Zosime exited the Underworld portal inside Cronus' lair.

"Cronus!" The gorgon called out to empty air. "You have ten seconds to show your face!"

"My dear… why are you yelling? I'm right here." Cronus smoothly replied as he appeared behind the gorgon.

"I'm yelling because I got this." Zosime held up the letter. "Care to tell me why I shouldn't haul you back to Tartarus?"

"Because I'm not the bad guy here." Cronus shrugged. "I was merely trying to fulfill a prophecy, it's not my fault those meddlesome children keep getting in the way."

Zosime raised an eyebrow. "Actually… that's not what it's about."

"…Pardon?" Cronus' face fell slightly.

"It doesn't say anything about mortals." Zosime chuckled. "This is a warning notice in regards to your interference with the mythological realm."

"I see." Cronus nodded slowly. "That, I can explain."

Zosime crossed her arms as she faced off against the god. "I'll bet. ….Look. I've got a bunch of work to do, and I'd rather not have to see you every ten minutes. Could you just behave for one day?"

"What? I'm not your favourite case anymore?" Cronus pouted slightly.

The gorgon rolled her eyes as she shook her head. "Not when you're like this. Come on. Do you want me to tell Hades what you've been up to? He'll never let you near your office on the Elysian Islands again."

Cronus set his jaw and pondered the gorgon's request for a moment, staring off into the space over her shoulder.

"…Fine. But if something comes up and I need your help, I'm coming to see you." Cronus crossed his arms.

"Works for me." Zosime pulled an amulet out of her pocket. "Here. So you know where to find me."

"Thank you." Cronus pocketed the trinket. "Before you go… are we still meeting for dinner tomorrow night?"

"That depends entirely on your actions today." Zosime shrugged, turning to touch a nearby wall and conjure up a portal back to the Underworld. "Hopefully I won't have to turn you down."

"Sounds fair." Cronus smiled as the gorgon disappeared.

As soon as she was out of sight, Cronus snapped his fingers to summon one of his giants.

"Agnon, I want you to go out and cause as much mayhem as you possibly can. If I am to remain here, I want to be sure those children have not taken advantage of my indolence."

The giant nodded and left Cronus, who half-heartedly sighed and crossed the room to slouch on his throne and retrieve a book that laid beside it.

As he started idly flipping pages, one arm propping up his cheek on the arm of the chair, the elder god huffed. "…This had better be worth it."

AN: 1) apologies for the shortness, it's just for setup.

2) Zosime is Cronus' caseworker. Nothing more. She offered to take him to dinner because he's better company than some of her other cases. (She's aware of the prophecy, but she thinks that he's capable to rise above it... DUN DUN DUN.)