Chapter One

Note from author: ok so, this is my first fan fic, like ever. It's the only one I've ever been able to actually think of a story for it, and not just some one shot. Please comment on it, and give your thoughts good or bad, doesn't matter. Please enjoy!!!

(Encase you can't tell, this is a cross story between Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and Ouran High School Host Club XD)


Story begins!

"Why…why do I always have to go to these random places?!"

Though Sunako, as she was half walking half being dragged across a vast lawn that was shadowed by a huge building. Sunako was currently tied by a rope that was being pulled along by Kyohei, though she wasn't making it easy.

"Oi, Oi! Stop being so stubborn!" he said through clenched teeth.

"Oba-san asked us to come here so YOU could see what it's like to go to an over elegant school and learn to be lady like! Otherwise we wouldn't be here. This is as much torture for me, as it is for you. So…" he stopped as he turned around to face Sunako, looking deeply into her eyes, "…be good." He whispered softly before about a minute later he was wiping blood of his face, while carrying Sunako bridal style.

"Honestly Kyohei, you're going to be the death of her…" sighed Takenaga.

"this is a super-rich school right? There must be many rich and beautiful honey's just waiting for me!" said Ranmaru as he sparkled and beautiful roses erupted around him.

"Ano…why does that always happen? Where do the roses come from?" Asked Yuki.

"Oh those…Kyohei pays for it…" answered Ranmaru with an evil smile looking to see Kyohei's reaction.


"NANI?!" yelled Kyohei alerting the whole school of their existence. Ranmaru was laughing hysterically as Kyohei raised fists in his direction.

A curtain from a window to the north fell back over the window. A man had been watching the entire scene.

"Their the visitors we heard about? They beat us in everyway by looks…" muttered the stunned man with glasses.

"Kyoya, what are you looking at?" asked another man with blonde hair.

"Tamaki, I think we may have competition…" Kyoya stepped aside waving to the window.

Tamaki looked out the window getting to catch a mean glimpse before the group walked into the school.

"Ah. Their blinding!" said Tamaki in awe.

"We will have to watch out for them…" responded Kyoya while watching where Kyohei had been a moment ago.


Author's Note: WELL…hope you liked the first chapter. There gonna start oh short, but as the story progresses, the chapters will be longer. I don't know how far I'm gonna go with this whole story, only time will tell I guess. During that, please keep reading my fan-fic!