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The Riddle family made its way through the bustling of platform 9¾.

"Daddy I want to go too." Cassiopeia whined.

"Another two years and you can go, Cassie." Draco said and picked up his daughter despite her being nine years old and not all that small anymore.

"When can I go?" The youngest of the four children, Cain asked.

Sam bent down and picked up the four year old. "You will have to wait for a whole seven years honey, but that will give me and your dad so much more time to just spoil you rotten. The small blond boy giggled into his father's shoulder.

"Come on now guys." Damien the oldest of the four complained. "I want to get on the train today."

"We're coming." Draco said and put Cassie back on the ground. "How are you feeling Tommy?" Draco kneeled in front of the new fist year and placed his hands on his son's shoulders.

"Nervous." The boy confessed. Draco was still amazed over how much his second son looked like his other father. He had the same black hair, the same features and the same vibrant green eyes.

"You will be fine and don't worry about the sorting."

"But what if I get sorted into Hufflepuff?" The boy asked with bog horrified eyes.

"You'll look stunning in yellow." Draco himself wouldn't be too pleased if his son was in fact sorted into Hufflepuff but he didn't have to make the young boy more nervous than he already was. He only had to remember to give his father a calming potion before telling him of any such news if it was to happen.

"You think?"

"Yes Thomas."

"Oh ok. Do you really think I'll get sorted into Hufflepuff though?"

"No, I don't you don't strike me as a Hufflepuff."

"Thank Merlin." Tommy breathed a sigh of relive.

"We have to go now lazy!" Damien called to his brother.

"I'm coming." The two boys jumped onto the train.

"Give Remus a hug when you get there." Sam said.

"What?"Damien asked horrified. "You want me to go up to the head table and hug the headmaster? Are you insane?"

"Give Sev a hug then."

"Again I won't hug one of the professors. Especially not the one that teaches Dark Arts and its Defenses."

"Point taken." Sam said with a smile. "You two have a good year now and promise to write lots of letters."

"We promise." Tommy said and gave his father a tight hug.

A few minutes later Sam, Draco, Cassie and Cain watched the train roll out of the station.

"They'll be ok right." Draco asked with a glance at his husband.

"They'll be fine."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"How can you do that? Don't you remember all the stuff that happened to you during school?"

Sam turned to look his husband in the eyes. "I'll be keeping an eye on them."





"Tell me."

"Nope." Their two remaining children started to laugh at their fathers antics. Sam put Cain down on the ground and took Draco into his arms. "Do you seriously think I would let anything happen to our boys?"


"Then don't worry."

"I'll always worry about them. It's my job to worry about my children."

Sam let out a sigh. "I know, but trust me when I say they'll be safe."

"Fine." Draco said grudgingly. "I'll always trust you."

The End