Chapter 23

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"Noi, call them back." Said Kyohei with a large smile as he had brought back Sunako. He had held her wrist the entire time, half dragging her back as she felt extremely embarrassed about still being in her swimsuit. He had thrown her into the change room before he went to Noi.

Noi smiled widely, "Everyone!" she called through the microphone as they all turned their attention to her, her voice ringing out around the school, "we will start the competition in 10 minutes, all team members please return!"

Takanaga, Ranmaru and Yuki were the first back, "Did you find her?" asked Yuki in an out of breath voice. Kyohei just jutted out his thumb in the direction of the change room as Sunako had just come back out in her shirt and shorts. She was retying the black band around her head with renewed fierceness.

Tamaki and the rest of the Host Club had come back, while Hikaru had stayed behind in a corner on one of the benches by the spectators. Kyohei glared at him before he turned back to Sunako.

Kaoru had slipped away from Tamaki and the rest and went before Sunako, gaining her attention. She unconsciously backed away raising her hands near her as if to protect herself. The twitch of shock and the look of pain flitted across Kaoru's face which didn't go unnoticed by any. He took a deep breath before he bowed in front of her, "Sumanai! Hontoni...Sumanai!" he stayed straight, stiff and would not raise his head, "For my brothers actions...please, forgive him."

"Kaoru..." mumbled Hikaru as he stood up.

Sunako was feeling quite confused at the moment. All these feelings and such were starting to get a bit too much. She sighed, as she put her arms down slowly.

"It's fine. It didn't mean anything if there was no meaning behind it." she shrugged, chibi form intact. She smiled lightly to Kaoru who had raised his head, a slight happiness in his expression.

"OI! After all the trouble you put us all through, and now you're just shrugging it off? You apologize too!" yelled out Kyohei as he went in front of Sunako, who shrugged at him too with a smirk.

"Teme..." hissed out Kyohei as he grabbed her by the collar.

""Oi, oi! That's no way to treat a lady!" said Tamaki but Kyohei rounded on him.

"I want to finish this event!" said Kyohei suddenly as he let Sunako go before she kicked him.

"Ahh, ahh, he's aggravated now." Said Ranmaru as Yuki just nodded.

Sunako took a chance to glace at Hikaru who was looking at his brother who was now standing and talking to Takanaga. His expression was full of hurt and remorse. Sunako took a deep breath as she walked towards Hikaru, making Kaoru and Kyohei turn to watch as did everyone else.

"Don't fight with you is a good thing to have." She smiled slightly as she went back to the others, mainly Haruhi since she felt calmer near her. Haruhi patted her on the back slightly just as Hikaru went to Kaoru and hugged him.

"Kaoru...please forgive me..."

Kaoru looked into Hikaru's eyes before he raised his arm preparing to slap him. Everyone gasped as he went to strike before slowing down and only lightly tapping his cheek. "You shouldn't have done that's not right..."

Hikaru took Kaoru into his arms as he stared into his eyes, " the end, my lips will always belong to you..."


The entire crowd erupted in "Kya~s and Ekk~s! As well as tons of blood that now happened since Kyohei and the rest had come to the school. For some reason before that, they were unaccustomed to such an unsightly way of expression. However now they were much freer to it, to Sunako's enjoyment and everyone else's disgust and sighs.

Kyoya smiled slightly as he pushed up his glasses and continued writing in the notebook he carried when he wasn't on his laptop. Haruhi tried to sneak a peek at what he was writing, but she felt the essence of the shadow king and brushed off her actions with swiftly turning to Sunako, "The...blood is...nice...?"

Sunako smiled brightly as she nodded enthusiastically making Haruhi laugh nervously.

"Now! Please, calm down! We will now pick the next and last game for today!"

"Finally..." grumbled Kyohei.

"The next event is...!" called out Noi just as Renge had picked the paper from the hat.

"Table Tennis!" called out Renge.

"A.K.A Ping Pong!" yelled out Noi though she instantly cringed as she suddenly remembered the last time Sunako or Kyohei played ping pong. She decided she needed to make the games balanced, otherwise she knew Kyohei and Sunako would definitely play.

"For this, the two people from each team will again be picked from straws. The two from each group with the shorter straws will be partners!"

Tamaki, Kyoya, Haruhi, Kaoru, and slowly Hikaru huddled around Noi as Kyohei, Takanaga, Ranmaru, Yuki and Sunako went around Renge.

"The team for Poor-But-Beautiful Bishie's- and-One-Secretly-Beautiful-Girl is..." Said Mori in a monotone voice, "...Kyohei and Ranmaru"

"And! The team for Infamous-Shiny-Host-Club is..." yelled out Hunny cutely, "...Hikaru and Tamaki!"

Tamaki pouted a little, "Kaasan-ya..."

Kyohei and the others turned to see who he was talking to, relatively confused as to who Tamaki was calling "mother" until Kyoya answered, "Nani, Tousan-ya...?" he never looked up from his notebook.

"I wanted to be with you..." he pouted some more.

Kyoya sighed, "Hikaru is a better player than me anyway, you'll be ok." He pushed up his glasses once more, as he looked up at Tamaki.

"Hmm, that's true..." said Tamaki as he looked as innocent as ever, though his remark made Kyoya twitch a bit.

"Alright! Hikaru! Let us win this!" he smiled at Hikaru, who was still disappointed in himself. Tamaki patted him on the back, "Don't worry...I know you're let us beat them together, na?" said Tamaki softly.

Hikaru smiled before he saluted, "Ossu tono!"

"Ranmaru...don't let me down." Said Kyohei as he went to the edge of the table, choosing a paddle.

"Ha ha, well, I'll do my best, after all...I must impress my honeys..." he flipped his hair a bit causing the girls to scream, as he too chose a paddle.

Tamaki and Hikaru were on the opposite side, stretching as were Kyohei and Ranmaru.

Kyohei looked at Hikaru as well as Kaoru, and could tell that deep in their eyes they had suffered mistrust as he had the same look sometimes. He knew that Sunako had forgiven it, but it still bothered him. This battle was going to be a bit personal for him.

Hikaru felt Kyohei's stare as he turned and stared right back.

Kyohei liked his eyes. He smirked.

"Everyone set?" yelled out Noi as Renge stepped forward.

"Best out of 10! Ready...!" yelled Renge. Tamaki and Hikaru gave each other a high five as they posed, ready to start. Kyohei and Ranmaru bumped fists as they too, were poised and ready.

"...Set...!...GO!" yelled out Renge.

Kyohei was first to serve as his team had one last.

"Catastrophe overdrive!" Yelled out Kyohei shocking both Tamaki and Hikaru.

"Ah...right from the start..." sighed out Takanaga.

Hikaru however, made it just on time as he managed to hit the ball back and to Ranmaru who elegantly but strongly hit it back. Tamaki too, with grace and power hit the ball back.

Back and forth it continued as it looked like it would never fall.

Kyohei was getting impatient...

"Weeping Dragon Smash!" yelled out Kyohei as Hikaru missed the ball.

Kyohei smirked triumphantly.

"One point to Kyohei and Ranmaru!" said Hunny.

"Don't think you will win so easily!" huffed out Tamaki, "We have just...started!" Tamaki served in a most impressive way that Ranmaru almost missed.

"I wouldn't ask for it any other way." Said Kyohei as he continued to smirk while he hit the ball with force.


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