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"Everybody, get ready! Ladies, gentlemen, Pokemon, mushroom folk, and Animal Crossers alike! Let's get ready to Smash!"

The crowd clamored and cheered as the mysterious announcer exclaimed all the thrill and excitement of this latest tourney. Who or what the announcer was remained a mystery, as did why he chose to hold these Smash Bros. events in the first place. At first, all the fighters felt it was against their will, but after having so much fun or garnering a lust for revenge, they kept coming back on their own accord to try again. Thus was the addictive aspect of the Smash Bros. games.

This time, however, things were different. It was no holds barred, and the unpredictability factor of who could show up or what the fighters had planned was too high. Sure most of the items, Assist Trophies, and the roster was already well known, as were the Pokemon varieties available. But still, this time could mean someone or something completely unexpected.

That's what made this game so exciting. New fighters were always entering, and bringing with them new abilities and toys to play with. More still were signing up to be Assist Trophies so they could enter the fray without harm and some to help their fellow fighters. Add to the fact that all the veteran fighters were always finding new items from their own series to use in the fight. At first, only sanctioned items were allowed, but as stated before, this was no holds barred. Anything can go.

"We're gathered here, live, at the Smash Bros. Stadium where all the fighters will gather and be teleported to their fighting arenas! All the action will be brought to the audience via these snazzy high definition televisions and killer sound system!" Meowth proclaimed.

"Meowth! What are you doing? You're supposed to be in the tourney, not the announcer! That's my job!"

"Well, I figured that you needed someone with more personality to be the color commentary! Someone with an adorable public face and the ability to translate Pokemon for ya!"

"Alright, fine…"

"As I was sayin', this event is anything goes! Nobody knows what will happen, not even me! So while we get ready, let's introduce some of the returning champions!"

The name MARIO appeared on the screen to the roar of the crowd.
"Mamma-mia! I never thought it would-a become this popular! I mean-a, all I did was play in this thing against-a my will! Then, when I learned-a, that Bowser was in the next one, I had to-a stop him. And that's-a why I kept-a coming back! Now I'm-a so happy that-a I got so-a many fans old and new cheering for-a my victory!"

The screen faded out as the crowd continued to cheer and cry their love of the plumber. But the cheers soon turned to boos as the name BOWSER was displayed onscreen.
"So that pesky plumber entered the Melee tournament to defeat me! The nerve of that guy! I thought my deal with Master Hand to become Giga-sized would work, but it didn't and I still got whooped! This time, however, I'm ready! With Mouser, The Metal Brothers on loan from Master Hand, and Bower Jr., I'm a shoo in!"

The screen faded once again and LUIGI was displayed, changing all the boos back into cheers, though not as enthusiastic as the ones for Mario.
"Well, first I entered-a as a 'hidden fighter' as a surprise for Mario! He always says-a that I can't-a fight on my own, even after I saved-a him from that haunted house-a! My appearance was so beloved-a that I was asked-a to come back in the next-a one! Mamma Luigi was so proud-a of me!"

The screen faded for the last time, and displayed the Smash Bros. logo as Meowth reappeared in front of the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" the announcer began, "Please welcome to the Smash Bros. Arena, from the Mega MicroGames company and representing himself, Wario!"

A loud chorus of boos and hisses filled the arena, much louder than those reserved for Boweser. Wario actually enjoyed all his distain and only smiled his wicked smile.

"So tell me, Wario. What's your beef wit Mario anyway?" Meowth asked, holding the microphone up to the evil man.

"Well, it all started when we were mere little children." At this point, tears began to form in his eyes. "He got to pick turnips while I had to pick nasty Piranha Plants! Then when we played cowboys, he was always the sheriff! It was horrible! Do you know what it's like being hog-tied?!"

Meowth was holding back tears of his own. "I know what it's like to be treated bad because you're different…"

"But, really, I'm in it for the money! MicroGames is taking off!"

Meowth regained his composure at this outburst, and walked off, angered and dejected that he didn't find a kindred spirit.

"In the Blue Corner, representing the Lylat System! Fox McCloud!"

The crowd cheered as FOX was displayed on the screen and began to play a short clip.
"I'm in this for the glory and the money, I won't deny that. But also, there's a sense of pride in all this, because I know that my father James would be proud to see me carry on his legacy into a new frontier. Though Captain Falcon may claim he's alive, I know my father is watching me from the heavens, cheering me on…"

"So, Fox…what's it like coming back once again to the fray?" Meowth asked.

"Always an honor! I'm happy to be here and see all my old friends again!"

"You're no fried of mine, fuzzy!" Wario called from his side of the ring.

Before they could fight right there on the spot, Meowth stepped between them.

"Save your energy for the fight! So Mr. Announcer, where are our two lucky contestants fighting today?"

"They will have the honor of fighting in Mushroom Kingdom!"

"AW! Why couldn't we fight at my castle instead? It's much bigger!" Wario argued.

As they were teleported away, the screen displayed NINTENDO MEMORIES.

"I'm James Rolfe, and I'm known as the Angry Video Game Nerd. I used to be the Angry Nintendo Nerd because back when I was a child in 1988, I used to get angry because I always died in Mario Bros. Little did I realize that anger would lead to other games in the future to come. Looking back, I realized that Mario didn't deserve my anger, and I directed it to games that did. So thank you Mario, for jump-starting my career!"

"We'll be ready to throwdown after these classic commercial messages!" Meowth announced.

What will the future bring from Nintendo?
More hits like Super Mario Bros.!
Arcade hits like Kung-Fu!
Nintendo has the most video game hits!
Hogan's Alley!
Duck Hunt!
And more like Baseball, Excitebike, and you can play them only on Nintendo Entertainment System!

Now you're playing with power!