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Notes: This story takes place right after Cody gets his second digiegg and Ken has been living in the digital world for about two months. Now, to the story!!!!

The Kaiser's and Digidestined New Enemy

"Davis, slow down!" Kari called

Davis immediately lowed and started to jog back to the group. All the digidestined were enjoying the digital world, for it was a nice day with the sun shining and only a few clouds in the sky. The group had just taken down ten control spires in one day without any trouble, so they were all pretty relaxed.

"We only have a few hours left before we have to return to the real world, so lets get to that place Gabumon was talking about." Davis complained

"Davis," Yolei said testily "we won't get there for at least an hour no matter how we travel, you know we all took a vote and decided that we would enjoy the scenery here by walking, NOT RUNNING."

"Besides, it'll be good to get some exercise." TK interjected, looking pointedly at Davis "Even if it is just walking."

The digidestined then walked in silence for a few minuets taking a look around. The forest they were in had huge leafy trees and flowers. The ground vegetation was so dense it was tangled up in itself. The only reason the group was even able to walk in it was because of a small, thin path obviously created by digimon trying to get to the same destination of the digidestined.

"I wonder why the Digimon Kaiser hasn't shown up today, you'd think that destroying ten of his towers, we'd attract at least a few of his slaves?" Cody wondered out loud, thinking of the day's events.

"Maybe he was busy or maybe he's decided to surrender." Davis answered confidently.

"Shh! Don't say things like that; you might jinx it and start attacking us." TK said lightheartedly

"Oh yeah, TS?" Davis said turning around and started walking backwards "jinxes never happen. I tried to do that to my sister and it didn't woAHHH OOF!"

Davis fell backwards and landed on his back. He lay there for a moment, looking at the sky, obviously dazed.

"Davis!" Kari said running over to help him up, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah." He said shaking his head "the ground broke my fall, or is it the other way around. What was that anyway, a root?

All the digidestined and digimon looked at the item that had tripped Davis. It looked like a very dirty log, except for one thing, there was a foot attached to the end of it.

"It's a leg. Oh my god, someone is in that bush!" Yolei cried. That bush consisted of a huge, short palm tree and three other very leafy bushes that were tangled together to create what seemed to be a wall of branches and leafs. The leg was sticking out underneath all of that in a small hole.

"I bet it's a digimon, let's get him out of there." Davis said. He tried to lift one of the branches. "But I can't move anything."

"Let me help." Gatomon said "Lightning Paw!"

Half the branches were immediately cut, but because they were so entangled, they didn't collapse. Davis and TK went to work and started removing the wall of branches. When TK and Davis finally lifted to palm branch that was covering the body, they dropped it in surprise. There, lying on the ground, bloody and beaten, was the Digimon Kaiser.