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Preface - Climb


Stupid family, stupid town.

Stupid ancestors.

Stupid five families' power thingy.

Stupid Covenant.

Not that my family agreed to it.

But I did.

That was my life, keeping my secret since thirteen.

Why me? I'd always asked my parents.

That was before they went and got themselves aged, unable to move, let alone breathe by themselves.

Now they made me move back to this stupid Ipswich Colony.

They'd disowned my family.

Not that I cared...much.

Still, I was going to learn why.


I walked into the main office, dodging in between the many students headed in the opposite direction. The bell for first period had rung, I was fidgeting my way down the hallway pulling at them hem of my newly acquired dorky school uniform, wearing it not only made me look dorky but feel dorky and off balance as well. I stepped up to the front desk to face an elderly secretary. She looked up as I approached the desk.

"I'm new here and I'm here to pick up my schedule "I smiled at her. She seemed to think for a second before turning around and pulling open a cabinet door. She shuffled through some papers then turned and brought them back to the desk.

"What's your name?"She asked politely. She had two folders in her hand. One thick and one thin.

"Nina Foss "I said politely. She opened the thin folder and pulled out three sheets of paper and pushed them across the desk at me.

"Thanks "I smiled "I'd better get to class...".

I turned and walked out into the now empty hallway. I looked down at the three papers, a map, my schedule and a list of my classmates. I was in room two seventeen for Literature. I walked past room one-fifty and walked up a set of stairs and stopped in front of two hundred, seventeen more to go. I slowly approached two-seventeen. I could hear people talking behind the closed door. I reached up to knock as it fell silent behind the door. The door opened to reveal a middle-aged balding man.


"I'm in this class, I think "I said holding out a slip that the woman at the desk gave me to show all of my professors. He took it and looked it over before holding the door open as I walked in past him. It wasn't the normal kind of classroom I'd expect; in fact it was nowhere near a normal classroom. The seats where raised up, looking down upon the chalk board and teacher's desk.

"Everyone I'd like you to meet Miss Foss, she will be joining us for the rest of the year "the teacher began "Miss Foss, you can squeeze in between and "he said gesturing towards two boys, one blonde who looked asleep and a shy looking brunette. I walked slowly up the stairs towards the two boys. The brunette slid away from the blonde to make room for me. I sat down and opened my bag and pulled out my notebook. I looked at the blonde and turned towards the brunette.

"Is he alright?"I asked, the blonde was in what seemed to be a deep sleep.

"Yeah, he usually sleeps all the way through Literature" he smiled "I'm Tyler, Tyler Simms "he said extending a hand.

He reached out with his other hand and hit the blonde across the back of the head causing him to yelp.

"Nina" I said grinning at Tyler as the blonde opened his sleep filled eyes, I lowered my gaze and proceeded to take the notes that were being put up on the chalk board.

The blonde took notice of me sitting between him and Tyler and took a double take "Where'd you come from?" He muttered, then shook his head and extended his hand.

"Reid" he said shaking my hand. He had intense blue eyes that looked me over as I shook his hand.

"Nina, Reid Garwin, right?"I smiled at him. The teacher was saying something about Stephen King.

"Yup" he said leaning back and looking at Tyler who was slumped over writing.

"So where you from?" he asked, he was leaning over his book and writing down the notes. Tyler strained to tilt his head in my direction as I answered.

"Canada, but my family used to live here years ago" I said "but now we're back".

"Oh, cool" he murmured, he wasn't looking at me his attention was now on two boys who were arguing two aisle's down. Their shouting was growing louder each second that ticked by. The teacher was yelling for the class to calm down, as we watched the first fist swing. It was two random guys, one with curly brown hair the other with red hair. The bell rang and I grabbed my things and slipped unnoticed past the fight.

"Hey" said a voice beside me as I looked over the schedule.

"Oh, Hi Tyler" I said looking over at him.

"What do you have next?"He asked looking over my shoulder.

"Um, Math" I said, I could feel someone else looking over my other shoulder. I turned my head to look over at the other person, who was apparently also interested in my schedule. Reid grinned slyly before grabbing it and running off.

"Aw, Come on Reid, I don't want to be late "I whined, running after him. I could hear Tyler's feet padding beside me but he stopped next to a pretty blonde girl and a tall boy with dark hair.

I finally caught up to Reid, who was sitting on a high branch in a tree.

"Come and get it" he called patronizing me.

"Reid, come down and give the girl her paper" yelled a boy appearing beside me. I stood awkwardly under the tree staring up at Reid clutching my books to my chest.

"Does he do this often?"I asked turning to look at the boy, he had shoulder length hair and hazel eyes.

"Yeah, I'm Pogue by the way" he introduced extending his hand sideways towards me.

"Nina Foss" I replied smiling at him, taking his hand.

"Planning on coming down?"He called up to Reid.

"Nope" the blonde grinned.

"Can you hold this?" Pogue said handing me his bag.

"Sure" I said taking it and throwing it over my own.

"Reid if you're not coming down, then I'm coming up" he called.

"Come and get it" he said wiggling his finger, beckoning to him.

He flung himself up unto the branch. Pogue was almost near Reid now, which was pretty high up.

"You're awesome at climbing "he snickered at Pogue.

"I've learned from the best" he said grabbing at my schedule. Just then he lost his footing and grabbed at Reid to try to steady himself, instead they both toppled and fell through the air landed mere inches away from me with a thud, Pogue landing on his feet while Reid almost managed the same grace but fell backwards as he teetered on the balls of his feet and landed on his back.

"Are you ok?"I asked looking down at Reid, covering my mouth trying to stifle my giggles.

"He'll live" Pogue laughed handing me my schedule "but I think it was a little too early for him to be climbing trees".

"Nice" I laughed. I knew that I'd be friends with the two boys and Tyler, they seemed nice. I took my schedule and glanced at my watch, class started in two minutes. I tried to find my map in the mess of my papers unsuccessfully. I gave up shutting my book bag and sighing loudly as I turned to face the two boys.

"Thanks" I laughed "I would have gone up myself but, I kind of have a skirt on".

"It's alright, Reid thinks it's funny to take new girls things so they get lost" Pogue added.

"Wonderful, I should go...I have to find…umm Math" I shuddered.

"Well nice meeting you" Pogue said. Reid was still lying on the ground as I walked away.

"Bye!"I called over my shoulder as I walked back into Spencer's main building.


The day seemed to drag on forever, when the bell finally rang I bolted from the classroom and out to my Jeep. I got it as a gift from my parents for my sweet sixteen, not that I needed their money, but man it was a sweet ride, how could I say no? It was my pride and joy, my brother and I would drive around for hours just to get away from our problems.

I threw my bag over my head rest and it landed with a loud thud in the back. I could hear all the people moving around me towards their cars as I slid into the seat. I adjusted my mirror, and noticed a few people staring at me while leaning against a silver Mustang. Two girls and three boys, two of which I recognized. Pogue and Tyler. The other three I didn't recognize, but I had a feeling who the other boy was. Caleb Danvers, the head of his family now.

My head jerked up when I heard a light tap on my window, I looked up into the lovely blue eyes of Reid Garwin.

"Hey Reid" I smiled, searching through my pile of CD's for my new Hollywood Undead CD.

"I'm sorry about earlier today, it's tradition" he laughed shyly.

I smiled his laugh was so adorable.

"It's ok, I've had worse, my brother is a pain in the ass" I laughed back, I pushed my CD into the player and "Paradise Lost" blasted over the speakers.

"Ah, so you're used to being picked on?"Reid laughed. He leaned against the side of my Jeep as I hung my legs out of the door. I was still shuffling through my CD's so I didn't have to look up at him.

"Yup" I grinned.

"So where do you live, seeing that your new to Ipswich?" he asked.

"Um, my parents, they bought a house outside of town, well more around the outskirts, you know where that barn burned down last year? Around there" I said cautiously.

"Oh, so you'd be near Caleb's "he said, nodding towards the group standing around the Mustang, talking.

"Oh Cool" I smiled up at him" where do you live?".

"In the dorms with Tyler" he laughed sadly" but hey, if I'm ever bored at Caleb's, I'll stop by".

"Why, you're not from here?".

"Yes and no, my family started here and stuff, but we all left after a while, the Garwins are all over the U.S now".

"That's really interesting" I said leaning closer. He too leaned in, he was staring directly into my eyes with such intensity I almost forgot where we were until we were interrupted.

"Garwin, come on!" someone shouted from inside a black Hummer.

"So I'll catch you later" he mumbled hauling himself away from the side of my Jeep and towards the Hummer.

"Hey Garwin" I called after him.

"What?" he called back stopping next to the silver Mustang, his hand on the top.

"I hope you keep that promise" I laughed before shutting my door. He was still standing there and grinning, while I pushed my sunglasses up my nose. I watched in my review mirror as he hopped into the passenger side of the Hummer. The Mustang pulled out and was followed by a yellow motorcycle and then the Hummer.