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Ulquiorra.The 'perfect creation'.He was created by the man who represented their enemies.He worshiped that man.Aizen Sousuke.Such an ambitious person.

And maybe that was the true reason why he was following him,without question or doubt.Because he had ambitions,something Ulquiorra lacked.Or that was what Aizen thought.Ulquiorra Schiffer.A loyal servant.A deadly and calm figure.A person that shared Aizen's dream.The man who made most of the captain class shinigami shiver in fear.Yes,that was what everyone saw.

How wrong all of them were.Including Aizen.As Ulquiorra stood over his creator's dead body,holding his blood-stained sword,the same emotionless expression on his face,he laughed.Yes,he began laughing manically,but without smiling.Sexta Espada watched the scene from a dark corner with terrified eyes.

"Ulquiorra?" Grimmjow's voice called,although it had lost it's usual cocky tone,replacing it with a weak and horror-filled one. Ulquiorra threw his head back in laughter,the spine-chilling sound travelling throughout Las Noches. A second later,he finally stops laughing and looks at Grimmjow.

"What's wrong,Grimmjow?Are you afraid?" he asked him,a smirk playing on his lips.Then,he lifted his blade,and looked into the Sixth's eyes. "Goodbye,Grimmjow Jaggerjaques." he said,and disappeared.In the blink of an eye,his sword went through the sixth's chest,blood gushing out of the massive wound. Some of it fell on the Fourth's face,staining his alabaster skin.He watched the other man fall to the ground and lifted his arm,touching the drops of blood splattered on his face while looking around for any other intruders.Then,certain that he was alone,he allows himself to grin,while he stares at the red hot liquid on his fingertips. He cleaned up his sword,and,without a second thought,drove it through his abdomen.

Not a loyal servant,an emotionless traitor.

Not a deadly and calm figure,an efficient killing machine with no soul.

Not a person who shared anyone's dream.A hollow without purpose...

Not just a feared person.The Grim Reaper himself.

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