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Haruno Sakura stood at the entrance of the Uchiha compound. The red and white fans swaying with the wind. She watched the newly wed couple sway with the music being played. She quietly whispered to herself "Liar"

He had made a Promise to her on the night they made love, she remembered the night they shared together like it was just yesterday. Before they fell asleep in each others arms. He said "I promise to make you my wife and be the mother of our children."

After a few weeks from her 'special' night, she found out that her love - Uchiha Sasuke - was engaged to a young lady name Karin.

Her heart shattered into a million pieces, the promise was broken. She cried and waited for many but nothing happened. She tried so hard to get over him but she then found out ...

She placed a hand on her swollen stomach. Yes, she was pregnant with his child. She thought about getting rid of it but she couldn't. She stood there frozen on the spot, unable to move, tears pouring down her face.

She watched the couple talk to the guests, the bride happy while the groom showed no emotion at all. He was forced into this marriage, to keep his father happy. He did not like this woman. He hated her, but he could not let others see this.

More tears poured out of Sakura's eyes as she watched Sasuke and Karin share a sweet kiss. She could not take it anymore, she started to walk away, she turned back and whispered to herself "You lied to me. The promise is broken." With one last look she then walked away never to be seen again.

Sasuke turned around to catch a glimpse of pink hair walking away. Right then and there he knew he had just lost his one and only true love.


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