Billy the Fastest Thing Alive?

Chapter 1: A Real Fitness Challenge

It was an average day at Endsville elementary school and it was right in the midst of Physical Education where poor Billy was doing the worse being at the bottom of the barrel of the class.

"Here class is your grade for mid-semester" said the instructor as he handed it out to the rest of the class which Billy received his usual F.

"An F on Physical Education?" asked Billy as he was quite in shocked, "This is something that I can not get!"

"Well excuse me" replied the instructor in a rude manner, "but you're the worse student I have ever encountered. Aside from the threats from your friend Mandy, which she isn't failing Physical Education, you are."

"But please, I just got to at least past this class" replied Billy as he kneeled before the instructor and began to beg, "my dad says that if I pass this class, I will be able to get that new television system I have always wanted. Oh please, please there must be something that I can possibly do."

"Well, normally I don't give out any tips for failing students like you to pass my class since you don't obviously deserve it" replied the instructor, "but since you are in a pathetic begging position I guess I can give it to you. There is just one catch to this."

"Oh anything, I'll do anything to pass this class" said Billy.

"You have to be involved in a fitness challenge I am preparing this weekend in a city-wide fitness challenge to see who is the most fit" replied the instructor, "if you manage to get into at least in eighth place, I'll allow you to pass this class. But I doubt you would ever get in eighth place at all, but most likely in the very last place."

"Oh boy, thanks!" cried Billy who ran off to head toward the showers.

After Billy went from the showers, he quickly raced back home as school ended. At his house, Grim was sitting watching television watching some of his favorite shows when Billy came right into the scene.

"Grim!" cried Billy to which scared Grim right off the sofa.

"Billy, what do you want this time?" asked Grim, "Can't you see that I'm busy watching some of my favorite shows."

"Oh Grim, please, you got to help me pass my Physical Education class" replied Billy as he came on his knees and began to beg, "you have to make me the fast student in that class."

"Sorry Billy, there's nothing in the world that will make you the fastest thing alive" said Grim, "only a certain blue hedgehog has that title."

"Oh, I know what you can do Grim" said Billy, "you can bring that hedgehog here and teach me how to become one of the fastest thing alive."

"What's this big nose idiot talking about?" asked Mandy as she came into the scene after she stopped at her house.

"Billy wants me to bring in a certain blue hedgehog" replied Grim, "to train him into being very fast so that he can win some sort of fitness challenge this weekend."

"Uh, I don't think that it's possible to train Billy that fast" said Mandy, "it'll drive whoever trains him to be insane. I say do it."

"Well, looks like I got to follow orders" said Grim as he then aimed his scythe at an empty area of the house, "stand back kids."

Grim then aimed his scythe at an empty area of the house and fired opening up a portal to another world. Two shadows then emerged from it which were none other than Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick Tails the two-tailed fox.

"Wow, cool Grim, you made a mutant blue hedgehog and a mutant two-tailed fox appear" said Billy.

"Say, this isn't Mobius" said Sonic.

"Ha, a scary skeleton!" cried Tails as he hid behind Sonic.

"Alright, what's the deal?" asked Sonic.

"This big nosed idiot" replied Grim as he pointed to Billy, "has asked that you train him to be fast to go up and face this fitness challenge he has to do this weekend."

"And you would be?" asked Sonic.

"I'm the Grim Reaper" replied Grim, "and these are my, uh, two friend slave masters Mandy and Billy."

"Listen hedgehog" said Mandy as she approached Sonic, "you're going to help my big nosed of an idiot friend Billy be able to go as fast as you can."

"Ha, you expect me to train someone to be as fast as me?" laughed Sonic, "It takes years to become as fast as someone like me. I can't do it in a day or so."

"Oh please Mr. Blue Mutant Hedgehog, you just gots to help me here" said Billy as he then grabbed Sonic's foot, "if I don't at least get in eighth place in this fitness challenge my Physical Education instructor states, I won't pass the class."

"Give me one good reason why I should waste my time with some big nosed loser like this?" asked Sonic.

"I think I can come up with a good reason here" replied Grim as he then fired at another open area of the house revealing Granny Grim coming into the scene with some chilidogs, "Granny Grim makes the best chilidogs in the underworld."

"Did you say chilidogs?" asked Sonic as he and Tails raced right toward Granny Grim and began to scarf it down.

"Oh come on, these chilidogs were suppose to be mine!" cried Granny Grim.

"So, you'll stay and help train our big nosed idiot Billy to at least try to get in eighth place in the fitness challenge this weekend?" asked Grim.

"Just keep on bringing more of these chilidogs" replied Sonic as his mouth was quite full, "I'll do it."

"Oh thank you Mr. Blue Mutant Hedgehog, I will not forget this" said Billy.

"Now go get cracking to it" said Mandy.

"Just until Tails and I finish this batch of chilidogs and then we'll begin" replied Sonic.