Cry wolf: The sequel, How it all ends.

At the end of the last story (Cry wolf 1) Mr Walker was shot dead by Owen in what he thought was self defence. Dodger had manipulated every one into thinking it was a game, but it was very real. Mr Walker was blamed for the death of a young girl named Becky. But only Owen knows the truth. He is blackmailed in to secrecy as if Mr Walker is not a murderer then he killed an innocent man and will be locked away for it.

Although Dodger had ended her affair with the teacher at West Lake Preparatory Academy she now yearned for the taste blood. She loved the manipulation and games she played. She loved to see people scared out of their wits. And most of all she loved making sure that someone else got blamed. This time she's back and ready to kill another victim with the help of her new found friends at Eastern Dale Academy.

Same game, Different rules

"Are you ready for tonight?" Dodger whispered, because her teacher was a control freak and didn't allow any talking whatsoever. "Yeah we can use that abandoned warehouse. No one has been there in ten years. They think it's haunted. " Marie whispered back getting caught by Mr Dutchman who slammed his ruler on her desk. "This is a class room not a party miss Colorina. What did I say about talking? Don't do it! Detention after school! And if I hear you speak another word you will have a week's detention!" She sat back in her chair thinking of a way to get back at him, maybe give him a little scare. The active blonde girl was into pranks. One time the lunch lady's hair turned purple for some un explained reason. Of course that was her work. There were many others that came after: Worms in a kids lunch, whoppy cushion with the micro phone, changing the impromter to say rude and insulting things about students they didn't like ect. She got better every year with the help of her friends, although she didn't like to admit it.

They all arrived at the abandoned warehouse at 8.This was the first time they had been there as Dodger had just transferred from West Lake Preparatory Academy where a serial killer named the wolf orginated. This was unknown to this group of friends or even thier school because they were thousand of miles away in a different country where the wolf was free to strike again.

It was pitch black outside except for the glow of the full moon. They all sat in a circle ready to play- cry wolf. They flashed their torches in an idiotic manner, trying to psych each other out. "Everybody hand your money in." Dodger walked around gathering the green dollars. "I'm going to secretly pick one person in the group to be the liar, the wolf. The rest of you are sheep. You must convince the rest of the group to vote out the wolf. If you to the money is all yours. But if the wolf wins the cash is theirs." They all close their eyes and dodger walked around waiting to mark the wolf. There were six of them all together: Marie, a fair haired girl who loved pranks, Tenequa; an Asian model that gets all the boys, Sam the art prodigy, Greg the computer genius ,Rover the best poker player in town and Dodger the mysterious one.

Dodger approached a blonde boy by the name of Rover. He had his hair spiked up with gel and sunglasses covered his face. He was quite muscular in build as was visible because he was wearing a singlet for a top. She marked him as the wolf, using the red lipstick from here pocket. "You can open you eyes now let the lies begin." "I think Marie is the wolf" Sam called out. "You're just trying to blame it on me when really you're the wolf." "Whoever thinks Sam is the wolf, raise you hand ", everybody raises their hand. " Do you seriously think it me?" "Yes", the voices echoed throughout the dark and gloomy building.

"Show the mark" dodger said knowing it wasn't him. He lifted up his shirt showing only pale white skin and no trace of any lipstick. He walks out of the room cursing at the others. The wolf is still not found. One by one they are all voted out until only Rover andTenequa remained. Rover was victorious. He had one their first ever game of cry wolf. "Well done. The best of the amateurs." "Amateur?" "You haven't seen nothing yet" Dodger stated with a mysterious grin on her face. "Here you are its all yours", dodger gave him the money he had one. Rover stood there for 5 minutes blank faced wondering what she meant.

"You were the wolf huh? I should have guessed! You were all ways the best bluffer in poker", Marie admitted. "I can't believe you voted me out! I told you it was him", Greg the guy with the electric blue hair shoutedthe group"Hey calm down I bet it was just beginners luck right", Rover reasoned. "I still lost my money!" , a few of them rebelled. "Next time you'll be paying up, I guarantee it." "Oh really you wanna bet on it" "Hell yeah", Greg shouted. Dodger just laughed knowing they would only be two easy to fool.

"Wanna pull a prank on Mr Dutchman today?" Marie asked the group. "I don't know wont he gives us like a thousand detentions for this?" Tenequa said, standing up. "He's never going to find out, so how can he punish us?" She slouched back in her chair. "Why don't we set up a ton of paint above the door? The when he opens it will spill all over him." "Ok but this time make sure it's permanent. "It's going to be so funny" "I wanna catch the look on his face on my camera." "Wont that is a little suspicious that you knew it was going to fall on his head?" "Maybe Ill just have a psychic vision."
Late at night she decided to post the story on the school forum about a killer (a new one this time) wearing black sunglasses with a white rim, a blue balaclava over his head

A skull tattoo on his right arm and he carried a gun with him and used it to kill a girl that died last night. The killer admitted to killing this girl and said he would do it again. The killer said he would come to our school and shoot one person per night and they would never find him. She posted this letter on rover's computer (she broke in and took it that night and retuned it in the morning) so he would be blamed if anyone found out. Dodger knew this would work because she had done it before.

Rover awoke to hear the police at his door." Young man it is not funny to post a comment from a "serial killer" and claim to have been involved in a murder. The family of the woman were out raged when they found out some kid had claimed to have killed Amerie!"

"Rover you are going to have a whole month of detentions for this!" "What serial killer? What are you talking about? I didn't do anything!" "Drop the innocent act, Im not buying it." The police have decided not to take further action. But if this happens again you will be expelled and will never set foot in this school again! Rover realised they were serious and immediately came to the conclusion that he got pranked.

He walked over to Marries dorm room and knocked on the door. "Marie did you pull that prank on me?" What prank?" "You know what prank! How could you do this? Now Im going to have detention for a lifetime!" "Wow I'm flattered she said blushing slightly But It wasn't me maybe Mr Dutchman has sworn revenge against you for that prank you pulled" She said laughing her guts out." "You mean the prank you pulled?" "Whatever, I didn't have you computer last night did I?" "No I had it. Someone must have broken in. But who?" He paced back and forwards wondering who this mystery person was." "It could be Ross he's all ways had a thing against you ever since tenth grade when you beat him in poker and took all his money." "Ah he's just a sore loser. I don't think he's smart enough anyway" "good point" "Maybe the killer broke into your dorm and wrote it?" He looked at her strangely. "Hey it's just a suggestion." "I have to figure out who did it otherwise they'll do it again and I'll be expelled. You should ask Greg he's the computer genius he nodded as he turned around and left the room."