Chapter 4 – Arguments

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"Don't you ever get one of your friends to cast a spell on me unless I am completely ready for it. Your friends are just cowards." He spat venomously. Hermione half-expected to see a forked tongue.

"They were only standing up for me! And if they were cowards, how come they were sorted into Gryffindor?" Hermione retorted, her eyes flashing dangerously. But before Riddle could reply, they were interrpted by a very angry librarian.

"How dare you two disruptother's reading!" Madame Small yelled. "Out, get out, both of you!"

As Hermione gathered her belongings and headed towards the exit, Tom whispered in her ear, "Don't think this is over just because we got kicked out. We'll finish this in the common room later." He then pushed past her, leaving her staring gormlessly after him in the middle of the hallway outside the library.


Hermione stormed through the portrait hole. As she had expected, a calm and composed Tom Riddle sat waiting for her on the sofa, his feet resting on the ornate coffee table.

Slamming her book bag down, Hermione turned to see Riddle smirking at her.

"If you don't wipe that stupid grin off your face, Riddle, I will come over there and do it for you!" Hermione growled.

Tom's grin only widened.

"How do you intend to do that, Hermione?" He asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Oh, I assure you, it'll be damn painful!"

"You wouldn't dare, without your friends around you!" Riddle's taunting leer was gone, replaced by an enraged expression.

"Try me!"

"Give it your best shot!"

In a flash, Hermione had crossed the length of the room and was pressing her wand against Tom's pale, exposed neck. "Do not try my patience, Riddle, you will lose!" She spat venomously, her eyes never leaving his.

"Is that so?"

"Get used to it!"

"And what if I were to, as you put it, 'Test your Patience'?"

"Well, I wouldn't enjoy intense agony, would you?! And anyway, it doesn't look as though you're in the best position to argue, does it?" Hermione smirked, and Tom siezed his chance.

In a matter of seconds, Hermione's wand was on the floor, and she was pinned to the sofa by Tom.

Oh crap, this is backfiring! Hermione thought as she watched Tom savouring his victory. I wonder how this is going to look; pinned to a sofa by an angry mini-voldemort, with my wand I don't know where! But in another part of her brain, a voice whispered, This is a very intimate situation you've landed yourself, Hermione Granger Fervidüs, and I know you're attracted to him, so go for it!

Leaning forward, Tom whispered in Hermione's ear, "Well, well, well, it looks like the tables have turned!" He smirked again.

Leaning back slightly so he could see all of Hermione's face, he smiled broadly, flashing a set of ultra-white teeth.

"What to do with you now... Hmmm, of course, you almost killing me with your wand is something to take into consideration," Oh, and the fact that you're mere inches from the most beautiful girl in school's perfectly shaped cinnamon lips, and her beautiful complexion, and the smell of oranges wafting from her bushy hair...

Tom shook his head, trying to shake the thoughts from his mind, and smiled again.

"Any thoughts on the matter, Hermione?"

"You could let me go?" She replied hopefully.

"Not a chance!" Almost unconsiously, he leaned forward, their lips barely two inches apart.

"Any other thoughts?" He smiled knowlingly. Hermione mentally gasped.

How did he know about that damn voice in the back of my head? Unless... that same voice was egging him on, too!

Suddenly very consious of how close they actually were, Hermione concentrated on the little voice.

...You know you want to, just do it! Close the gap between your lips, I doubt he's ever been put in this situation before! Look, he's listening to me, and if you don't do it, he will!

Sure enough, Tom's luscious lips were edging closer, and before the logical side of her brain could kick in, Hermione felt her lips being drawn magnetically closer to his...

"Sorry 'Mione, I don't mean to interrupt, but - oh." Ginny Weasley/Thomas stopped in mid-sentence, staring at the intimate scene playing out before her.

Almost immediately, Tom and Hermione sprang apart, Hermione's cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment.

"Er, I didn't mean to interrupt, as you guys were obviously busy..." Ginny started, barely able to keep the anger out of her voice.

"No, it's okay Ginny, what is it you wanted?" Hermione replied, not looking at Tom as she retrieved her wand from where it had rolled under the sofa.

"Um, I'd much rather we spoke in private, actually," Ginny said, glancing at Tom.

"Okay, let's go!" Still refusing to look at Tom, Hermione followed Ginny out of the head common room.

"What the hell possessed you to get that close to that - that monster!" Ginny rounded on Hermione as soon as she had closed the portrait door. "He's evil, 'Mione, pure evil! For god's sake, he looked just about ready to sink his teeth into you and drink your blood!"

"I know, Ginny, but just think rationally about this for a moment. Is Riddle more likely to give up the power he's going to have for a friend or a girlfriend?"

Ginny gasped. "Do you know what you're saying?! Harry and Ron woudn't let you, anyway! And it could take ages for him to fall in love with you!"

"Ginny, I've made my decision. We don't have any other plans!"

"It'll backfire on you, I know it will!"

"Do you have any other suggestions? I didn't think so. Now, what did you come here?"

Hermione and Ginny headed towards the room of requirement, Ginny rambling on about the best spells to use when transfiguring inanimate objects into animals.

However, Hermione was not really listening, as a little voice in the back of her head was whispering, Well done. You've just given yourself a reason to kiss Tom Riddle!

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