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Meanwhile, not far from where turmoil was hitting two people, a dungeon that had been built especially for Dr. Evil, the man who averted his ways in order to keep the peace, was being used by another man. There, in the dungeon, that was located five miles under the Atlantic, a hoard of workers scrambled around in order to keep up the pace. Their boss was soon to be the most powerful world leader, and they were serving in every way they could to make it possible.

There, in the center of the dungeon, sat a large throne-like chair. In it, sat Scott Evil, the heir of Dr. Evil's domination who had just taken over. He wore a light grey suit that seemed more futuristic than the era he was in, the nineties. His hair had fallen out for the most part, not entirely as evil as he was ready for, but he was evil none-the-less.

Before him, sat a large table where two men and two women sat, ready for instruction by their new leader.

"Good evening, everybody." He started as he looked around the table. "I'd like to welcome all of you to the new Layer. It will be the perfect hide-out for our new, up and coming project, entitled, Project Up and Coming. So, let's get right down to the business of introducing everyone, shall we?" Scott turned to his right where a youthful woman sat. She had black hair that reached her bottom, and her eye make-up looked as if it belonged in the seventies. She wore a black leather body suit and her hair was pulled to the top of her head.

"To my right," Scott gestured to the woman, "Sits young Miss Shaina Pearls. Her mastery lies within the fields of the rifle, and she has been known to kill more powerful subjects than the government itself." Turning to his left, Scott introduced the men there as an Italian Bulldog named Mickey Perdente who mastered in ripping limbs off, and Roger Dodge, an American man who Scott made his right hand man after finding out how hard he worked to get to the position.

"The last member of the Project, in which you're probably all familiar with," Scott started as he turned to the right once more. "Is my dear mother, Frau Farbissina." And with a slight nod, Frau made herself known to the men and woman.

"Now that that's out of the way, we shall discuss the plan. And it's a brilliant one, if I do say so myself." Scott said to the side, where a very unenthusiastic Shaina sat staring with wide eyes, not cracking a single smile, her appearance half scaring the man.

"Very well then. Let's get right to it. As you know, Project Up and Coming is full under way. Within this project I plan to destroy one of the major pipes that lay beneath London. This, in turn, will create havoc around the city, causing plumbing to back-up for days. This, in turn of the previous this in turn, will cause a diversion of attention on the government's part, leaving us time to get a pack full of men towards Austin Powers, and thereā€¦Austin Powers shall meet his doom."

The others gaped at the man who seemed to have his plan all set out. Everything seemed to be perfect, but the four others in the room had the same idea, and Shaina finally spoke up.

"What about the world domination?!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Scott jumped and stared at her forebodingly, as she returned the same glance.

"Well," Scott started, acting as if her question was idiotic. "We can't take over any worlds unless Powers is out of the way, now can we, Miss Pearls?"

She quickly shook her head and returned her glance forward.

"By this time tomorrow, the pipe will be hit. So, I would hope to gather as many men as possible before the government starts realizing the problem they have." Scott stood from his chair and overlooked all of his henchmen with a demure grin. "And soon after, we will rule the world, ladies and gentleman."

The five shared a wicked chortle and the henchmen were soon sent out to find more men to complete the dirty task of taking out Austin Powers.