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Summary: Li Syaoran is engaged to his one and only best friend Kinomoto Sakura ever since his mother and Sakura's mom were pregnant with the both of them. It also helps because the two of them are the highest members of the Powerful Four. Four companies who practically own the world. With the two other members Eriol Hiirigazawa and Tomoyo Daidoji already in love and engaged, will Syaoran and Sakura fall in love as well? What if an evil clan elder wants to kill Syaoran so that he will finally be the leader of the clan? What if a certain Li Mei Ling has her heart set on having Hiirigazawa Eriol for herself, and be Kinomoto Sakura's most beloved best friend and leave Daidoji Tomoyo nothing? Will love survive all the odds? The answer is yet to be told in this spinning tale of the Powerful Four.

Chapter Four: Till I Found You

Xiao Ying:

Amidst the meadow found in the Xiao Ying resort hides a little menace we came to know by the name of Yadara Megumi. Megumi was just plotting a way on how to destroy the heir and heiress of the lifelines of the Powerful Four.

She would not destroy the budding love a blind man could see spearing from them, she had enough heart and enough Rui in her to keep her from destroying other people's feelings.

She sighed, even in his agony Rui only asked her one thing. And it sucks to know that he will always be same and kind Rui who will just smile for her no matter how much pain he felt. And that made her want to finish this as fast as she could.


Megumi was walking along the same corridor, it looks cheerful from the outside. Of course Li Xiao Zang's house must always have enough grandeur. On the end of the hall was a large double door made of oak. And se new, the thick oak was only the cover for a steel and iron alloy vault door behind it. Past the vault was a high security level of an Iris scanner, palm print pad and a voice recognition system.

Though Megumi made access of these codes as a reward for her very perfect mission of penetrating the Kinomoto-Li nuptial plans, she knew she still could not get Ryu out because of the laser beams that range through every inch of the room they kept Ryu in, not to mention the laser beams surrounding the perimeter of the innocent mansion.

Oh, the beam patterns changes every one hour, each different from the other, and a pattern is repeated at say, ten years?

Megumi sighed and pressed her eyes to the light, her palm to the pad and sang the verse assigned to her voice from the song called Edelweiss. Talk about weird.

The sick image of the room inside made Megumi want to spit up everything she had taken this afternoon. But she swallowed it again, put on a bright smile, and waited for the final chink as the vault doors opened and some of the beams cleared to let her through.

The room looked innocent. There was a spacious king sized bed made of duck feathers and was covered with a thick quilt with a matching bed spread and afghan. The windows by face the beautiful garden outside the mansion. On the south of the bed was a huge dresser and a connecting door to a bathroom.

But what sicked Megumi is knowing every inch of the innocent room was highly powered with sensors, that will likely kill its occupant once the sensors recognize him missing. Accidentally.

Sitting on the comfy Laz- Boi was Rui Hanabe. He was still ruggedly handsome even after six years. His brown tresses which now reach his shoulders tied in a leather black belt. His form lean, yet still muscular, probably because of six years' worth of physical exercise/torment. His eyes, the ever piercing blue she came to love more than anything.

He smiled. And that made her melt right down to her toes. "Hi honey." She whispered slowly. "Hello Megumi how was your day? Come tell me about it." She sat in his lap while he stroked her hair. "Xiao Zang has instructed me to another task." He stiffened. "I wonder, what he threatened you with this time?"

"Nothing!" She responded too quickly. "I mean, he promised me, that once I finish this task, you will be free." He sighed. "After all this time, you still believe your father Megumi? What was it this time he has asked you?" She sighed in his arms and burrowed her face on the crook of his neck.

"He asked me to kill the life line of the Powerful Four. Li Syaoran and his fiancée, Sakura Kinomoto." She could feel him burn with rage. "He has asked you to sin so many times, spare your soul and mine Megumi! Stop this, I would rather die than have you kill innocent people who has done me no harm!"

She tried to comment but he continued further. "I would not have you kill people who, and I bet my life on this, once know about me, will throw themselves bodily to Xiao Zang to save me. Let me just die Megumi, and be happy."

She touched a finger to his. "Don't you ever ask me to let you go, Rui Hanabe. You are the only one I have left. I don't have anyone but you, I do not need anyone but you. Please, let me save you. You are all I ever needed."

He swiped the tears that pooled under her eyes. "Megumi.." And he held on to her until the angry tears had flown through and she rested her broken soul. But he heard hi solemn whisper "Let love blossom Megumi. It will save us all."

End of Flashback

She sighed. She wanted to run to them for help. She knew she will do everything they can, but it will be too late. Xiao Zang will have heard of her activity by another tracker sent closely to watch her. Close proximity to help always made Xiao Zang sweat. If only Rui was safe…..


Sakura Kinomoto carried heavy children on her shoulder. Se would have asked Syaoran for help if he wasn't carrying Shun on one shoulder, a dozen bags on the other and Jin on his back. Eriol and Tomoyo would not be arriving until late afternoon.

"Syaoran?" She called. "Yes, sweetie?" His voice sounded strained. She couldn't help it, she giggled. "Well, are you okay?" He smiled, tried too, she knew the tones of his face so well. "Yep, just fine."

Her long white legs were making him sweat! She wore a pair of shorts, longer than the rest but with her height, it looked like it only covered the essentials. Her shirt, innocent, made his mouth water. He marched as fast as he could to his hag of an aunt Mei Yang to relieve the pressure.

Sakura was having a near death experience. Having Syaoran like that, wearing only his too innocent board shorts and flip flops made her want to leave the kids in the shade and tears his clothes in half. Maybe when they were married… She couldn't help it. She gave another giggle.

"SYAORANNN, SAKUUURAAA!!" A loud squeal was heard, and suddenly they were engulfed by a blur of raven. "Mei Ling, cant breathe! Kids!!" Syaoran exclaimed. "Whoops! Sorry bout that! Let me look at you, My I've missed both of you so much!"

"Missed you too Mei-Mei! I'll hug you after the kids are settled down! Now let us look at you!" Mei Ling was beautiful. Evidently so. She has grown out of her pigtails and now let her long, silky raven hair fly with the breeze. Her eyes, the same tantalizing ruby and her voice, like nails on glass.

"Look good Mei!" Syaoran said after the same evaluation his fiancée did. "Yeah, both of you too! Marriage will be healthy for both of you! Lord knows the Powerful Four need to tie the knots more securely."

Syaoran looked at Sakura. He knew exactly what Mei Ling was implying. But before he could voice out his thoughts Mei Yang appeared from the doorway. When Mei Ling's father, Riyochiku Rei had died, Mei Yang Li dropped the surname that had shunned her from her family, and changed her daughter's too.

Riyochiku had been the Li's gardener's son. With the house maid. Mei Yang was the youngest of the Li's and having two elder brothers, she was used on having her own way. But she fell for a gardener and traded the fancy silks and pashmina for peasant clothes.

She was happy until her husband died of pneumonia. But she still had a daughter to provide for, swallowing her pride, she seeked help from the elders. Only two had agreed to take her back, the two most important juries. Li Yelan's and Li Xiao Xin's.

Mei Yang would have wanted to repay them by betrothing her daughter to Syaoran. But as it seems, the Kinomoto heiress was meant for him. So she settled on letting them be happy as her payment. Good thing Mei Ling loved Eriol.

Well, Mei Yang thought, her bloody red lips curving, what Mei Ling wants, Mei Ling gets. Just shame for the Daidoji heiress.

"Syaoran, Sakura! Dear me, what a flight both of you must have endured. Come. Have Aunt Mei Yang's chocolate tea." As she smiled, Sakura, Syaoran and Mei Ling snickered. Mei Yang was not a good drink maker. Foods were edible, but never accept tea from Mei Yang.

"Ahh, we'll pass auntie. The kids need to sleep." Sakura replied softly. "Ofcourse, how foolish of me. Go right ahead, you're room is the white room on the second floor, you know which one." And Mei Yang proceeded to give them a little rest.

'Sorry about Mama. She still thinks chocolate tea is you're favorite Sakura." Mei Ling snickered. "No problem Mei. We'll rest for a while now. If you don't mind!" Mei Ling smiled and gestured with a go ahead.

She sighed. Sakura had always been her picture perfect best friend. Of course having her as a soon to be cousin thrilled her, then again Daidoji was also her cousin. She sighed. Eversince they were little, she did not like Tomoyo. She always get to take everything she ever wanted.

Flash back:

Six year old Mei Ling was visiting Tomoeda, to see her Auntie Yelan and Uncle Xiao Xin and lots of her cousins and three other friends.

Members of the Powerful Four. Mei Ling never coveted anyone because her father taught her not too. She missed him still though he died two years ago.

Mama was chatting in the patio and she had no playmates. Suddenly a girl with chestnut hair and emerald green eyes peeked at her and smiled almost shyly.

"Hi! You must be Mei Ling. Syao-syao told be a lot about you! I'm Kinomoto Sakura by the way."

She held out a hand and Mei Ling took it. So this was the girl meant for Syaoran. He must like her to allow her to call him Syao-syao. Nobody was allowed to call Master Li any nick names, except his best friend.

"Hi! Syaoran also told me lots about you!" Sakura smiled and chatted with the girl. Sitting on the grass in her satin pink dress. Then suddenly they heard a panicked voice call. "Saku? Kura! Come on, don't scare me like this!"

Sakura laughed. "Oops, he panics when he looses me for two seconds be right back! Syao-syao!" Mei Ling saw how Syaoran's face brightened up when he saw Sakura and almost scooped her off the ground. He hugged her so tightly.

She wondered if she would find something like what Sakura and Syaoran have.

Then she felt someone from behind her. And she felt her heart beat oh so loudly. He had blue hair, uncommon anywhere. His face was angelic, and his smile was like the smile of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.

But his eyes, azure mixed with cerulean, warmed her.

"Hi, I'm Hiirigazawa Eriol, you must be Mei Ling." She blushed and nodded. "Have you been talking to Sakura just now?" She blushed when he sat beside her. "Yes. Ms. Kinomoto had been very kind, Master Hiirigazawa."

He chuckled and the sound of it made her so embarrassed he must have never seen any peasants. "Must you be so formal?" She blushed. So he thought her stupid.

"My mama instructed me to call every member of the Powerful Four with the title Master for male and Miss or Mistress for female. She said you are the highest forms of society and that everyone must respect you."

"Well you should respect me, and obey my orders, since I am, after all, Master Hiirigazawa." She blushed and nodded. "Then I, Hiirigazawa Eriol command you, Mei Ling Li, to address me now, and ever as Eriol or Eriol-kun. Understood?" And then he smiled.

"Hai, Eriol-kun!" She giggled as he told her many different stories about his travels, marveling at the tales about sky skrapers and towers, pyramids and water cities. She was so absorbed until Sakura and Syaoran approached them.

"Hi Mei Ling! Man you have grown since I saw you last!" Syaoran smiled. "Same here Master Li, Mistress Kinomoto." They frowned. "Please, not you too Mei Ling. Everyone her calls us Master and Mistress.' Sakura scoffed.

"Then Syaoran and Sakura then." She smiled solemnly and they both smiled. She saw the easy relation between Sakura and Syaoran and wondered if Eriol had someone like that. Suddenly, a very beautiful girl came along them.

She had smooth wavy, grayish hair, and pale, cream skin. Her eyes were vivid lavender. She noticed Sakura, Syaoran and Eriol had brightened up at the sight of her.

"Sorry I'm late. Choir practice took longer than expected. Hi! You must be Mei Ling. Please, call me Tomoyo!" She smiled. But Mei Ling could not help but hate her, for she took away Sakura and Eriol's attention away. She smiled and shook her hand.

"So how was your day?" Eriol asked as he drew the girl to his arms. Mirroring Sakura and Syaoran. "Yeah, how did my girl best friend show off at choir today?" Tomoyo blushed. "Aw, Saku, you made Tomo-chan blush.

Seriously Tomo, Eriol might just gobble you up!" Now it was Eriol who blushed. They all laughed and teased and soon they shot off to the house, Syaoran holding Sakura, Eriol holding Tomoyo. Mei Ling obviously forgotten.

The Powerful Four was a unit. They had a world all to themselves. And she hated Tomoyo for that. When she was not there, everyone was focused on her. Yet when Tomoyo came, she did not include her in conversations like Sakura.

She did not aske her how she was doing like Eriol. Or often teasing her like Syaoran. She shunned her out. And for the first time in her life, Mei Ling coveted something. It was what Tomoyo Daidoji has a perfect life.

End of Flashback

Mei Ling sighed. "Tomoyo Daidoji, I will always be waiting in the wings. Waiting for you to make a big enough mistake to give the three of them back to me, and I will replace you in the Powerful Four.


"Finally, the three of them are asleep!' Sakura wiped the sweat off of her brow. She saw Syaoran staring intensely at her. "What is it Syaoran?" She was worried when Syaoran half dragged her across to the beach.

The sun was just beginning to go westward. "Syaoran Li what the-" But she never go to finish since she was pinned on a tree and Syaoran's mouth assaulted hers. Her mind flew to a world of color and wonder, different sensations and flights.

"You. You make me feel crazy! That's my problem. I tried not to think of you like this, like a snack I could just gobble up. But what sucks is the more I try, the more I love you! Damn it, I love you Kinomoto Sakura. More than you will ever know!"

His chest was heaving is eyes a bit wild, his tousled hair glinting in the sun. "Calm down Syaoran, because I want you at peace when I tell you how much I love you too! I don't remember exactly when I fell for you. Maybe when we were four when you kissed by wound and made it feel all better"

"Maybe it was when we were three and you gave me Nana Jolene's Kisses Chocolates. Or maybe at the very moment that we were born I knew I would love you for the rest of my life. So I love you Li Syaoran, more than you will ever know.

Till I Found You


I was alone not long ago

without a love to call my own.

I was afraid and thought

it wasn't meant for me.

I didn't need anybody else

that was what I would tell myself.

And I believed that that was how it would be.

I used to think that I was fine.

Oh, that I was doing ok.

I didn't know that I was blind.

I just went on along my way.

I didn't know what I was missing

'til I felt you tender lips

kissing my fears away.

I'm so glad you're here today.

I never had somebody I could lean on.

I never had a shoulder I could cry on

'til I found you babe -

'til I found you.

And I never had somebody I would think about.

I Never had someone I coudln't do without

'til I found you babe -

'til I found you.

Syaoran Li was in heaven. "You love me? You absolutely love me?" She smiled and hugged him tighter. "Yes, yes I do!" He smiled, and under the sun, however blazing it may be, mirrored how he felt. Blazing, irrational love. He used to think he was incapable of loving, that love was simply not meant for him. He believed it.

Yet whenever he hugs his bestfriend, or holds her close at night, his heart runs an extra mile. His veins and arteries just block up. He thought it normal. I mean, how could someone feel this way when they do not even want to love.

He was blind. Blind to the pure and simple truth that everyone can see. The reason behind his over protectiveness to her. The reason why he wants to beat all of her suitors to a bloody pulp was the most simple truth. He LOVED her.

He only realized this that night when she asked him if he would ever fall in love. The answer was no, and now he realized it was because he fell in love with her eons ago. He was just too stupid to know that.

"All my life, you had been there Sakura. In everything that I do. You mean more than the world to me Sakura, you mean more than anything. You are my life, and my soul, I can never bear to let you go. I love you Sakura. And I was so lost till I found you…

I had been badly hurt before

Ever since then, I would ignore any chance for love

I thought it was a lie

I learned to rely upon myself and

I thought that I was doin well, until you came

With something I just can't deny...

I used to think that I was fine, oh

I was doing alright

I would go on and do my things, everyday and every night,

I didn't know what I was missing

'Til I felt you tender love fillin' me up inside

I love you with all my might

I never had somebody I could lean on,

I never had a shoulder I could cry on

'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you, oohh...

And I never had somebody I would think about

I never had someone I couldn't without

'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you, oohh...

Sakura had never been in love with anyone but Syaoran Li. And now having him in her arms, hearing him say that he loved her back. It was pure bliss. Everything that she could ever hope for. That sweetness. She was home. She finally found the one person she could spend her life with.

"All my life, I waited for this moment, and I never thought that I would hear you say you loved me too, though we never been good actors at concealing it. I love you and I surrender my everything to you Li Syaoran. I love you and I always will. I never felt this way, till I found you…

I never had somebody I could lean on,

I never had a shoulder I could cry on

'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you, oohh...

And I never had somebody I would think about

I never had someone I couldn't without

'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you, oohh...

"My life was not worth anything, till I found you. And now I will keep you for the rest of my life… I Love you more than anything…" SK and SL

As love now fills the air, a broken soul shatters at the sight of the object she will have to destroy. Lives of purely good people, who let her believe that love did exist in the world. "I'm sorry… I would have wanted to have this done the easier way, but dying together does not seen to bad when having the death of the person you love hang on your head. I really am very sorry. If there was anything I could do…" And she vanished again in the thickets of doom.


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