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Naruto Ultimate:

Naruto Of the Demon Village...

Chapter 12: Inferno...

"Praise to my father, Blessed by the water, Black night, dark skies, The Devils Cry..."


Talking "Yo"

Thinking 'Stupid Fox'

Demon Talking "Grrr..."

Demon Thinking 'Stupid Kit...'

Inner Self Talking "CHAA!!"

Jutsu "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!"

Guardians of Pain "Now you will come with us Child..."


(Stone Quarry...)

Naruto found himself walking down a path in this altered city when he came to something that made him raise a brow. It was a walkway like the one in the Demon World he made for Kyuubi in his mind scape. Building pieces floating around in the sky around him... "Okay... Thats weird..." Naruto said to himself then walked down the path and smirked as the pieces of floating buildings then lined up before him to make a path for him. 'I wonder if the whole Demon World has places like this?' Naruto wondered to himself thoughtfully before then reaching an old rock quarry and saw what looked like a battlefield as several demons bodies were still on the ground. 'Whoa... Someone really tore up these Hell-Blades...' The red-head thought to himself then saw a figure sitting down in the center of the quarry and jumped down, then saw the Hell-Gate behind the person.

"It's about time you got here... I was beginning to get tired of waiting..." Came the voice and Naruto blinked seeing a familiar looking boy, though he was older than the kid they met on the train... 'Wait... he was the one I saw in my vision... the one talking to the guy in the cloak...' Naruto then realized and frowned towards the person.

"Who are you?" Naruto questioned and the Devil rose to his feet and looked at Naruto with his Bi-colored eye's.

"Inferno-Angelo, Hell's Angel of Death..." Inferno said with a grand and obviously mocking bow towards the boy. "And you are Naruto Sparda, Great Grandson to the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, grandson to Vergil Sparda, and Nephew to Dante Sparda..." Inferno then said and Naruto pulled Gilver from it's sheath quickly. "Hold it!" Inferno then said firmly and Naruto raised a brow. "I want to fight you while you use this as your weapon..." Inferno said and tossed Force-Edge to the boy, the blade Piercing the ground before a surprised Naruto. Inferno then reached back and pulled Rebellion from his back with a smirk.

"Why let me use it?" Naruto wondered and heard Inferno chuckle to himself.

"Because, you were born with the same power as Sparda himself, it's only fitting that you use his most famous weapon also..." Inferno said simply though was grinning as Naruto sheathed Gilver at his side, then looked from Force-Edge to Inferno. The young Half-Devil didn't trust the older boy, in fact, he wasn't sure it was the real Force-Edge, however he saw a demonic power around the sword, one that only appeared around an unsealed Force-Edge... Naruto carefully reached out for the blade, and then took hold of it...

As Naruto did he started to jerk and his other hand shot to the handle and gripped it also, then his eye's became sleepy looking, then just became dark as Inferno frowned slightly. "No big explosion or nothing..." He mumbled then cursed as Naruto's body moved, slashing Force-Edge at him, the pure force shot from it came at Inferno like a wave of energy. Inferno quickly rolled to the side then flipped over another of the waves as Naruto slashed at him once more. "Whoa... Never seen it do that before." Inferno said to himself then grinned widely. "Heh! At least I know he can fight!" He exclaimed running at the red head and swinging Rebellion at the young hunter. The red heads eye's darted to him and he quickly blocked with Force-Edge, a blank look in his eye's and Inferno realized the Sword was using him, not the other way around.

Inferno then flipped backwards and examine Naruto. The boy's eye's were still blank and he was moving jerkily as his arms fell to his sides. Inferno watched the boy a few more moments before he then ran forward, swinging Rebellion once more, only for Naruto to guard with Force-Edge, then swing upwards, knocking Rebellion back and then slashing at Inferno along the stomach. Inferno backed away with a grunt then saw Naruto flip Force-Edge in his hand before sheathing it on his back and then pulling Gilver, Sheath and all, into his left hand before then taking a stance. 'Hm, thats the stance that Dante used to say Vergil uses when he wields a Broadsword and Yamato... This will make things a bit more interesting...' The young Devil thought with a smirk as Naruto then crouched before lunging forward quickly and swung Force-Edge once, twice, then moving Gilver in it's sheath to smack Inferno once, twice, quickly unsheathed Gilver to slash Inferno knocking him back.

The red head then quickly sheathed Gilver just as quickly as he then pulled Force-Edge from his back and slashed downward with the broadsword. Inferno staggered back, panting but grinning also, he looked at the boy then cracked his knuckles. The younger boy then seemed to vanish and Inferno had to quickly roll as Naruto came from a flash in the air, bringing down Force-Edge in an attack that would have cleaved anyone in half. Naruto then vanished once more and Inferno cursed as he then began running as Naruto started to vanish and reappear coming down wherever he happened to be at the time. Naruto then appeared and lunged forward in a Stinger attack which Inferno blocked with his Hell-Guard, however was still knocked back by the attack and flipped onto his feet. However he then looked down to see that Luce and Umbra(Swords) were gone and looked up to see that Naruto had them!

"Shadow Swords..." Naruto mumbled out in a drone as a ring of glowing violet blades formed around him, shaped like curved two pointed Shuriken which then launched themselves at Inferno. The young Hell-Knight cursed loudly as the blade headed for him, he then swiped at the swords with Rebellion, sure they would shatter like the ones the Vergils used. However instead they evaded his blade and cut his arms up, making the Night grit his teeth in pain. 'Damn... He's using Luce and Umbra to form a new version of the Summoned Swords, only these... They don't shatter dammit! If this goes on for much longer, this damn kid's gonna rip me apart!' Inferno thought to himself then narrowed his eye's, becoming a tad bit more serious as he then ran towards Naruto and swung Rebellion.

However the young hunter vanished at that moment and reappeared on a hill with his eye's still vacant and dark, he formed more of the "Shadow Swords" and then pointed his Devil-Bringer arm towards Inferno lazily as the glowing "Shuriken" all flew towards the Hell-Knight. Inferno cursed and ran, the blades hitting the wall beside and below him as he ran along the wall's to evade the damn blades like they held a plague. He had intended to use the swords, but it looked like Naruto was better at using Devil-Arms than him OR Virgil... 'It's because of his damn Blood Element, it lets him use the skill's of the original owners of the Devil-Arms... Shit this won't end well...' He thought to himself as the blades soon ceased, he then looked to see Naruto's eye's start to become clearer as he got used to the power.

Naruto quickly vanished and reappeared at the Hell-Gate making Inferno smirk. 'Good, no more of that shit, next time we can really have some fun though... If I know anything he's probably going to train those new Shadow Swords so he won't need Luce and Umbra to use them... That could be problematic... oh Hell I'll love it any damn way!' Inferno thought to himself as he watched the young hunter. Naruto quickly reached into his coat and plunged the Knife he had found into the slot on the small console only to blink as nothing happened, it wouldn't even TURN!

"What... Wait? Why didn't the key work?" Naruto then wondered while looking at the console and Inferno vanished then appeared in front of Naruto, quickly taking Force-Edge from him and placing Insurrection into the boy's coat, before then kicking him back first into the Hell-Gate.

"Nice try kid, and kudos on getting Luce and Umbra from me, give those back to Virgil when you see him. Looks like you got more out 'a them than I did... Oh well, I got a decent work out, but now we need to really get serious..." Inferno then said and placed both Rebellion and Force-Edge onto his back before reaching up and with a sweeping motion spiked his hair back like Nelo's. "Now then... the REAL fight can begin..." Inferno then said as he then pulled both Rebellion and Force-Edge from his back and held one in each arm, Rebellion in his right, Force-Edge in his left as his Hell-Guard appeared and made a yellow shield shaped energy appear around that forearm.

"I could really use a Shield for this..." Naruto then mumbled as he placed Luce and Umbra onto his legs, the swords magically adhering to his thighs as he did. However, just as he wished for a shield his arms moved to form an X over his chest, Gilgamesh appearing over his limbs. Then Mephistopheles flew from his wrists and combined on his left forearm, the blades making an S shape over his arm... "Okay... I'm really starting to like Combination-Devil-Arms..." Naruto said to himself as then Darkness formed over Mephistopheles, looking like the cloaks a "Mephisto" Demon used.

Naruto then looked to Inferno to see he was looking at him with cold eye's and Naruto wondered if the guy was schizophrenic or something... However Inferno then crouched and lunged at Naruto swinging his left arm at him with Force-Edge and Naruto flipped back, unsheathing Gilver as it then changed into it's Angelo state and the boy found Inferno rushing at him with both blades pointing forward. "Dual-Stinger!" He called out and Naruto narrowly blocked as the attack sent him skidding back. Naruto then used the teleportation element of his Angelo Style to appear above Inferno and brought Gilver down on him. Inferno quickly raised his shield arm to bock and then pushed Naruto back, the young Hunter flipped in the air however and landed in a crouch. Inferno then crouched and launched himself forward, swinging Rebellion and Force-Edge wildly and Naruto only just managed to block the attacks from the Hell-Knight.

However Inferno then made an X with both blades and struck Naruto sending him flying back as Inferno then stood up and looked at Naruto coldly. He then closed his eye's and quickly opened the now red orbs, as his hair turned silver, his body literally covered by strange black energy as his face was then covered in green markings like a Corrupted Vergil... "Now lets really have some fun..." Inferno said darkly as his voice changed, it sounded raspy, with that metallic tint to it which Naruto's voice had in a Devil state. Naruto looked at this and felt his eye's widen only slightly before then hardening. 'A corrupted Devil Trigger? That only happens when the mind is altered by outside forces...' Naruto thought to himself only for Inferno to then rush towards him and slash with Rebellion, changing into a True Devil Trigger as he did but it passed away when Naruto blocked the slash.

Inferno then flipped Force-Edge in his hand and knocked the pommel into Naruto's stomach, pushing Naruto back into a wall as he then plunged Rebellion forward. Naruto quickly rolled out of the way, as Inferno turned his glowing crimson eye's towards him and cracked his neck. Naruto frowned and put Gilver back into it's sheath, then placed the sheath at his side. He then quickly changed to his Chaos Knight Style and focused on Mephistopheles and Gilgamesh, the Wrist-Blades appeared just as the Gauntlets and Grieves did upon his arms and legs. Naruto then shifted the blades into an attack ready position as Inferno crouched, each of his broadswords pointing to the sides before both of them lunged forward at the one another.

Naruto blocked Force-Edge and then swiped at Inferno with Mephistopheles, the Hell-Knight backed his head up avoiding the attack then spun around Naruto and plunged his sword towards the nin. Naruto flipped up and over Inferno and brought both of his blades down on him, Inferno rolling to the side then reared back both swords before lunging at Naruto with another Dual-Stinger. Naruto rolled to the side and swiped at Inferno once more, the Devil however vanished and reappeared a few feet away. Naruto then smirked as the Hell-Knight Narrowed his eye's.

'Dammit... I'm getting sick of this guy...' Naruto thought then activated his Devil Trigger, only for it to change as Mephistopheles began glowing. Instead of his normal Devil-Trigger, which resembled some of his Grandfathers own forms over the years, now looked new.

It had black cloven hooves like before, but his legs were red now, with thick spikes growing from the sides of his calves, a pair of small silver Gothic skulls were on his knees with small barb like horns growing from their brows, thick red skin on his thighs like before, only it curved into spikes at his sides with glowing violet lines now between it. The boy's stomach and waist was black with multiple glowing violet lines over it, silver almost rib shaped growths over his chest, a pair of red spikes growing from his shoulders to point backward, six more spikes growing down his back three on each side. His arms were black, with a red spike growing from his elbows while Mephistopheles covered his forearms, his hand were black with clawed fingers and a simple red gem in the back of each hand. The boy still had no nose nor mouth while the skin was black, his thin violet eyes were the same, but now his silver hair was longer, pointing back in thick quill like spikes.

'Whoa... What the hell happened to my Devil-Trigger?!' Naruto wondered with wide eye's as he looked over his new form. "Er... Kit, like Dante your form will change when you use a weapon of a certain element... Gilver and Gilgamesh were both Steel type Weapons so it didn't change when you used either of them. Mephistopheles, on the other hand, is a Darkness type Weapon..." Kyuubi explained before yawning and going back to sleep while Naruto chuckled then looked towards Inferno, both boys eye's glowing darkly.

"C'mon..." Inferno said and Naruto nodded and rushed forward, swinging Mephistopheles as a blade of Darkness flew from the sword at Inferno. Inferno rolled to the side and lunged at Naruto, swinging Force-Edge and rebellion at the other boy, however Naruto blocked with Mephistopheles and then kicked him in the face, knocking him back. Inferno steadied himself however and then ran at Naruto only to crouch low and spin with both his swords pointing outward, making a small twister. Naruto blocked the attack but stumbled back as Inferno then kicked himself off the ground and into a forward spin. Naruto sidestepped than and formed a pit of Darkness under Inferno, which the Hell-Knight fell into.

Naruto smirked only to flip back as Inferno came out of the pit swinging both his blades at the Hunter. Naruto gritted his teeth in anger and Inferno seemed to simply glare at him, like he was unable to move his face at all. Inferno then placed Force-Edge and Rebellion on his back silently, before then bringing out Beowulf and taking a stance. Inferno then lunged forward quickly punching Naruto in the face and sending the young Devil back. However Inferno grabbed him by the foot and threw him into the air. Inferno then jumped up and spun at Naruto before ending with an Ax-Kick which sent Naruto flying into the ground with a mighty crash.

Naruto grunted in pain as he then flipped to his feet and looked at Inferno only to curse and jump out of the way as a beam of light headed for the spot he had been at previously. Then Inferno appeared in a flash of blue-ish flames and kicked Naruto up into the air then used another kick which lifted him off the ground and finally shot forward and kicked Naruto into a nearby wall. The young Hunter groaned then rolled onto his back before then jumping back to his feet and lunging forward at Inferno, swinging Mephistopheles wildly at the Hell-Knight who blocked with Beowulf. However, Naruto then sliced upward, knocking one of the warriors gauntlets up and he quickly sprang forward slashing at that side, then up, and finally spun his entire body with the blades, sending Inferno flying back. However the Hell-Knight managed to right himself in the air and land on the ground skidding.

"Humph... Not bad..." Naruto said while nodding his head only to stumble as his Devil-Trigger ended. "Oh shit this isn't good." Naruto said as then Inferno seemed to smirk as he then quickly pulled Rebellion and Force-Edge back out and vanished, soon reappearing in front of Naruto he used a quick Dual-Stinger on the boy then ran towards him and crouched spinning into a mini-tornado and slicing into Naruto multiple times before ending by raising Rebellion then slamming it down as he raised Force-Edge. Naruto gritted his teeth and rolled away from Inferno as his wounds healed themselves, Kyuubi helping and muttering about him being too damn reckless. Naruto then stumbled to his feet, letting out panting breathes, as he glared at Inferno and the Hell-Knight glared back at him.

"You know... This is really is fun... But I'm getting tired of you always dodging or cutting me... So I think I'll use a new trick..." Naruto said then made a T with his hands. "Kage-Bunshin-no-Jutsu!" He exclaimed and with numerous plumes of smoke ten Kage-Bunshin appeared around him. "Nice huh, Shadow taught me this while we were on the road..." Naruto said with a smirk and the Corrupted Inferno rolled his eye's and smirked.

"Doppleganger." He said then snapped his fingers, his shadow coming out of the ground and forming into a single copy of himself.

"Is that all?" Naruto asked with a smirk and chuckle as Inferno simply stared at him passively. "Whatever, alright then boy's. ATTACK!" Naruto exclaimed as the Clones all lunged at Inferno with varying war-cries only for the two Inferno's to nod at the same time and begin to tare threw the ten clones easily with their blades. While a now shocked Naruto watched in shock as the Doppleganger took numerous hits without even gaining a scratch on it... "Aw shit... Thats a useful ability..." Naruto said mostly to himself then saw that his clones were gone and he had two of Inferno to deal with now... "Well, so is this!" Naruto exclaimed as he plunged his hand down, summoning the "Sword" Legion and then charged a "Lock-On" bolt into his left hand and threw it at Inferno, nailing him and making him stumble back for a second as red lightning arched over his body.

The six Legion then rushed at Inferno the Corrupted warrior simply crouching and lunging at the Legion as his shadow did also. Naruto then concentrated and formed several Shadow Swords and fired them at Inferno to help his Legion. Inferno frowned and ran as the blades headed straight for him. The Corrupted Hell-Knight ducked and dodged the swords while his Doppleganger merely followed him. 'Alright, that Shadow thing can't do anything on it's own... Thats helpful to me at least...' Naruto thought to himself as his Legion chased after Inferno. The Hell-Knight stopped however as Virgil then dropped from the sky, and then in through the door to the quarry Nelo, Tsunade, Haku, Zabuza, and Shadow all ran in. Inferno looked around, possibly weighing his options, before staring at Naruto and smirked at the red head slightly.

"Next time... You won't get away..." He said to Naruto as he then jumped spinning into the air and vanished as a bolt of Lightning came down on him...

"What the fuck just happened?!" Zabuza demanded summing up the thoughts of everyone else.

"Uh, I think we're going to be seeing allot of Inferno from now on... Thats what..." Naruto said simply as he then dismissed his Sword Legion and Nelo was quiet before looking to his "Mini-Me".

"You look an awful lot like Father in your devil state..." He said simply with an appreciative glance at the boy, and the young Devil shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah whatever, so what now?" Virgil said then questioned and Naruto looked to Tsunade.

"Is that my Grandma, Grandpa?" He asked his grandfather who smirked as Tsunade's eye twitched. Even though she really was, she didn't like being thought of as old, truth be told neither did Vergil, he may be 2000+ years old but that didn't mean he liked it or anything... It was also why he gave Tsunade those Blue Orbs, so she could stay young longer if she wanted...

"Yes..." He said simply and Naruto lunged at the woman with a massive glomp, knocking her to the ground and making Nelo smirk. He then noticed Naruto's new Devil-Arms and rolled his eye's. "Naruto, give Virgil Luce and Umbra back..." He then said and Naruto stopped crushing Tsunade with a hug and nodded running over to Virgil as then Tsunade sat up and looked to Nelo with a frown. Naruto then handed his cousin the two swords then felt something in his coat and pulled out Insurrection. "Oh, a new gun too... I'll find you a holster for that when we get to Konoha... I'm sure Abel will have one... If not I'll find one..." Nelo then said sounding slightly surprised at seeing the weapon before then saying something under his breath.

"Naru-Kun! Look, I got an actual Devil-Arm!" Shadow said suddenly showing her own new weapon to the boy who grinned and showed her Mephistopheles.

"Me too... Oh... And why did you change your hair and eye color to green?" He said and Shadow blushed slightly.

"To match my new Devil-Arm... Did you get a new one Niisan?" Shadow said then questioned and Virgil rolled his eye's but pulled out Samael.

"Yes... But if you don't mind I'd rather get back to the human world... Then we'll talk about Shadow being silly and changing her colors for stupid reasons..." Virgil said then walked over to the console of the Hell-Gate. He looked at the knife Naruto had used and pulled it out, then put the coin he found into the slot and THEN placed the Knife in and turned it. The Hell-Gate rumbled for a few moments before then sealing shut as the portal in it vanished... "Finally..." Virgil then muttered as the world around them returned to the normal human world and Nelo looked as his Mini-Me returned to his human shape.

At that exact moment several Hell-Fields all began shattering, drawing the attention of the group and Virgil's eye's widened when he finally saw a woman on the ground... "Mother..." He said softly then ran over to her and lifted her head up and checked for a pulse. "She's alive!" He said happily and Nelo looked to Tsunade who nodded and ran over to the woman with Shizune in toe, to help her as best she could.



Inferno reappeared in the library from before and fell to his knee's, holding his body he fell to his sides shaking. "Inferno!" Came a shout as Kali picked Inferno up. "Shabti, the infection's spreading again!" She shouted as the red haired warrior came in and grumbled something under his breath before pulling a crystal out of a hidden pocket. Shabti then placed the object onto Inferno and the Hell-Knight's leader soon returned to his normal shape then slumped, eye's closed and breathing softly.

"He'll be fine now. Taro, take him somewhere to rest." Shabti said then ordered as the blond haired Hell-Knight appeared in a burst of fire before picking up the boy and vanishing. "Order a meeting Kali, I need to have a talk with the other Hell-Knights, Inferno's infection only spreads when he uses allot of his power..." The red head said darkly and Kali nodded her head before then sinking into the ground itself like she was apart of it. "Alicia, how long have you been there?" Shabti then questioned as the woman in black walked out from behind a bookcase.

"Long enough..." She said simply then walked to the center of the room and sat down. Then in a burst of flames, Taro reappeared and sat in the center of the room also, arms crossed over his chest. Then, in a burst of water and lightning, the Twins or Gemini and Virgo appeared and sat next to Taro, Kali then came back and sat next to Alicia as then Shabti walked over and sat in the only remaining space. The six hell-Knights looked to one another warily before all turned to Shabti, the red haired warriors eye's closed silently.

"Listen up. It appears that these new Son's of Sparda are stronger than anticipated. Inferno's Infection began to spread again. I want each and everyone here to keep an eye on him. We can't have him dieing or reverting to his old self again before Mundus is destroyed." The Hell-Knight said and those assembled nodded. "Once the Scion finishes absorbing Mundus' stray power, Inferno's Infection should dissipate entirely. Once that happens, we can take out the Scion, with him out of the way, we can rule over Hell and get it back under control... Agreed?" Shabti questioned and the Knights all nodded their heads.

"Hey, how can we talk about this in the open?" Kali then asked and her brother sighed in annoyance before explaining to the girl.

"Sister, be calm. The Scion must continue to play out his part as a ninja before he reveals himself. And Jester has gone to keep a watch on the Akatsuki... We are safe, for now..." Shabti said then looked to Gemini, the Lightning Twin. "What news do you have on those Devil-Arms found?" He questioned and Gemini rolled her eye's.

"Me and my bro here found out their names. Mephistopheles, Samael, and Lilith. Three of the Demon-Lords Mundus defeated when he took control of Hell. Ironic that they'd come back to haunt him, ne?" Gemini said the questioned with a smirk and Shabti frowned slightly.

"What news of the Demonic activity in Konoha?" He questioned and Taro let out a breath.

"It's some more new Devil-Arms starting to wake up, not to mention that the Forest of Death around there is like a breeding ground for low level Demons. Mostly Arachne, Kyklops, Blades, Assaults, and other Beast type Demons..." Taro told the Icy Hell-Knight who nodded his head slowly. "Anything else then Shabti?" Taro then questioned and Shabti nodded his head.

"Hey, whats the situation with Inferno? I mean, will he be able to fight for awhile or what?" Gemini then questioned and Shabti frowned slightly.

"We're not sure. The Infection has been stopped for now... However I would advise against allowing Inferno to leave, to go fight the Son's of Sparda for at least a week, if not more. Until then, I'll have Kali watch over him." Shabti said and Kali nodded her head to her brother, uncharacteristically serious. "Now then, Virgo, what do you have on Nero-Diavolo's soul?" Shabti then questioned and the water element twin looked up then let out a tired sigh.

"It's still hovering around Absolution... He's not dead yet... He's body was destroyed... but his spirit still remains..." Virgo explained and Shabti took a thoughtful expression, placing a hand to his chin and closing all three of his eye's.

"Hmmm... Okay then. If your able I want you to take hold of the soul. If you can, try and place as much of his original Demonic power within the soul as you can. We might get a reaction like what we did with Nelo-Angelo's soul and that kid Nero... Although, hopefully this body doesn't have a separate personality already..." Shabti ordered of Virgo who nodded his head as Shabti then looked to Alicia. "Have you readied a spell encase we need to create a new body for his soul?" He questioned and Alicia frowned slightly.

"Healing the wounded and resurrecting the dead are two entirely different magics... I need a few more years to finish it... And a few more sacrifices, the souls of those bandits aren't going to be enough to revive someone as powerful as Dante... And even then it would take enormous power to use the spell... Which I don't have..." Alicia said and Shabti frowned to himself, his wings twitching slightly.

"Alright, if thats out we'll have to go with the first plan after all..." Shabti said then looked towards Virgo who nodded his head with a sad look on his face. "Now then. Each of you know what area to guard right?" Shabti then questioned and each of the Hell-Knights nodded their heads to him. "Good. Then move out. Soon the Son's of Sparda will arrive and the true battle can finally begin..."


(Back in town...)

"So how is my mother doing, Tsunade-Sama?" Virgil asked as he looked down on his mother while Shizune and Tsunade both worked to help her. The group had moved into the city, and had... Borrowed the the hospital so they could monitor her progress. Tsunade and Virgil were the only two in the room at the moment, Trish was fine mostly, though physically she was healthier than a normal human, she seemed a little weak for a Devil.

"Yes she'll be fine Virgil. She just needs some sleep I'd say." Tsunade told the boy who nodded his head slowly. "Go talk with that idiot Vergil. He's got something to tell you I'd say. I'll call you all back here when she wakes up." Tsunade then said and Virgil nodded his head slowly before walking out of the hospital room, leaving one fleeting glance at his mother before shutting the door behind him. "I swear, at a passing glance he'd be a dead ringer for my Vergil... Get to know him and you see he's allot more gentle however..." Tsunade said to herself as she watched over Trish and then saw the woman holding something. She reached out and took whatever it was and found a picture.

In it was what looked like a ruined city of some kind. Trish herself, with Dante, the man having one arm over her shoulders and a childish grin on his face. Beside them was a woman with dark-brown near-black hair with orange glasses, a huge weapon over one shoulder, and she couldn't tell if they were too tight or just too small for her clothing. Beside the woman was a boy with the same hair color as the dark haired woman, Bi-colored eye's, and had his arms crossed. He looked to be ten or twelve in the picture and seemed annoyed being in it anyways. However, Tsunade narrowed her eye's and then brought the picture closer, in the background. Her eye's widened when she saw what looked like someone with silver hair and a long blue coat making her jaw drop...



(With Naruto...)

The group of Ninja were outside of the hospital, and all of them were looking for survivors around the city. Naruto and Shadow were in the east, Nelo was in the north with Shizune, Haku and Zabuza went to the West, and now, Virgil was heading south on his own. The groups would meet back together one they had taken a look around to ensure no more Demons had arrived, and thus far, none of them had found any. Nor any survivors however, as it seemed only blood and some gore remained in the Demons wake. "I don't like this..." Nelo said as he and Shizune walked in front of the hospital, Zabuza, and Haku soon following.

"Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No one's left in town." Zabuza said and Haku nodded her head with a frightened look on her face.

"Nelo-San, what do you think happened to them?" Haku questioned and Nelp took a thoughtful expression.

"I'd say they were all sacrificed in order to open that Hell-Gate... A cities worth of people... Yeah, thats the same amount I used when I opened the gate as, Gilver..." He said to mostly to himself while Haku paled and backed away from Nelo. "Now then, I was wondering if you two have decided whether or not to join Akumagakure?" Nelo questioned and Zabuza looked thoughtful...

"Can I kill more demons?" He asked sounding hopeful and making Nelo smirk.

"Sure. Any we find are fair game." He said and Zabuza chuckled happily making Haku look at him as though he had finally lost what little sanity he had left.

"Grandpa! Everyones gone!" Naruto then called out as he and Shadow jumped down from a roof and Virgil appeared out of nowhere... "Dammit V, don't do that!" Naruto exclaimed as Virgil smirked beneath his mask.

"Sorry, but no. I enjoy keeping you all on your toes." Virgil said to Naruto, the red head glaring at his cousin for a few seconds before then looking to Nelo.

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Grandpa, during my fight with Inferno I made something similar to your summoned swords when I had hold of Luce and Umbra." Naruto then said and Nelo raised a brow then looked to Virgil who rolled his eye's and gave the swords to Naruto. The red head then focused on the weapons and a ring of his "Shadow Swords" appeared around him. "See." Naruto said and Nelo looked the energy blades over before nodding his head.

"Alright. Virgil, you and I will be helping Naruto master this without using your Luce and Umbra. Anything else Naruto?" Nelo said then questioned and Naruto grinned before vanishing in a plume of smoke and appearing up on a nearby building making Virgil frown.

"Show off..." He said and Nelo smirked before looking to his grandson. The boy then unsheathed Gilver and it changed into it's "Angelo-Form" and jumped up, then brought his sword down in a Helm-Breaker attack, flames trailing behind it as it hit. Naruto then held one hand up, concentrated his Demonic-Magic and formed a suit of "Force-Armor" over his body. The red head then launched himself forward to slice into a wall, carving a long gash into the wall. Naruto then formed an Angel-Flare in his left hand and threw it at the same wall with a smirk on his face as it left a scorch. Naruto then dispelled his force armor and slashed upwards before slashing down in a helm breaker once more and sheathing Gilver at his side.

"What do you think, Grandpa?" Naruto asked while turning to look at Nelo, the older hunter chuckled lightly before shaking his head slightly.

"He's right... You are a showoff..." He said and Naruto's eye twitched. "As for your new Style. It's the same as mine. I'll help you learn the more advanced forms of the attacks." Nelo said and then looked over at shadow. "Now then, anything else happen to you while you were away from Naruto?" Nelo questioned and the girl shook her head no. Shizune was simply gawking and making Naruto snicker to himself.

"Whats the matter? You act like you've never seen a Devil-Hunter at work before?" Naruto questioned with a smirk and Shizune shook her head no with wide eye's directed at the boy.

"Naruto... Don't harass her..." Nelo said flatly then heard a crash as something jumped out a window. They all looked up to see Trish then land in front of them and look around... "Okay... I didn't see that coming..." He said flatly as Tsunade ran out of the building and glared at the woman.

"She's up..." She said with one eye twitching and Virgil and Trish looked at one another...

"Mom..." He said and removed his mask.

"Virgil? Or... Is it Dante?" She asked, hell, it had been years if it was either one... She wouldn't be able to tell them apart from their father at this point...

"It's Virgil, Mom..." The boy said flatlt with a smirk and was quickly hugged by his mother.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" She exclaimed ad Virgil smiled as he slowly reached his arms around her and hugged her back.

"Me too..." He said softly and Naruto cleared his throat.

"As touching as this family reunion is. I wonder if Trish here knows who it was holding her hostage. And if not that, does she know why she was here?" Naruto questioned and Nelo nodded his head. The blond woman let out a breath and released Virgil from her hold, the boy then placed his mask on and turned to look off in another direction.

"What little I know is that some Demons grabbed us. I don't know how, but Mundus body was completely devastated last time he and Dante fought. As far as I know, only his power remains, maybe some memory. So it wasn't him if thats what your thinking. My best guess would be either he had a successor or some of his flunkies were looking for some payback." Trish said making Nelo frown.

"Hmm... Somethings not adding up here..." He said to himself then saw Naruto take a thoughtful expression.

"Maybe it was Inferno... He's been corrupted by Mundus if those marks on his face were anything to go by..." Naruto said, making Trish stiffen before turning to face him.

"D-did you say Inferno?" She asked and Naruto nodded his head. "That bastard Demon is still alive?!" She demanded angrily and Everyone looked at her strangely. "He murdered my friend Lady and her son Kain." She said angrily and Virgil narrowed his eye's.

"Really now... Your sure of this?" Nelo questioned making Trish glare at him only to gawk.

"Vergil!?" She demanded and the man smirked.

"Nice seeing you again too..." He said coolly and Trish shook her head.

"Never mind. I'm too old for this shit..." The woman muttered and Tsunade looked at her strangely. "I'm two-thousand plus years old..." She told the other blond who blinked then let out a breath while Zabuza looked her over.

"You definitely age well..." He said and suddenly found Yamato at his throat...

"Look at my mother like that again and you won't be a man much longer..." Virgil threatened with a dark tone and Zabuza nodded his head shakily, the boy then spun and sheathed his sword.

"Virgil, I can take care of myself." Trish then said to Virgil who crossed his arms with a grunt. "Oh hell... He's taken after you." Trish said to Nelo who looked at Virgil then shrugged his shoulders.

"Technically, no. He takes after my father..." Nelo corrected and Trish rolled her eye's.

"Whatever. Now then as for Inferno yes I know him. It was about the time when Mundus was coming back into power. Me and Dante got a call from my best friend Lady. It was about a massive Demon Infestation which had wiped out a whole town's worth of Demons..."


(Flashback no Jutsu...)

Dante and Trish were running threw a city, Dante was cutting threw demons with Rebellion while Trish used Sparda to annihilate the Demons. "You know, these guys are really weak nowadays huh?" Dante said with a smirk and Trish rolled her eye's at his antics.

"I'd say it's about average..." She said with a smirk and Dante chuckled. The two then felt something, a familiar presence and halted as the Demons all slowly lumbered towards them. "You feel that too?" Trish questioned and the silver haired Devil-Hunter nodded his head slowly.

"Yeah. Mundus..." Dante said darkly then looked at the incoming Demons. "No time to play with these guys." Dante said and launched himself forward, slicing threw demons left and right. "You think Kain and Lady are okay?" Dante questioned and Trish frowned, tossing Sparda she fired bolts of lightning from her hands at the demons down the road with Dante.

"I gave Kain Luce and Umbra just encase things got bad... Hopefully he'll be fine." Trish said and Dante nodded his head, rearing Rebellion back before launching a beam of red energy along the ground and taring threw numerous demons as Sparda returned to Trish's outstretched hands. "Lets hurry up here just to make sure..." Trish offered and Dante nodded his own head. The two quickly ran threw the demons. Soon the two came to a large monastery and both glanced at one another worriedly when they felt something dark within the building.

The two rushed inside only to see a gruesome sight. A knight in light black and silver battle armor, with what looked like a tattered white Cape curving upwards to form a wing was standing over a Dead Lady. In his hands were two blood stained broadswords. One was black with a serrated edge and a red jewel at the hilt with a red eye that had a black slit in it. The other was pure white with a long blade, a blue jewel at its hilt with a white slit. Each swords hilt was made to look like the guard was made of two outstretched angel wings with the handle curving into a single skull shape. Threw his body and swords numerous lines of glowing green energy traveled, the only ones on his head however were in the shape of tears.

The warrior heard Trish gasp and turned his head to look at the two. His eye's were a burning crimson as they glared at the two heatedly. "Get the fuck away from her you bastard!!" Dante exclaimed angrily charging towards the demon, and the Knight chuckled darkly before raising it's black sword and swinging it down towards Dante. The old warrior quickly rolled to the side and launched himself straight towards the Hell-knight. However it jumped into the air and spread the cape like wing, a second wing then rose from it's side, covered in black armored feathers. The demon hovered in the air for a second before folding it's real wing and dropping down on Dante, bringing both blades down in a helm-breaker.

Dante dodged however and Trish threw Sparda at the demon, knocking Sparda into his chest and knocking him back and away from the Bloody Lady. Trish went to her friend while Dante caught Sparda, eye's glowing a demonic red as he lunged at the Knight, Rebellion sheathed on his back he took a firm hold of Sparda's hilt and swung the sword at the Knight. He blocked however, using both his broadswords he pushed Dante back only for Dante to then duck and kick his feet out from under him. Then quickly swing his sword down. The Knight rolled out of the way however and then reared back both of it's swords before sliding forward into a Dual-Stinger attack.

Dante flipped over the attack and brought Sparda down on the Knight in his own Helm-Breaker. The Demon wasn't destroyed or even damaged however as he slowly stumbled back to his feet and glared towards the red clad Devil-Hunter. Both then lunged forward, the Knight dragging his swords along the ground and making sparks as Dante swung Sparda at the Knight. The Knight flipped over the attack and landed behind Dante, then quickly spun and slashed Dante's back with his White sword. Dante then rolled forward before the Knight could strike once more, then flipped to his feet and turned to face the Devil, eye's angry as they glowed a deep crimson.

"Where's Kain!?" Dante suddenly demanded and the Knight tilted it's head to one side, as if it was confused. "The kid you bastard! Where is he?!" Dante demanded and the Knight let out a dark chuckle before launching himself forward, he then quickly crouched low and spun with his two blades. Dante cursed and flipped back away from the Devil, before then launching forward with a stinger, Sparda extending and piercing the Devil. It stumbled back, placing a hand on it's armored chest plate and breathing heavily before rushing towards Dante once more, bringing it's sword over it's chest in an X it swung both at Dante. But the Devil-Hunter blocked then slashed the two swords that the Devil was wielding, shattering both and knocking the Knight back as his sword cut the Knight's right eye.

Dante then stalked over to the Demon and stepped on it's back, pinning it to the ground he got out Ebony and Ivory. "Now tell me... Where is Kain?" Dante questioned in a deadly tone and the Demon Chuckled once more, then the chuckle started to grow louder, soon it turned too full blown laughter. Dante then reached down, removed his foot from the Knights back and lifted him up by his collar. "What the fuck is so funny?!" He demanded with a snarl, pointing Ebony straight into the Knights face. Just before Dante was about to blast the Knights face off, a white armored foot connected with his jaw and sent him spiraling back.

"Dante!" Trish yelled and then looked up to see a female knight in white armor with a black cape and two glowing swords on her thighs, over her own body numerous green lines of glowing energy flowed. The white knight then picked the black knight up and three familiar red lights appeared in the air, and Trish began to pale seeing them while Dante glared.

"Hello again, Son of Sparda..." Came a deep voice as it then let out a demonic chuckle. Dante snarled hearing the voice and Trish began to shiver as the three large lights looked down on the two devil hunters. "I see you and that traitor have met Inferno and Bianco-Angel... Hell's Angel of Death and the White Angel of Destruction... Soon, my armies will be complete for my return to power... soon Son of Sparda, I will have my revenge for my humiliation!" The voice chuckled then roared towards the Silver haired hunter as Bianco-Angelo then jumped up with Inferno and landed bellow the lights of Mundus' eye's.

"What have you done with Kain Mundus?!" Dante demanded and the disembodied voice laughed darkly.

"Can't you tell? Son of Sparda..." The voice questioned darkly and Dante snarled bringing back Sparda he was about to throw the weapon when Mundus spoke once more. "Hm hm hm hm hm... Go ahead, Even if you destroy those two, you'll never find the boy. I'll leave his broken mother for you to tend to..." The voice said then laughed loudly as the two Angelo's vanished, soon followed by Mundus also.

"MUNDUS!" Dante exclaimed loudly and tossed Sparda at the eye's, missing as the vanished, leaving only his mocking laughter behind. Dante then fell to his knee's and began to shake with rage. "Damn him... This was between us... She wasn't supposed to be apart of this... My family, not hers..." Dante said quietly then rammed his fist into the ground breaking it as Sparda landed beside him. "Not again... Not like mom... What good is my fathers power... If I can't even protect those who are close to me..." Dante questioned softly then looked to Lady, and noticed Kalina-Ann was missing...

"Dante... We'll find Kain... I'm sure of it... Even if he's dead... We'll get him back." Trish said and Dante nodded his head slowly. "C'mon, lets give her a proper Burial at least..." Trish then said and Dante clenched his fist.

"I swear... I'll make Mundus pay for this... I won't leave even one shred of his body left next time! I'll destroy him! I'll rip him apart and scatter his pieces to the wind!" Dante exclaimed angrily as his eye's glowed a dark crimson. "And I promise, from now on. I won't ever lose someone I love to him ever again!"

(Flashback no Jutsu, KAI!)


When Trish finished Naruto simply gawked and Nelo was shaking with rage. "So... Inferno killed this Lady person?" Naruto questioned and Trish nodded her head with her arms crossed. "But it sounds like Mundus simply forced Inferno too... Right?" Naruto then questioned and Trish scoffed.

"Mundus is dead, and Inferno is still on the prowl isn't he..." She said angrily and Virgil growled.

"So is Bianco-Angelo. I fought with her, if Two-Thousand years have powered Up Inferno... They must have done the same for her. She was toying with me the entire Time I fought her." Virgil then said and Trish's eye started to twitch.

"Virgil, hand over your amulet, when we get back home, I'll need Dirge's as well as Force-Edge. Sparda is going to show that Devil not to mess with my family..." She said angrily and Naruto paled before chuckling nervously.

"Actually... Inferno had Force-Edge... And Rebellion..." Naruto said and saw Trish's eye's start glowing blood red before she tensed and walked over to a building, the group then watched as the woman reared back a lightning coated fist and rammed it into a building, shattering the entire thing...

"Not bad..." Tsunade said and clapped her hands making Nelo roll his eye's.

"Hey, what about that Nero-Diavolo thing? What happened to him?" Naruto then asked and Nelo flinched, the old Warrior then looked to Virgil and then to Trish and let out a sigh.

"Virgil, Trish, come here a second..." The older Hunter then called out and the young Devil nodded, hastily getting up and running over to his uncle. Trish took a few deep breaths before walking over to Nelo and looking at him with her arms crossed. "I... I have some bad news..." Nelo said and the two Devils raised a brow beneath each. "That red and black Devil you told me about, Virgil... I had to fight him... This was his weapon..." Nelo told the boy then placed Absolution into the ground before him, the Hilt of the blade pointing up. Trish's eye's widened as she recognized the weapon.

"Absolution..." She muttered then closed her eye's. "Dante..." She whispered as Nelo looked to Virgil with a sad frown on his face.

"He was... your father..." Nelo told the boy who twitched slightly then looked to the ground.

"I know... Mundus got him too in the end... I bet he's laughing from whatever pit in Hell he's rotting from..." He mumbled clenching both fists in rage and Vergil looked over to Naruto and Shadow and motioned them over. The two walked over and stood next to their teammate, Naruto placing a hand on Virgil's shoulder and the older boy nodded to his younger cousin once, then looked to his adopted sister who gave him a smile.

"Naruto. I'm going to be honest with you. This is bad. This one Hell-Gate may have given us more cause for alarm than any other. Due only to the fact that Mundus might be around once more. Also, given that Inferno murdered a highly trained Devil-Hunter, AND her son. I'd say he'll be more than a match for you at the moment." Nelo explained and Naruto nodded his head slowly. "Shadow... I'm going to be blunt. Compared to these guy's, anyone you've fought or killed is Dust in the wind. You'd be murdered on the spot if you faced off against Bianco or Inferno. I'd suggest you leave them to Naruto and Virgil. However, your still a Devil Hunter, and a damn good one for a Human." Nelo said and Shadow nodded her head with a faint smile.

"Virgil, I know it's hard. Losing a father... Truth be told... I barely knew mine. However, remember that you have Naruto, myself, your mother, Shadow and Abel all here to help you. Don't follow my path of self-destruction." Nelo said and Virgil looked at him a few moments before nodding his head to the older warrior. "Good... Now then. To each of you. Though Abel is your Team Leader, I'm going to be training you into the Dirt. While we're walking to Konoha, I want you Virgil to train with Naruto to perfect your Summoned Sword techniques. Shadow, I want you to practice with those Gauntlets and Grieves... They seem similar to Beowulf so I may even show you a few tricks." Nelo said to the group who all nodded, Nelo then looked down at Absolution, then to Trish and let out a sigh.

"Now then. We'll be heading for Konoha soon. And judging from the report Naruto gave me, Inferno wants that. He was the one that attacked you on the train a few months ago. No doubt playing with you all so you'd think he was an average nin. So whatever he's up too, it's in Konoha." Nelo said and then took a deep breath. "Alright then, now that thats out of the way. I want you three to decide this before we leave tomorrow, who among you will get to wield Dante's sword, Absolution..." Nelo then said and the three looked at one another and then to the sword of the Legendary Devil-Hunter Dante, or in Virgil's case... his fathers sword...




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