Sakura's Love from A to Z

Name: Sakura Haruno
Teacher: Mr. Hatake
Grade: Sophomore
Class: Psychology

Today, you, Hatake-sensei, told us about our big college assignment for the semester. At first when I heard it, in complete honesty, I thought it was a big waste of my time and energy. Who can make an alphabet about their life? Seriously. I still think this way, but of course I will fulfill the requirements being how I aspire to do well in college.

As you know, for this project, we must take on aspect of our life and elaborate it into an A to Z form. For each letter, we must describe the part of our life. I had a lot of difficulty picking what topic I would use for such an assignment, when I came to realize it. I recognized that there is no better part of life than love. Finding love, falling in love, falling out of love, fighting for love or just plain being in love. This is so important and crucial to a life that without it, you die from a broken heart.

At first, I was a bit shaky about using this topic when I came to realize that you would be the one reading and grading it. Why, you may ask. It's no big secret that you are quite perverted. No offense, but you think that no one knows what is in the orange book of yours that you read all day. We do. We also know that it is written by our ultra-pervert health teacher, Jiraiya-sensei. Don't get me wrong, you're my favorite teacher in all my classes. This is why I have taken your class repeatedly for the past two years. So, even though I was a tad concerned with doing this project, I realized that love is the only thing in life that deserves this project. The ABC's of love.

As you probably know, I have myself a boyfriend and am currently madly, deeply and truly in love; ever since tenth grade. Our love grew and blossomed into the most beautiful and magnificent thing that it was so hard to believe it actually happened to me.

So, who is this mystery man, you may ask. Well, you already know who my one and only soul mate is. Yes, I am in love with the Konoha heartthrob, arrogant jack ass, bastard, womanizer, human ice cube, know it all, amazing kisser, none other than Sasuke Uchiha.

Yeah, I just polished this up a bit, cause I accidentally did this whole college/high school thing, yeah, whatever. It's perfect now!

Anyways, I read this book once called Totally Joe, and it was really good and had kind of the same thing as this. I loved the idea and thought i could elaborate and do this!

Reviews are loved if you have time and if you don't, please enjoy the story!