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"Bye! Shirou-chan!" Hinamori said as she ran to her division. She just got appointed as a fukutaichou today under Aizen-taichou, of the fifth division. She now wears her hair up in a bun now instead of those small pigtails she used to have. She's also getting taller too. Me? I haven't changed much. I haven't gotten any taller since the day she went to the academy. The only thing that changed was that I've gone to the academy. It wasn't really my choice to go but I didn't want to hurt Obaa-chan anymore. I smiled a small smile as Hinamori ran.

"It's Hitsugaya-kun now!" I yelled, as she ran expecting no response in return. She just turned back and smiled. I smiled back too. I sensed someone looking at me. I turned to whoever was stalking me. It was a girl. The same girl as before that kept on following me everywhere I go. The same tiny short annoying girl.

"Is that seriously the only time that you smile?" She asked. I scoffed looking away.

"You know. If you keep your eyes half-lidded with that bored look on your face it's gonna freeze. So whenever you actually try to smile, it's gonna look really weird." She informed. As if I didn't know that.

"Uruse. And stop following me." I started to walk away. I heard her scoff silently. That girl has been following me for a while. The academy. The training grounds. The cafeteria. What a pain. Especially when everyone is taking notice of it too. I ran my hand through my hair as I sighed. What a pain. Added to her, I have everyone following me around calling me prodigy. Is my name prodigy? My stomach growled. When was the last time I ate?

"Here." It was that girl. Why is she still following me? I turned back and faced her. She had something in her hands. Something that looked like a bowl of some sort.

"What do you want?" I asked. She held up a bowl to me. From the look of it, it looked like a bowl of donburi. I just stared at it.

"I'm not hungry. No thank you." I pushed the bowl away. She glared at me, determination in her eyes. She pushed the bowl right back at me knowing that the bowl was scalding hot.

"Eat it! The only thing you seem to even put in your body is tea. Probably green tea from the looks of it. Never once have I ever seen you eat food!" She yelled in anger. I growled silently. Stupid annoying kid. What makes her think that she can order me around. Is she my mother? NO!

"Leave me alone!" I growled accidentally hitting the bowl from her hands. The bowl fell a few feet from us splattering upside down spilling its contents. I flung my head back at her expecting her to cry. Her eyes were looking at the ground preventing me from getting a good look at her face. Her shoulders started to shake.

"G-Gomen nasa-" I began.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!" What the hell? Why is that girl laughing?

"That's the first time I actually saw you lose it!" She exclaimed laughing even harder. Tears streamed from her eyes. Don't tell me that …

"Was that the only reason that you were following me around for." I managed. The girl looked right back at me, an innocent look on her face.

"Pretty much." I growled.

"Nii-san! What's your name?" She asked. Nii-san? I stared at her contemplating whether I should or shouldn't.

"Hitsugaya … Toushirou." I muttered. She looked like she was thinking very hard.

"Toushikou! Toushidou! Toshi. Toshi. ARGH! I CAN'T SAY IT!!" She yelled in frustration. She looked at me, anger filled in her cute small eyes … wait did I just call her cute? She gave a cold-hearted glare.

"Stop teasing me!" I stared at her in surprise. "Don't give me that face! You're laughing at me! Your eyes are laughing although your mouth isn't." She yelled. I smirked. Well no use hiding it now.

"Don't go smirking just yet! Your nickname will now be Toshi-kun!" She exclaimed in triumph. What makes her think that she can give me a nickname when she just met me?

"What's your name?" I asked. Her eyes widened in surprise. She probably didn't think that I'd ask that question.

"My name, Toshi-kun?" I growled. "My name's-"

My eyes cracked open. Who was that girl? I ran my hand through my hair. I started to cough. My heads pounding and my throat hurts. Damn.

Kirei's POV

I sighed as I walked toward the office. It has been freezing for since the storm … actually, it has really only happened the day before yesterday. I haven't seen Shirou-chan though. Winter is coming really quickly too. I wouldn't be surprised if someone got sick … especially someone with a weak immunity. In fact I wonder if Shirou-chan would get it. He does have an icy reiatsu yet he doesn't eat much so he has a weak immunity. Oh well! I opened the door to see Matsumoto very depressed with a stack of paperwork on her desk.

"Ah, Rangiku-san, what's the matter?" I asked as I hung my scarf on the armrest of the couch. She rested her head on her hand and sighed.

"Taichou's sick." She cried softly with an aura of self-pity surrounding her. My eyes widened. What?! He got sick! I knew he should've eaten more then that bowl of donburi! I huffed in annoyance. That idiot. See these are the reasons why he gets sick. He doesn't eat. And I thought I told him to stay out of the rain! I flopped on top of the couch with my face in my hands.

"What's wrong Kirei-chan?" I glanced up at her.

"Nothing." I muttered. Don't want her to get any ideas like me being worried about Shirou-chan. She gets the most weirdest implications. I swear. Suddenly Matsumoto's eyes widened just as if she got an epiphany. She looked at me and smirked.

"Oh I get it! You're worried about Taichou ne?" She asked. My eyes widened.

"Why would I be worried about that immaturely mature captain? Why would I be worried about him? How dare you suggest such a thing? Why would I be worried about him for? He rains on my joy like a waterfall and he is just like a little kid because one, he's stubborn and two, he doesn't even take care of his body! A good taichou would take care of his body by eating and staying out of the rain!" I yelled. Matsumoto sighed.

"Jeez! Your just as stubborn as taichou!" She whined. I glared at her. What did she say? That I am just like him when it comes to stubbornness?


"Yare yare Kirei-chan! You don't need to get so mad just because you're worried about taichou!" She teased.


"Calm down Himi-chan! Here. Give these papers to the fourth division seventh seat Hanatarou Yamada. It should help you forget Taichou." She interrupted giving me a folder filled with papers. She guided me toward the door.

"Don't make me do your work and I just said that I wasn't-" I tried. The door slammed in my face. I growled.

"MATSUMOTOOO!! DON"T MAKE ME DO YOUR DAMN WORK YOU LAZY BUM!!" I yelled kicking the door open to see an empty office. I growled almost ripping the papers I held in my hands. I hate doing work for people who don't even try to do it. I felt stares bore into my back. I turned around and glared at them.

"What the hell are you looking at?" I growled acid dripping from my voice. Everybody flinched and started to walk away very quickly avoiding any eye contact from me. I scoffed. It's their fault for not minding their own business. I stared at the papers in my hand. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to give this to Hanatarou Yamada so she called him? I guess I'll help her even though she is supposed to be doing it. I sighed. I guess I'm abandoning the rule of the academy about being prepared for your own consequences. I gave my last murderous glare to the empty office and then went on my way.

I skidded to a stop in front of the fourth division's building. It was a bit different then any of the other divisions. It brought the feeling of excitement and adventure … probably because I have escaped there numerous amounts of times from getting injured while doing "dangerous" things … or so Yama-jii calls them. I gulped as I stepped in. They all know me by name now. From my numerous escapes I am known by name, which incidence, and who was involved. So I guess that I'm pretty famous in this division. I walked up to a random person.

"Excuse me. Do you know where … ano … Hanatarou Yamada is?" I asked. The man stared at me for a long while. Suddenly his eyes lit up.

"Ah, Kirei-chan. What did you do this time?" He asked laughing a bit. I puffed up my cheeks and glared at him.

"Uruse (same thing as Urusai). Every time I come here doesn't always mean a bad thing you know. I'm looking for Hanatarou Yamada. Do you know where he is?" The man seemed to think for a long while. I sighed tapping my foot waiting. Yes I when I'm irritated I can get really rude and scary at times. Yet … I can get scary even if I'm not angry. Heh.

"I think that he's at Unohana-taichou's office. Or that's where I saw him going towards last." The man said pointing off into a direction. Thanking him I ran in that direction. It was really hard navigating my way through the buildings. Every time I got stuck at an intersection and three fourths of them led to dead ends. I growled in exasperation. I have been here for three hours already! I slowly trudged my way around another corner yet stopped suddenly.

"Excuse me. Have you seen a girl with green hair and eyes running around here?" I froze to a sudden stop. My eyes widened. Those bakas are still looking for me? Didn't Yama-jii tell them to stop looking for me? Well … it only has been four days since I have been appointed as Shirou-chan's "subordinate". Or it could be that damned old fart is getting old. I growled in exasperation. I slowly turned around when my foot got caught on my stupidly long yukata. I stumbled.

"Nani! What was that?!" I heard those voices yell in surprise. I growled in irritation. Why do the uniforms have to be so damn long?! Don't they think that we'd trip on it? I pushed myself to my feet and started to run. I heard footsteps running after me. I felt the familiar pain in my shoulder and leg build up again. I hissed in pain yet kept on running. Like always, the stupid passageways were always leading to dead ends so I had no time to turn around but had to jump. I heard my followers' footsteps get softer yet I could tell that they were still following me. Quickly I rounded a corner to find myself …

"OW!" I yelled in pain.

"Itai …" Another voice cried. I clutched my head in pain as tears came to my eyes. I stared up to see another boy short but taller then me holding his head too.

"Ah. Gomennasai." He said meekly. My eyes widened as I heard more footsteps approaching. My eyes widened.

"HIDE ME!!" I cried softly. His eyes widened as he soon heard the footsteps approaching too. He then grabbed my arm and pulled me into the nearest room. We waited in silence as we saw the shadows of the followers under the door. It paused for a bit and then walked away. We both exhaled in silence. I stared at the boy and got a good look at him. He had droopy eyes and sort of longish short hair. Ok … that didn't make any sense but just play along.

"Domo arigatou gozaimasu." I sighed happily bowing down to him. He smiled.

"Ah, do itashimashite." He answered back.

"Ano …" I began, " do you know who Hanatarou Yamada is?" I asked. His eyes widened.

"Ah … that's me." He answered smiling a bit. My eyes widened. FINALLY! I FOUND HIM AFTER SEARCHING FOR I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG! I reached out and grabbed his shoulders shaking him a bit … too much.

"FINALLY I FOUND YOU! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YOU?!" I cried out in anger. Hey who wouldn't be mad if you searched for one kid for THREE HOURS?! I kept shaking him until I quite conveniently noticed that his eyes became swirled and he started to seem a bit green. Slowly I let go of him. He started walking like someone drunk.

"AaaAAaahh gooomEEEnaaAasaAiiii!" He continued walking around in oddly shaped circles until he walked into a surprisingly sturdy wall.

"Aaahh! Itai!" He cried clutching his head.

"Are you ok Hanatarou-san?" I heard a voice ask. I flinched to see the one and only Unohana-taichou!! Yay for some, nay for the other. For me, it was nay. Why? Because stupid Yama-jii forgot to tell all of the divisions that I'm not a wanted person anymore. Well I guess that I can't blame him. He is getting old after all. I'm not saying this about all old people but older ones tend to forget stuff especially IMPORTANT stuff.

"Ah, how are you Kirei-dono?" She smiled at me this sickeningly sweet smile. I flinched. She's hiding something from me. She knows that I'm a wanted person right now. It's always the quiet and polite ones that we have to watch out for. I eyed her suspiciously as I inched my way toward the door.

"Well now that I finished my errand I'm sure that Matsumoto-san is going to want me back by now for me to finish her and Shirou-chan's paperwork so I really got to-" She grabbed on my collar before I got to make my run.

"Why don't you stay for tea Kirei-dono?" She asked kindly. She smiled. To other people it may have seemed like a friendly invitation but I could see it. A mysterious glint in her eyes told a story of a hidden agenda. I started to sweat. I heard the footsteps of the people who were following dangerously close.

"Ah, why don't you stay with us Kirei-san?" Hanatarou grabbed my hand and took me to sit down on the wooden walkway facing a very pretty garden seemingly undestroyed by the storm. We sat there drinking our tea (I think it was green tea) in an awkward silence. Unohana-taichou seemed quite happy and satisfied drinking her tea and Hanatarou-kun didn't even seem to notice. Unable to handle the long silence any longer I broke it.

"It's a nice day today." I said smiling sheepishly.

"Indeed it is." Unohana-taichou answered back. Hanatarou-kun eyes suddenly opened wide as if he remembered something important.

"Ah. I heard that Hitsugaya-taichou's sick!" Hanatarou-kun exclaimed.

"That's what Matsumoto the lazy bum told me!" I exclaimed back to Hana-kun (I got tired of writing Hanatarou-kun over and over again).

"Hitsugaya-taichou has a cold and a slight fever." Unohana-taichou said as she stared farther into the garden. Shirou-chan the most iciest person with his icy reiatsu and his icy zanpakutou getting … a cold. Isn't that kind of … contradictory in a way? I tried to smother an already apparent giggle. A couple seconds later I was rolling on the floor. I mean seriously, it's as if clowns started to tell good jokes instead of those crappy ones they usually tell. How … amazing!

"BWAHAHAHA!! THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE! ARMAGEDDON IS COMING!" I screamed in laughter. After around ten no twenty minutes or so I finally calmed down with the brief aftershocks of laughter.

"Frankly though … I'm a bit worried about him." I heard Unohana-taichou say.

"Why?" I asked.

"Unlike a lot of the others, he insisted on going home instead of staying here to recuperate and he also lives alone. Hitsugaya-taichou has also never gotten sick before so I don't if he would properly take care of himself." She informed.

"Sou desu ka (souka). So what do you want me to do?" I asked assuming that she wanted me to do something.

"Tonight I want you to go and visit Hitsugaya-taichou and make sure that he is alright. I also want you to give him this." She handed me a small bottle filled with pills. I eyed it suspiciously.

"Why do you want me to give this to him?" I asked.

"Simply put, you are the only one who'd force her way in if he closed the door on her and you'd be the only one who'd force him to eat those pills." How … bluntly put. Should that be an insult or a compliment? I'm confused.

"S-sou desu ka. How … straight forward." I stuttered. I started up to leave. From the sky, I could tell that it was already four o'clock.

"Thank you for having me here." I bowed and started to leave.

"Oh, Himi-chan?" I heard Unohana-taichou ask. Why is everyone calling me Himi-chan for? How did they deduct Himi-chan from Himitsu? Well … it's sort of the same way I deducted Shirou-chan from Toushirou, Hana-kun from Hanatarou, and … the list goes on.


"Stay away from the eleventh division." Was her reply. What the hell was that supposed to mean I thought as I began walking away from the fourth division. I muttered to myself thinking of the various possibilities. But none. Nadda! My mine was empty. Boy how wrong I was.

I sobbed. My eyes were red. My head's pounding pounding pounding. It won't stop period. My eyes are threatening to close up and bring me to sleep free from temporary pain yet I can't. He's hurt and it's all my fault. Everybody is telling me to sleep. I must really look like a mess. But I can't. I have to look after him. It's all my fault. I can't do anything about it. More tears streamed from my eyes.

"It's all my fault. It's all my fault.' Is that all you're going to say." I stared up to see the eyes of Yoku-sensei. Her eyes were cold.

"Just scolding yourself like that won't help him get any better."

"What do you know?" I asked quietly. She glared and slapped me across the face. My eyes widened. To shocked for tears to come. Slowly I raised my hand and touched my stinging cheek. Blood.

"Listen up kid, you have no idea about what people go through in their life. You are what, three years old? You have never faced all the things that I've faced or anybody else. You do not know everything you think you do. You don't have the experience either. So stop acting like you know everything in the whole entire universe."

"What do you expect me to do? I'm scared. I'm so scared. I'm scared that I might lose you guys. It's so scary every single time I see you guys fighting hollows. So afraid that you won't come back! If you guys die it'll be my fault because I wasn't strong enough to protect myself. I-I don't know what I'd do without you guys." I sobbed. Tears poured from my eyes like a torrent. I sobbed my face in my hands. I felt arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

"Kirei-chan. Remember this, that no matter where you go, there will always be people that will be there for you no matter what. Like your refuge during a storm. And don't worry about me and the other Ke-sensei. Even if we do die fighting hollows no matter what happens, we will always be with you. Don't worry about it kiddo! You're to young to worry about stuff like that!" She ruffled my hair as I kept it rested on her hard shoulder. Slowly I felt myself drift off into sleep.

"Stop saying it's your fault. Please." Was the last thing I heard.

… Where am I? I stared around at my foreign surroundings. I growled in annoyance. This always seems to happen! Whenever I get flash backs I always end up appearing in a place that I have never seen before. How annoying. I kept walking through the maze of passageways. It appears that I'm in the eleventh division … probably because on the wall there is graffiti that says, "DA FORTH DIVIZIN SUKS!!" They obviously cannot spell one bit. Idiots. The whole Seireitei can't survive without them. Amazingly, it seems that the storm didn't hit here hard either. I guess the walls are just as strong as them and these passageways are just as empty as their heads.

I walked more ignoring the bad grammar and spelling that lay on the walls. After all, I'd only get more pissed at their stupidity. Why the hell am I so mad today? Because you're mad that Shirou-chan didn't listen to you. An irritating voice in my head spoke. I ignored it and went along. And because you're worried about him. Okay that just crossed the line.

"Urusai!" I screamed at … myself. Now is not the time to be pissed at myself. … Okay … that came out weird. Now is the time to be searching for the place called Shirou-chan's house. Now all that I have to do is to find my way out of this maze … somehow. I glanced all around for my eyes to only meet the beautifully dull bluish walls and the orangey looking roofs.

"Okay … now all I have to do, is to find my way out of here, and then find my way back to the tenth division. Well, how much minutes will it take me? Hmm … most likely five hours or so!" I exclaimed in a fake sounding voice of excitement. Wooh. I'm so bored that I'm talking to myself. Nice, just ni-

My eyes widened as I fell to the ground forced onto my knees. I gasped for breath though I could barely do so. Nani? It felt as if gravity had been multiplied. A bead of sweat poured down my cheek as I tried to stand.

"Is that her, Yachiru?" I heard someone ask. His voice sounded gruff and scary. Not good.

"Un, un Ken-chan! It's moss-head alright!" Came a very hyper voice … a very hyper voice. Ah. Just my luck. My most favorite nickname is back.

"It's the one that I had to save Shirou-chan from!!" She exclaimed again. So that's where I heard that voice. She's the one that knocked me out. I forcibly lifted my head to meet two people staring back. Aw crap. The great Kenpachi Zaraki stood all tall and all in front of me while the pink haired Yachiru stayed attached to his shoulder. The feeling of death is imminent.

"She's the girl that messed up a part of the forest? Heh … this'll be a good battle." WHAT?! DID HE JUST SAY BATTLE?! I leapt onto my feet and started to run. Funny thing. When you are about to die, you suddenly seem to get a burst of energy knocking yourself into a really hyper mode. I even started to use shunpo, which I haven't used in a while. I rounded the corner banging into someone.

"Oi, Kurou-kun! Is this her? The girl we're looking for?" My eyes widened in horror. Just my frickin luck. I leapt between them and started to run again. I heard one of them chant the beginning of a hadou spell:

"Bakudou no. 1 Sai!" I heard one mutter. I turned around and started to mutter one of my own:

"Hadou no. 1 Shou!" I aimed the blast at the ground sending me flying into the air. It was pretty amazing at the power of the hadou because it left a pretty big crater in the ground. I glanced back to see the freaky clown taichou closely following me behind. I landed a bit heavily on the ground, stumbled a bit, and started to run again. As I kept weaving through each passageway, it I saw more people walking through them. Which is a good thing I guess. It means that I'm not in the eleventh division territory anymore. Either I'm in the tenth or the twelfth. I would certainly hate it if the evil crazy scientist taichou started to join the chase.

"This is so fun Ken-chan!" I heard the maniacal girl behind me exclaim. If only I could slow him down a bit more … crap. It's illegal for normal shinigami like myself to actually attack taichous. A bit self-centered if you ask me yet it's the rules … the damn rules that continue to ruin my life. Maybe I can do hakufuku on him or something. Yet then that would leave the irritating shrimp from hell. I sighed blowing some of my hair off of my face.

"I'm done playing around." I heard Kenpachi Zaraki mutter and then all of a sudden, he appeared right in front of me. One word can only describe how I'm feeling right now. Crap.

WOOOH!! I ROCK!! I got away without attacking him! Well … I wouldn't consider it getting away. I actually just slid under his legs and started to run again. Then I remembered that I had something to protect myself with. I dug through my pocket trying to find the right one.

"MOU!! WHERE ARE YOU!?" I screamed in annoyance. I just could not seem to find it. All that I could feel in my pocket was the surface from the glass vials filled up with powder (remember those?). I reached deeper until I found what I was looking for. Desperately, I brought it to my mouth and started to blow as hard as I could. I rounded the corner and started to weave through a crowd. I really hoped that it'd slow him down.

"Why must I get unneeded injuries? Why can't I just be a normal shinigami who doesn't get attacked by the scariest taichou of all? WHY MEEE!!" I screamed while blowing it up.

"Oi Kurou-kun! There she is!" I glanced back to now see two others chasing me. Just my luck. Just my frickin luck. 'Why' may you ask? Probably because I here both of my pursuers coming from opposite sides. I glanced at my inflatable gigai and put a gikongan in it.

Gikongan are the newest thing here in Seireitei. They're still thinking over a way better name then gikongan though. I hear that the Shinigami Women's Society wants to name them Soul Candy or something to that effect. Almost immediately, my gigai became alive.

"Oi. Run away in the air so that you can distract them away from me." I commanded. She glared back at me.

"And ask for an immediate death wish? No way! Screw you." She then shunpoed away so that they couldn't see her. Even more, she masked her reiatsu so they couldn't sense her running away. God. I hate damned prototypes. Well … that mod soul is in for a little … surprise. Heh heh heh.

I rounded the corner to here that my pursuers were almost on me both coming from both sides. And for ONCE I got some good luck. Behind me was a door and it was not just ANY door … it was an UNLOCKED DOOR!! So what did I do? Well I bolted in alright and locked the door shut. I think when I slammed it open, I hit a vase or something … but none of that matters now.

I know that after I closed the door, I should've ran into another room and all, it's just that when you think that you escaped somebody or something, your hyper mode dies down into absolutely nothing. It's really weird and all but it's true. I was really frozen in fear when I heard the footsteps approached the door and that I could see shadows under it yet … there is something that I was really happy about. Somebody who I was really afraid of before. Who is it? I bet none of you guys guessed Yachiru right?

"Ken-chan! She went that way!!"

"Are you sure Yachiru?"

"Of course I'm sure! I have a notion and my notion is always correct!!" She exclaimed. So they went running away and the others decided to follow not even thinking that Yachiru and Zaraki Kenpachi are known widely for their bad directional habits. I glanced around remembering that I was in somebody's house. It seemed like a normal house. No fanciness to it. Pretty plain. I turned around and almost screamed.

There on the floor lied a person. As I neared what seemed to be like a 'him' I noticed that he was knocked out and that he had white hair. Oh geez I'm going to be killed when he wakes up. It seemed like he got hit on the head pretty hard. My mind wandered back to when I bolted in the house and how it felt like I hit a 'vase'.

"… Why me?"

I'm humbly asking for your guy's personal opinion on this. If your friend accidentally knocked out this guy and all by accidentally hitting him on his head yet then brought him back into bed because he was sick and started to make dinner for him and all, risked her life to bring him some medicine and possibly shortened her life span, do you think that he'd be fine with it? As in, forgive you? Oh wait … I forgot to add that the person she knocked out is totally mature and boring yet scary and has no problem hitting girls … well … I think he has no problems.

Judging by the awkward silence, I don't think that the outcome is good. So … I just have to stick with that tiny hope that maybe … just maybe, I won't get killed because he's too sick to do so. Yeah … hope. Please pray for me too.

I glanced back down at his sweating face. Like always, it was in its usual frown yet this time, it seemed to actually have a meaning behind it. It was sort of like a troubled frown as if he was thinking really hard about something. I sighed. His face was a bit red too. I grabbed a small towel from a bowl of water, squeezed out the excess water, and then gently laid it across his forehead. He began mumbling a bit about somebody leaving him alone. I giggled. How like him to say that.

I exited the room not wanting to listen to his dreams yet at the same time, wanting to. I started my way to the fridge. What can I say; I'm really hungry at the moment. And no, I'm not stealing … I'm just … borrowing soon to pay him back. Why would I, Kirei Himitsu, want to even steal? (Because you live in the forest with three children).

After I finished beating up the author of this story, I glanced around the kitchen. Inside was an electric stove, a sink, the fridge, and of course, a teapot. I began rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to eat. Guess what was inside? Chicken broth! Oh … you guys thought that I'd say tea huh? Inside the fridge was some chicken, some soba noodles and some celery. Not much to make a good dinner for a sick person yet it was good enough. I heard a groan from the other room.

"You," he hissed, "Can't there ever be a day without you ruining it?!" Needless to say, I was a bit pissed yet making him even more pissed always comes before everything else. I put on a huge smile.

"Good morning sunshine!" I exclaimed with the goofiest of grins on my face. He gave me the dirtiest glare ever. Apparently, he didn't like seeing me first when he wakes up.

"Why are you in my house?" He asked after calming down a little.

"Well … Hana-taichou gave me this to give to you." I answered handing him the medicine.

"Don't you think it's … you know … kind of ironic that you caught a cold because you like … have an ice type zanpakutou and all and you have a really scary in an icy way personality and all yet you catch a cold. Of all things? I mean … nobody would ever suspect that and all and they'd think that it was a bit … you know … weird." I asked.

"Why does it matter?" He asked. Part of his hair covered his face like how it was before he was a taichou as his eyes, always half lidded, seemed to be a bit tired then it's usual bored self. His face was red as sweat drenched the loose white yukata he was wearing. Yes … every fan girl's dream yet the only thing that I was thinking is, "god I'm hungry".

"I don't really know. DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO STAY OUT OF THE RAIN?! AND LOOK JUST WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, YOU GOT SICK! GOD, AND YOU CONSIDER ME ANNOYING!!" I screamed letting out my anger that I just remembered.



"God! You make like I starve myself every single day!"

"Well, excuse me for thinking that when you're not even getting taller!" I knew that I should've stopped yelling at him and all because it was not good for sick people yet I was a bit pissed at the moment and couldn't even seem to stop.

"Like I said before, why should I care?" He hissed.

"BECAUSE I CARE DAMMIT!! I HAD THE ELEVENTH DIVISION'S TAICHOU AND HIS FUKUTAICHOU CHASING ME TO SKEWER ME, I HAD ANOTHER BUNCH OF IDIOTS CHASING ME TO BECAUSE IN THEIR EYES, I'M A FUGITIVE BECAUSE THE YAMA-JII FORGOT TO TELL THEM THAT I WAS TAKEN CARE OF! GOD I ALMOST DIED TRYING TO GIVE THIS TO YOU! I didn't have to do that okay? I did it because I wanted you to get better … I did it because that's what I would do for my friends." I ended breathing hard because I almost said it all in one breath. I stood up.

"I'm leaving."

"… Arigatou …" Did I hear right?

"What?" I asked.

"I said thank you." I couldn't help it. I smiled.

"Do itashimashite!" … Wait a minute … he just said thank you … to me!

"OH MY GOD YOU JUST SAID THANK YOU TO ME!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! EVEN MORE! I CAUGHT ON TAPE TOO!!" I cried happily pulling out of my pocket a tape recorder.

"WHAT?!" He yelled in disbelief. I played it.

"I said thank you." I began to laugh as tears ran down my cheeks. He actually said it. I think this is the happiest day of my short boring life. I glanced up to see him trying to grab the tape recorder.

"Hahaha!! You can't catch me!" I exclaimed while running away forgetting that he was sick.

"I swear that I'll kill you when I get my hands on you." He growled chasing me around the house. I then ran outside and the cold night air hit me. … Wait a minute … this air seems to be a bit too cold. My eyes widened as I glanced back at his smirking face as he was holding his zanpakutou. He wouldn't …

"Soten ni zase … HYOURINMARU!!"

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