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- - - - -

She had been sitting there for over an hour now. She and Elliot had returned to the precinct almost two hours ago and she hadn't moved from her desk. Her elbows were resting on the hard wood, her hands cupping and framing her face, fingertips meeting at her forehead. Her gaze was fixed on a small knot in the wood; a small dark dot, mocking her in its imperfection. She wanted to reach out and pick at it, scratch it with her nails until it went away. Until it was removed.

She shuddered.

Eliminated from the world forever.

She couldn't though. It was too much effort to just reach out and begin removing the small knot in the wood. Her body was stiff and it took too much of the energy she didn't have. She was drained; emotionally she was drained which left her feeling physically sick.

Olivia let her eyes close and took a deep breath. Her eyes stung and her head was throbbing with the on-coming of a migraine. She couldn't remember blinking at all since she had sat down. She didn't have a clue what was going on around her at the moment. She knew there were people, constantly passing her desk, a few glancing at her before moving on to the task at hand. Other than that though she had no idea what was happening.

She allowed her eyes to open again and go back to staring at the knot.

The concept of time had flown out the window right along with reality. Her world had become a blur in a few short hours and she didn't know how it had happened; how she had let it happen.

Elliot stood back, near the coffee maker and other kitchen supplies. He had stood there as long as she had been sitting and after about twenty minutes his feet had gone numb. He had barely moved a muscle from his crossed arms and concerned frown, leant up against the bench top. Munch had been over twice and given him a look over the top of his sunglasses but said nothing and he could see Cragen stewing in his office out the corner of his eye. Fin hadn't taken his eyes off Elliot unless it was to glance at Olivia and Lake was like a lost puppy. He had no idea what to do. His gaze darted from Olivia to Elliot and then back to Olivia.

Everyone had pretty much given up on paperwork. The idea of it was long gone and although they knew there would be mountains of it tomorrow nobody really cared at that point in time.

Cragen had heard about what had happened and decided it was probably best to get his detectives back into their rhythm before they could dwell on the day's events.

He slowly rose from his chair behind his desk and moved into the squad room, "Lake, Fin, you two head out on the Delaney Case. Mrs. Delaney is at Mercy General. Munch, you head over to Casey and get a warrant for Mr. Delaney's arrest. Elliot, Olivia, my office."

Munch grumbled about having to head over to the ADA's office as Fin and Lake got out as quickly as they could, glad to be out of all the tension.

Elliot and Olivia didn't move. Elliot's eyes were glued to Olivia and although he had heard Cragen he was positive that Olivia hadn't. He had barely seen her blink let alone indicate that the world was still rotating.

"Detectives?" Cragen called impatiently, heading back into his office.

"Coming Cap." Elliot pushed off the bench but didn't take his eyes off Olivia.

He slowly walked past their conjoined desks and paused at his. He eyed Olivia cautiously before noticing the way her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

"Liv?" Elliot called softly.

Olivia didn't move a muscle. She was in a trance, stuck in a memory that she wished she could bury.

"Melanie, sweetheart? Look at me. Okay? Just look at me." Olivia pleaded with the young girl.

"I can't." Melanie sobbed into her knees as her light cotton night dress sagged around her, practically drowning her.

Melanie was slouched against the wall in her bedroom. The white blood-stained cotton pooling around her, her face buried in her knees, hands dropped at her sides. Her dark hair was a mess, part of it in a dishevelled pony tail, the rest hanging around her face.

Olivia gingerly took a step forward.

"Olivia?" Elliot bent down so he could see her face properly.

The sun was streaming through a small gap in the bottom of the curtains, creating a harsh bright white line in contrast to the dark colour the cream carpet had taken on as the shadows danced around the room. Melanie's bed spread was on the floor, streaks of blood where fingerprints had dragged across the fabric marked her bed sheets. Her pillow was some where on the other side of the room. Olivia could see marks all over Melanie. Bruises the same size as a thumb print or four in a row where someone had gripped her hard. Little cuts and scrapes ran up and down her arms and legs, an angry red abrasion screamed at Olivia on her right cheek where a bruise had faintly begun to form beneath it, increasing the swelling slightly.

"Why not, Honey? I'm here to help you." Olivia spoke softly as the child shook her head defiantly.

Olivia's gut wrenched at the sight of this poor girl. She was only eleven, she shouldn't have to even know that these things happened in the world let alone experience them herself.

"It hurts too much," She whispered.

Melanie was shaking, trembling as her body broke. Olivia just wanted to scoop the girl up but the small voice in the back of her mind was warning her against it, screaming out and trying to restrict herself from just taking one step forward and reaching out.

Olivia's eyes widened at the admission and her brow creased in worry, "Oh, Honey, I want to help you. It will stop hurting. I promise. If you just let me help you…"

"NO!" Melanie screamed as her head shot up from being cradled in her knees.

"Sweetheart, calm down and just take some deep breaths for me." Olivia nodded, demonstrating.

Elliot walked around to Olivia's desk and squatted down next to her.

"I can't!" Melanie cried, "I can't, I can't, I can't…"

"Yes you can, Honey. Breathe with me okay." Olivia pleaded as she demonstrated deep breathing again as she forced her own tears to keep at bay as she watched the poor girls world shatter around her.

"No I can't!" Melanie thrust a hand gun forward, shoving right into Olivia's face.

Olivia quickly stood and stepped back, putting her hands up in a submissive stance, "Calm down Melanie." Olivia spoke slowly.

"Leave me ALONE!" Melanie yelled as she cocked the gun again…

"Olivia!" Elliot gently touched her shoulder as he called her name louder.

Olivia screamed, jolting back in her chair and looking around, her eyes wild and full of fear. Her breathing was rapid as she spotted Elliot now hunched on the floor. He quickly pushed himself up so he was squatting by Olivia again and rested his hand on her forearm.

"You're okay." He whispered.

Olivia gulped and fell back against her seat, closing her eyes as she slowed her breathing. She had to calm herself, shove the memory deep down in her heart, making sure she locked it there, never letting it surface so it can suck her in again.

Cragen had run out of his office at the sound of a scream, he quickly noticed the scene in front of him and gave Elliot a questioning look.

Elliot shook his head the slightest bit and closed his eyes briefly before glancing back up at his boss as if to say 'Don't ask'.

Cragen nodded in understanding before gesturing for Elliot and Olivia to come into his office then disappearing inside himself.

"Cragen wants to see us." Elliot stood up, offering his hand to Olivia.

Olivia nodded, sucking in a breath, quickly composing herself. She pushed off her chair and stood, ignoring Elliot's hand and brushing past him to walk into Cragen's office. Elliot followed closely behind and leant against the door frame as Olivia rested against a shelf.

"What is it Cap?" Olivia asked, putting on a confident façade.

"I think that after today you two should take some time off. What happened, it was horrible. Just take the weekend and return on Monday." Cragen said, netting his fingers together behind his head and leaning back.

"It's only Thursday-" Elliot began.

"That won't be necessary." Olivia shook her head, interrupting Elliot.

"And why is that?" Cragen leant forward, dropping his hands.

"If Elliot wants to take it, that's fine, but I don't need time." Olivia stood from her rested position.

"Trust me Olivia, take the time." Cragen said forcefully.

Elliot stood back and watched the stand off, certainly not willing to jump in as well.

"Captain, I'm fine." Olivia protested.

"What was that out there?" Cragen asked, resting back once again, "You screamed."

"Elliot just startled me. So what if I'm on edge?" Olivia shrugged.

"He called your name three times, Olivia." Cragen argued, daring her to challenge him.

"That has nothing to do with it. I was just off in 'la-la-land'. Big deal." Olivia took a small step forward.

"Elliot?" Cragen was asking for his input.

Olivia looked at him with a glare that said 'If you don't back me up on this I'm gonna kick your arse later'.

Elliot did the next best thing. He threw his hands up in the submissive and rocked back on his heels, "Nuh-ah. I'm not getting into this." Elliot shook his head.

Cragen rolled his eyes as Olivia did the same.

"Olivia, after what that girl did-" Cragen sighed only to be interrupted.

"Don't." Olivia dropped her gaze and shook her head.

"Don't what?" Cragen asked, finally glad she wasn't fighting him…sort of.

"Don't say it. Just drop it. If you want me to take the time, I'll take it but let me tell you this," Olivia raised her head and took a step forward before leaning on the desk, "My work is all I have and if I don't catch the bastard who- who-" Olivia was unsure of how to finish the sentence, "If I don't catch this bastard I'm not going to sleep or rest or go to fucking yoga or whatever the fuck else I'm meant to do while I take this time until I do." She held her stance for another moment before pushing off the desk and walking over to the door, pushing past Elliot and storming off to the lockers.

"What the hell happened out there? And Elliot, don't give me some cock and bull." Cragen warned, pointing his finger at Elliot accusingly.

"Whatever you heard is whatever happened." Elliot replied confidently, turning around and leaving to find Olivia.

Cragen shook is head; of course he'd cover for her.

- - - - -

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