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Summary: Li Syaoran is engaged to his one and only best friend Kinomoto Sakura ever since his mother and Sakura's mom were pregnant with the both of them. It also helps because the two of them are the highest members of the Powerful Four. Four companies who practically own the world. With the two other members Eriol Hiirigazawa and Tomoyo Daidoji already in love and engaged, will Syaoran and Sakura fall in love as well? What if an evil clan elder wants to kill Syaoran so that he will finally be the leader of the clan? What if a certain Li Mei Ling has her heart set on having Hiirigazawa Eriol for herself, and be Kinomoto Sakura's most beloved best friend and leave Daidoji Tomoyo nothing? Will love survive all the odds? The answer is yet to be told in this spinning tale of the Powerful Four.


April 1, 1996

Li Yelan stared as his son played with his bestfriend. At four years old Li Syaoran can be defined as a hottie. Yelan thought. A messy chestnut hair, stunning amber eyes. Perfect for Nadeshiko's girl. Kinomoto Sakura, a cheerful and beautiful girl with auburn hair and emerald green eyes. Perfect for my boy. Yelan thought again. And as a bonus? Sakura came from a rich family as well. She is the heiress to the second powerful company of the world, Kinomoto Corps. Which makes them more compatible seeing as Syaoran will manage Li Corporations. And they look so happy! It is a good thing they are bestfriends! Yelan Li, married to Xiao Xin Li, the love of her life, is part of the Powerful Four, along with her cousin, Hiirigazawa Lynn, married to Hiirigazawa Clow, President of Hiirigazawa Corps, third powerful company, ofcourse her bestfriend, Kinomoto Nadeshiko, married to Kinomoto Fujitaka, President of Kinomoto Corps. And Nadeshiko's cousin and Lynn's bestfriend, Daidoji Sonomi, marries to Daidoji Ryou. Their husbands bestfriends, like the four of them. Yelan can't help but smile as she remembers the "plan" for the kids.


Four years ago

Ohayou Nadeshiko! A tall girl with long raven hair greeted her bestfriend admiring cherry blossoms. Yelan Li, recently married to Xiao Xing Li, the love of her life, looks as beautiful as ever. She had news for her one and only bestfriend. Yet Nadeshiko seems out of this world. "Earth to Nadeshiko!" Yelan Li screamed at her best friend. "Oh, ohayou Yelan! I was day dreaming again, wasn't I?" Nadeshiko Kinomoto laughed. "Yes you are!" Yelan Li laughed with her friend. "Hey, I have news for you." "What is it Yelan?" "I'm…" "Your what? Come on I hate waiting!" Nadeshiko exclaimed with a pout. "Haha! I know you are Nadeshiko! I am pregnant!" Yelan bursted out! "OH MY GOD!!! That is sooo great Yelan, I am pregnant too!" The best friends screamed together bringing the other two best friends Sonomi and Lynn rush to them "What's wrong?" Sonomi asked. "WE'RE PREGNANT!" Yelan and Nadeshiko said. "REALLY? WE ARE TOO!" And the four girls screamed all together. Their husbands, came rushing to them. "What's wrong?" the guys asked. "The four of us are pregnant! At the same time" the girls said causing their husbands to sweat drop. "Hey Yelan, why don't we arrange for our kids to get married?" "That is a good idea! But I want mine to be a boy!" Yelan said. "All the better, I want a girl! Pinky swear?" "Pinky swear!" Yelan and Nadeshiko laghed as their husbands glared/looked with affection at each other. " Li, if your boy hurts my girl, I will make him live through hell." Fujitaka glared at Xiao Xin. "I promise you my boy would not hurt your girl." And the best friends laughed along with their wives. "Ohhh, lets make a deal too Sonomi, my son will marry your daughter too!" "That is fine with me Lynn!" "PINKY SWEAR!" The two girls squealed and Nadeshiko and Yelan laughed along. "Hiirigazawa, make sure my daughter will be loved!" Ryou said as he punched Clow on the shoulder. Meanwhile an eight year old Touya Kinomoto runs to Yelan and Nadeshiko. "Mama, make them stop! My cheeks hurt! Please mama. Auntie, stop them!" Yelan, Nadeshiko, Fujitaka and Xiao Xin laughed hard while Touya seems to be annoyed. "TOUYA!!!" Four distinct voices from Fuutie Li, Xiefa Li, Feimei Li and Fanren Li could be heard. "Oh boy! LEAVE ME ALONE TERRIBLE QUADRUPLE!!" Touya said as he started running. "MAMA, SO KAWAII!" And they chased after Touya and Yukito. The eight friends just howled with laughter.

End of Flashback

"You seem deep in thought Yelan." Nadeshiko said. "I was just remembering how we bethroed our children." Yelan replied while staring at Syaoran and Sakura chasibg eac other. "I know, twelve more years and Sakura and Syaoran will be sixteen. They are really meant for each other. Imagine they were born on the same day!" (A/N: Saku and Syao were not really born on the same day but I wanted their relationship to be more "DESTINED BY FATE") "But, will they fall in love Nadeshiko?" Nadeshiko brooded over this as she and her best friend elapsed into silence, the powerful four had not been forced to marry. The eight of them fell in love. But will our children do also? Nadeshiko sighed and looked at her daughter who stumbled and scraped her knee. Sakura began to cry and Nadeshiko and Yelan were about to rush to her when their husbands restrained them. "Honey, look..." Fujitaka and Xiao Xin pointed to a crying Sakura clinging tightly to her so called "best friend" while he hugs her back and comforts her. "Syaoran, it hurts! My knee hurts. Make it go away!" Little Sakura sobbed harder as she clung to Syaoran more. "Hush, its fine, mama says that if someone kisses your wound, the pain will go away. Now I am gonna let go okay. But I wont leave." "Pwomise?" Syaoran chuckled lightly "Pwomise!" He said while touching Sakura's nose. He then bent down and kissed Sakura's knee. "There all better?" Sakura smiled and said "Mmm-hmmm!" "Happy birthday Sakura." Syaoran said as he kissed her friend. "Happy birthday to Syaoran!" She smiled and hugged her bestfriend. They then proceeded to wipe cake at each other while a blushing Tomoyo Daidoji has her bestfriend Eriol Hiirigazawa's head on her shoulder. Nadeshiko then spoke as a smile crept to the faces of the eight. "Yelan, you asked me if our kids would fall in love? The answer is yes." Yelan Li could not help but smile. "I believe you Nadeshiko"


APRIL 1, 2008

"Syao! Syao wake up!" A certain auburn haired girl tried in vain while waking her best friend up. Their parents Xiao Xin and Yelan Li and Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto had to attend a business conference in Hong Kong their hometown, leabing the two bestfriends under the care of a butler Wei. And under the same bedroom, sleeping in the same bed. (A/N: NO PERVERTED THOUGHTS!) Sakura was trying to wake her bestfirnd up, it is after all their birthday and they already woke up late. "Syao, breakfast! LI SYAORAN!" Sakura almost screamed at her best friend. "Umm… five more minutes Saku, so back to sleep!" Syaoran mumbled to his bestfriend turning monster. And to make sure she shuts up, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into a tight hug while he buried his face in her hair. "She smells like cherry blossoms as always! Wait! What the hell! She is my best friend!" And the great Li Syaoran blushed but just focused on sleeping which he did achieve. Meanwhile with his best friend "Ah I feel safe when he hugs me! And he still smells of the ocean, calm and reserved! Wait. What the heck! He is my best friend!" And she too fell asleep on his chest while her arm went around his torso.

After a peaceful three hours:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA, SYAORAN!" an incredibly loud voice boomed over the Li Mansion. Tomoyo Daidoji has her handy camera and began clicking away at the sight of Sakura and Syaoran hugging, asleep in bed! "Ohh, so kawaii! I told you Eriol-honey, they would eventually be!" Tomoyo said while absently stroking her boyfriend's hand. "You were always right, honey!" Eriol Hiirigazawa responded to flatter his girlfriend. Meanwhile the best friends were already waking and finding their two friends they merely opened one- eye and mumbled Good morning lovebirds and went back to sleep and their position. "KAWAII! You just love hugging each other!" Tomoyo squealed. "Eriol, control your girlfriend!" As he sat up. "Syao, five minutes became 3 hours its nine o' clock!" "Alright, waking up, waking up!" Syaoran said quite irritated. "Alright, now get dressed both of you, school play practice today you play lead!" Eriol said as e walked through the door with a giggling Tomoyo on his right arm. "Play?" Sakura and Syaoran wondered. "Oh, hell!" They both exclaimed as they dashed to their walk in closets reached the bathrooms and showered and dressed. All in ten minutes "If only I did not want to hug him/her so much!" They both thought.

Flashback: Yesterday

"Okay kids, we are doing a play on Pride and Prejudice (A/N: Everybody know this? If you don't just e-mail me!) The characters are:

Jane Bennet: Tomoyo

Charles Bingley: Eriol

Elizabeth Bennet: Sakura (Lead)

Fitzwilliam Darcy: Syaoran (Lead)

Mary Bennet: Chihauru Mihara

Kitty Bennet: Naoko Yanagisawa

Lydia Bennet: Rika Sasaki

George Wickham: Yamazaki

"Practice is at 10 am tomorrow, and practice your lines." Terada-sensei said. "Hey Saku!" Syaoran yelled which made every girl population especially a girl named Shizuka Todo boil with anger. "Yo, Syao!" And this time every boy got boiling blood. "Since it is our birthday tomorrow, and our parents are out of town, why don't we party ourselves?" Syaoran said a cunning glint in his eyes. "I like your plan, Syao-baby." Sakura smirked and applauded herself for acting this great. "Hmm… you always liked it, Saku-babe!" And they ran of laughing hard for getting the fan clubs to back off. And spent the night playing video games.

End of Flasback

"We're ready!" Syaoran and Sakura rushed to the kitchen, grabbed toast and milk said "hi" and "bye" to Wei and dashed to Syaoran's Green Ferrari (A/N: Personalized for him and someone with the same eye color. Now who could that be?) Drove off with Eriol's blue Lexus followed them.

School: 5 minutes later (A/N: The school is 20 mins. Away but a Ferrari and Lexus? What more do you expect?)

"Syao-kun!!!!!" A hoard of screaming fan girls attacked. And Sakura sighed looking at her smirking best friend and got the mega phone. "Why did I agree to be his fan girl protector anyway?" Syaoran opened the car's roof and Sakura sexily stood and shouted on the phone "STOP! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE CALLING MY SYAO-BABY SYAO-KUN? IT'S LI-SAMA TO ALL OF YOU GET IT? OR ELSE… FACE MY GUARDS!" About a hundred body guards swung into view and the girls were obviously angry but got scared and backed off. Well almost all. "HEY BITCH! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? SYAORAN IS NOT FOR YOU, HE IS MINE!" Shizuka Todo screamed and smirked at Sakura's reaction. Tears were threathening to fall but Syaoran got up, turned Sakura to him, Sakura clung tightly and cried while he glared icily at Shizuka. And if looks could kill, Shizuka would be dead by now. " How. Dare. You. Lowlife. Call. My. Best Friend. Bitch.?" Syaoran said after emphasizing every word his voice venomous as his arms were wrapped protectively around his beloved Sakura. "Awww…. Baby you know you want me. Who would like someone as ugly as her?" Sakura clung harder and Syaoran got angrier. Tomoyo was about to rush in when Eriol took her arm shook his head and pointed at a silver top-down Porsche about 5 meters away. Tomoyo just smirked and signaled the girl inside to wait. "How dare you? You think you are pretty? Well look again because you look like scum!" Syaoran repeated almost wanting to kill Shizuka right then and there. "Your just being nice to her because you've known her all your life." Syaoran almost went down from the car if only Sakura had not clung to him more. But as if on instinct the girl on the Porsche went down and marched straight in front of the scene. She was tall, about 5'11", she has sleek chestnut hair that reaches her waist and blazing blue eyes. At five kilometers, Fanren Li could kill someone with her stare. SLAP! Before Shizuka could react Fanren's hand already connected with Shizuka's right cheek. "Don't you ever call my sister a bitch because she is not a slut like you." Fanren's stare got more icy. "How dare you! Who are you anyway?" Shizuka attempted to slap Fanren but Fanren stopped her hand and slapped her left cheek. Shizuka tried to slap her with her other hand but Fanren caught it as well. And she gave Shizuka a hard shove causing her to fall on the ground. Fanren kicked her and used her stilettos to step on her. "I am none other than Fanren Li. Sister of Syaoran. And I do not like any one insulting his fiancée! So next time you plan to stick to my brother, watch your action because you have a restraining order of 500 km from Syaoran and Sakura. I am a lawyer, I will see to it. You have insulted a member of the powerful four, and you shall pay heavily. The Kinomoto's will sue. You father will be fired from office today and I will take back your scholarship program. You are expelled from this school. I am part owner of the school, and you just made a mistake. Scram" Fanren removed the pressure and the body guards took the body away. And speaking of mood swings: "Syaoran! Sakura! I missed you! But I will hug you later. Eriol, Tomoyo! The happy couple." After that Sakura calmed down, hugged Fanren and clung to Syaoran again. Then they proceeded to the practice area. But one thing can not be erased from Syaoran's mind, his sister claimed that Sakura is his fiancée. Now what could that mean?

Car Ride: Sakura and Syaoran

"Thanks for doing that Syaoran! Standing up for me." Sakura said quite sleepily. "Its fine after all you are my best friend." "Hmm…" And Sakura fell asleep on Syaoran's shoulder. Syaoran just smiled and drove home.

Car Ride: Eriol and Tomoyo

"Hey hon," Eriol said to get Tomoyo's attention. "Yes?" "Mom called. We will have dinner at Li Mansion. Uncle Xiao Xin, Aunt Yelan, Uncle Fujitaka and Aunt Nadeshiko just came home. They said important meeting. Your parents are there too" "Alright" And Tomoyo held Eriol's hand.

Li Household: Parkway

"Saku, wake up were home." "Mmm… Five….ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ" Syaoran can't help but chuckle. And he called Wei over gave him their stuff and carried Sakura. "Xiao Lang, bring Ying Fa here and wake her up." "Yes Aunt Nadeshiko." Odd she used our Chinese names. Guess I better wake this girl up. "Hey Saku, chocolate!" "Where!! Awww… that was rude!" Sakura pouted. "Come on, family meeting." They entered the Li Mansion sala and sat down. "Okay kids, we want you to listen very carefully. Ying Fa, Xiao Lang, you are engaged and Tomoyo and Eriol, you are also engaged." The two were happy but the other couple was just blank. "Sakura? Syaoran?"


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