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One hour before he was supposed to go on, Genma figured he better get a shower. He had been sitting for six and a half hours listening to Kiyoshi randomly humming a rather hypnotizing repetitive tune, and smoked his pipe periodically attempting to properly alter his psyche. It had seemed to work, he was in a very dark masochistic mood and he felt ready to put on a show. Except of course for the fact that he hadn't really gotten clean splashing around in that icy stream. He turned, too fast for his head it seemed because the room began to spin wildly, and saw Kiyoshi combing out his long silvery hair. He felt hot so he shrugged off his top which he hadn't even bothered to tie shut and tossed it to the side of his bed.

"Kiyoshi, there a place to take a shower in this place," Genma asked roughly, his voice hoarse from smoking.

"Down the hall to the left. It's the last door, there's usually clean towels in the closet there," he replied not looking at Genma as he spoke but continuing to groom himself.

"Hn," Genma grunted in acknowledgement.

He turned to put his feet on the floor more slowly this time, and leaned forward letting gravity help him get a head start. Of course, much to Genma's surprise, gravity didn't stop its pull even after he had started forward so he landed, rather painfully on his knees. Painfully. It should have been painful except Genma found he couldn't feel anything.

"Fuck," he murmured, the combined sound of his knees crashing against the cement floor and his answering swear causing Kiyoshi to finally look at him.

"I told you that stuff messes with your mind. You're out of it Ken," the pretty young man told him matter of factly. "You better get it together before you have to go on or Hiroshi will toss you out, no matter how sexy you are. He doesn't let people miss out on work because they smoked themselves into a stupor."

"I'm FINE," Genma growled addressing the purple camel that was crawling out of Kiyoshi's hair.

Wait… somehow that didn't seem right. Genma carefully turned his head bracing himself against the annoying way the room was spinning and reached over to grab the vial that held the crystals he had been smoking. Counting seemed to be just beyond his ability at the moment but it didn't look like he had smoked more than he should be able to handle. Besides these weren't supposed to cause hallucinations or the mind fuck he was going through.

Genma leaned over the bed resting his head on his arms and began to breath deeply. He must have ingested something other than the drugs he was supposed to have taken. The question was how and when.

Hiroshi? He could have put something in his food. But why? And how could he not have noticed it. Genma grabbed his pack and using all his willpower he brought himself to his feet.

"I'm going to get cleaned up," Genma informed the middle of three Kiyoshi's as he wobbled his way out the door.

"Hn," Kiyoshi smirked at him a little too cheerfully.

"Ok scratch that," Genma thought to himself as he leaned against the wall and stumbled his way down the hall, "I think the silver princess in there might be angling for a single room again."

"Still you must be in sad sorry shape Shiranui. . . hehe that rhymes, hell yeah alliteration! Wait what was I . . . RIGHT. You're right fucked up buddy if you didn't notice the little pansy slip you something. When did he have a chance to do it though? Ah fuck, it doesn't matter. I just need to keep a look out from now on. Where was I going again?" Genma struggled to think as he leaned against a door, resting his head on it while he tried to center himself back into his body and not floating on some crazy head storm some three feet above his body.

It was a good thing he had a minute or two to rest otherwise he would have fallen flat on his face on the floor when the bathroom door opened instead of steering himself painfully into the door jam, cracking his head on the side.

"GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!" Genma cried rubbing his head furiously as he crouched on the floor rocking forward slightly.

"Sorry, didn't realize there was anyone out there," an amused deep voice crooned to him.

Genma glared up past his hazy fogged head to see what must be one of his fellow former shinobi dancers standing in the doorway with a white towel wrapped around his waist.

The man was tall, taller and wider then Genma with some painful looking scars criss crossing his body on up to his face where he had an X shaped one crossing his left cheek nearly touching his eye. He had thick short deep black hair that was currently dripping cool water onto Genma's upturned face.

"You ok there? You must be the newbie," the man said extending a hand to Genma to help him pull himself up.

Genma accepted gratefully letting the large man do most of the lifting.

"I'm Mikio, and you must be . . .completely wasted. Damn, I haven't seen eyes that red since the last guy overdosed," Mikio told him still holding his arm so he wouldn't fall over.

"Thanks," Genma said shortly trying to pull himself together, "I'm Ken. You a ninja too?"

"I was one. Were you?" Mikio asked raising an eyebrow at the nicely toasted piece of manflesh still gripping him for dear life.

He looked Ken over taking note of the hard muscles showed in high relief against his skinny frame. Those muscles were obviously gained through years of hard use and cambat not just careful exercise in the gym. He was clear of too many scars unlike himself but he could see the signs of old battles here and there.

Mikio shook his head sadly at the loss of such a man to the drugs he was obviously hooked on.

"Yeah. I was a shinobi once," Genma finally answered propping himself against the door frame and releasing Mikio's hand.

"We fellow shinobi need to look out for each other you know," Mikio told him watching him carefully in case he fell over again.

Genma swayed a bit and cursed softly as Mikio had to catch him again.

"This is so fucking embarrassing. I don't know what the hell's wrong with me. I never get this bad," Genma said his head resting on Mikio's chest as he gripped the mans large biceps to keep himself upright. "I think somebody's out to get me or something."

"You're not sharing with Kiyoshi are you?" Mikio asked suddenly helping Genma to stand by himself again and looking at him purposefully.

"Yeah, I have a feeling that pretty fucker wants me out but I can't figure out-" Genma started making his way over to the edge of the bath tub and sitting on it with his head between his knees.

"Was he humming at you?" Mikio asked smiling suddenly.

"Yeah, but . . . Fuck. Fucking sound ninjutsu. How the hell could I have not seen that coming," Genma growled into the floor.

"You're not from around here are you?" Mikio asked closing the door to the bathroom and coming to sit next to Genma. "I was from Cloud before . . .well before I came here. I was in the area awhile before I met Hiroshi. You need to be careful of any music or sounds you hear from someone you don't know."

"I should have known that," Genma mumbled. This was embarrassing. How the hell could he make a stupid mistake like that.

"Well no sense in beating yourself up over it, just learn from it and move on," Genma thought to himself highly irritated.

"Well even without Kiyoshi's help you don't seem like you're all there," Mikio said putting a large callused hand on Genma's back and rubbing in small soothing circles.

"It's been a long couple of years," Genma said quietly tensing at the hand on his back.

"Sorry, I know it's hard for one of us to let someone strange touch your blind spot," Mikio smiled taking his hand away and holding them in front of him palms forward to show he meant no harm.

"Yeah," Genma agreed quietly. "Why are you being so helpful?"

"I'm a sucker for a handsome face," Mikio grinned at him resting his hands on his knees as he eyed Genma hungrily.

Genma couldn't help but smirk as he turned his head towards his new found companion.

"I have the same problem, probably how I got myself into this mess," he replied sitting up slowly.

"You come in here to take a shower?" Mikio asked.

"That was the general idea, I'm supposed to be on stage in, oh," Genma said raising his head a bit more to see the clock that was hanging across the way, "forty minutes."

"You need some help?" Mikio grinned at him, "I've just finished my shift. I have some time. And I think I know a tune that may help reverse the damage from Kiyoshi."

Mikio started a bass rumbling in his throat that seemed to float through Genma's whole body and lift some of the haze from his mind. On the other hand it was very disturbing to be trusting a complete stranger who was obviously doing something to control his body. He wished that there had been more intelligence on the people that worked here. That would have prevented this whole mess from ever happening. But for some reason detailed information on a private high-class strip and whore club in the middle of enemy territory was fairly scant.

Genma carefully took a senbon out of his pack and placed it comfortably in his mouth aimed at Mikio's throat.

"Make one move or sound I don't like and I'll be forced to hurt you," Genma told him seriously watching carefully as Mikio smiled at him around his song.

"I understand," Mikio purred momentarily breaking the rhythm of his humming, "I would expect nothing else from a skilled warrior. Do want you need to, just let me help."

Mikio restarted his body tingling bass hum and Genma fought the urge to close his eyes in pleasure. He listened carefully to the melody and paying close attention, he could feel the chakra laced in the music. He set out to memorize the melody and levels of chakra in the song so he would be able to copy it.

"Hn, here's something the infamous copy nin couldn't steal using that damn eye," Genma smirked

Mikio stood up and held out his arm to Genma. He grabbed the larger mans' wrist finally able to pull himself up and smiled as Mikio hooked a finger into the waist of pants.

"Need some help with these?" he asked running his finger back and forth slowly over the smooth skin of Genma's stomach coming to rest in the hollow of his hip, continuing to hum.

"I'm up for a little assistance," Genma purred, gently thrusting his hips and hardening erection forward. A little pre-show sex could loosen him up a bit and if he performed properly start up his reputation.

Mikio pulled the now tented material back and peered down the gap in the material to view 'Ken's' impressive erection.

"You'll do well here," Mikio said smirking, "No pre-show jitters?"

"Hard to get stage fright after you've made a living killing people,"Genma said huskily.

That tune that Mikio had been humming had worked wonders and his head felt clear his body more refreshed then it had in weeks.


"I know what you mean," Mikio replied sliding Genma's pants down past his hips and letting them pool at the ground by his feet.

"It feels nice to harness all that power, all the years of hard work and suffering into a little pleasure," Mikio growled as Genma reached forward releasing his towel and tossing it to the side. His erection was full and hard, shorter than Genma's but thicker as well.

"I don't think either of us have to settle for a 'little' pleasure," Genma smiled sexily around his senbon pressing their bodies together and reaching around to grab the taller mans firm butt and squeeze gently.

The two strong men rubbed against each other enjoying the heat and friction of each other's bodies.

"Lets clean you up, we wouldn't want you too dirty a boy on stage," Mikio grinned reaching past Genma to turn the water on in the shower, using his other hand to thoroughly feel up Genma's thighs butt and lower back.

The water was finally diverted from the faucet to the shower head and Genma sucked in a breath of humid air at the feel of the steam softly stroking his back contrasting with the cold pings of water that separated themselves from main stream to kiss his shoulders.

Mikio stepped into the shower first letting the spray run down his side and reached a helping hand out to Genma who instead rested his hand on Mikio's neck as he stepped over the side of the tub and closed the shower curtain. He pulled his senbon out of his mouth and rested it behind his ear as he pulled the dark haired man into a fierce kiss. Genma roughly licked his new friends lips demanding entrance, which was granted immediately.

It was a mans kiss, a contest between two strong men who've seen too much in their lives and sought a few moments of mind blowing sex. Their tongues fought as hands ran over each other's slick bodies kneading and pinching at strong muscles and sinew. Genma let Mikio push him against the wall of the shower and met the larger man's hard body by thrusting against him, their erections rubbing against each other deliciously.

Genma wrapped his hands in Mikio's raven hair as the kissed. He moved from the man's mouth to lick and suck at the scar crossing his face.

"I love men with scars," Genma breathed into Mikio's ear, running his hands along his body tracing the ones on his back. "I love fucking a warrior, getting fucked by a man who knows how to survive."

"Mmm," Mikio breathed as he ran his hands down Genma's tightly muscled sides down to his perfectly muscled backside. He grabbed a clean wash cloth hanging over the bar of soap on the dish and working up a lather. He ran the rough cloth over Genma's lower back making the senbon chewer gasp as the feel of the warm soapiness caressing his skin.

Genma leaned forward and nuzzled into Mikio's broad chest, tilting his head up to kiss and suck on the junction of his neck as Mikio gently but firmly scrubbed his back and shoulders. When his back had been cleaned to the taller man's pleasure, Mikio pinched his butt and smirked at him "Turn over so I can get the other side."

"Anything you say sir," Genma purred turning his back to him so Mikio's erection was settled comfortably between his cheeks. "I'd be a shame if I dropped the soap."

Mikio chuckled as he reached around Genma after re-soaping his cloth and continued with his fellow shinobi's chest circling the cloth around his nipples making them stand at attention. He ran the cloth down Genma's rock hard abs enjoying the valleys between the muscles, watching as the soap trailed its way down them to meet at the thatch of hair just above his flushed full erection. Mikio ran the cloth cruelly just past Genma's straining member to run down his inner thigh instead.

Genma gasped as Mikio bent down so his face was at level with his back and the soapy cloth leisurely ran its way down his legs. He turned his head to watch as Mikio caressed his legs almost lovingly.

"You're body is amazing Ken, get a few solid meals in you and you'll run this place," Mikio said lustily, "I hate those pretty boys like Kiyoshi, might as well be fucking a girl. You're one hell of a man,"

"I could say the same about you," Genma said turning back around presenting his hard length right into Mikio's face.

He grinned up at Genma and finally conceded to Genma's unspoken demand wrapping his soapy hand around his him and pumping slightly before taking the head into his mouth.

"Ahhh, fuuuuck," Genma groaned leaning forward and resting his hand in Mikio's dark hair. He rubbed the other man's scalp gently enjoying the contrast between the skin of his hand and Mikio's hair.

Unbelievably he began to hum again around Genma in his mouth as he sucked and stroked him. Genma could feel pleasurable waves of chakra shooting up through him from his penis and it was all he could do to remain standing. Mikio then reached in between Genma's legs to find that perfect little pucker, he circled it slowly as he continued to hum and suck bobbing his head up and down over Genma's impossibly hard member. He inserted his index finger slowly into him to Genma's intense pleasure.

"Faster," Genma groaned, "I'm fine, get your fine ass up here and take me already."

"As you wish," Mikio replied grinning after letting Genma slid from his mouth to slap against his stomach.

Mikio turned more aggressive instantly standing up and pumping himself a few times as Genma turned and rested his head and arms on the wall presenting his backside like a bitch in heat. Mikio grabbed his hip in a bruising grip and placed himself at Genma's entrance, thrusting straight into the slightly smaller man.

"FUCK yeah!" Genma half screamed as he felt Mikio tear into him. He relished the pain of being slit and he was sure he felt the something warm trickle down his legs as Mikio thrust with abandon into him pounding him into the wall.

"So you're a little pain slut huh?" Mikio growled into Genma's ear.

Genma growled wordlessly back presenting his neck to Mikio begging to be bitten.

"You like it rough?" Mikio asked ramming into Genma as blood mixed with the water from the shower. He bit hard into Genma's neck moving his hand up from his hips to pinch his nipples fiercely twisting them as he lapped up the blood from the bite he had just made on his neck.

"Ahhhhh," Genma groaned throwing his head back and grabbing his penis pumping fiercly.

Mikio groaned loudly, his thrusts becoming even faster and more erratic as he neared his climax.

"Come with me Ken," Mikio rasped, "Come now!"

Both men let out a loud groan as they came, that echoed in the small bathroom. Mikio held Genma close pressing him hard against the wall as the water pounded on them.


A loud knock on the door brought both of them back to reality.

"Ken-san!" Sayuri's voice called through the door, " ten minutes until your shift! Are you finished? I need to give you your clothes to wear on stage."

"Yeah, I'm done!" Genma called chuckling, "Leave them on my bed, I'll be there in a minute."

"Sure thing!" Sayuri answered cheerfully her voice fading as she walked away.

"You ok?" Mikio asked panting as he pulled out of Genma taking real notice of the blood going down the drain.

"Of course," Genma answered turning around unsteadily and leaning his back against the wall. "Don't feel anything unless it hurts a bit. That was nothing."

"Well, I'll let you rinse off. I don't want Hiroshi breathing down my neck because I made you late," he grinned running his hands under the water and rinsing his penis.

Genma took Mikio's place under the shower as he stepped out, rinsing off quickly and soaping up his hair.

"Maybe we can shower again later?" Genma called as Mikio had his hand on the door.

"Anytime," the scarred man smirked back exiting and closing the door softly behind him.

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