Sheena: Be afraid

Meg: Be _VERY_ afraid, we got this finished

Sheena: Well the first part anyway....this looks like it's going to be loooooong!

Meg: **groans** i sorta kinda noticed that

Sheena: Duh ^_^.

Meg: ummm i guess we have to say we don't own any of them but if someone want to buy me Wu i'm soooo not objecting

Sheena: You'll share won't you?

Meg: LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!

Sheena: BEEDA!!!!!!!! **sniffs** Well then I'll just post the fic then!

Meg: ummm Shee-chan we were doing that neway

Sheena: What_ever!_ **valleygirl accent** **cringes** I've GOT to stop doing that!

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Authors: Jchild & Thunderfoot
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Author notes:

Sheena: Sooo _not_ our fault. But we're having so much fun.

Meg: And a sleep over party and she gave me caffiene and she gave me coke and she

Sheena: **snatches back keyboard** Sooo _not_ my fault....I SWEAR!!!!! **watches M-chan run round the room in circles cackling** -_-;; Now where did I put that darn mallet?!

Meg: nah nah i nicked it earlier while we watching BGC2040

Sheena: Oh, I thought it was while I was cooking?

Meg: uh uh i nicked the reptiles note book then!!!!!!!!!!! **runs like hell**

Sheena: WHAT?!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!! Anyway here's the fic. Let's see if you can guess who it's crossed over with.

Meg: **pokes head back into room** it not like it's hard or ne thing **runs out again**

Sheena: I'll get you my pretty.....and you're little dog too.....**cackles evily**

Meg: ummm what about the two cats, the bird, the turtle, the chooks and everthing else they'll get lonley **pouts**

Both: Never mind us we just want to PROVE to you all that we ARE totally insane.


"Aren't family visits _fun_" - Haruka


The war was over. Quatre, being the Winner heir, was obliged to assess damages to his properties caused by the war. Unwilling to face this daunting task alone, he 'dragged' his fellow Gundam pilots with him. They were currently 'assessing' the damage done to the Olympic sized, internationally approved, pool....complete with diving tower and water slides, that was on the Juuban estate.

Due to the unusual heat wave and high humidity, they were currently lounging around the pool, assessing damages to deck chairs....according to Duo.

Duo was making _absolutely_ certain that his deck chair, perfectly functional according to him, was comfortable as well. It appeared to be so if his current position was anything to go by. He had fallen asleep while reading 'The War Gods Own' [1]. It had fallen onto his dark green, UV-protective T-shirt clad chest. When asked why he was overdressed he muttered darkly "I get _sunburnt_ 'K, so sue me." and refused to talk to anyone for a full fifteen minutes. Rashid had taken pity on the snoring boy and moved the sun umbrella so that he would only have sunburnt legs and toes when he woke up.

Wufei was doing the exact opposite of his fellow pilot. He was clad in only black board shorts, and a pair of black Ray-Bans adorned his face. He was evening up his tan close by the pool.

Trowa was sprawled in the spa, which had been turned off earlier in the day when it was discovered it had been doctored with two or three different varieties of heavily scented, fruity bubble bath. No one was admitting to the prank, but they weren't looking for the culprit either......they had no need to, Duo's smirk said it all, not that they even needed that much evidence.

Heero had scouted the perimeter, and surrounding countryside, examined all the deck chairs, at Duo's persistent insistence, swum a few laps to check the integrity of the pool, and was currently engaging in a snoring competition with Duo from the opposite side of the pool.....Heero was currently winning in both snoring _and_ sleep talking.....what could they say, when Heero felt safe he _relaxed_.....Quatre and Trowa had already gathered some good blackmail material.

Quatre, having just emerged from the water, was sun baking on a towel by the edge of the pool. His green and white boardies were drying quickly in the heat.

All in all the boys were working hard.


Usagi sighed in relief as she dropped her many bags onto the four poster, king sized bed. Rolling her shoulders to relieve the tension, she pushed apart the chiffon curtains, and wandered out the French double doors onto the balcony.

Taking a deep breath of cleansing fresh air, she leisurely scanned the heat distorted skyline. There wasn't a cloud in sight to signal a change in the weather.

As she turned to retreat to the air-conditioned comfort of her room to change into her swimming togs, she glanced down towards the pool. Before her gaze reached the pool she froze, expressions of horror and dismay chasing each other across her face.

**Him.........him.........** "K'SO!!!!!" Following this comment was an impressive, multilingual string of curses. These floated down from the balcony, finishing in a high pitched wail.


From the spa, a single green eye flickered upwards, impressed.


Minako stumbled into her room, dropping her bags in a haphazard trail as she wove her way over to her extra large, custom made bed. Dropping the last of her bags in a pile, she collapsed on the bed, wrenching off her sandals, and falling backwards with a relieved sigh.

Lying there, eyes closed, enjoying the cool, she was mildly disturbed when she heard a string of inventive interplanetary swearing, followed by one of her Princess' trademark wails.

After bouncing across the bed, she exploded out onto the balcony, henshin wand held like a baseball bat, ready for trouble.

Upon seeing no visible Youma, or Youma damage - it _was_ rather easy to spot after the first two or so encounters -, Minako placed her wand back into her subspace pocket. She walked over to Usagi, glancing down at the pool to see what the problem was. Her eyes widened as she spotted the bishounen lounging around the pool in various states of dishabille. "Usa, check out the guys!"

The pair leaned over the rail to get a closer look.

"Hey, that's the cutie from Crown yesterday!" Minako exclaimed.

"What? Which one?!"

"The one in the spa. He wiped out all of your top scores on the mobile suit computer game yesterday."



Trowa glanced up at the balcony once more. He had already deduced that since they were inside they mansion they were either no threat, or a very _large_ threat.

Due to the fact that they had hearts in their eyes and were drooling profusely, and not showering them with bullets - a nice change as far as he was concerned -, he placed them in the 'odd but perfectly harmless' category.

He couldn't help but wonder how they had managed to get past the Manguanacs......even Heero couldn't do that.

He also made a note to himself to find her and get her to teach him how to swear like _that_.....she was better than Wufei........and knew more languages.


"Oooohhh, SHIRT!"

"Check out his _hair_"

"KAWAII!!!!" Was heard in stereo.

The girls were busy......assessing the assets of the boys below when they spotted a _very_ familiar head of blonde hair.

They looked, looked again, and confirmed their suspicions. A dual cry shattered the peace.

" 'RUKA......30's HOME!!"

The two senshi launched themselves from the balcony, aiming their landing to coincide with the deepest part of the pool, close by their victim. The fact that they were still wearing their sun dresses, and Usagi was still wearing her sandals not stopping their thought of vengeance.


Rashid was watching the proceedings on the balcony with interest. He decided against warning the intended victim.

As the girls entered the pool, he grasped the back of Wufei's chair and took three quick steps backwards, removing himself and the Chinese boy from the range of the splash.

Wufei sat up suddenly, fully alert. He glanced back to see who had moved his chair so rapidly. Rashid just looked down and gave the Shenlong pilot a smirk and a wink before turning back to watch the display.

He began to snicker quietly.


Quatre was lying on his towel, now fully dry and nice and warm. He was enjoying the sun when a bellow from one of the balconies startled him out of his dozing state. He absentmindedly thought **Note to self: Get Manguanacs to shoot whoever that was**

Then what he had actually heard sunk in. His eyes snapped open. **Oh _crap_. Was it?..Yes it was. Two voices, _damn_. Calling for who?..Uh-oh! Did they say 'Ruka?....Oh _shit_ they did. They said 30. I have _sooooo_ got to get out of here.** He began to vocalize his thoughts -

"Cra..........old!!!" Gurgle

- as he vanished into the pool.


The rest of the pilots watched, or in the case of Duo _didn't_, the proceedings with various reactions.

Heero was startled awake by the cry and was quickly on his feet, pointing his gun at the balcony.

The empty balcony.

Before his sleep fuddled mind had time to assess where the targets had gone he was doused by the splash wave from the pool.

Heero quickly scanned the area, searching for further threats. He looked over towards the pool just in time to see Quatre vanish into it, towel and all. He continued to look around to see why no-one else had reacted to the threat.

Trowa hadn't even _twitched_, he was just watching the proceedings with a smirk on his face. Rashid had a look of gleeful indifference on his face.

Heero shrugged and put his gun back in Spandex Space. Well if those two weren't worried, it obviously wasn't a threat to Quatre.

Heero looked to the balcony again. It was no longer empty, another blonde stood there together with a girl with, Heero paused, aqua hair?!


Trowa leisurely lifted himself out of the spa and grabbed his towel to dry off his dark green boardies. He sauntered over to the spot where Quatre was.....had been sun baking to see how well he was doing at breathing underwater.

The two girls were standing on top of him. The one with the odd pigtails was bouncing up and down, managing to look both cheerful and pissed off at the same time. Something Trowa thought only Duo could achieve with such ease.....he didn't know whether to worry. He decided to keep them apart as much as possible otherwise the results could be disasterous.........Somehow he just _knew_ it was going to be harder than it sounded.


Minako reached back down into the water and grabbed a big handful of Quatre's boardies. With a flick of her arm, she launched him out of the water, over the edge of the pool, and onto the tiles.

Quatre lay there, doing an Oscar winning performance of a landed fish.


Wufei watched this display with interest. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Abdul collapse laughing against the boundary fence. After a quick look around he discovered most of the Manguanacs were in similar states of amusement. He raised an eyebrow **So this isn't an odd occurance then.....well not _that_ odd**.

Duo was no longer able to ignore the racket going on around him, actually he thought he was missing out on a water fight but anyway. He sat up, ready to launch himself into the pool, but upon seeing the three similar looking blondes did a double take and exclaimed with a yelp "ACK! There's three of 'em"

A voice drifted down from the balcony. "Four."

Once again a splash was heard.

Quatre whimpered and attempted to curl up into a fetal position - not easy to achieve when you have two people sitting on you.

"'Ruka," he muttered "Shiiiiiiiit."


'Ruka pulled herself from the pool and wandered over to where the blonde pilot was pinned to the tiles.

Minako and Usagi were firmly attached to their victim. Minako was sitting on his thighs and poking him in the ribs, while Usagi was situated on his chest shaking his shoulders and consequently banging his head on the tiles.

They were muttering in time to their torture. "You brought them back pokethump. You _brought_ them back pokethump. You _brought_ them _back_ pokethump. We _just_ got _rid_of_them PokeCRACK."

A moan of "Itai" was heard from beneath the two girls.

'Ruka lent over and smirked at the boy. "Aren't family visits _fun_ 30."



[1] **pair wave** Hi Christy!! Megan had the book....we were inspired.