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- - - - -

As Elliot ad Olivia walked through the hospital reception she looked up through the window, noting the dramatic purple the sky had taken on as it dipped between the buildings. It had certainly changed quickly from when the sun had been streaming through the clouds.

Elliot guided Olivia with his hand near the small of her back, not quite touching. He could feel her warmth radiating through her clothes and felt her shiver as she paused slightly as the cold hit her, walking through the sliding doors and out into the breezy air.

Elliot hailed a cab and they both slid into the back seat, side by side. Elliot was careful not to bump her arm as he shifted next to her.

"How's the bullet wound?" He asked with a grin, trying to lighten her mood.

"Bullet wound-ish." Olivia replied sarcastically with her eyebrow raised.

"C'mon Liv…" Elliot sighed, wanting a real answer.

"What do you want me to say? Good?" Olivia asked, rolling her eyes then glaring at the cabbie as he glanced in his rear view mirror.

"Better than some made up crap." Elliot replied, his mood dropping to nearly the same as hers.

"Wow, Elliot. The hole in my arm is fantastic!" Olivia feigned happiness as her sarcasm seeped through.

"Whatever." Elliot grumbled.

"You're 'whatever-ing' me?" Olivia asked, both eyebrows lifting.

"What the hell is with you!? I swear those drugs have messed with your head! Where the hell are all these made up words coming from!?" Elliot asked, completely annoyed with Olivia now and her knowledge of how to push his buttons.

"Just piss of Elliot, leave me alone." Olivia huffed as she went to fold her arms, noting her sling was preventing her from doing so.

The rest of the cab ride was silent.

- - - - -

Olivia opened her door and moved out as quickly as she could, her muscles aching all over. She began walking towards the precinct and leaving Elliot with the fare. She pulled at her sling, lifting it over her head and snatching it away from her arm, letting it drop to her side as she tried to ignore the numb feeling. Olivia rolled the material into a ball and threw it into the first trash can she passed.

Elliot jogged to catch up to her and fell instep with her as the entered the building.

"You need that, Liv." Elliot hissed, not happy that she was already ignoring her own needs over the case.

"No, I don't. I'll be fine." Olivia argued as they stepped into the elevator.

"You were shot at!" Elliot exclaimed, dropping his voice immediately as the other passengers gave him odd looks, "You were shot at, you're not fine because you have a freaking gash hole thing in your arm!"

"And I can't feel confident holding my gun if my arm is in a sling so you'll deal with it!" Olivia said in a fierce whisper, "I've got your back." Her voice softened slightly.

Elliot didn't reply, instead choosing to leave their conversation behind in the elevator. They walked; their foot falls in sync as they entered the squad room, earning looks from Munch, Fin and Lake.

"You two don't look too hap-" Munch began, looking at the pair over his glasses.

"Shut up, Munch." Elliot and Olivia both growled in unison, dropping into their respectful chairs and pulling themselves forwards.

Lake grinned at Fin as he watched the exchange. Fin just shook his head, already knowing that Elliot and Olivia being that in sync was a daily occurrence.

"And your positive that they're not together?" Lake whispered across the desk.

"Trust me, I'm positive." Fin whispered back, neither taking their eyes off Elliot and Olivia.

"Cragen's not going to let you out in the field with your arm like that." Elliot hissed, leaning forward and holding a file to the side of his face to block the view of the other three gawking detectives.

"I don't care." Olivia whispered back in annoyance, taking a file and doing the same as Elliot.

"Yes you do." Elliot replied, his voice low.

"Fine I do but I'll work it out." Olivia sighed, rolling her eyes, "I'm gonna find this bastard and then I'm gonna-" Olivia stopped mid-sentence, unsure of what she was going to do.

"What? Gonna do what?" Elliot asked, leaning closer, now curious as to why Olivia had stopped more than the answer to his question.

"Ahh… umm… nothing. Don't worry about it." Olivia dropped the file back to the desk, preventing any more discussion.

It had been about 4:15pm when they got back to the precinct and now it was about 4:30pm. Olivia had been really pissed at Dr. Marks and had a go at him every time he made a comment. Her arm was still numb and she was having major trouble trying to type.

"Stupid piece of shit," She huffed, shoving the keyboard away from her.

Her fingers were tingling as the feeling began to come back but she didn't quite have control over them. They were slightly twitchy as the nerves woke up again, slowly regaining some life.

"What?" Elliot asked, poking his head up from staring at his computer screen.

"Nothing." Olivia grumbled.

"Liv, what is it?" Elliot asked, lowering his voice.

"Nothing, the computer's just being shitty." Olivia replied, lowering her voice to the same level as Elliot's.

"Oh, okay." Elliot nodded, going back to his own work.

Olivia turned to her computer and pulled the keyboard back, getting over the fact that 'backspace' was going to become her new best friend and facing the idea that she was just going to have to get over adding the equals sign ever time her finger tips decided to shun 'backspace'.

- - - - -

By 5:00pm Elliot and Olivia were exhausted. Their muscles ached and every time they moved from resting their fingers on the keyboard or shifted in their seats they each tried to suppress a groan of discomfort and pain.

The local anaesthetic had worn off now and Olivia's arm was really beginning to hurt. Her stiches were pinching her skin and pulling tight as her fingers danced across the keyboard.

She opened her draw and began rifling through it gingerly as she hunted for a bottle of Tylenol. She found two. One half full and the other had about three pills left. She decided on the half full bottle only because she didn't like the idea of taking pills that could have been there possibly since Oregon.

She took two capsules out and popped them in her mouth, taking a swig of water before swallowing.

"Your arm bothering you?" Elliot asked, looking up from his work.

"Yeah, just a little." Olivia replied, turning back to her own keyboard.

"You know, you can probably head home now, if you asked Cragen." Elliot abandoned his computer in a quest to get Olivia to rest or sleep or something.

"I don't want to go home. We need to find a link to someone who knows Austin." Olivia replied, typing furiously and clinking the mouse every couple of seconds.

"But you need to go home." Elliot said in exasperation.

"Elliot…" Olivia warned, "Let me do my job and I'll let you do yours."

"C'mon Liv… you need to relax. No-one is going to think anything less of you." Elliot was trying to convince her but was failing miserably.

"Elliot, just please stop, okay?" Olivia sighed shakily, "My arm is killing me, my muscles are refusing to co-operate and my headache has dropped to a dull roar. Just let me do this."

"Do you want a coffee?" Elliot asked, accepting that the only way he was going to get her out of there was by drugging her and stuffing her in a sack.

"That would be great." Olivia replied with an exhausted smile.

"Okay." Elliot stood from his desk and headed over to their make shift kitchen.

- - - - -

It was 10:30pm now and Olivia's fingers had slowed on the keyboard to two-finger-typing. She was struggling to keep her eyes open and the steadily blurring computer screen was doing nothing for her headache which had quickly focused to a migraine.

Elliot had left half an hour ago on her promise that she'd head home by midnight. She hadn't decided yet whether she'd adhere to that promise but it had gotten Elliot off her back so that was okay.

She had already raided Elliot's desk, followed by everyone else's for anything stronger than Tylenol but had failed on that mission. Instead she sat there eating half a block of Elliot's chocolate as she worked. So far she couldn't even remember what she had been reading for the past ten minutes.

Leaning forward and folding her arms on the desk, she rested her head in the cradle they created, just for a moment.

- - - - -

Elliot walked into the squad room. After calling her home phone five times and only getting her answering machine then calling her mobile three times and getting voice mail followed by calling her home phone again twice he had resorted to coming down to the precinct. He didn't bother calling her desk phone knowing for definite that she'd be there.

He walked into the darkened room, only lit by the midnight traffic on the street. At first he couldn't see Olivia but as he neared their desks he spotted her asleep at hers.

Instead of waking Olivia, he decided to let her sleep, taking off and draping his jacket over her. He grinned as he saw the wrapper from his chocolate balled up near her mouse before he sat back down at his own desk and watched for a while, letting his own eyes droop closed.

He woke two hours later and gazed across to Olivia. Her hair was swept to the side, some of it flattened by the desk. Strands had dropped across her face and were fluttering slightly every time she let out a breath. Her silhouette was almost completely still other than her signs of deep breathing; her chest rising and falling.

He was positive she was asleep until he saw her blink, "Liv?" he whispered cautiously.

Olivia didn't move her head but glanced up towards Elliot before returning her gaze to stare blankly across the room, "El?" She whispered.

"Liv, are you okay?" Elliot asked quietly.

Olivia didn't reply, instead opting for the almost silence of sirens, street horns and screeching tyres of New York at night.

Elliot stood and made his way around to Olivia's desk, crouching in front of her and cocking his head to one side. He rested his hand on her shoulder and gave a light squeeze.

"I just can't get her out of my head." Olivia whispered as a few tears fell, silently running across her nose and dropping from her cheek to the floor.

"Oh 'Livvie…" Elliot sighed, stroking her cheek gently with his knuckles and brushing way her tears with his thumb.

Olivia closed her eyes and sighed deeply as she tried to force the tears away, only having them trickle faster. She had no strength. She had officially burned out. The candle had been lit, the wax dripped and the fuse burned and now all she was left with was a mottled mess of where the fire had been.

Olivia looked up at Elliot, holding his blue gaze before murmuring the words which had swirled her mind for hours, "Her life was only a whisper of what could've been…"

Elliot pulled Olivia to him, spinning her chair to face him and kneeling as he moved to wrap his arms around her. Olivia held on and buried her face into his shoulder. The tears came but she didn't sob or shake or cry. She couldn't; her energy was zapped.

She wanted to. She desperately wanted to but all her pent up emotion lacked the air to bubble to the surface and make its presence known to all so, instead, she settled for fizzling into Elliot's embrace. She felt her self fighting the onslaught of basically passing out. It was no longer a fight against sleep because she had some control over that. Her eyes were stinging along with her lips from licking them instead of pulling out her lip balm. Her eyes were fluttering closed before she would try and open them weekly only to give up eventually. Her body was taking over her mind and it wanted to sleep.

Elliot felt Olivia relaxing against him, her breathing deep and rhythmical against his neck and cheek, her hair tickling against him with each breath she took.

Smiling to himself he murmured quietly, "Liv, you need to sleep."

Olivia mumbled something unintelligible and nuzzled his neck lightly, making Elliot shiver.

"Come on Liv; let's go up to the cribs. Its two am now, we'll be able to get a good six, maybe even seven, hours sleep." Elliot spoke quietly into her ear.

"I've got to finish this." Olivia mumbled softly, not even trying to remove her arms from around Elliot's neck.

"It can wait. You need sleep." Elliot whispered, their voices both dropping in volume.

"Mmm…" Olivia hummed softly as she tried to work her way out of the sleepy fog that had consumed her.

"Okay, let's go." Elliot sighed as he tried to stand.

Olivia made no effort to move as Elliot fumbled, trying to gain some balance.

Elliot quickly realised she was pretty much asleep, her body reigning free over any thought or action that she might have been capable of. He shifted slightly and, ignoring his screaming muscles, he dropped to scoop her up, gently hooking one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back.

Olivia began mumbling weak incoherent protests and threats as Elliot climbed the stairs, slowly and painfully making his way to the cribs.

He quietly walked along the passageway, looking down over the empty silent squad room. He reached the cribs and smoothly opened the door, pushing it with his foot before slowly moving inside, careful not to knock Olivia at all. He made his way to the back of the room, to the beds where they usually slept. He haphazardly kicked back the sheet and comforter before sitting on the edge of the bed with Olivia in his lap.

Elliot gently lowered her legs onto the bed before reaching down and unzipping both her boots, pulling them off and casting them aside at the end of the bed. Scooping her legs up again, Elliot twisted and leaned over, softly lying Olivia down on the bed.

He moved to lift her arms from his neck but once again Olivia wouldn't comply; voluntarily or involuntarily, he wasn't sure.

"Olivia, honey, you gotta let go." Elliot whispered.

Olivia shook her head slightly, subconsciously. Elliot tried to lift her arms over his head but what Olivia did next stopped him moving completely.

"Please…" She whispered; sadness and desperation clinging to every consonant and vowel.

"Okay, Liv." Elliot agreed quietly, sliding in next to her.

He awkwardly kicked off his shoes and pushed them off the bed. He moved Olivia's arms from around his neck, her grip having loosened substantially.

She rested against his chest, her hand resting on his bicep as his arm held her waist, his other arm under Olivia's head. Elliot closed his eyes and relaxed into the lumpy mattress, sighing and letting his breathing fall in time with Olivia's.

- - - - -

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