Chapter One

Phoebe Halliwell sat in her office, finishing her advice column for the San Francisco newspaper, The Bay Mirror.

But Phoebe Halliwell wasn't just your normal advice columnist. In fact, she and her two sisters, Piper and Paige, were witches. The Supernatural Realm knew them as the Charmed Ones and they shared the Power of Three, which was the special bond between the sisters and their powers.

Piper, the oldest sister, could blow things up and could freeze time. Phoebe, the middle sister, could levitate and had premonitions. Last but not least, the youngest sister, Paige, could move objects with a command and could transform herself to look like someone else called glamouring. And since Paige was half-whitelighter, she could transport herself in a swirl of lights to any place she wanted to go referred to as orbing.

The sisters had not always been the Charmed Ones. Actually, until about eight years ago, they had no idea about their powers or their destiny. Back then, the oldest Halliwell sister had been Prue. As children, Prue, Piper and Phoebe had their powers bound by their grandmother, Penny (otherwise known as Grams), after the girls' mother, Patty, had been killed. The girls had no idea they had come from such a powerful line of witches until after their Grams had died. The girls were already in adulthood and ready to spread their separate ways when their powers were returned after Grams' spell had been lifted because of her death. They were suddenly witches and were being hunted down by an entire Underworld full of demonic beings. They had to stay together. They became the most powerful force of good magic there ever was. They had been guided by a whitelighter, Leo, who was a type of guardian angel for witches. Leo and Piper soon fell into a complicated romance, but after it all settled, they were married.

The honeymoon was over quickly. Three years after being Charmed and very soon after Piper and Leo's wedding, Prue was murdered by a demonic monster named Shax. The sisters did not understand how this could happen. The Power of Three had been destroyed and there was nothing they could do about it. They wondered how they get by without their sister. That is where Paige comes in. Leo told them only hours after Prue's funeral, that the Supernatural community had reason to believe their was another sister, another witch, another Charmed One, due a sudden witch-hunt in the demonic realm.

Piper and Phoebe couldn't understand how they could have a little sister, with their parents divorced, their father mortal and their mother dead, there was no way they could have a sister who had powers. That is when they consulted the summoned spirits of their mother and grandmother. Patty confessed to have had an affair with her own whitelighter, Sam. Their daughter was born only three years after Phoebe and only months before Patty's death. It had been the magical law in those days, by order of the Elders (leaders of good magic and guides of whitelighters) that witches and whitelighters could not be together in a romantic relationship, let alone to have children. Patty and Sam kept Paige a secret, the pregnancy only known by Grams, Patty, and Sam. It went right over Prue, Piper and Phoebe's heads. They had no idea their mother was going to have a baby. But after Paige's birth, her biological parents took her to local church and a kind nun there, thrilled to be helping "angels", agreed to help Paige be adopted. Paige was adopted by two mortal parents and lived with them happily, until they were killed in a tragic car accident. After years of mourning, she decided to look into finding her biological family. Her investigation happened to be at the same time around Prue's death. Paige found her true sisters and found out about her family's extraordinary gifts.

The Elders realized when Paige was needed to reconstitute the Charmed Ones, that needed to abolish the witch/whitelighter law. Piper and Leo complications about their marriage were gone and they were able to have their now three-year-old son Wyatt (Leo's last name) and their one-year-old son, Christopher.

The sisters had to face many difficult battles. Their most recent still lingered in Phoebe's mind. They had recently overthrown the Avatars' plan of turning the world into Utopia and killing people who caused conflict in that Utopia. They had saved the world yet again, but in some ways, Phoebe wished they hadn't. She had had a premonition about herself picking up her nephews and daughters from elementary school during the world free from demons, caused by Utopia. Utopia no longer existed and she doubted whether she would ever get to live her dream of being the mother of that little girl.

Phoebe snapped out her memories as she realized her deadline was almost up. She quickly finished her assignment as her boss, Elise Rothman, entered Phoebe's office to review her column. Elise smiled as she read.

"Phoebe, I don't know how you do it. This is one of your best columns ever. You must have magic powers or something." Elise rambled as she headed to her own office, column in hand. Phoebe laughed' as she grabbed her bag.

"You have no idea." Phoebe said as she locked her office door and headed home to the Halliwell Family Manor.

After dinner, Phoebe found herself heading up to the attic, to the legendary Book of Shadows. The Book of Shadows was a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation of Halliwell witches and contained spells for almost everything, from vanquishing spells to time travel. Phoebe flipped through its pages lazily. She had already examined it many times, looking for a clue to find out about her future. Then, all of the sudden, she had an idea. She doubted it would work but it was worth a try. She grabbed a pad of paper and a pen. She sat down on one of her Grams' antique chairs and began to construct the perfect spell. After she had worded her spell the way she wanted, she lit a ceremonial candle and placed a corner of the paper the spell was written on into the crackling flame. Phoebe watched it burn as she began to recite.

"Bring her now through space and time,

The girl who haunts this witch's mind,

The wish that burns within this fire,

May it show my heart's desire."

Swirling lights filled the air as Phoebe dropped the burnt paper into a large tin bowl in front of her. As the last of the lights disappeared, Phoebe noticed a teenage girl standing on the other side of the attic. She was brushing herself off. The girl's hair was dark brown like Phoebe's and it was curled with white roses pinned in it. She brushed dust off her flowing white dress as her eyes landed on a stunned Phoebe.

"Mom?" she asked as Phoebe stared disbelievingly.

"It's me, Clara. Are you alright?" Clara said, walking excitedly over to Phoebe. Phoebe's eyes rolled back in her head as she fainted and she fell on to the hard wood floor.

Author's Note: ( Sorry, it was Cole who told the sisters about Paige, not Leo, My apologies!)