Chapter 3: Breaking in...

"But why would the janitor enter my dorm room? It just doesn't make any sense" "Why don't you go ask him yourself?" Greg said annoyed that Rover couldn't stop talking about the night before. "I swear he was wearing a mask to cover his identity, he has to be hiding something." "Are you sure you're not just making this up?" "I saw him with my own eyes" "look I bet cha it was just some kid trying to steal some stuff, Marie added "I mean no ones that good except for me of course but I was here so it wasn't me." "Then why do you look so suspicious?" Dodger questioned. "Me? What about you? How come you didn't see the cameras go blind? How come you didn't see anything?"

"Before the cameras went out I saw something", she explained as she examined the footage once more. The fiery red head paused the tape and in turn looked back at the group as they glared in astonishment.

In the far corner of the screen they saw a heavily shrouded man steadily pull out a hand gun and shoot the video camera. "I came to check it out, but he had already disappeared. If we want to find this guy we've got to be one step ahead of him. At break let's break into the janitor's office and see what he's hiding in there. Be careful though we don't want him to find out what were doing."

The murderer left his office and ventured into the corridors to the clean the floors. "He's gone, here's our chance. They waited a little while just to make sure. "Did you get the distraction ready?" "Yep there will be a food fight in no time." Rover reassured his companion. Did you bring the hair pin?" Tenequa handed the hair piece to Dodger. She began fiddling with the lock carefully, only taking a few moments to open the pale coloured door.

It slowly creaked open revealing a perfectly spotless room. "Look around, but leave everything exactly where you found it". "Mop, bucket, cloth", Greg said unenthusiastically while throwing the items aside. "We should have hooked him up in a lie detector, but no were doing it the hard way. Besides there nothing here but mops, and buckets and janitor stuff, and you know why? Because it's a janitors office! I don't know what you guys expect. I mean if he's a serial killer do you think he'd be stupid enough to hide his weapons in here? When the cops came this would be the first place they'd look. The stuffs probably buried under his house. We'd have more luck looking in a grave yard if you ask me" "We didn't ask you, did we?"

"Oh my god!" Marie stood there with her mouth thrust open. "I think I've found something, its, its..." she spoke with hesitation in her voice. They all rushed in immediately and looked around trying to find it. "What is it?" they questioned. "I can't see anything, maybe we should look in that closet, it seems suspicious .It has a lock on it but I think I can unbolt it", Dodger said ignoring her as if she knew where the real evidence was hidden.

"Where exactly did you find this object?" Rover interrogated in disbelief. She lifted up a black balaclava and placed one hand on her hips. "Interesting that it wasn't there before" Rover said. "Then why is there blood on it?" "Maybe because you put it there!" "Is there any blood on my hands?" She faced her palms towards them. Rover seemed not the slightest bit amused by this and walked up to her. He pulled up her cotton sleeves to reveal her arms. There was not a trace of blood to be seen. "What? That's impossible! I know when you're faking. I'm never wrong." She produced a cunning smirk as they debated whether this was true evidence or not. "How do we know it's not tomato sauce or something?" "Would I lie to you guys? All just for a prank?" "Its fake blood isn't it?" "Now where in the world would I find fake blood?" "Hand it over." "Why so you can use it to trick me? I don't think so." "How do I know you're not going to pull another prank?" "You don't"

He snatched the tube from her. "Don't worry there's more where that came form", she said as she gave him a cheeky smile. "Guys I think we should get back to our investigation now, you know before break ends." Sam interrupted, slightly annoyed.

"Wait was that you before on the camera pretending to be the janitor?" Greg asked curiously. "No would you think that?" "Well since you have the same mask and you're the one who 'saw' the janitor it does look pretty suspicious if you ask me." "You're the one who said let's split up. It's not my fault you're so impatient" "There was no blood on the mask last night" Sam said- (being an art student he pays a lot on attention to detail). He also added that the balaclava was blue not black. "There's no time for jokes, we need to hurry before he comes back and sees us. Who knows he could be the killer and if he is we don't want him to find us searching though his things otherwise we'll be goners. "

Dodger turns her attention to the closet. "I think there may be something in there though. We need to open it. Anyone got some tools?" foot steps could be heard form outside. "Quick hide!" jingle, jingle. The sound of keys moving about echoed through the room. Click. The door knob turned. Creek. The door swung open at a snails pace. The man stormed in carrying his trusty mop and bucket. "Stupid kids starting a food fight, he growled. Making me have to clean it up and throwing crud at me. One of these days I'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget."

He took the silver painted keys and unlocked the bolt on the mysterious cupboard.

His eyes searched for something important. Something very important. The janitor reached for the item rapped in a turquoise cloth. He wiped the cloth over it like a man would with a gun. "It's the hand gun" Dodger whispered "Shh! he'll hear us", A voice whispered back.

The man froze and glanced around the room. "Is anyone in there?" He examined the ground for footprints and dirt. "I think someone's been in here, but the real question is who? He picked up the mask that Marie had accidentally dropped. He placed it in his bucket under other items so it was no longer visible to the naked eye.

The whole group was shocked. They never thought this would happen. They never thought he would find out. But how did he find out? That was a question they would never find out. He was going to murder them using the gun. And no one would find out because he would hide the evidence and no one would suspect a janitor, no one but them.

"Now where is my ammunition?" He smiled showing his crooked teeth all prodded and bent out of place. "Hehe", he chuckled. "I'll show them sneaky little buggers. Their not going to see the light of day when I'm through with them." He pulled off the cloth and loaded the gun. The janitor's eyes glowed with rage and hate. He laughed manically and pointed the gun at the wall. It pointed towards Rover. He stared intensely at the spot as if he knew the blonde boy was hiding there. He crept closer, still aiming with the gun. He stood there behind the curtain, careful not to make any sudden moves in hope that the gun wasn't actually aimed at him.

Adrenaline rushed through his body. His muscles pulsed, ready for impact. Sweat trickled down from his forehead and dipped down to the floor. His breathing became slow and deep. Rover's heart pounded, getting faster and faster every second. Time slowed down. A moment felt like days as he came to the realization that within minutes he would be dead.

Click, the safety clutch was flicked of. He steadied his hand and slid his fingers across the weapon so they could just feel the trigger. Rover crossed his arms over his chest protecting himself. "Bye-bye, you little pest!" the earth seemed to stop moving for a split second and then... bang!! Bang!!

To be continued...