared back. He didn't feel afraid. Not an angry glare, but a challenging one.


He heard the voice of a very familiar woman calling him.


"Could you have coffee with us?"

The same man glared at him again.


"This is Yuuya Hanabishi, my student in basketball." She offered them both to sit. "Hanabishi-san, Tokiya…"

A knowing smile appeared on her face.

"A very close friend of mine." She looked at the elder man with a naughty spark.

'She really flirts with that guy…overly.' Yuuya snapped inwardly.

"Nice to meet you, Hanabishi-san." The bishie clad in white suit offered his hand.

"My pleasure too." He shook the new acquaintance's hand, rather firmly.

Their orders came and Fuukiya started munching her brownies.

"Uhm, Mikagami-sensei…?" Yuuya carefully interrogated. "Uhm…why did you…uhm, I mean…why am I…why did you…?"

'Shit!' he inwardly scolded himself. 'Why am I stumbling over words?'

"Why did I invite you?" she casually completed for him. "Well, I almost invited every member of the team for coffee except you. It's my habit."

Just then, Fuukiya's phone rang.

"May I just leave you for a while, excuse me."

She scurried away a bit hastily to the women's restroom.

Silence engulfed the two people left behind as green eyes met blue ones.

"You seem to be close to Fuukiya-chan, I see…" the silver haired bishie started.

'Fuukiya-chan?' he repeated in his mind. 'Are they that close…?'

"Uhm, she's…she's my coach…and uh…yeah, a bit close than usual…?"

The cerulean eyes flooded with deride. "It seems that tardiness and irresponsibility are into you."

He was insulted. How dare this man say that to him, so straightforwardly?

"That's what we call emergencies, Tokiya-san." He gritted his teeth but kept his cool. "You asked me about Mikagami-san. How about you, how are you related to her…?"

Tokiya lifted a brow. Yuuya knew he had seen that kind of eyebrow lifting before but forgot where and when.

"Well, as the lady said, we are real close friends…"

Yuuya was silenced.

"I love her."

Green eyes widened.

"Then." He breathed. "Leave her alone."

"Why would I do that?" Tokiya said, his tone challenging him once more.

"Because she is mine." He confidently claimed.

"How are you to say that?" he shot back. "You're not even responsible enough for yourself."

"I love her, and I'll do everything to make her happy." He said bravely. "She'll always be the one to choose anyway."

Tokiya looked on courageously, leaving Yuuya to wonder what he had just said, how and why he said it.

'You love her dammit!' his mind shouted at him.

"What if she chooses me?"

Yuuya paused. What was he to say? "I respect her choice."

Contrary to what he expected, Tokiya smiled sincerely.

"Do you know who I am?"

Yuuya's brows knitted. "Tokiya-san, Mikagami-sensei's close friend."


The boisterous voice of a woman interrupted their conversation.

"Fuu-chan, come here."

Yuuya's eyes literally popped out.

"See? I am still dashing enough to pretend to be your suitor…"

Fuukiya laughed at Yuuya harshly. "Well, you do look ten years younger your age, even more, dad."

Yuuya lost all his voice.

"But man," Tokiya sympathetically placed a hand on his shoulder. "If you'll be with this woman, you'll surely need my sympathy. She is no different from her mother."


"Why do I have to do a group project with that dimwit?"

Recca's daughter didn't even bother to recognize the cruel remark Raizen shot at her and just walked away..

"Man, I know how crazy you are about her." Satoshi sneered him, his tone soft in sarcasm.

"Shut up. Why would I be crazy about that zoo-dweller?"

Satoshi smugly grinned. "Another of your foolish name-calling. Why don't you just admit that from the first time you saw Reiya, you fell in love with her?"

Raizen looked away. "From the first time I saw her, I knew she's a manly chunk of misfortune."

"Because she's the only one who dared ignore your dead good looks?" the blue haired lad with eyeglasses further provoke him.

"You know what? For all the kindness your parents possess, you are terrible as hell." The aqua haired six footer snorted.

"Should I take that as a compliment?" Satoshi smiled innocently.


A loud chuckle filled the air.

"But…Satoshi…?" Raizen tentatively said. "Uhm…aren't you noticing it? Reiya seems…unusual nowadays…."

Another stifled laugh. "See what I mean?"

"SHUT UP!" Raizen scolded him, his cheeks burning. "I'm serious." He started in a lower tone.

"Before," he continued. "Whenever I give a remark, she gives something back. But now, she seems so passive, irresponsive and…"


"Yeah." He agreed.

"Well, she acts usual around me."

"That disturbs me more." He muttered. "She's only like that around me."

"And it bothers you."


Another giggle.

"Stop being all feminine, Satoshi! I'm beginning to think you're gay."

"Excuse me, Raizen. I am all a man. I just refuse to rush finding the right woman."


"Anyway, back to Reiya." He staggered. "Isn't it weird? You've known her all your life, since you were kids. Yet now you won't even admit that you love her one least bit."

"Love her?" he chuckled nervously. "Love that monkey? No way."

"I can't blame you." Satoshi replied. "Aunt Fuuko narrated to me that your father once denied loving her and always calls her monkey, but look at them now. Almost twenty years in a marvelous marriage."

"I'm not like toosan." Raizen retorted.

"Are you sure?" Satoshi leered. "Mikagamis do have that kind of attitude."


"Reiya!" Raizen almost shouted his voice box out in frustration. "Reiya, wait!"

Reiya didn't seem to hear anything. She went on walking.

"Reiya." He finally caught up with her, panting. "Reiya, I've been looking everywhere for you."

The girl with green hair shrugged.

"What the fucking hell is wrong with you?" he held both her shoulders, glaring at her. "It's been three weeks since we last had a normal conversation."

Reiya looked on with deride.


Another voice broke in the picture.

Ren waved at her, his brown hair disheveled by the wind.

Raizen looked astounded.

"Uncle Domon's son…" he mumbled to himself in a whisper.

Reiya stumbled out of his grasp. "Ren!"

"C'mon, let's go, or we'll be late for the movie."

"Okay." She turned to Raizen. "Maybe some other time, Mikagami. I have other things to do."

Fortunately, she missed the devastated expression that crossed the man's bright amethyst eyes as her hand entwined with her companion.

"That's it? You're done?"

He looked away. Satoshi stared at him like he's grown two heads.

"What else can I do?"

"Well, stuffs." He shrugged. "It doesn't mean anything to you anyway. You don't love her right?"

'Damn!' Raizen cursed in the back of his head. 'This sadist is making everything harder for me to handle.'

"Oh yeah, you don't love her."

"I love her, dammit!" he said in an outburst.

Satoshi practically ogled at him.

What did he just say?

That he loves Hanabishi Reiya. He, Mikagami Raizen, fell in love with that woman.

"Shit. I love her. That's it. You happy now?" he declared.

But instead of laughing, Satoshi's expression hardened. "Then do something. Before you lose her completely."

These were the times he felt ultimately smaller than his best friend. (He hates to admit it, but yeah, he's his best buddy) Although the latter is just a year older, he seems to be ten times more mature.

"I'll tell her."

The dim light emitted by the sunset entered the barren, dark hallway as two people stood six meters away from each other.

"I get it."

Reiya's shoulders tensed as she heard that familiar voice. It's the voice that never fails to make every part of her shiver in awe and affection. Even if now that she's not facing him.

Raizen Mikagami. Why is there such a man like him?

A man that broke a hundred hearts in their school. Including hers.

After being with him all her life, she finally got to recognize the fact that he will never love her.

That's why for a month now, she hasn't been talking to him.

And also why she now attends to Ren, her loyal suitor.

She's a fool. She ignored Ren and focused on a man who will never love her the same way she does.

A bitter smirk appeared on her face.

"You weren't talking to me. You're ignoring me. And you're going out with this Ren guy. You wanted to make me jealous, right?"

She didn't breathe a word.

"That's it." He grunted. "All this time, you're expecting me to love you. You wanted me to be more than your friend. You wanted all my admirers off. That's why you're trying to get my attention, am I correct, Hanabishi Reiya?"

A light chuckle.

Then, she faced him.

Raizen saw it.

The hate and disparage evident in her burning eyes.

"You're really an arrogant bastard, aren't you?" she said, lightly scorning him. "You are thinking every woman would love you. Despite your darn good looks, you are nothing but a cold, brutal moron. You're a devil. You're just hiding under that pretty face."

"Okay, I loved you once." She bravely admitted. "But I learned my lesson now. At least respect my decision and leave."

His eyes widened in her sudden statements.

"Ren is a much better man than you." She told him truthfully. "Even though he's common in comparison to your astounding beauty, he's pure inside, and sincere."

"Fine." Raizen gasped hoarsely. Then, he approached her. "I love you. That's it. You're happy to hear it?"

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "If I hadn't admit it before, yes, I am jealous, and you hurt me everytime you ignore me, and you greatly affect me. If it makes things better, I'd even say I love you all my life. If I had hurt you, I'm sorry."

Reiya looked at him with defiance and said. "I don't believe you."

A rough punch reached Raizen's face as he gawked at the towering man in front of him.


"Get up, coward." Ren kicked him on the groin.

"What the hell are you doing?" he finally reacted, punching back.

Ren wiped the blood off his face and shook his head. "You could hit me all you want, but you'd still be a coward."

Another kick.

Almost unaware of all the curious gazes of the people in the cafeteria, they continued to glare at each other.

"You love her." Ren said, loud enough for only them to hear.

Raizen looked away.

"Don't look away!" he pulled his collar. "You can't leave her like this. Fight for her."

Raizen fell in deep thought and shoved him away, dazed.

Hikaru dropped the groceries to the cart as she remembered the food fight that ensued between his father and mother.

"Those two never learned…"

The fifteen year old orange haired girl wondered on her future, if she would meet that one man for him ever. She longed for the love her parents cherish so much.

"Well, fate finds a way…" she remembered her violet haired father say.

For a second, she saw her world spin. Then, everything was rotating.

"Are you okay, miss? Miss?"

She caught a glimpse of brown hair and a pair of soothing hands on her skin.

He walked home, shoulders slumped, eyes glimmering with tears ready to fall.


He turned, following the gentle, soft voice he long wanted to hear.

He felt eager arms swerve around his neck. The next thing he knew, moist lips covered his own in a sweet kiss.

It took him a second before he finally closed his eyes and kissed back. Then, he slithered his arms around Reiya's waist.

They broke apart and continued to gaze at each other for a full minute before their lips met again.

After all, kissing could say a thousand words their proper minds won't allow them to say.

A pair of golden eyes covered by shiny eyeglass lens looked on, a smirk on his lips.

'This scene is becoming way too private for me to see…'

"What's this, Mi-chan?"

The latter groaned. "Darn. I'm already your husband and I'm forty but you still call me by that stupid nickname."

Fuuko giggled. "Did everything turn out well?"

"Yes." Tokiya stripped his coat. "Open the box."

Fuuko turned to the mysterious object again.

She opened the small square box.

Out popped a…


Letters were engraved to it.

'Till I Met You'

"Oh…" her eyes sparkled.

Yes, she and Tokiya. After SODOM, never did Tokiya appear again. But in front of the cinema where this movie was playing, they crossed paths and started a beautiful, wonderful love.

Maybe it was petty, but it is where she also opened her heart to him, and where he first told her he loved her.

She will forever be thankful to that movie with a sickening plotline.

And besides, doesn't it suit their love story? It's so mushy she wants to puke.

"So, I say we leave that for tomorrow and bath for now…?"

The seductive voice of her husband made her smirk. The glint in his eyes never failed to send he appropriate message.

"Why not…?"

I never dream
'Cause I always thought that dreaming was for kids
Just a childish thing

And I could swear
Love is just a game that children play
And no more than a game

Till I met you
I never knew what love was
Till I met you
This feeling seems to grow more everyday
I love you more each day

I believe you
I believe in every word that you say
I love you all the way

Now I could swear
Love is not a game that children play
So tell me that you stay

Till I met you
I never knew what love was
Till I met you
This feeling seems to grow more everyday
I love you more each day
Each day

You and I should be together
Can't you see
Can't you see

Till I met you
I never knew what love was
Till I met you
This feeling seems to grow more everyday
I love you more each day
Each day

Till I met you
Oh, I never knew what love was
Till I met you
This feeling seems to grow more everyday
I love you more each day
Each day

Till I met you
Till I met you


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