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I stared at my book bored thinking about kido class. Kido is so boring to learn…oh wait, you guys don't know me huh? …Well duh, I never appeared in the series and I'm only a figment of my creator's imagination yet I'm proud to say that I'm a very good one.

Who am I? I have short creamy green hair and green eyes. I am in the tenth division… well …sort of and have light skin just like everyone else. I am Kirei Himitsu. In other words, my first name is Himitsu and my last name is Kirei. It means beautiful secret. Romantic huh? I am about one inch shorter the Shiro-chan. I have a basic Shinigami uniform with my zanpakutou hanging of my back. Well…my past isn't actually a secret I mean a lot of the older people know about it.

Basically the story goes like this, my father, someone of a noble family, fell in love with an earthling. They had to keep their love in secret or else something bad will happen to them. Kinda like a tragic love story that you always see on watch you watch called "T.V."

So like always, a child is born that had to be a secret from their families, in other words, me. A sad, sad life. Anyway someone found out about their love and basically spreaded it across the whole Soul Society. So my father's so called "family" was mad at him because he caused them "great shame" so then my father was banished for this "forbidden act." So that's why I call it their love for each other the forbidden love. While going to earth he was killed by some crazy shinigami. When my mother heard this news from somebody she became heartbroken and killed herself leaving me to live my life as an orphan on earth.

At that time I was around a half a year old and I was put into some orphanage left on a doorstep (another cliché). I lived my life their till I was about three years old safely secure. Not exactly actually, I was teased there day after day about my hair color and the color of my eyes yet I still did not get mad at them or any of the sort. I kept my coolwinks.

So day in day out I kept my cool until…I was falsely accused for something I rightly did not do and if there is something I hate was being accused of some sneaky person and a liar. So I got overly mad and a lot of reiatsu leaked out of me causing…the earth's gravity to be multiplied by 5 and all the oxygen sucked out of the air. I mean it wasn't too bad. Nobody died or anything. There were just some severe injuries, comas that's all. So then the mean ladies got mad at me calling me the problem and kicked me out on the street.

I basically was in pretty big danger there. Why? Because after the sudden outburst of my reiatsu suddenly I was a walking target for hollows. What's more freaky: knowing that there are things out to get you but you don't see them, or seeing them swoop toward you, full blast with their mouths wide open and drool coming out? Well my creator chose the second one but ya never know. Number one might be scarier to you.

So I was freaking out and screaming my head off running wherever I could desperate to get away from them yet no matter how much I tried to run they always seemed to catch up with me so before you or I knew it, I was in the hands of some lucky hollow claiming me to be his tasty dinner…so I guess I should explain how it looked like from a person's type of view and what happened.

Her green eyes went wide in horror having herself stare straight into the face of a hollow while slowly being squeezed to death by it's deathly grip. The young girl coughed up blood then tried to tried to suck back up the air she lost in tiny breaths. The hollow grinned and laughed a raspy laugh of glee from the look of immense fear from the little girl in his hands.

Suddenly his laugh was cut short to see his arm getting cut off with a lot of blood bursting out. Loudly he screamed out in pain and tried to look for the person who did this to him. He came to see a short little boy with white hair with piercing look in his emerald eyes holding his beloved dinner in his arms he was wearing a red and white yukata looking outfit. "Oi, girl are you ok?" his said softly to the shaking girl in his arms. She just held on to him shaking not daring to let go.

Suddenly the hollow came charging at him at full speed. The boy braced himself for the attack and just lunged his sword at the right time. The blade hit the hollow square on the mask and slowly it disintegrated into a bunch of particles. "Hitsugaya Toushiro are you ok?" the radio in his ear said. "Hai sensei, I'm ok." He said into the tiny microphone. "Did you find out what was causing the massive hollow attack?" the radio asked back. "Not what but who. I found a tiny girl with a lot of reiatsu leaking out of her." Hitsugaya answered back. "Ok. Bring her back."

So anyway that's how I basically got to live in the Soul Society. The showing up of my appearance caused a lot of controversy in the Soul Society though. A girl (me) shows up with out any knowledge of her parents who says she's three years old. She (I) was just about born a little bit before anybody found out of the forbidden love. Moreover she (I) looked just like the two lovers besides her hair.

One lover had blue hair and yellow eyes while the other had yellow hair and blue eyes. So basically it was whether or not I was the child of the two lovers. On one side was that I was them because I looked like them and that I had the rare abnormality of having green hair and green eyes…because yellow plus blue equals green so you basically get their seeing why I was their daughter. Yet on the other side was that I wasn't because that totally breaks the law of genetics.

Anyway they proved that I was their daughter through my DNA and stuff so I was part of a rich family that put "shame" on them for being the daughter from someone from nobility and from someone who wasn't "worthy." After all the controversy wore down it was a law to never speak of this "accident" again.

The sad part was that through all this controversy they never thought of me as a person. It was who "the girl was going to go to" in such way as a burden. Not "my son wanted me to take care of her." So it's kinda like Ouran High Host Club where Tamaki was the son of a harlot as with me, a daughter of a harlot. I was, and still looked down as a shame from my family.

Another sad part was that even though I was only three years old at the time I could still understand to some extent what they were saying. About how my own flesh and blood did not care for me and how I was a burden. Though many people tried to comfort me I could see in their eyes that they really did not care for me. Though it hurt me a lot for what they said I still stayed quiet and kept my cool through everything like how I did in the orphanage.

So after that whole incident, when I turned around fourteen years old I joined the academy to get away from my so-called family. I was at the top of my class in kido and at the bottom of my class in using the sword…namely the wooden sword that causes no damage. Everybody soon learned the name of their zanpakutou after they got it yet I never learned mine for some strange reason. I actually got to meet her though, my zanpakutou.

She has pretty sparkly blue eyes and wears a long blue beautiful dress. She has long wavy super light blonde hair. She has a soft soothing voice, which feels very relaxing to listen to. Whenever she's going to tell me her name winds surround her body and she disappears…anyway today's the most worst part of the year when we show all the captains how good we got over the past year. So-

"Didn't actually know that you had enough brains to write moss-head," I heard some irritating boy's voice yell in my ear. Oh, I didn't tell you right? I got the name moss-head from my hair color and I got the title stupid and dumb because I don't know the name of my zanpakutou and I got the name lazy because I don't do any of the work assigned to us. I am known throughout the academy as the person who ditches too much.

"I guess that means that you are also calling Kenny dumb to huh?" I answered back to him while still writing in my book. To this boy Kenpachi Zaraki was his idol for some reason while to me Kenny seemed like a freak with his tallness and his hair and all. To me he's ultimately the kind of guy you don't want to see when you first wake up.

"Hey did you even hear what I said," he asked staring at me right in my face. He had proud brown eyes, brown and was taller then me. He had a regular academy students' uniform (red and white yukata thingy) on with a big smirk on his face. I naturally hate it when somebody else comes within my boundaries of personal space so instinctively I jumped back, tripped over a rock and fell backwards into a pool of water. He laughed in my face and started to walk away.

"Classic," he said laughing to himself.

"Your such a wimp Riku. If you wanted to pick a fight with me you could of told me that you wanted to fight instead of doing some sad trick on me like that," I said to him. I stood up, brushed myself off and started to walk to where the ceremony was. Yes his name is Riku. Hasegawa Riku is his full name. He's my bitter rival and sorta my friend…kinda like friendly rivalry.

"Oh yeah? Try saying that right again and I will fight you for real." He said angrily with his hand on his zanpakutou as a use of intimidation. I turned around and walked up really close to him with my mouth right by his ear and whispered, "wimp." I have no problem going passed other people's boundaries just I don't like people going passed mine.

He jumped back quickly, his face crimson red. I smirked at him and started on my way again to the ceremony. I heard him muttering to himself while catching up to me then suddenly we heard a voice…

"MATSUMOTOOOOO!! WE'RE LATE BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO BUY MORE CLOTHES!!" I heard a voice say. Me and Riku both stared at each other in amazement.

"But taichou a girl like me can't be wearing the same thing over and over again and it's boorriiinng staying doing paperwork all day. I haven't went shopping in a while!" I heard a woman's say in a whiney voice. I heard an intake of breath between clenched teeth.

"You just went shopping four days ago!" the boy's voice said as if trying to not yell out again. Not wanting to here the irritating conversation more I shunpoed until I reached the ceremony.

"For the captains to see how good you got in the past year, each one of you will fight someone else in a one-on-one match. The person you are facing is chosen randomly. Who you are fighting is place on the board. The fights start at precisely eleven o'clock. The rules is that you cannot kill the person. You only win the battle if the person you are battling surrenders or a knock out. That is all." The loud intercom spoke.

I sighed. I don't wanna fight. Why can't the taichou's see how good we got based on our grades or something? I slowly walked up to the board with a cloud of self-pity surrounding me.

"Geez Kirei-san, you're being so lazy right now. What's wrong with a fight? Fights are easy. Besides knowing you your probably thinking that they should probably see how their grades are to see how good we got." Riku said beside me.

"Yeah easy for you to say, you actually know your zanpakutou's name which would give you a good leverage in this fight, you are at the top of the class for fighting with the sword and your feared and respected by our fellow students so whoever is actually fighting you will not be confident enough to actually beat you. Ya ever thought of that?" I asked him in a monotone voice.

I stared up at the board to find my name. Kirei Himitsu, Kirei Himitsu…where am I? Soon enough I found it Kirei Himitsu vs. Hasegawa Riku. We both stared at our names in amazement.

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