"A Drachma For Your Thoughts" - A Project: Demonhunter Side Story

Author's Notes:

- I don't own what I don't own (but I do own Project: Demonhunter, it's associated characters, concepts of mythological figures, and settings), and I don't actively look for other stories and plots, so if you see something familiar… just remember that by this day and age, everything's been done to death. This is just my take on a span of time with the events therein, and it's really for the development of my characters. It's just easier for me if they go play in worlds that are already established.

- The Hell Council is made up of leaders of the Underworld from around the planet and cover the majority of major belief systems. I mean no harm in any which way if anyone is offended, but I would appreciate if some research was done before flames are passed out.

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Deep in the Underworld, there stands a place that not many people talk about… largely because they don't know it exists. This is the headquarters of Supernatural Control, lead by the Hell Council. It's members have long since stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, and have come into some semblance of a decent working environment. Gone are the days of epic temptations and salvations, pious heroes and sinful villains… that is not to say that these things do not still exist, but it is now on the shoulders of Supernatural Control to guide the balance between darkness and light.

The following is one of the many exploits that the employees of this organization have embarked on...

Hades entered the Supernatural Control wing of the Hell Council's chambers, venturing down the beautifully appointed hallway until he came upon the doors to the General Research offices.

Knocking gently, Hades pushed open the door and entered. "Zoe? …Zosime? Are you here?"

"I am, Sir." A pretty young gorgon picked her head up from the bags she was packing on the other side of the room, moving one of her small green and yellow coral snakes out of her face to look up at the god. "I'm almost ready to go."

"Are you sure that this is a wise idea, Zosime?" Hades leaned against a nearby desk. "I don't know if Hera's warriors will be exactly… happy to see you."

"Nonsense." Zosime waved off the god as she packed away a large book. "I'm sure that Hera will help me out when I get there."

"I hope you're right." Hades rubbed the back of his neck. "You saw what they did to Medusa and her sisters, right?"

"No, sir… I'm blind." Zosime rolled her eyes. "Of course I did… I'm their caseworker. It's the first thing I noticed. I'm surprised they still had their heads attached."

"That's true." Hades nodded. "Just try to be careful. And watch out for…"

"…Cronus. I know." Zosime nodded. "I don't know why Hera couldn't have just sent us after him."

"It's a family thing." Hades shrugged. "Hera always did like to get into the thick of a good fight."

"True." Zosime rose and slung the bag over her shoulder. "Sir, while I'm gone, can you make sure that Loki stays away from my desk?"

"I can try." Hades smiled. "Come, let's get you through the portals."

Zosime followed the Lord of the Underworld out of the offices, and down towards the main hall.

"Do you honestly think that they'd attack me?" Zosime asked as she trailed slightly behind the dark-haired god.

"They shouldn't." Hades nodded. "It's not like you're some giant bloodthirsty monster."

"I suppose…" Zosime played with the striped tie that hung loosely around her neck.

"I think how you're dressed will tip them off." Hades motioned to the gorgon's street clothes – a white blouse, black pinstripe skirt and red hi-top sneakers. "I don't know of anyone else from our world that would be caught dead in that."

"… I'm going to take that as a compliment." Zosime chuckled.

The two stopped in front of a mirror in the main hallway. Hades changed his appearance to a more classical form, with dark skin and purple robes.

"Honestly, sir… one day you're going to have to tell them you're not purple." Zosime shook her head.

"One day." Hades smiled as he passed his hand over the mirror's surface, making it transparent. On the other side was Persephone's room in Olympus High School, the view of which was blocked by the Horae, as usual.

"Ladies… I need you to move, please." Hades called into the mirror.

"You know you're not allowed in here." Thallo, the keeper of spring, turned to the god.

"Oh, I'm not coming in." Hades smiled. "My young friend here needs out."

The Horae turned to look at Zosime, who smiled. "Good morning, ladies."

"Good morning, Zoe" The Horae chimed.

"What do you need in New Olympia, Zoe?" The summer horae, Auxo, leaned down slightly to address the gorgon.

"I have some paperwork to catch up on with the kids." Zosime started. "I need to fill out an incident report."

"Oh? What happened?" Xarpo, horae of fall, held a hand out to Zosime to help the gorgon pass through the mirror into Persephone's chambers.

"These kids gave the sisters a run for their money, and I need to make sure that it was as fair as possible." Zosime looked up at the goddess. "I know that sounds foolish, but if one of the gods here 'accidentally' interfered… as they arealways wont to do… I have to report that back to the Hell Council."

"Good morning, Zosime." Persephone greeted the gorgon with a hug, if only to disguise the kiss she blew to Hades as the mirror returned to normal.

"Good morning, Persephone." Zosime chuckled, handing the spring goddess a folded up note. "Though I should like to remind you two that I am not your personal messenger."

"He means well." Persephone sighed as she read the note. "You know how moody he gets when I'm not there."

"I know." Zosime nodded, giggling. "Are the kids awake yet?"

"No." Persephone guided the Supernatural Control intern into the main room, motioning for her to sit on a plush chaise lounge. "They should be along in a few moments though."

"Oh good morning, Zoe-kins!" Aphrodite practically glided into the room, sitting down next to the gorgon. "I love what you've done with the boys!"

Aphrodite stroked the small snakes, as they vied for the goddess' attention, winding themselves around her arm and weaving into her fingers.

"They actually changed color all by themselves." Zoe pulled one off the goddess' arm to inspect it. "One day I just woke up with green snakes."

"Red was getting passé." Aphrodite waved off the gorgon.

Herry and Odie walked sleepily into the main room, sitting down on the nearby couches.

"Mornin' Aphrodite…" Herry's voice sounded nearly automatic as he waved lazily to the goddess.

"Good morning, boys." Aphrodite started. "… Aren't you going to greet our guest?"

"Guest…?" Odie finished cleaning his glasses and returned them to his face, freaking out as the gorgon came into focus. "Gah! I… uh…"

"Good morning!" Neil crowed as he came into the room, stretching. "So, what's on the aaa….AAAAH!"

The descendant of Narcissus dove for cover behind the couch Herry and Odie were sitting on, peeking out to stare at Zosime. "Aphrodite, are you aware there's a gorgon sitting next to you?"

"Mortals…" Zosime massaged the bridge of her nose. "Do you two have to put up with this all the time?"

"Afraid so." Persephone shook her head. "Boys, this is Zosime. She's from Supernatural Control… and she just wants to ask you all some questions."

"I've never heard of Supernatural Control." Odie shot a wary glance at the gorgon, as she stroked her snakes to keep them calm.

"Good. That means that we're doing our job properly." Zosime smiled. "History never writes about the ones that have to clean up the mess the heroes and villains leave behind."

"Beg pardon?" Neil queried, sitting down next to Odie.

"I'm part of an international organization that ensures mankind doesn't realize just how real mythology is." Zosime started. "We're like the paranormal Men in Black… but we're allowed to wear what we want."

The gorgon stood and approached the boys. "I'm just here to follow up on some incidents that I've been told you've been responsible for."

"Like what?" Herry asked, as Zoe removed a clipboard from her bag.

"Well, my main concern is with the gorgon sisters you dealt with a few months ago." Zosime picked up a page on the board to read the contents of the next one. "But I've got about two dozen incidents of varying severity that have the names of people in your group attached to them. I just need to make sure there was no overt divine intervention in any of them."

"What happens if there was divine intervention?" Neil tilted his head slightly.

"Then I'll have to interview that deity and iron out any concerns the Hell Council might have." Zoe shrugged.

"The… what now?" Odie cocked his head slightly.

"Have you told these people nothing?" Zoe turned to face the goddesses.

"Well… they've been busy." Aphrodite shrugged.

"Have you boys had something to eat yet?" Zosime half-sighed as she turned back to the mortals.

"We just got up." Herry shook his head.

"Then you might want to get something. This could take a while." Zosime sighed, putting her free hand on her hip.