S is for Sex













S is for Summer


And yes, I know that in the last few chapters we were in the beginning of summer, but this is totally different. This is all my summer events. Well, with Sasuke, anyways.

And the amazingness that came with this amazing summer. From breakfasts, to weird trips to the hospital, to watching the sunrise, to going on a freaking vacation with my lover.

It's all good, I tell you.

And maybe even some smut.

(we have been dating for 6 months)

…so maybe I want to wait till marriage.

(I know you just died)

But Sasuke understands me. I think.

WHATEVER MAN. It's summer. Which means random trips to the beach, where I can see Sasuke shirtless. It means no homework. It means staying up late to party. It means snuggling up on rainy days with my lover (seelastchapter) and of course the summer lovin that comes with any romance.

(summer lovin, had me a blasttttt)

Konoha has some nice beaches I guess. Like, they're okay, but they're nothing amazing. LIKE SUNA'S BEACH.

Which is like, three hours away.

But that's why Sasuke and I and all other couples of lurveee got up at four in the morning to go to this freaking beach.

I'm completely psyched, while everyone is pretty much exhausted. So I brought my iPod and I'm listening to it with Sasuke, but he fell asleep an hour ago, and is adorably putting his head on my shoulder.

Did I mention he's shirtless?


Ino's texting her newest boytoy that couldn't come with us this week, Tenten is snuggled up into Neji's chest, while he's playing with her (out, not in buns, GAWJESS) hair (I know you're all just swooning), and Naruto is completely passed out in Hinata's lap, while she's blushing like a freaking loser because his mouth his near a certain area.


And of course, Temari is driving while Shikamaru is being forced to be awake by the aforementioned.

And deep within my heart, I knew this was friendship.

As soon as my feet touched the sand at 7 in the morning, I was ready for one of the greatest days of summer.

And even though everyone was dead tired, they all got out of the van we borrowed from Sasuke's mom and cheered that we weren't stuck in the car anymore, and that Hinata would be able to get rid of her blush.

Except that was kind of a lie because as soon as the boys were out, they ripped off their shirts (Sasuke was such a macho man that he had it off the entire car ride, like ohmeegawd)

So she turned beat red, Temari started dryhumping Shikamaru in the most ladylike way, and Tenten was at a lost of words.


It got even better when I decided to take off my dress-thingy. I was so excited, because I lost some of my winter weight that always seems to sneak up on me, and I bought this new green bikini that matched my eyes perfectly.

Sasuke didn't seem to be too appreciative.

"What are you wearing?" It wasn't a woah you're a hottie, what are you doing in that my sweet? kinda thing either.

It was like a what the hell are you thinking? kinda ordeal.

…does he think I look fat?


"What are you talking about?"

Because Sakura is defensive about her weight, YO.

(ignore me talking in third person, please)

"Idiots are going to be staring at you all day."


"That's kinda the point."

"Only I can look at you like that."

"That's why I wore it!"

"Just, put this on."

He did not just give me his t-shirt.

"Sasuke, I promise to only stay by you today, and ignore any guy trying to talk to me, and I'll only make out with you fiercely when that happens."

The look on his face proved that I won.


Temari pretty much dragged poor Shikamaru over to the volleyball game that was going on, while Naruto and Hinata were cuddled up on a blanket together, talking all quietly and adorably. Tenten was swimming, which meant that her lover would only follow. And Ino was doing that whole wow how do you get those abs things? with a few guys near the food stand.

So Sasuke and I thought we should leave everyone alone and walk around the beach collecting a few seashells.

Sasuke was getting more comfortable with me in the swimsuit. At first, his arm was tightly around my waist and he scowled at every single guy in a ten meter distance. But now he was just holding my hand, and was either looking at the ground, or sneaking glances at my smiling face.

I had a lot of them collected in a little bucket Sasuke bought for me at the store nearby (yes this beach is so awesome, it has its own freaking store) while Sasuke had just watched and grunted when I asked them if they were pretty.

I couldn't help but be filled with joy when I found a seashell that was shaped exactly like a freaking heart. It was silky white, had perfect ridges, and made the most beautiful arches to form the most amazing heart.

"SASUKE! Look!" He smirked and took it from my hand, only to examine it. And then he did the most romantic thing I've ever seen in my entire life. He grabbed my hand, put the shell in it gently, and pushed my hand on his chest—right where his heart was.


Once again, everyone was sleeping on the way home from the beach. It was around eleven at night, and we were getting home a little past curfew, but everyone's parents were okay with it except my dad. He pretty much figured Sasuke had knocked me up, but I had convinced him otherwise by saying that I didn't wear that green bikini he found in my room this morning.

Sasuke and I were still listening to his iPod, playing this one song he said reminded me of him—and it's country.

BUT KEEP IT A SECRET, because he doesn't want anyone to know that I got him into listen to country, like Rascal Flatts, and Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw, and like OMG it's the best. (heartheartheart)

But yeah, the song is "Love You Out Loud" by Rascal Flatts, and it's pretty amazing, and I'm pretty sure you should all listen to it. Especially you, Kakashi.

Anyways, Sasuke was passed out, but as soon as this song came on, his eyes fluttered open, and his lips met mine.

My heart melted.

I walked into Sasuke's house at 10 in the morning (with my own freaking key, because I just come over there far too often) only to find Itachi sitting on the couch watching Celeb Rehab (who knew he was a MTV junkie?).

"Is he still sleeping?"

Itachi finally turned over to me, only to get up instantly when he noticed the three huge bags I had in my hands.

"Yeah. What are you doing here? Ma said you were out for the day with your mom."

I rolled my eyes. "She had to work. And I knew that if I wasn't getting my baby up, he'd sleep all day. Anyways, I thought I'd come make him his favorite breakfast."

"Becoming the supreme housewife already, Mrs. Uchiha?"

I couldn't help but smile.

"I'll go wake him."


"Sasuke-kunnn!" I whined for the bajillionth time. He is a freaking heavy sleeper.

His eyes opened for a few seconds as he said, "Ma, give me a few more minutes."

"It's me, Sasuke-kun." I whispered, so only he can hear me. His eyes snap open at this point, but I can still see that he's exhausted.

He moves the covers for me to come in, and though I got up a few hours ago, I definitely won't deny my Sasuke some snuggling time.

He wrapped his arms around me as soon as I got into bed, and I realized this was much better than making breakfast.

But I did come here for a purpose, so after a few minutes, I pulled him out of bed.

"Sakuraaaa." I love it when he whines.

I gave him a quick kiss, but he continued it longer than expected.

But really, what am I supposed to do? He's a fine piece of mancandy that's lying right in front of me, plunging his tongue in my mouth, and roaming his hands, and well—you get the point.

It took me a few minutes to realized that he was quite, well, happy.

I pushed him away. It's not like it was the first time, but this early in the moring?

Like I know I'm a hottie, but come on.

Okay, okay, I'm only kidding. I wasn't that shocked—well only until he started acting shocked that I was there.

"Sakura, what are you doing here?"

"…were you just dreaming about me?"

He had another shocked look, but stopped when he looked down to realize how I would come to such a conclusion.

He dreams of me. In that way.

I don't know whether to be disturbed, or touched.

"Sorry, I was just—"

I kissed him once, quickly this time, and whispered in his ear, "You should go shower."



"I'm sorry about that, you know, again."

I looked over my shoulder to see the most adorable boy ever.

Well, man. Yes. He is all man.

His hair was soaking wet, his shirt was clinging to him, and those snowman boxers his mom bought him were absolutely adorable.

"Well I'm sorry I woke you up so early. I knew you wouldn't get up if we weren't hanging out."

"We were out until three last night."

Yeah, Ino having a bonfire can never be a good idea.

I just laughed, wrapped my arms around his neck, and pecked him on the lips.

"Did Itachi leave?"

I giggled somewhere, recalling the very awkward conversation we had. "Yeahhh, he told me to tell you to behave yourself." I could only wink once before breaking out into laughter.

"You didn't tell him, did you?"

"No, no, of course not. But it apparently happens often, so he was amused when I came outside of your room with a red face."

He grumbled a lot, but stopped immediately when I put a tomato in front of his face. He smirked, and started heading over to the drawer with the utensils, when I pushed his chest and sat him in a seat.

"No, I'm going to make you breakfast. You woke up early; I'll do all the cooking."

This time he smiled.

Any opportunity I have to throw a festivity, I am so down with it. And when I had the chance to throw Sasuke one, I was more than down with it. I was like mushed up in it, swimming in it, freaking living in it.

Like hell to the yeah.

So the smirk on his face when he walked into his house and everyone screamed surprise was enough to make me jump up and down with excitement, while running towards him and giving him the sloppiest but happiest kiss ever.

(which sounds gross, but is terribly romantic)

July 23rd is now my favorite day.


"You didn't have to do this." Sasuke whispered while I lay across his chest.

I just giggled while snuggling in more. Everyone else is all around the backyard, either dancing, eating, or talking. Mikoto waved a few minutes ago, but now she's talking to Fugaku. She was the best help with this party. Like I honestly couldn't have done it without her.

"Yes I did. The world's best boyfriend deserves the world's best party, obviouslyyy."

I could just feel him smirk.

"Oh! I have my gift for you!" I got up so quickly, my head was spinning.

He sighed. "Sakura you already threw me this amazing party, and you're here with me now. What else do I need?"

I could feel the largest smile grow on my face.

"Just go with it, okay."

I could sense him shrugging as he sat up higher against the tree, while I reached into my huge tote bag for the perfectly (which means horribly, because I have a disability for wrapping things) wrapped box.

The sparkly blue ribbon shined in the sun as I handed it over to my beloved.

He started opening it as I said, "You know, if you don't like it, it's totally cool. You can give it back if you want—" Before he even finished opening the gift, he placed his finger on my lips to stop me.

"Sakura, anything you get me is fine. Don't worry." I smiled and pecked him on the lips.


Yeah. Me.


"It was my grandpa's. My grandma gave it to him when they first started dating, and when he died, my grandma gave it to me. She said to give it to the right guy, and I know I've found him."

Sasuke looked up from the old-fashioned pocket watch and smiled at me. I love it when he smiles.

MY FAVORITE PART OF THE POCKET WATCH is what is engraved on the back.

"I'll love you till the end of time."

When Sasuke says it, it sounds so much better.

"This means a lot, Sakura."

I couldn't help but smile. "I love you."

"Mmm, I love you too." He whispered before closing the distance between our lips.


The incessant beeping and the completely uncomfortable bed I was sleeping on was what woke me up. I blinked a few times, because the blinding light was ridiculous. It was only then when I looked up at the face of my concerned mother and boyfriend that I was really confused.

I sat up really quickly, and instantly regretted it for my head received a shot of pain.

"What's going on?"

Then I thought back to what happened before I fell asleep and I instantly started freaking out. The last thing I remember was feeling ridiculously sick, and that's it.

"Am I in the hospital!" I practically screamed.

Sasuke squeezed my hand even tighter—wait, when did he even start holding it?

Ugh my head was hurting again.

"Sweetie, don't worry. You fainted and you're in the hospital, but everything is okay. The doctor said you were just dehydrated. You're totally fine." My mom cooed, while smiling down on me.

"It's gonna be okay." Sasuke whispered. I turned to face him, only to realize that his left arm had the largest cut on it. That definitely wasn't there this morning.

"Sasuke-kun, what happened! Oh my god!"

He glanced down at his arm and simply shrugged, "Nothing you need to worry about." That smirk made me think that something just wasn't right.

I was about to interrogate him when a nurse came in. "Sweetie, I got you new hospital clothes to wear. Yours must be sweaty from the other night. You had quite a fever."

I was getting up when I instantly was pressed down by my loving boyfriend. "She'll change you; don't get up, okay?" I smiled weakly. I hate being told what to do. But whatever.

Sasuke walked out, because well, I'd be naked and that would just be awkward, and well you know.

"Mom, what happened to him!" I asked as soon as he left the room. He could probably hear me, but I know my mom wouldn't like to me.

She sighed, and gave a smile. "Don't get upset honey, but when the ambulance came to get you, and they wouldn't let Sasuke in, because they would only let in one person, and he well—he cut himself, and the EMTS started freaking out, and just let him in and treated his cut, and so he could come."

My eyes got wider and wider as the story went on. He did that! For me!

As soon as I was changed and Sasuke came back in, I grabbed his head, sat up even though the pain was killing me, and gave him the biggest kiss I possibly could muster. I must have had disgusting breath, and this has to be the worst atmosphere to share a romantic moment, but I couldn't help it.

I've never had someone hurt themselves just so they could be with me.

And I'm pretty sure that's the biggest compliment someone would ever pay to me.


I couldn't help but feel guilt from the way Sasuke was looking at me. It was a mix of a kid who thought he did something wrong, and was trying to think back to what it could've been, and a boy who was denied a hug from his mommy. Or something like that.

My mom could sense the awkwardness in the air, but still continued by asking, "Sakura, you didn't tell him about the reunion?"


"Oh um, it must of slipped my mind I guess." I lamely answered while playing with the bunch of grapes sitting on my kitchen table.

When my mom eventually left, I avoided Sasuke's eyes like the plague.


Oh wow, this grape is shaped quite oddly.


Your sex is on fireeeeee.


I looked up and try to erase the Kings of Leon out of my head, because this is a pretty important moment I guess. "Sasuke, I can explain."

"Oh. You can explain why you decided not to invite me to your family reunion? Because you know, after we started dating, I invited you to mine right away. I couldn't want for you to meet the family that could some day be yours. I obviously see that you don't feel the—"

"JESUS Sasuke. You wanna know why? Because I'm afraid you'll like, fall for one of my cousin's or something."

His eyes opened up really wide, and he was about to retort, but I stopped him by continuing my rant.

"Yes, I know that sounds stupid. But they're all much prettier than I am, and probably have better personalities, and honestly I'm not too found of them. They're going to try and dance with you and talk to you and kiss you and—"

OH. Well, you know, kissing is somewhat preferable.

"Sakura, I want you. Only you." I smiled so large my eyes began to crinkle in the corners in the most unattractive way. "Never forget that."

From that point on, I knew I never would.

Summer is probably my favorite season because you can have sleepovers with your friends like every night. I mean, if you have the type of parents that are down for that. Some parents are all "eh let me clean the house first" and stuff, but my parents are so used to my friends, that they can see it after a hurricane has hit, and still don't give a crap.

So yeah we take turns all the time and just have sleepovers in which we creep on people on Facebook, make prank calls, eat a ridiculous amount of junk food, and swoon about how amazing our boyfriends are.

Except tonight it's awkward since Ino just broke up with her boytoy that lasted a week, which is actually pretty legit when you think about it. But still, we must be sensitive.

"Ino, honestly, he wasn't worth it." Tenten comforted while patting her friend on the back. Ino was actually okay though. She wasn't tearing or anything. The only weird quirk going on was that she was a little quieter than usual.

Ino huffed. "Seriously guys, I'm actually totally okay with it. I know he wasn't worth it. I'm just glad I didn't have sex with him, 'cause he probably would have sucked."

I ignored this because I really don't like to think of my best friend as a slut who just sleeps with men and can't keep them in a relationship. Even if that really is the blunt truth.

"Ah thank God you two didn't do it. I at least waited two months before me and Shikamaru did it."

I quickly darted my eyes towards Temari. "Wait, you guys had…sex!" I whispered the last word because it is way too taboo for my group of friends.

Tenten started to laugh. "Are you serious? They've been dating for a while. Even Neji and I did after four months."

I felt like crying. WHEN DID EVERYONE GROW UP! "Guys stop it! You didn't have sex, you guys are just lying!"

"Hinata even did it, for Christ's sake!" Ino shouted. She's not quiet anymore, I lied.

But still, I felt like my daughter just told me she lost her virginity. AND TO NARUTO! How is this even possible?

"Wait…are you telling me that you and Sasuke haven't…you know?" Tenten practically whispered, but I don't know why, since we've only been dating for about SIX MONTHS.

I snorted at them. "Of course not! It hasn't even been six months!" They all give me looks of shock, even Hinata. "I'm actually kind of offended. You guys had sex, and never told me until now? How did you guys all know? Are you leaving me out? Do you guys hate me now because I'm a virgin?"

Temari rolled her eyes. "Don't even go there idiot. We thought you wouldn't like to hear about it. Whenever Ino mentions the word sex, we see you get tense. But we still assumed that you did it, but didn't go flaunting it since well, that's just you."

I sat there quiet for a few seconds before timidly asking, "…is it really that weird that we haven't had sex?" I honestly wanted to cry, but for real this time. What if Sasuke thought I was a prude and hated me but only stayed with me because he felt bad?

"Sakura, I'll say that it's pretty weird, and it's something that's unheard of. But it's okay if you're not ready and—"

Ino tried to comfort, but I couldn't help but interrupt her. "I don't even know if I'm ready, I just never even thought of it!"

"Girl you've been dating a boy. Are you going lesi on us?" Ino questioned.

"Stop! I am not! I just, ugh I don't know. I didn't think it was time to think of this type of stuff, ya know?" I looked around the room. "Okay, maybe you don't know what I mean. But I just, I don't know. It's my first boyfriend and…I don't know."

Temari sighed. "I know this won't mean much coming from me, but in all honesty, I was really scared for my first time too. And yes, Shikamaru was my first time. I just knew that he loved me, and wasn't going to hurt me. And it made our relationship a lot stronger. We are so much closer."

My eyes softened at the look on Temari's face when she brought up her lover. I bet it really is special. And there was only one way to find out if it was going to happen—go right to the source.

I had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach all day. I knew this was the day I should bring up the whole….sex thing, but I was freaking out.

All guys wanted to have sex right? Like it's their thing. Why didn't he bring it up? Is Naruto right? Is he really gay?


He looked across the room to his bed, in which I was lying on while working on my summer homework. "Yeah?"

"Can we uh…have a talk?"

I've never seen fear like I did that day looking at Sasuke's face. "What's wrong?"

I laughed a little before answering, letting him know that everything was okay. "I just um, I think we need to talk about something."

"Are you breaking up with me?"

Now my laughter was bellowing, but after seeing the look on his face, I stopped. "Sasuke! No! Of course not! I just, I was talking with my friends the other day. And did you know they all…you know…did stuff…with their, uh, boyfriends…?"

He looked down, a little red in the face. It made me feel better to know that this was just as awkward with him as it was with me. "Uh…yeah…why?"


Yeah. Um, now he looked up. "Sakura, what the hell? I thought girls talk about those things."

"Well they knew that I was awkward with those things. But even Hinata and Naruto? That won't still shocks me."

He chuckled a little before answering. "Yeah, when he told us, we didn't believe him for weeks."

"Well do they know that we haven't…uh, you know?"

Awkwaaaard turtle.

"I just don't talk about it. They all call me names, but you know, it's not really their business anyways."

My heart just melted. How did I ever get so lucky to have an amazing boyfriend that didn't like to brag about his sex life?

"Marry me?"

"Will we have sex then?"


I slammed him in the head with a pillow because I really am the world's biggest prude.

"Sakura, you know I was joking." Sadly, I wasn't so sure. "I'm willing to wait until your ready—no matter how long that is."

I move uncomfortably on the bed to let him sit next to me, my hands playing with the sheets. "Well that's uh…sorta what I wanted to talk about." These sheets I tell you, stealing my attention yet again.


"Ha yeah. I was thinking maybe it's um, it's time." The silence was slowly killing me… "I mean, if that's okay with—"

"No, no, that's uh…that's great." I looked up to see a genuine smile on his face. I found it adorable even though I felt slightly disturbed? I don't know. I'm just glad that he's not gay…and in love with me…and wants to have sex.


"It's just, you know, my parents are kinda home and I don't have…protection right now, and—"

Oh. "I didn't mean now Sasuke-kun! Like in the very near future."

"But when?"

I PUT ON MY THINKING CAP and came up with a beautiful idea.

"Our six month! You know how I'm coming over when you make dinner? Well your parents are taking that trip to see your uncle, and we can kick Itachi out, and…yeah."

He smirked. "I like it."


He started laughing and went back on the floor to work on his homework as the butterflies in my stomach finally disappeared.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

I pulled down my dress for the umpteenth time that night and stared at myself in the mirror. I told Sasuke that I had to go to the bathroom after dinner, because I needed to brush my teeth and reapply all the beauty products and give myself pep talks because HOLY CRAP I'm about to…do it.

Yes, I realize I'm in fifth grade. Like bye.

It's been about ten minutes, and I can't have Sasuke thinking I'm like, taking a crap, so I walked outside and said that I just had to freshen up. I was about to add the crap part, but I needed to be as attractive as possible so he doesn't change his mind.

Which is something I'm really afraid he's going to do once he sees me naked.

"Do you, uh…wanna go in your room?" I attempted to suggest in a throaty, sexy voice, but I end up sounding like a frog. Nice going, Haruno. Nice.

He smirked and grabbed my hand, leading me upstairs.

As soon as the door is closed, he grabbed my face and kissed me frighteningly gently. And then not so gently. And then I was on his bed.

I wanted to be like a sex goddess and flip him over, take control, grab his hands and metaphorically tie them above his head, while plunging my tongue in his mouth. But of course, I'm petrified and my face is going red.

I'm not sure why, because this is by far not the first time he's seen me without my shirt on, but he has a rather appreciative look on his face once my shirt is on the floor and long forgotten.

Oh, maybe it was that gift from Ino. That she may have purchased at Victoria's Secret.

I felt weak and powerless as he kissed my neck, so I decided to be the dominatrix I was talking about above and grabbed his belt, beginning to undo it. I could tell that I took him off guard, for his breathing increased greatly and he momentarily stopped kissing my neck.


I giggled breathlessly at my own stupidity, while he gently placed a soft kiss on my open mouth.

"I love you so much."

Okay, so I know I'm in the midst of wild, hot, crazy sex, but HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY!

I should probably stop flailing and like, rape him or something.

I attacked his mouth with butterfly kisses, but then—like before—things got a lot rougher. And you know what? That's totally okay. It's that time in our relationship and I'm so happy that it's happening—especially because it's happening with him.

What's he doing with his fingers?

I mean, obviously I know what he's doing.

But…why is he doing it?

Holy crap, could you imagine if my dad found out about this? He would cry his eyes out. How could Hinata even do this? I surely can't.

I mean, this is a big thing.

Why did I just rush into it? Just because everyone else had done it and I felt weird.

I'm so not ready for this.


"Sakura, what's wrong?" He immediately took his hands out of my (really cute, emerald green) panties once he felt my teardrops. "Did that hurt? I didn't even—"

I put my trembling index finger on his soft, but swollen lips to quiet him, before I responded. "Sasuke, you, you did nothing wrong. I just, I can't—"

I didn't even get to finish without bursting into more tears. Sasuke wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my back soothingly. "It's okay."

"Are you kidding? No it's not!" I should get paid for these kinds of hysterics. "We had this whole romantic night plan, and I'm just so unstable and stupid! I mean, everyone else can do it! And why should you have to wait? I'm so, ugh."

He held me closer as I balled, not saying anything. I'm so terrified that he'd be pissed at me for being such a coward, and not want to continue this relationship and go out with some slut who will sleep with him in the first week that they date and just not be me.

After I calmed down a bit, he got off the bed.

Well, this was it. It was nice while it lasted.

Except never mind.

He just got up to bring me his shirt that I had carelessly thrown on the floor only a few minutes earlier. He put it on for me and then went back to his dresser.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm so sorry. I mean, I—"

He dashed over to the side of the bed and placed his lips on mine. "Sakura, don't ever apologize for not being ready. I'll wait."

I started to cry more, but he kissed my teardrops away, and that was far too adorable for me to continue crying, so I smiled largely and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll be right back." He whispered in my ear before returning back to the other side of the room, getting dressed and throwing me a pair of his boxers.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching reruns of The Nanny.

Obviously it wasn't what was planned, and it was pretty dramatic for a six month, but ya know, whatever. I'm convinced that I have the best boyfriend in the entire world, who didn't mind that I can't have sex after six months—which to me is far too short anyways.

I don't know when I'll be ready. But that's okay.

For the last two weeks of August, I was invited to go to the Uchiha's beach house. Yes, they're that rich, they have a separate house…just in case they want to go and beach it up.

Sasuke said he never liked it, because he's not a big fan of the sun (I wonder if he sparkles…asdkfjlakj okay I swear, I'm done fangirling over Twilight) and he hates being stuck with his brother for a few weeks.

But now that I'm going, he said that he's actually excited about it. And so am I!

Not to sound like the biggest loser ever, but it'll be like we're married. Like we'll wake up and eat breakfast together and spend all this time together. He can see me look absolutely disgusting when I wake up in the morning and I can see how adorable he is when he's tired. I know these things have happened before, but now they'll be happening every day for two weeks.

Anyways, I was waiting on the porch at freaking three in the morning because Sasuke sent me the most adorable text saying he wanted to take a walk together because it's so beautiful at night and to meet him in the back and blahblahblah.

I practically screamed when I heard the back door open, but contained myself because Sasuke also mentioned that he'd be killed if his mom knew he was out of the house this late.

After greeting each other with a kiss, he grabbed my hand and we began to walk along the beach.

Sasuke was completely right; this was absolutely beautiful. The sky was dark, but you could see some purple in the sky. The waves crashing against the sea was by far the most peaceful thing I've heard in quite a while. The sand was cold, but comforting against my bare feet. And the man next to me.

I couldn't have pictured anything more perfect.


Except when it started to downpour.

"Fuck! I swear the weather report said clear skies!"

Sasuke and I were running like crazy towards the house, for we had strayed a mile from it. The sound of lightening made me grip onto Sasuke's hand harder. I was petrified of thunder and lightening, but actually being near it brought on a new type of fear.

As soon as we got onto the porch Sasuke began digging in his pockets, only to look back up and say some more curse words. "I forgot my key."

"Can't we just knock?" I tried not to scream, but it was hard with the waves crashing and the thunder roaring.

He sighed. "She'll probably send you home or something as punishment." After looking up at the latest lightening bolt, he grabbed my hand once again and steered me towards the side of the house, pulling me into an old-looking shed.

"We'll just have to stay in here until the morning. Itachi wakes up early and goes for a run, so we'll just keep an eye out for him and sneak back in."

It sounded simple enough, but I couldn't comprehend anything with the way my body was reacting to the rain. I was shivering and my teeth were chattering and the storm outside was scaring me more than any storm had before.

Sasuke finally noticed my condition, cursed some more, and demanded, "Take of your clothes."

"Hey Sasuke, at least take me out to—" I stopped when I noticed him taking of his pants and shirt. I thought we went over this "I'm not ready" thing already?

He rolled his eyes when he noticed my shocked expression. "If you keep sopping clothes on you, you won't feel much better. And our body heat will make us much warmer. Don't worry, I'm not going to rape you."

Oh. Well. That made some sense.

I shyly rid myself of the drenched clothing, except for my bra and panties, because I just know that couldn't go well.

"You're leaving your boxers on, aren't you?"

I could just tell he was smirking, even though my back was towards him. "Of course. Now get over here."

I eventually made my way to where he was sitting on the floor, and plopped on top of him unceremoniously.

"So what is this exactly?" I asked while my eyes wandered around the shack. It consisted of a few shelves, which had stored some paint cans containing tools. There was a wardrobe-type closet to the left, which had one door missing. As far as I could tell, nothing was in there.

I could tell he was looking around as well, because it took him a few moments before he answered. "I'm not really sure. I'm assuming my grandpa used to work in here, but he died years before I was born."

"Was this house passed down in your family?"

"Yeah, it's been in the family for almost a hundred years."

I smiled brightly at the thought. "Maybe we could take our kids here on vacations."

I could feel him grinning into my neck as well.

"I know this isn't exactly what you planned—and let's face it, most of what we plan never comes out the way we think it will—but my heart is all warm and fuzzy right now." I sounded like a retard, but I continued anyways. "You do that to me, you know? You make the butterflies in my stomach feel like they're going to throw up. You make my lips tingly even if yours are just drawing near to them. You make my heart beat unnecessarily fast.

"You make me want to do all sorts of things that I've never done before. Like dream of the future. I've never done that before. I could never picture what it would be like past high school. But now I know. I know I'll be with you.

"You make me so sure of everything in the world. I know that nothing could be wrong with you by my side. Even during this freaking hurricane, I know I'll be okay because I'm snuggled up to you, and you're shirtless and really sexy.

"I love you so much. I don't think I've ever loved someone as much as I love you. You have given me the happiest six months of my life, and I know it will only continue. And to be honest, I'm not quite sure why I'm confessing my utter devotion to you in a worn-out shack at four in the morning, but all I know is that I've never been more certain of my own words."

Sasuke's hand ran down my face multiple times before he spoke.

"You're so beautiful, Sakura. Everything about you. And I love it all."

It was a few choice words that probably seemed insignificant after my grand speech, but I knew that was more than I could ever get out of this man. And it was enough. He was enough.

My lips neared his and I kissed him with the most passion I could. And of course, with that came a lot of tongue. And biting. And moaning.

"Sakura, we can't—I'll uh, you know…get excited, and—"

I kissed him lightly.

"I'm ready."

I love bonfires. And the summer. And the beach. And my amazing friends. And my even more amazing boyfriend.

And what's better than an end-of-summer party at the beach with my friends and my boyfriend, all sitting around a fire?


Except maybe Zac Efron in Charlie St. Cloud.


"Guys, it's going to be our last year of high school."

Okay, so I get sentimental and emotional really quickly. We should just know this already.

"Sakura, shut the fuck up. You're ruining the moment." I rolled my eyes at my "best friend" Ino, but ignored it and looked up at the sky.

Then, I turned to the man holding my hand and smiled at his beautiful face, which was also looking up at the setting sun.

"Sasuke-kun, this was by far the best summer of my life."

He turned and smiled as well. "Hmm, but the fall will be just as beautiful. And the winter and spring."

"Yeah I know. But, I don't know. I feel like this is the end."

He raised his eyebrow.

"I mean, not the end of us or anything crazy like that. But like, the end of the greatest three months of my life. What if it won't be that good after?"

He sighed. "Sakura, I promise to make the rest of the year even better than the previous months."

I love this man.

"The sun may set. But it will always rise again."


And okay, so maybe this chapter did have some sex in it. But uh…ANYWAYS YOU'RE MY TEACHER AND THIS IS REALLY AWKWARD.

It was really hard going into my senior year after this, but honestly it was for the best. I got to enjoy myself a LOT before I had to crack down on classes and college applications and all that jazz.

But honestly, I know I'll make it through all the AP tests and dramatic situations that are to come, because I have the memories of this summer that will last a lifetime, but also the support of the best man in the entire world.

I'll never forget the summer that changed my life.

Summer lovin'...had me a blastttt



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