Ok this a companion piece to my story Peaceful Waters. This is the story of Genma and Tetsuo who is mentioned in Ch. 10 of said story. I thought the story should be told but I can't work it into Peaceful Waters because Genma couldn't talk about it even if he wanted to because of course it would be a classified mission. I thought the story was an interesting one so I am here to share it with you, please enjoy!

Tsunade looked at the reports in front of her and sighed deeply. This was one of the worst parts of being the Hokage, having to send your fellow shinobi into a horror like this. It had to be done, and in the end, it would save many lives but that didn't make it any easier to send a companion into certain torture.

"Are you sure he's the best one for the job? Couldn't we send in a team or. . ." Shizune trailed off sadly looking forlornly at the Hokage and mentor.

"You know we can't send in a team, it has to be undercover work. You know he's perfect for this Shizune. I know he was on your team when you were younger but I can't pick favorites. I have to pick the man who has the best chance of succeeding," Tsunade explained again.

"Tsunade-sama, I know he seems like a playboy and he acts like nothing gets to him but it's not true! Underneath his exterior, he is actually very sensitive-" Shizune pleaded.

"ENOUGH! Do you think this is easy for me. No one else but Genma would be able to pull this off! He's the right age and body type and he has all the training and natural talent to pull this off. We can't have anymore of our shinobi taken prisoner and tortured to death! We've lost so many valuable lives, not mention the loss of critical information. Our allies have also lost people to this lunatic. He must be stopped and it HAS to be Genma and that's enough! Now call him up here, we don't have any time for arguing. He needs to be able to get into the proper shape before we send him out. Each moment is precious!" Tsunade commanded brooking no nonsense.

"Yes Tsunade-sama!" Shizune squeaked running from the office to call the special jonin.

Despite having just explained to Shizune why she had to send Genma, Tsunade spent the quiet time in her office trying to figure out another way to get the job done, but she knew it wasn't possible. He would have to go. She collected herself and made sure her face betrayed no emotion. It wouldn't do to show fear or upsetment in front of Genma when sending him out on this type of mission. She had to appear strong and confident. She had just gathered herself and prepared the paperwork to give to Genma when she heard a knock at the door.

"Enter!" Tsunade called sitting back in her chair.

"Tsunade-sama? You have a mission for me?" Genma asked sauntering into the room to stand before her desk, smirking around his senbon.

"Shiranui," Tsunade acknowledged nodding, "I have a specialized S-class mission that I believe only you will be able to complete."

Tsunade handed him the folder covered in seals and he opened it, scanning the pages. When he had finished he paled a bit, but looked up smirking around his senbon.

"Sounds like fun. A little BDSM huh? Probably nothing I haven't done before in my spare time," Genma assured her, "Nothing I can't handle Hokage-sama. No worries."

Despite herself Tsunade chuckled shaking her head slightly, "Don't get too excited kid."

"I'm no kid, I'm 29, an old geezer already," Genma answered idly, swiftly twirling some senbon between his fingers.

"So what exactly does that make me?" Tsunade asked dangerously.

"A beautifully sexy and powerful woman," Genma replied smoothly waggling his eyebrows at the busty blonde.

Tsunade just smiled and then sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that day, "We're going to need to condition you before you go. This guy is almost as good as a medic, in his own sick way. You have to be believable. We only have three weeks before we send you out."

Genma opened the folder and flipped through the pages, "It says he likes well defined muscular blonds, so I suppose I'll need to bleach my hair."

"More than well defined, he likes them almost emaciated as well. From the survivors we've been able to retrieve it appears he starves them for weeks before working on them," Tsunade explained.

"Fun, so good thing I skipped breakfast this morning?" Genma asked dryly.

"We need this to be believable. We're going to turn you into a washed up drug addict. I'm going to have you under strict supervision for the next three weeks and start you on a crash diet and some drugs. I think the best thing would be pain killers. That's believable in an ex-shinobi and it shouldn't effect your mind too much. We'll need you doped up but functional. We have intelligence that he'll be looking for a new 'boyfriend' in a month. We need you there before he's ready so that you can prepare. After reading your file I assume we don't need to train you how to strip?" Tsunade asked flipping through her notes.

"Nope, been a man-whore for at least fifteen years now," Genma replied scratching his head and looking to the side.

Tsunade looked at the young shinobi sadly. It was too obvious he was cloaking his feelings behind humor but as long as he didn't break he could deal with it how he chose.

"Do I need to make myself a reputation or should I be the shy retiring type," Genma asked.

"A little reputation is good but don't overdo it. Be believable. You have his picture, and he has a reputation so if you make yourself into his type it won't seem odd for you to hit on him. Of course no one there realizes most of his boyfriends end up dead," Tsunade informed him writing some notes down.

"I need you to stay in the hospital until you go. I'll evaluate your physic and determine your exercise routine. We need to make sure he can't resist you. I'll have Shizune oversee your preperation. We need to make sure the drugs penetrate your system, he may test you once he picks you. He may be insane but unfortunately, he knows what he's doing,"Tsunade continued on the briefing. Sand sent several squads after him but he is too well protected. They sent a man out to do just what you're doing and he didn't come back. You cannot appear to be a threat to him right up until the time that you kill him. I imagine that you'll have to do it during one of his sessions. He is alone when he does them and he won't expect you to be able to move. That's one of the reasons I've chosen pain killers for you."

"Genma, your unique chakra sensing and control is one of the reasons I chose you for this. I think you know how to use it to your advantage in this situation?" Tsunade asked.

"I'm an assassin Tsunade-sama, I know my skills and my limitations. Everyone knows I can withstand torture, especially if the executioner enjoys himself," Genma replied blankly. "I'll start preparing right away. Where do I go?"

"Hospital, third floor, room 356. We'll need to start you on drugs right way and we'll be cutting your hair short. We can make you look like a long term drug addict with some specialized jutsu but we can't allow something as simple as a hair test give you away," Tsunade explained.

"Damn it, I haven't had my hair short . . . ever. Can we make it grow out faster?" Genma asked obviously agitated as his senbon once again started flying through his fingers.

"Doing that is extremely painful and causes stress on the body Genma," Tsunade scolded.

"Well that will fit in with my preparation for this mission then, won't it?" Genma answered in a flat tone staring seriously at Tsunade.

"Is it that important Genma?" Tsunade asked looking at him closely.

"Yes," Genma answered simply.

"Why? I want a good reason. I don't want to put you under undue stress before a mission like this," Tsunade asked standing up and crossing her arms over her formidable chest.

"Because," Genma replied staring straight into her eyes, " If my hair is short I look just like the bastard that killed my mother in front of me. I can't be that man and do my job."

"Alright," Tsunade answered, "I'll inform Shizune."

"Thank you Tsunade-sama," Genma replied blankly forming the necessary hand seals so that he was transported to his room in the hospital and out of her office.

"He's a troubled boy," Tsunade thought to herself sighing yet again as she sat back at her desk making the necessary notes for Shizune, "Of course, who can perform an S class mission who isn't?"

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