"Sounds like we're up!" Red exclaimed as the two left Lucario and Snake in the lobby to discuss the situation with Dimentio. They walked to the teleporters and readied for their battle. Sure enough, they were sent to the Pokemon Coliseum.

Red took his position and readied his Pokeballs, hoping that his Pokemon were rested and ready to fight. Last thing he wanted was for them to get hurt.

Lucas prepared to do his best, and began focusing his psychic energy for the coming battle. He wasn't as skilled as Ness when it came to conserving energy, but he was learning.


Meanwhile, Mike Jones was ready to do battle with the little mice. They were so cute he didn't want to hurt them, but he remembered not to hold back when it came to a fight. Especially some of the ones he'll be facing at the arena."Mi!" Minun exclaimed, letting Plusel walk forward to attack first. Minun began to cheer and create little sparking pom-poms from his paws."Plusel!" the other mouse spoke, an adorable smile on his face as his cheeks began to spark.

Mike readied to grab his Magic Mirror to deflect any electricity that might come his way.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire ((November 21, 2002/March 17, 2003 (GBA)

Plusle was the first to go on the offensive, and let loose with a shock that Mike found painful but not as bad as he thought. He wasn't fast enough to grab his mirror and made note of that. Despite his need for training and having to learn not to hold back, Mike couldn't bring himself to hurt the little mice.

"I admire your compassion, but some of the opponents at the Smash Arena don't deserve any." Brock commented.
Mike decided to not use any weapons, and just rely on physical attacks. After all, he couldn't constantly rely on his special abilities to get him out of a scrape.
He punched the little mouse, and sent it bouncing on it's bottom back to it's companion, who began to cry big tears.
"I'm sorry…" Mike said.
"Mi!" Minun leapt forward and attacked, hugging Mike's face.
"Don't leave yourself open!" Brock called.

Back at the Smash Arena, Red had decided on Charizard to get things started. The Flamethrower was always a crowd pleaser, and it gave Red time to look through his deck.

Lucas thought over his options. He could use PK Ground, but Charizard would just fly over the shockwave. It was a fire type, so PK Fire would have no effect.
"PK THUNDER!" Lucas thought, and lighting rained from the sky, striking Charizard and stopping his Flamethrower.
"PK FLASH!" A blinding light engulfed the arena for a few brief seconds, and when it subsided, Charizard was paralyzed.
"Charizard, return!" Red commanded. "Go, Squirtle!"
Squirtle emerged from the Pokeball and danced a bit in excitement. He stopped and removed his shades, staring at Lucas with a determined look.
"Ah! A water type!" Lucas thought. "I know how to handle this!"

"Squirtle! Bite Attack!" Red commanded, knowing a Dark type move would be unexpected.
Squirtle leapt forward and sank his sharp, toothless beak into Lucas' arm, but not deep enough to draw blood.
"OW! Get it off! Get it off!" Lucas began shaking Squirtle violently.
Mike managed to peel Minun off his face just before it let loose with a shock, which he was fast enough to grab the mirror this time. Deflecting the shot, Minun fell to the ground. It couldn't be harmed by its own voltage, but it was enough to stun it.

"Plusle?" the other mouse asked, tears forming in its eyes.
"Mi! Minun!" the blue mouse replied, getting back up. This made Plusle so happy it began showering sparks from its cheeks in a makeshift fireworks display.
"You have to admit, they show admiration for each other." Mike observed.
"That may be just the thing to help them in the arena. You're only as strong as your friend's support." Brock replied sagely.
Mike realized by watching these two, the value of teamwork and friendship. He could only hope to make the right allies in the arena to help him.

Mike agreed to let the two mice come along with him, which they both began sparking in joy. Brock shook his hand and wished him luck on his journey.
As Mike turned around, he noticed his bike missing. He glanced up from where it stood to see the bike riding off with a lanky looking man upon it.
"HEY!" Mike called, but to no avail.

"Here. Take this, it might help you." Brock gave Mike a card with an image of a Pokemon on it. The name was Regigygas. "I heard that they're trying out new rules to make things interesting. You can summon this Pokemon to help you when you need it, but only once in every fight. So make it count."
Mike nodded, and he and his new companions took off after the bike.

"AW! I just washed this shirt!" Lucas whined as he looked at the mud stains all over it. Squirtle's Mud Sport brought a new meaning to the term mudslinging
"PK ICE!" Lucas retaliated, freezing the water type Pokemon in its tracks and doing more than normal damage to it as well. Being cold blooded, ice wasn't Squirtle's friend.
"SQUIRTLE!" Red cried. "Return! GO, IVYSAUR!" Red commanded, and the giant plant dinosaur emerged.

"Alright, loser! Prepare to lose!" Pokey muttered to himself as he watched the fight on the backstage screen.
"Remember, the success of my plan is determinate on how everyone else plays their part in this performance!" Dimeintio reminded.