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Fateful Knowledge

– – – – – – – –

Chapter One: Friends and Suspicions

Legolas parked his silver Pontiac and climbed out into the warm evening air. He walked up to his house, a modern log cabin, savoring the sweetness of the air and listening to the songs of the birds. The sound of the creek called him and the trees whispered their welcomes. He glanced up at the thick green branches above him and returned the greetings with a smile.

He sprang up the porch steps two at a time and unlocked the door, stepping into the coolness. With a bark and a wagging tail, his golden retriever, Evenstar, jumped up and placed her paws on his chest and attempted to lick his face. Laughing, he ruffled her ears and pushed her down.

"Easy now, girl," he said fondly. "I missed you, too." Evenstar gave him a doggy grin and pranced toward the stairs, ready for their usual ritual. He followed her, and together they raced up the stairway, Legolas reaching the top a second before the dog and grinned down at her. "I beat you this time."

Evenstar took the defeat gracefully and simply wagged her tail. Shaking his head, Legolas opened his bedroom door. For a moment, he just stood there, lost in memories. There was a royal but plain elegance to the room, and it was carefully designed after his former room in his father's palace. His bow, the one he had received from Galadriel, hung on the wall above the intricately engraved headboard of the bed alongside his knives.

He had come such a long way from his former life… He stepped forward, jarring himself from the pensive thoughts he knew would bring painful memories. This was not Middle Earth, or even Valinor for that matter, this was America. No more was he known as Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, but as Lance Lasgalen, FBI agent.

He walked across the wood floor and sank down on his bed, staring at the bow and wondering how long it had been since he had drawn it. Fully a decade, probably. Everything had been so busy since he had returned from Valinor. He did not know why he had returned. Perhaps, it was just that he missed the world he had grown up in. Perhaps, he had just need the excitement and adventure which the undying lands did not have. Nearly a thousand years had passed since he had returned, and the world had changed around him, moving on in science and technology and forgetting the things that meant the most. Things like family and friends were laid aside in exchange for money and prestige, and the world of men grew more and more corrupt.

With a small sigh, he stood and quickly changed from a business suit into faded jeans and a tee shirt. After another moment of contemplation, he crossed to a chest and dug through its contents. Fishing out a pair of arm guards, he laced them on and grabbed his bow. Pausing out of habit to make sure his shoulder length hair covered his ears, he started for the stairs, snagging his quiver on the way out. He would always be himself, no matter how the world changed.

Five minutes later, he stood scowling at the paper target he had hastily tacked to a five gallon bucket. He could never have imagined how out of practice one could get in one short decade. He had missed the bull's eyes by three inches! He couldn't believe himself. Blue eyes flashing, he drew and notched a second arrow, taking more care with his aim. Holding his breath, he released the shaft, watching with dissatisfaction as it lodged itself two inches from the center. Sending the innocent paper another glare, he reached for a third arrow.

"You know, Lance, if looks could do the intent of their giver, that paper would be ash now."

Legolas spun around, arrow notched and pointed at the new comer. Then he quickly lowered it. "Shawn, do not frighten me so," he complained, turning away from the grinning young man and setting his attention back on the target. He knew he should feel embarrassed, as no one had managed to surprise him for a number of decades, but he was too frustrated at the moment.

"I apologize," Shawn said, sauntering over, hands deep in his pockets. His grey eyes studied the bow thoughtfully. "I did not know you did archery."

Legolas ignored him for the moment, not moving his gaze from his target. Pretend it's an yrch, he told himself. Pretend you are saving Estel for the 107th time. Smiling slightly at the thought, he drew back the string and fired. His smile widened as the arrow struck the center, and without pausing, he fired again, splitting the first arrow in two.

He glanced at a gaping Shawn and laughed. "Yes, I have been doing it my whole life."

Shawn grinned. "I see. Well, are you going to come?"

"Come where?" Legolas answered inattentively, studying the fletching of one of his arrows.

"The gamer party, Mr. Absent Minded Professor," Shawn retorted playfully. "Don't tell me you forgot about it. Everybody else from collage will be there."

Legolas blinked, suddenly remembering. "Oh, yes," he answered quickly. "Let me grab my arrows, and I'll be ready."

He jogged across the green grass, resisting the urge to bend down and run his hands over the softness. It so often reminded him of the grass in his favorite glade in Ithilien. Keep you mind in the present, he reprimand himself. Just relax and have fun tonight. He did not know why he felt so out of things tonight. Perhaps the stresses of work were getting to him. He sighed, pulling the arrows carefully from the target and placing them in the quiver. He had once thought that Middle-Earth was dangerous and stressful, and at times, it had been, but it in no way compared to the modern world.

The thought of Middle-Earth caused a fresh wave of sorrow and melancholy to wash over him. The face of one always floated before in his mind's eyes when he thought of that long changed place. Estel. Despite his friend's habits of picking up every odd name which crossed his path, Legolas always thought of him by his childhood name. Hope. For he had been hope for both elves and men, a shinning ray of light which rent the darkness and brought life and joy.

Fresh, agonizing grief washed over him again, as his friend's last moments flashed through his mind once more. Only the awareness that Shawn's eyes were on his back kept him from breaking down into tears.

Immortality was a curse, he thought somewhat bitterly. He lived on while his mortal friends died around him, leaving him alone. For many centuries since his return from Valinor, he had been careful never to form attachments with anyone, afraid of feeling afresh the pain of loosing a friend. Then came Shawn and gang. They had wormed in through his defenses and befriended him despite his attempts at aloofness and refusal to speak of his past. They naturally thought him to be in his early to mid twenties and worked their hardest to get him to do things which many young men his 'guessed' age did. Such as play Xbox 360. It was an astonishing waste of time to game, but Legolas participated because they loved it and because he had all the time in the world anyway. The last thought earned a bitter smile.

"Lance? Are you alright?" Shawn's concerned voice broke into his thoughts, and a hand was placed on his shoulder, making him wonder how long he had stood lost in memories.

For a moment, Legolas did not reply but placed his hand on the bark of a tree, drawing upon its strength as he listened to its soothing whispers. Finally, he hid his emotions under an easy smile and turned back to his friend.

"I am alright," he said quietly. "I was just thinking. I'll put the bow and quiver in the house quick." Turning from a rather puzzled Shawn, he ran up the hill to the front of the house and gently laid the precious bow on the table with the quiver. His fingers lingered on the wood, and memories once more threatened to take him over, but the sound of a car on the driveway outside rescued him.

Evenstar ran to the door and barked eagerly, bursting out as soon as he opened it. Two identical faces stared back at him as two identical figures slammed shut the doors of a yellow corvette. Two identical pairs of grey eyes sparkled, and two identical voices rang out. "Legolas!"

A moment later, he was crushed in the embraces of the twins. A bit startled, Legolas returned their embrace, hissing in an ear, he wasn't sure whose, "It is Lance Lasgalen, and I have a guest!"

The two immediately let him go and glanced quickly around before satisfying themselves that there was no one yet in sight. "We have not seen you in forever," one Legolas tentatively identified as Elrohir said.

Elladan?? snorted. "You must be half mortal if you think that twenty years is a long time, little brother."

Legolas laughed, glad indeed to see the two who had insisted on coming with him on his return journey from Valinor. They looked different now, in jeans and polo shirts with their dark hair cut shorter than his own but still covering their ears. "What trouble have you been stirring since we last met?" he asked eagerly, leading them over to the porch, Shawn temporarily forgotten. "Start with the names you are going by now."

"Daniel and Rowen Rivendell," Elladan answered, leaning against the wood railing as Elrohir sat beside Legolas. "That way you can still call us Dan and Ro. Rivendell is because we because we through Imladris would be slightly difficult for a last name."

"Perhaps you were just unable to get any more unique," Legolas prodded. "Now tell me everything that has befallen you."

"We haven't got into any trouble," Elrohir insisted, seeming slightly miffed. "We never get into trouble; it always finds us."

Legolas raised an eyebrow, carefully copying Lord Elrond, and the twins laughed despite themselves. "Well, ada," Elladan said with mock meekness, "I suppose we have gotten ourselves into a few unpleasant situations…"

"…but we escaped without compromising our identity," Elrohir finished, grinning at Legolas. "We had great fun since we left you, though. We went to Paris, London, Vienna, skied in the Alps, explored the ruins in Greece, went to Rome, Jerusalem, Berlin –"

"You would love the Alps, Legola – Lance," Elladan interrupted his twin. "Lots of space and forests. Plenty of trees to talk to."

Legolas shoved him lightly. "I've been there, and the trees no longer speak." A shadow fell over his face and swallowed the brief lightheartedness. "Few do anymore. Most have fallen asleep."

Elrohir laid a comforting hand on his shoulder and seemed about to speak when Elladan exclaimed, "Ah, here comes your guest, Lance."

Legolas glanced over to see Shawn round the corner, the perplexed expression on his face increasing when he saw the twins. Legolas rose and gestured at him. "Hey, Shawn, these are my friends Daniel and Rowen Rivendell. Dan and Ro, this is my friend Shawn Harson."

Shawn erased the bewilderment from his face and shook hands cordially. "You all look as if you could be related," he remarked.

The twins exchanged a rather offended look. "Who in their right mind would be related to…Lance?" Elrohir said, grinning cheekily.

Legolas sighed in exasperation. "Who in their right mind would have anything to do with you two?"

"Well, that proves you're not in your right mind, Lance," Elladan returned.

Legolas rolled his eyes and ignored the twins' laughter. "You guys run inside like good little…boys," he bit himself off before he could say elflings, "and make yourselves at home. I have to go to Shawn's."

"They can come too, if they want," Shawn offered. He turned to the twins. "We're gaming tonight. Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, and probably a spattering of others."

Elladan glanced at Elrohir, who nodded. "Sure," the elder twin said, "it would be dull here without Lance to torment."

Legolas groaned, but his eyes sparkled, betraying his joy at seeing his friends again. "You two will be the death of me," he muttered so only the twins could hear, as they walked toward Shawn's black pickup. "Watch your mouths and don't say anything suspicious or unusual." Elladan and Elrohir just grinned at him and climbed in the back seat of the truck.

"So," Shawn said, turning on the truck and pulling out of the driveway, "how long have you guys known each other?"

The three elves exchanged amused glances. "Longer than I care to elaborate on," Legolas said a touch sourly, though he smiled.

"Don't mind him," Elrohir told Shawn. "We're not half so bad."

"You can never imagine," Legolas muttered. "There are times when I'd rather fight my way through a terrorist cell than deal with you two."

"That's only when you're in your 'work mood,' Elrohir retorted. "You have fun-phobia at times like that. All you want to do is work, work, work."

Legolas shot him a warning glance over his shoulder. "We'll speak on this later, 'Ro."

Elrohir caught the glance and wisely steered the subject in a different direction. "How is work, anyway?"

"I'm actually on a two week break," Legolas replied. "You came at the right time." He frowned back at them. "You could have called."

The twins grinned roguishly at him. "We wanted to give you a surprise."

"You certainly succeeded," Legolas said, throwing the matching elves a glare.

Shawn flicked the blinker on and slid into the right turn lane, smiling at the friends' banter. "Sorry, guys, but I got to stop at Wal-Mart quick and grab some pop quick."

"Mountain Dew!" 'Dan and 'Ro chorused.

"No!" Legolas exclaimed in horror. "Not caffeine! The last thing you two need is caffeine. Get something sensible, like Root Beer or Sprite."

Shawn shrugged, as he pulled into the parking lot and eased the large truck into a parking place. "Sure, whatever." He switched off the truck and glanced at Legolas. "You guys gonna come in?"

The three elves looked at each other and nodded. "Sure."

Clambering out of the truck, they strolled across the parking lot toward the store. "I haven't been to a Wal-Mart before," Elladan remarked. "Nice place?"

Legolas raised an eyebrow. "It's not The Outback, if that's what you're saying. I think it's okay for a normal plebeian store, though. Nice low prices."

Shawn grinned and hitched in his stride as the doors took their sweet time in opening. "I like it," he said as they walked into the cool building. "As you said, Lance, nice low prices."

The elves trailed after Shawn as he led them to the isle with all the carbonated drinks. "You know," Elladan said quietly, so only Legolas and Elrohir could hear, "it is amazing how far the edain have advanced themselves." He fingered a bottle of wine, the melancholy expression giving way to a smile. "But no matter how much they improve themselves, the wine only gets worse."

Legolas and Elrohir laughed, but a shadow seemed to have fallen over the younger twin. "I miss the old days," he said softly.

Legolas nodded. "I agree," he murmured. "I'd have a horse over a car any day and a bow and quiver at my back instead of a pistol at my side."

"Those were the days," Elladan concurred, grey eyes sparkling. "I miss hiding snakes in Arwen's bed –"

"Harmless ones, of course," Elrohir interjected.

"– calling Legolas hir nín," Elladan continued, paying no heed to heed to his brother, but jumping out of the way as said 'lord' swatted at him, "listening to tales in the Hall of Fire, helping patch Estel and Legolas up after their every adventure, but mostly…" The levity faded from his face. "I missed Arwen and Estel."

The others nodded, clearly lost in memories, when Legolas' cell phone rang. Starting with surprise, he fished it out of his pocket with a sigh and flicked it open. "Lasgalen here."

"I wish to speak with you, Agent Lasgalen," a low voice on the other line said, putting him immediately on his guard.

"Who is this?" he asked, suspicion laced heavily in his tone.

"Meet me in the bar on Main street," the man continued, ignoring his question. "Will you be there?"

"I'm not going anywhere to meet anyone until I know who this is," Legolas retorted sharply.

"I'm not inclined to say," the man replied smoothly. "Just keep your line open if you refuse to come. You may be receiving a call from someone you know in a few hours."

The phone clicked, and Legolas lowered it with a scowl. "He's an idiot."

"Who was that?" Shawn asked, stepping back over with a liter of Root Beer in one hand and a Mountain Dew in the other.

"I don't know," he answered. Seeing their confused faces, he sighed. "Just work. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." Seeing the Mountain Dew, he raised an eyebrow. "I hope you have good house insurance, Shawn. 'Dan and 'Ro have a tendency to bounce though walls rather than off them."

"Lance!" the twins protested in unison. "You really have become a pessimist since the last time we saw you."

Legolas shook his head in exasperation, and Shawn laughed.


Ashley, Shawn's brown haired sister, met them at the door and greeted Legolas coyly before taking the pop and disappearing into the kitchen.

"Watch yourself," Shawn whispered in his ear as they made their way to the couch. "She still has a major crush on you."

Elladan and Elrohir snickered, and Legolas rolled his eyes. "Still? When is that girl going to give up on me and continue with life?"

"Not until the world ends," Shawn said with a grin. "She's pretty determined to win her way into your good graces. She spent nearly an hour on her makeup when she heard you were coming over tonight."

"Joy," Legolas muttered. It wasn't that he disliked Ashley, he just had no interest in romance, much less to a mortal. When he returned to Valinor, he might possibly pursue the thought of marriage but not now, definitely not now.

Over the next half hour, five other young men from Shawn's collage arrived, introductions were made, and the x-boxes hooked up. Halo 3 was decided on, and they customized their characters and picked a mission on Slayer.

Elladan and Elrohir had never be ed x-box 360, but they caught on swiftly and gained the top two ranking places, shocking everyone with their quick reflexes. Elladan immediately fell in love with the shotgun, while Elrohir centered his affections on the energy sword. Legolas stalked the shadows with a sniper rifle since it was the closest thing he could get to his bow, and overall, they had a good time.

However, as darkness fell, Legolas' heart grew troubled, and his gaze kept straying to the door. The call he had received earlier kept repeating itself in his mind, and he felt a shiver run up his spine when he recalled the other's voice. It had been perfectly professional, yet there had been an air of menace to in that promised ill will. His cell's caller ID had told him that the call had been received from a payphone, and he could not help but wonder whom the person was and what he wanted.

"Lance, are you still here?" Shawn's voice broke into his musing, and he looked up just in time to see Elrohir stab him with an energy sword.

"Yes," he answered absently, fingers playing with the cushion beside him as he waited for his character to respawn. "Good kill, 'Ro."

"I'm five kills ahead of you now," the younger twin warned him. "Better hurry if you want to catch up."

At that moment, Legolas' cell phone rang, and he set down his controller. "Sorry, guys," he said, pulling the small flip phone from his pocket and stepping into the kitchen.

"Lance Lasgalen," he said, holding the phone to his ear as he snagged a pop can off the counter.

"Lance, it's Jared Martin."

"Jared," Legolas exclaimed, wondering at the dread he heard in the voice of his government contact. Jared was the only one who knew who he and the twins really were and provided them everything they needed to seem like normal citizens. "What is wrong?"

"Someone broke into my office."

Legolas blinked. "What? How? Your office is in the pentagon –"

"Yes, exactly," Jared broke in impatiently. "No one but a high official would be able to get into my office." He hesitated. "Whoever broke in took nothing but my files about you and the twins."

Legolas could not hold in a sigh. "I see."

"Where ever you are, you must leave," Jared continued. "You are no longer safe until we have found and detained the perpetrator."

"What will you accuse him of?" Legolas asked rather sharply. "Breaking in and stealing files that you cannot tell anyone about? And what about you? What makes you think you are any safer than me?"

For a long moment, there was no reply. "Lance, they are looking for me."

"Then leave!" Legolas exclaimed. "Meet us someone, U.K., France, where?"

Another pause. "I can't. My every move is watched. I already tried running."

"Jared –"

"Just leave now, Lance! Don't come for me! Hang up now!"

"Jared –"

"Hang up now!"

There was the crack of a pistol and the sound of a falling body. Jared's phone hit the ground with a loud thud, causing Legolas to grimace and pulled his cell phone slightly away from his ear.

"Jared!" he called desperately. Footsteps approached on the other line, and he snapped shut his cell phone. He stood there in the middle of the kitchen, staring sightlessly at the cell phone, his heart racing and mind whirling.

A minute later, Shawn and Elladan stuck there heads in the kitchen. "Lance, what's wrong?" the mortal asked with concern.

Legolas stood silently, his elvish hearing suddenly hearing the sound of many muffled booted feet approaching, as if those approaching were attempting to remain as quiet as possible.

Abruptly, he spun to face them, face set. "Shawn, for your own safety, you do not know me or the twins and have never seen us."

Shawn stared at him. "What?"

Legolas turned to Elladan. "Compromised," he said briefly. "Get 'Ro, we leave now."

Shawn stepped up, face confused. "What is going on?"

Legolas opened his mouth and shut it. "I'm not at liberty to say, Shawn."

The doorbell rang.

"Rhaich!" Legolas spat. "'Ro, tolo hi!"

He turned to Shawn. "Answer the door slowly."

At that moment, Elrohir bounced into the room, looking angry and concerned. "What?"

"Just come!" Legolas turned and vanished out the back door, followed by confused twins and leaving an equally bewildered Shawn.

"Legolas, what is going on?" Elrohir hissed as he quietly shut the door behind him.

"What is wrong with Jared?" Elladan added.

"He has been shot," Legolas said shortly. "We've been compromised, someone is after us, and they are here." He slid up to the window. "However, I can't leave until I know Shawn and the others won't be hurt." He glanced over at them. "Do you have pistols?"

They shook their heads, their minds quickly absorbing and analyzing the information he told them. "We left ours in our car."

"Then leave," Legolas bit out, watching the front door carefully. "I'll come when the others are alright."

"No," Elladan exclaimed softly. "They won't hurt them, we are who they want."

"We don't know what they will do," Legolas retorted. "I will not take any chances or let innocents suffer because of me. Go to the church, New Hope, on River road and wait for me there. If I do not arrive by morning, I won't be coming. If that is so, find Jared, and see if he is still alive."

Elladan and Elrohir stood their ground stubbornly. "We won't leave you."

"Cursed Noldor stubbornness," Legolas groaned. "You will only be a hindrance to me. You have no weapons and they will most likely have AR 15s or SIGs. Please, mellyn nin."

Finally, reluctantly, the twins nodded and disappeared into the darkness, Elladan hissing over his shoulder, "We'll get you for this, Legolas…"

Legolas merely smiled and turned his attention back to the window.

Shawn exited the kitchen and stepped up to the door, opening it. Scarcely had he done so, when a uniformed man pushed him aside and a five man SWAT team poured into the room.

The other teens sat as if frozen, staring at the invaders with wide eyes.

"Stand up, and put your hands above your head," the SWAT leader snapped.

Stunned, the boys slowly obeyed. As the team frisked them, Shawn stammered out, "Please, sir, what have we done wrong?"

The man who had entered first, nodded shortly. "I am Commander Rick Andre. I am searching for a Lance Lasgalen, FBI agent, and his two acquaintances, Daniel and Rowan Rivendell, twins. Don't bother denying that they are here, for we saw them enter."

"What is your warrant for arresting them?" Shawn retorted. "Why are you here instead of the police?"

Andre smiled wickedly. "I have my reasons." He looked over at his men. "Three of you remain here and guard the civilians. The rest of you search the house. Bring any others you find to this room." Legolas watched silently as the team drug in Ashley, and though he did not appreciate her attentions, it made his blood boil to see her roughly treated.

He was surprised at how ineptly the SWAT team was handling the situation. He would have surrounded the house and placed guards outside the windows before making his presence known. However, the reason for their slackness was made clear a moment later.

"I know Lasgalen is probably nearby," Andre said slyly. He drew his pistol and placed the barrel against Shawn's forehead. "If he does not surrender in five minutes, I will shoot him."

Legolas tensed and then sighed wearily. Why did this always happen to him? Carefully, he dug a shallow hole in the flower bed beneath him and buried his personal effects, weapons, and cell phone. Standing, he breathed a quick prayer for Eru's protection and headed for the back door.

Inside, Andre looked down at his watch. "One minute."

"What is Lasgalen doesn't come, sir?" one of the soldiers asked.

"He is here, and he will come," Andre answered.

"You are a very astute man, Andre," Legolas said, with a hint of a smile as he stood leaning against the door frame, hands hanging empty at his sides. "However, such violent measures are unnecessary."

Andre and the SWAT team spun around, surprise on all their faces.

"You want me or not?" Legolas asked.

An instant later, the team recovered from their astonishment at his sudden appearance and grabbed him, pushing him roughly against the wall and handcuffing him. Finishing, they spun him around to face Andre.

"How nice of you to come when asked, Agent Lasgalen," Andre said smoothly. "However, where are your two friends? Are they too fine to accept my humble invitation?"

"They have left," Legolas replied shortly. "I sent them away."

"I see," Andre said with a short nod. He tenderly stroked his silenced pistol. "I cannot have you attempting to escape, Lasgalen." Raising the weapon almost idly, he fired.

Legolas gasped as the bullet sliced its way deeply into his left calf, and he staggered. For a moment, he panted for breath through the pain, feeling the agony wash over him in waves. There was a sharp prick in his upper arm, and he glanced over to a soldier empty a syringe into his arm. Almost immediately, the world swayed.

"Blast you," he snarled at Andre before his eyes closed, and he slumped toward the ground.

Andre smiled.


yrch orc

ada father

edain men

hir nin my lord

rhaich curses

tolo hi come now

mellyn nin my friends

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