Summary: Harry finds out some things about his past in the summer between his fourth and fifth years that leads him to reconsider his alliances.

A/N: I will begin with telling you that this story is completed and you will get the whole thing, so no worries about that. I will also tell you that Harry wound suddenly see the wrongs of his actions and go back to the light side, I hate those stories. On the other hand the dark isn't quite as dark as in the books. Anyway that's all from me for now. Hope you enjoy the story.

PS. The parings in this story is Draco/Harry, Sirius/Remus, Tom (Voldemort)/Snape, Narcissa/Lucius.

Harry sat on his bed in his room at 4 Privet Drive. He sat with his knees drawn up to his body exhausted after the chores his aunt and uncle had had him do that day. Harry had only been home from school for a few days but already he hated it and wished for nothing else but to be able to leave and never come back. His head shot up when he heard a loud bang coming from downstairs. The bang was soon followed by his aunt screaming and the two words Harry hated the most in the world.

"Avada Kedavra!" the silence was deafening for a moment before it was broken by someone walking up the stairs, someone who didn't know which steps to jump in order for the stairs not to squeak. Harry wished he had his wand. Unfortunately it was locked with the rest of his things in the cupboard under the stairs. All he could do was sit in the corner of his bed with his knees drawn to his chest and pray for his life. The memories of Cedric's death only a few weeks earlier assaulted his mind and he wondered if the same fate was to befall him as it had Cedric and his aunt and most likely his uncle and cousin. He tried to think of something he could do. Jump out the window? Fight with what he had, even if it only was his fists? He wanted to do something, anything, but was paralyzed as he listened to the steps coming closer to his door. He still hadn't moved as he watched the handle on his bedroom door twist and the door slowly being pushed opened. The door opened too slowly for it to be anyone who belonged in the house and still Harry couldn't move. The two black-clad, masked figures stood in the doorway looking at Harry in silence. To Harry it seemed they had expected something, anything. Not a seemingly indifferent boy sitting on the bed looking at them with an empty expression.

"You will come with us. The Dark Lord is expecting you." One of the Death Eaters said.

"Want to kill me himself no doubt." Harry said with a hollow voice. He was so tired. Slowly his eyes started to fall shut. He had no idea what was going on. Ever since he had been at the graveyard and had seen Voldemort return he had been so tired and the chores set for him every day had not made it any better. Now he was so tired he couldn't even contemplating fighting as he was brought to his execution.

"What is wrong with you boy?" The other Death Eater asked and took a step into the room.

"Tired." Harry mumbled his eyes falling shut completely. The last thing he felt before drifting off completely was strong arm grabbing him and lifting him up from the bed. Some part of his mind knew he was being held by a Death Eater a Death Eater that would take him to the place where he would be killed, but it still felt nice to be held. To be cradled to a strong warm chest.

The next thing Harry knew he was lying on his back on something soft. He was comfortable and warm and really didn't want to wake up. He groaned and turned around on his side the feeling made it obvious he was lying in a bed. This didn't make any sense since he'd been taken by Death Eaters who would bring him to Voldemort. Why wasn't he lying on the stone floor of some cold wet dungeon? Slowly he opened his eyes. The light shining in though the window blinded him and he hastily closed his eyes again to shield them from the offending brightness. Turning away from the windows he opened his eyes again and let them adjust in the not as harsh light. He was not wearing his glasses and the room was blurry and unfocused. He could make out that he was lying in a large four-poster bed and that there were several other pieces of furniture in the room. The colour scheme seemed to be green and blue making for a dark but calming environment. There was a soft knock on the door and Harry wondered if there was some charm placed on him or the room to alert someone as soon as he woke up.

"Come in." He called, figured whoever was there would come either way but it was more polite to grant the entrance and it left him with at least the feeling of having a choice.

The door opened and Harry's least favorite – thing entered. "Did you sleep well?" Voldemort asked.

Harry nodded absently distracted thinking about the fact that his scar did not hurt, despite who was in the room with him. Without thought he touched his scar a movement that did not go unnoticed by the Dark Lord.

"You are wondering why your scar is not hurting in my presence?"

Harry nodded again but this time he looked straight at the man standing at the door, thought his sight was blurry Harry felt he knew exactly how the other looked.

"I am blocking the bond we have. I can teach you how to do this as well."

"Why would you do that? You're just going to kill me anyway." Harry was bewildered. What was going on? Why was Voldemort just standing there acting like – not himself.

"I will do no such thing." Voldemort walked further into the room and sat down on one of the blurry pieces of furniture. Harry suspected it was some kind of chair.

"Why not?" Maybe asking the most powerful Dark Lord of all time why he suddenly didn't want to kill you anymore wasn't the smartest thing to do, but Harry wasn't thinking about that at the moment.

"Certain – things have come to my attention recently."

"What things?" There was a note of frustration in Harry's voice a feeling that only was increased by the fact that he couldn't really see the man he was talking to.

"I will tell you everything, but if you want me to tell you Harry you will have to promise to listen to me." There was something in Voldemort's voice Harry could not identify.

"I Promise."


"Just one thing."

"What Harry?"

"Could I have my glasses?"

"Of course." Voldemort got up from his chair and walked over to another piece of furniture before nearing Harry on the bed. A pale, almost white hand was held out towards Harry. He picked the offered the glasses from the outstretched hand and put them on. The room he was in was beautiful and decorated in a Victorian style with heavy dark furniture. The Dark Lord went back to his chair and sat back down.

"I have a story to tell you Harry. It starts seventeen years ago, two years before your birth." That unidentifiable tone was back in Voldemort's voce but had disappeared as he continued talking. "At this time I met a young witch that I fell in love with. I don't know exactly what Dumbledore have told you, but I assure you Harry that I am more than capable of loving."

Harry wondered why Voldemort was telling him of all people how he at one point in his life had been in love, but he figured it would come more.

"The witch I fell in love with was no other than Lily Evans." Harry let out a gasp and stared at the snake like man sitting in front of him. Voldemort had loved his mother? How was that even possible? He knew Voldemort hadn't wanted to kill his mother when he came to Godric's hollow when Harry had gotten his scar he'd heard it in his mind. Was that what he wanted to explain to Harry? That didn't explain what he had learnt recently though, or why he didn't want to kill Harry anymore.

"I can see you are confused, but you are also keeping your promise and listens so let me explain. I loved your mother dearly and she loved me." Harry opened his mouth to protest but was cut off. "She did Harry. I know this is not something anyone has ever told you. In fact no one knew, at least no one on the light side. The Malfoys knew, Lucius as my right hand man and Narcissa became friends with your mother. Anyhow, I loved your mother and she loved me back. We were in a relationship that lasted for almost two years before Dumbledore found out. My Lily was taken away from me. She had never officially sided with me and many times actually tried to change my views on the non-magical society. She was taken to the head quarter of the order. That was the last time I saw her before the night I came to kill you. I'm a very jealous and possessive man Harry, I like to get what I want and hate to have it taken away from me. I was told Lily had married James Potter and that she had had a son with him when I was told the prophecy I couldn't hold in my anger any longer."

"What prophecy?" Harry was in a daze. His mother had been in a relationship with Voldemort. It couldn't be true, but Harry didn't see what Voldemort could get out of this except make Harry utterly confused and angrier at Dumbledore for once again keeping things from him. Maybe that was the point, drive a wedge between Harry and the headmaster.

"I take it Dumbledore has not told you about that either. It was something that Severus Snape overheard at one point. That Divination professor you have at Hogwarts has made at least one true prophecy."

"He mentioned that." Harry said in low voice. "He never said what it had been about."

"It was about you, and me. It said you would be the one that would be able to destroy me." Harry was surprised over how calmly the Dark Lord told him this.

"Why are you telling me this? If it says I'm the one who can kill you, why would you tell me that?"

"Because you deserve to know Harry. You deserve to know why your life has been the way it has, and whose fault it is." Voldemort made a small pause. "After I came back at the beginning of the summer I have started to wonder about you Harry. With the help of Severus I have finally found out the truth. Lily never betrayed me. She never married Potter out of love, at least not a love that was her own." Harry had a nagging feeling in his chest. He was not sure he would like what was to come.

"Harry the man who you have thought to be your father was not, I am." Harry's world was spinning. This was not happening. He could not be Voldemort's son. Everybody said he looked so much like his father how could he not be the son of James Potter.

"You're lying." The only problem with that statement was that Harry himself didn't believe it.

"I'm not lying Harry. Your mother had become pregnant before she left me for the last time. Dumbledore kept her under spells to make her do what he wished. I do not believe it was the imperio, but there are other spells that do the same thing only they are not considered dark, more grey, and they are usually more complicated to cast. Not that that is important. What is important is that Dumbledore destroyed all our lives. He took the woman I loved away from me when she was pregnant with my child. He had heard the prophecy just as Severus had. He knew how I would react if I believed my Lily had betrayed me. He was the one who set up for me to come that night." Harry had trouble breathing and the fatigue was coming over him again. He couldn't understand why he was so tired all the time.

"If I am your son. How can I look so much like James Potter?"

"Blood Glamour." Was the Dark Lord's easy answer, at Harry's confused expression Voldemort explained. "It's the same kind of glamour most pure-blood families use if they adopt. It will have the child take on physical traits of the adoptive parents, make them look like a part of the family."

"Can it be removed?" Harry wasn't sure why he asked that. Why would he like to look like Voldemort? Though it was more likely he would take on traits of Tom Riddle then the man sitting in front of him now, but still. It would give me a father. But he killed your parents! Only your mother, James wasn't your father and it was only because of what Dumbledore did. But, he still killed them, her, he killed the woman he loved. That is true, but he was hurt, it doesn't make it right, but it gives him a reason beyond that of a cold blooded murderer.

"Yes, I could remove it." Harry's inner battle ad been cut short by Voldemort answering. "Would you like me to?"

Harry hesitated and again felt how his eyelids started to flutter close. "I'm so tired. Why am I so tired?" He asked in a miserable voice.

"How long have you been feeling tired Harry?" Voldemort asked and got up from his chair.

"Since, since the –graveyard." Harry said and looked down on the dark blue almost black carpet under his feet.

"I see. I will get you a potion that will restore your energy. The ritual we preformed at the graveyard drained a lot of your magic. Didn't the school nurse give you anything for it?"

"I don't know. I don't think so." Voldemort returned from having said something to someone standing outside the door, most likely a guard. He sat down on the bed next to the exhausted Harry who tried not to flinch at the Dark Wizards close proximity.

"Why do you believe my story Harry, because I tell you believe me?" Voldemort asked.

"I don't know. I just know. I don't want to, but I know." Harry doubted Voldemort understood what he'd said he didn't even understand himself. There was a knock on the door and Voldemort soon returned with several bottles of potion.

"Here drink this first it will return you energy. You will feel more awake for a while but then you will have to sleep to fully recover." Harry drank the potion without hesitation which surprised him though at this point he doubted anything should surprise him. "This, "Voldemort held up a small phial with a blue transparent fluid in it will prove our family bond. Hold out your hand Harry." Harry did as requested and Voldemort held a small amount of the potion in Harry's outstretched hand before grabbing it. A light appeared around their hands, pulsing bright and clear. "The glow shows that we are related by blood the stronger the light the closer the bond." He let go of Harry's hand and the light disappeared. Voldemort held up the last of the phials, this one was an emerald green with swirling silver in it. "This potion together with a smell will remove the blood glamour. Do you want me to do that?"

Harry looked up at the man that was his father. "Yes." A part of him wanted to scream, NO! But a stronger part wanted a family, any family, as long as he was loved. Voldemort hadn't said he loved him, but he had loved his mother and that she had had a child with another man was what had driven him to murder that man and also her.

Voldemort nodded and something that looked like a smile passed over the Dark Lord features. "Drink it." He held out the potion. Harry lifted it to his lips and only hesitated for a second before downing it. A warm sensation spread in his body. He watched as Voldemort got up to stand in front of him. He moved his wand in an intricate movement. Harry felt like his body was shifting, it wasn't hurtful but it was slightly unnerving. It stopped after a moment at the first thing Harry noticed was that he couldn't see anything again. This time he removed the glasses and the world came back into focus. He looked up at the older man, his father and noticed that the other was staring at him in fascination.

"You look so much like your mother and still so much like me when I was young. You still have your mother's eyes of course."

Harry noticed a mirror standing in one of the corners and walked over to it. He was taller than he had been. Not by much, but he was definitely taller. His hair was still black, only straighter. It fell in soft waves over his head and down to a length that reached his eyes at the front. His skin was paler but it was a healthy paleness. He did look a lot like the Tom Riddle he'd encountered in the diary but softer and in a way more feminine. More like the pictures he'd seen of his mother. He really was his parents son and his eyes that still were their vibrant emerald green seemed to be even greener and even bigger now that he didn't wear any glasses. He really was good looking if he said so himself, and despite having changed so much he still looked like himself in some strange way. Maybe the blood glamour couldn't completely change someone's natural appearance or maybe he had looked more like his mother before than he'd been aware of.

"You look good Harry."

"Thanks, I agree."

"I will leave you for now. You have the bathroom through the door on your left. You should get cleaned up and go to bed. There are clothes in the closet. It's the door next to the bathroom. I will send one of the house elves in here with some food while you get cleaned up. Eat and go straight to sleep. When you wake up you should feel more energized."

Voldemort turned to leave. "Thank you… father?" Voldemort stopped in his tracks before giving an almost invisible nod of his head before continuing out the door.

A/N: Like I mentioned before this story is finished and I will update a think every day for the few days and then it might not be until next weekend since I'm going away for the week, and I won't have access to the internet- I think, but you will get the whole story.