Summary: Lying on top of him, hands underneath her chin she grinned down into his gold eyes….. "I caught you so I win….So Sesshomaru, Do you want to REDUCE my pain, so I can REUSE a method, and then we can RECYCLE something together?"

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Chapter 1: It's Earth Day at school!!!!

Kagome sat in the auditorium of her junior high school next to her friend Yumi listening to an incredibly BORING lecture of earth day and how plants are important (blah, blah, blah)…okay so he was right they were important. 'I see forests and trees everyday in the feudal era! It's not as if I need this lecture….' Kagome thought wanting to take a nap right there.

'I wonder what everyone in the feudal era are doing right now? I haven't been there in a week, Inuyasha must be really angry and he hasn't even come and got me. Why are the jewel shards sooo important to him ANYWAY? He knows he can't become a full-fledged demon….like his brother….Err…no scratch that….his damn, cute, hot, sexy elder brother…with red stripes on his face...hmm wonder where else those stripes are on his body?' She sat on the bleachers and pondered whether Sesshomaru would like her if she were a demoness…or would she still be his half-breed's 'wench' it hurt her… a lot in fact.

Why was he like that? human hater sure but he had Rin so didn't that mean she had a chance? She'd been thinking about him a lot lately even before she came back home to finish her tests. She remembered their last encounter and shook her head. Boy was Sesshomaru weirding her out then…..


"Onna get out of the way so this Sesshomaru can finish off the half-breed for good. You do not wish to be hurt do you?"

-End Flashback-

She grinned inwardly. Instead of moving as he'd instructed, she'd just stood rigid to the spot, unblinking and stared at him. He had sighed grabbed her and moved her aside saying something about deaf human onna's. Well what would one do if a cold-hearted sexy, rich, gorgeous, cold, evil, mean, and did she forget to mention sexy? Demon who tried to kill you once or twice… just up and one day said, 'move so you don't get hurt?' And Inuyasha's expression when I hadn't screamed for help was priceless. 'He thought that there was something going on between us…typical.'

He wouldn't come near her until she had taken a bath cause she smelled of his 'bastard half-brother.' And then she'd said that she liked that she smelled like him…his scent was much more pleasing than Inuyasha's…..oops…WHAT A MAJOR DISS TO A DEMON…He'd turned demon on her thinking that she was betraying him…what an animal. He would've attacked her had she not started to 'sit' him till kingdom come. 'Baka is probably still sulking and that's probably why he let me come home without yelling that it would waste time.' He just didn't want to see her face.

It had to be fate that she was never destined to love and always be thrown to the sides. She was only special because she guarded the shikon-no-tama! Otherwise Inuyasha wouldn't give a rat's ass about her!

'And why can't Inuyasha behave for once and like seriously….. COMB HIS HAIR???' Then bitterly she thought, 'Well I bet his wench, Kikyo likes it like that….even when they're 'busy…' She was probably the one who messed it up, yanking on his hair and screaming…. 'Okay I did NOT need to see that image…That's Miroku's job.' And she shuddered.

'This lecture is giving me a headache…. Honestly I celebrate it everyday….in the feudal era.' Kagome was about to fall asleep, but her friend Yumi, elbowed her.

"Kagome! Wake up! This is extra credit girl! Due to your 'constant sickness' this will help your grade." Yumi sighed and wondered how Kagome even managed to get through and actually pass school with her constant absences…..'Hmmm….there's no telling whether she's seeing someone and 'skipping' school to cover it up.' Yumi sighed and looked at Kagome, who seemed to be dozing off again….

Kagome just nodded to show she was listening to Yumi. 'This has got to be the longest lecture in the world.' Damn, I'm thinking that I should just go live in the Feudal era, mate with someone and never come back….' She rolled her eyes and checked her watch. '5 minutes to go. Good. Hmmm…so when I mate will I even need to finish school?' Well then she'd better marry a demon who was well off and could support her.

-Lecture- (Speaker on stage)

"And it is important to understand that not many of us recycle these days…and that is important because we will not have any space left in the future…it has been tested that if at least half of us reduce our trash…." But then suddenly the speakers lecture was cut short……. And so were Kagome's thoughts. She practically growled at the speaker for interrupting her daydream/thoughts.

Some one had shut the lights off in the auditorium, and people had started to panic and scream. Then it started to rain?….No, some one had pulled down the fire alarm and the auditorium's sprinklers went off…… "Now this is my idea of an Earth day!!!" Yumi exclaimed happily, jumping up. "We're honoring the rain!!!!" Kagome and Yumi laughed hysterically running out of the school, dripping wet followed by other equally wet students who were cheering like mad. Both girls decided to stop by Kagome's house to shower and change before they got sick, and then head off shopping. "Who do you think pulled the alarm Kagome?" Yumi asked.

"Who cares?" Kagome said " I could tell no one wanted to stay there….and listen to Mr. Earth day…. And on a Friday too!!" "Hmph…you'd think that we didn't have anything better to do." But then she shut her mouth knowing that she had to go to the feudal era and continue shard-hunting with Inuyasha who treated her like the dirt she walked on. Kikyo would be joining their group as Inuyasha had made it clear but Kagome knew that it was only because he needed to relieve his sexual frustrations on Kikyo. Kagome refused to sleep with Inuyasha.

She had to make sure that Inuyasha was loyal to her and that meant NO Kikyo, otherwise Inuyasha would be playing both of them…sleeping with both of them. Kagome shuddered. Was he perhaps getting back at her for making that comment about Sesshomaru? 'Well it's not like I sleep with Sesshomaru' she thought. Her thoughts suddenly went down the gutter but she shook them away. As if, Sesshomaru would kill her if he knew that she thought he was hot.

Life was cruel like that. Hey it's not like she didn't look at guys! So Inuyasha looked at Kikyo so why couldn't she look at other demons like Kouga and Sesshomaru! He had no right! No right to tell her, lay claim on her or tell her who the fuck she was allowed to fuck She had even gone as far as to threaten Inuyasha, which was odd for her, but her patience was hanging by a thread and a woman could only wait for so long…

She wanted a man…. And she'd make damn sure that she had one…..


The Inu-tachi were in a fight with Sesshomaru...once again. Kagome didn't participate in this because she was still highly pissed off at Inuyasha and would be happy if he did decapitate and kill Inuyasha for her sake. In a sing-song voice she said, " Oh Sesshomaru! Do me favor and kill Inuyasha for me Ne?" Both brothers stopped mid-action, looked at her, almost dropped their swords and forgot they were fighting each other.

"Of course how could I forget that he is your blasted lover? And the fact that you'd protect him not me!" Inuyasha yelled in her face.

"Inuyasha…." Kagome said. 'what an ass…he still believes that Sesshomaru loves me.' He winced knowing she'd sit him but she didn't. "If you do not start to act your age and respect me I will not travel with you but with him!

"You wouldn't dare! Travel with the enemy!" Inuyasha said.

"He's not MY Enemy…but yours!!!!!" Kagome screeched. Sesshomaru remained silent throughout all of this not believing their behavior. Such children. Even His Rin didn't argue like this… 'And the audacity of Kagome even suggesting that she'd travel with me!

But then again why am I not complaining?'

'I dunno you tell me' his beast said.

-End Flashback-

Both, her and Yumi climbed up the shrine steps as a tall and lanky Sota (he's old in this fic) walked out of the front door, gaping at their incredibly wet clothes that clung to them like a second skin. His face flushed red and he looked at the ground, shuffled his feet and said, "Err…the forecast said it was going to be DRY and SUNNY the entire week…. You two didn't accidentally fall in a pool did you?"

Both Kagome and Yumi laughed and said together "NO!! We're honoring Earth day!!!!" That said, both walked into the house, leaving a very confused Sota behind.


Kagome: "Errr.. author?"

Lady Nefertiti: "Yes?"

Kagome: "Why didn't Sesshomaru get to see me all wet and clingy….isn't that a bit unfair?"

Lady Nefertiti: (evil grin) "Oh do not despair….he'll see you in something even better….or perhaps nothing at all…."

Kagome: '……………'

Sesshomaru: '……..'

Lady Nefertiti: Now back to the story!

-End Intermission-

Both Yumi and Kagome walked up the stairs to Kagome's room, both a bit shivering because the air-conditioning was on. Kagome didn't even bother to say hello to anyone, because her mom was at work till 9, Sota was on his way to practice basketball with his buddies and Grandpa had passed away last fall…..

Yumi was the first one to walk into Kagome's room and saw a picture that was framed by Kagome's bedside table. "Oh Kagome, this guy is sooo hot!!! Who is he? your boyfriend?" As Yumi gushed over Kagome's 'hot' guy and saying how lucky she was….he looked so damn powerful with his sword in his hand. From his gorgeous features, silver hair and gold eyes. Kagome didn't respond but occasionally nodded her head and then turned towards her closet and started rummaging through the closet. She'd managed to get a snapshot of him while he was walking into their camp one day and now she had a keepsake of Sesshomaru in her room. The hell it would be Inuyasha in that photo frame. There weren't any 'mementos' of him in her room at all. Even if Inuyasha came to the future to visit, he wasn't allowed anywhere in her room. So what if he saw Sesshomaru's picture in her room? It wasn't like they were boyfriend-girlfriend and on top of that, Inuyasha had no right to tell her what to do!

"He's just a friend, Yumi" she said. In her heart Kagome wished that he were something more. She pulled out a black tank-top dress for Yumi and a Navy-blue one for herself…she'd figure it'd match her eyes. 'I wonder if Sesshomaru likes blue…' she thought vaguely.

Suddenly there was a crack of thunder outside….and rain started to pour by the bucketfuls. "HEY KAGOME!!!! IT'S RAINING MEN!!!!!" Yumi giggled and danced around Kagome's room, holding the dress Kagome had given to her like she was dancing with a guy instead. Yumi never realized the melancholy attitude of Kagome who was just staring outside the window now.

'I wonder if Sesshomaru likes to dance…' Kagome thought.

'I wish it were raining demons…..and not just any demon….him.' "I guess we can't go to the Mall now, Yumi." Kagome said turning around.

"No you're right, I'll go change in the bathroom, and call my mom to pick me up….I forgot I have to watch my little sister Seira today…..err…return your dress on Monday?" Yumi asked. Kagome just nodded in Yumi's direction and knew that she wouldn't be home on Monday, she'd be in the feudal era looking for jewel shards, obeying Inuyasha's orders and trying to protect her life from sudden danger. Kagome almost cried, her heart burning with an inner fire and she wanted to throw something.

"Yeah, that's fine Yumi." Kagome said, waving her off. She was actually happy it was raining. She just wanted to be alone and mope. Yumi went to the bathroom humming the 'it's raining men' song and shut the door behind her. Kagome slumped onto her bed and picked up the picture that Yumi was examining. She didn't know why she was feeling so down lately. She traced her finger over Sesshomaru's red stripes, then his crescent moon, kissed the photo and put it on her desk. She looked up at the pictures she'd drawn which were hanging above her desk and sighed sadly. They were pictures of Sesshomaru in his human form, his 'true dog demon form,' the western lands, the western palace and the castle at a glance, the sun setting in the horizon. Of course she'd never seen his palace in real life; it was just her imagination making it up. She'd bet it was magnificent and elegant, just like Sesshomaru was…

Fire coursed through Kagome's veins and she threw the picture across the room, the frames' glass broke and shattered everywhere. She gave the shattered frame a contemplative (thoughtful) look, sitting so lost and forlorn on the ground kind of what she was like now. She stood up, walked up to the shattered frame and picked it up. She brushed the shattered remains off and gave 'Sesshomaru' a sad smile. "So shattered and broken you are now Kagome Higurashi. Even he doesn't smile at you." She whispered to herself. She made her way to the bed and sat down again, staring out the window. Could anything else go wrong in her life? Was she sad because it was too late to tell Hojo she'd date him and now was going out with Yumi? Was it her fault that she did poorly in school?


She punched an innocent pillow next to her, taking her anger out on the poor thing.

Then she heard a "Bye Kagome!" And a door slam, signifying that Yumi had left. Kagome lied down on her bed and cried and cried. She stared up at the ceiling through watery eyes and wondered why everything bad had to happen to her….

1.) She was barely passing school.

2.) Yumi 'nabbed' Hojo for herself (but she asked Kagome if it was okay first, of course.)

3.) She had a large bruise on the side of her stomach.

4.) Inuyasha basically 'spat' in her face saying that Kagome could 'take a hike' as far as he was concerned…. Because again Kikyo was the better one.

5.) Kouga decided he'd rather be friends ….didn't mate anyone against his father's wishes rather slept with Ayame whenever he wanted which she was okay with surprisingly. .

'And who was to thank for all of this? Well like duh, Inuyasha……' She sighed, rolled on her stomach and looked at the glass that was shattered all over the carpeted floor...into shards….'shards….' She thought dully. 'Like the Shikon shards.'

Aloud she said to no one "You're not even worth 'getting back' at Inuyasha…. Worthless Hanyou, probably come groveling back…..And this time might kiss my feet too." She said as an afterthought looking down at her feet and giggled despite herself.

Then she seethed in rage. "You ruined my life Inuyasha… completely destroyed it. I could've been on my way to a really good high school, I could've had a steady relationship with Hojo, I could've been hanging out at the mall with my friends …eating ice cream, gossiping with friends, talking about the latest fashions and eating parfaits…But nooo…. I'm always 'off ' running around in the dirt, in the feudal era, getting my butt kicked, sporting large gashes and bruises and collecting jewel shards that really wasn't my fault I broke!"

She touched the side of her stomach and winced. It was the latest bruise that she had gotten….a bruise that wouldn't fade. She sighed, got up and looked into her floor-length mirror at herself.

She lifted her shirt up half-way and saw the gash, it was still a black color. 'but at least it's not bleeding.' She said to herself trying to make herself feel better.

'Liar. You don't feel better… feel worse.' Her conscious berated her.

She suddenly remembered why she was here. She sat back on her bed, shivered and hugged herself in fear of what could've happened….if he hadn't been there…..


It had been a couple of days since Naraku's last attack on the village and Kagome's bruise was slowly healing…unfortunately the color would still hold, it would scar and turn black. Kagome had been so upset that she had covered her eyes and started to sob…. It had been Inuyasha's fault again. She never noticed that Sango hugged her trying to make her feel better.

She never saw Miroku hit Inuyasha over the head with his staff….lecturing him about him being a complete and total idiot and what Kagome-sama would think of him now because the memory would hold forever, in her heart, on her mind and on her body……

She never saw Sango viciously attack Inuyasha with her boomerang, yelling insults and whatnot….Miroku not making one move to stop her, but just enjoying that Inuyasha was getting hurt….by his beloved. After crying for hours, she fell into an exhausted sleep and woke when it was about night-time. Inuyasha was gone…that wasn't a surprise. But Miroku wasn't present either saying that he'd lost something and he needed to find it….now that was a surprise.

(A/N: He's not off with village girls…he's off with (cough) (cough) Sango)

She wanted to go take a walk and mull over thoughts about what she would do with her future….she knew her future wasn't with Inuyasha or anywhere in the feudal era.

She quietly walked over to the door and stepped out. The wind was cool and she shivered a bit. Her raven hair blew in the wind and her ribbon that Sango had given her fell out of her hair. She bent down to pick it up, when she felt a wincing pain on the side of her stomach.

"Ouch!" she said aloud and her hands went immediately to her stomach. Sighing she decided against picking it up. "Fine humph, just stay there you blasted ribbon, I like my hair down anyway….." She knew she was being silly, talking to a ribbon…. She decided she'd walk in the direction of the well….her REAL home.

'It's been so long since I've been here,' she thought. 'Two years dodging demons, kicking butt, almost dying….if mom knew what really went on here, she'd go berserk and order me that I wasn't allowed to come back here.'

She kicked a stone in front of her and frowned. 'And I wouldn't mind it at all…nope, not at all.' She was sad that she believed something like that, right away without even thinking. She'd made so many memories here….good and bad, thinking of Sango as a good one and Kikyo as a bad one.

She'd met so many people, good and evil, thinking of Kaede as a good one and Naraku as an evil one. She'd met so many strange demons and humans too and err….overly persuasive and obnoxious one's, thinking of Kouga.

And she'd met a sexy one his voice as smooth as silk…..just one, and his name was Sesshomaru. "But he'll never be mine." She said aloud looking down into the well's darkness. She'd experienced heartache but she'd never felt one emotion…Love. "Nor I ….his." she whispered. Her thoughts suddenly took her back to a memory.


"Well Look who it is….the broken and bloody wench that should've and would've been better off dead. Tell me Kagome, why you never die when you are mortally it be your Miko powers?"

'Well, speak of the devil.' She thought. "Inuyasha. I suppose I shouldn't ask what you're doing up so late….." She started dully.

"Hmph, good suggestion wench. Looks like you're finally beginning to develop a brain."

She meant to move out of his way….so he could get out of her's…..but he blocked it.

"Inuyasha, get out of my way…" Seriously she did NOT have the time to argue with him and then backed away when his eyes turned red

"Why won't you die?" he hissed at her. "Why are you a constant reminder of my real love? Why must I constantly be burdened by your presence Kagome?" he walked closer to her. "If you can't die….then I'll do the job myself…."

'What the hell?!' she backed away and didn't ask questions, but ran for her life. While running, not knowing where she was going, she thought 'Why is he trying to kill me? What did I do? He wasn't under a spell by Kikyo…..right?' She kept running hitting branches and tripping while she ran.

'Kouga wasn't here so he can't be mad about that! We haven't encountered any male demons for the past two weeks…..What does he want? Oh no! Would he….' She wasn't going to stop to wonder if he'd get all touchy –feely and actually do something and dishonorable as to rape her….but she wasn't taking any chances……not even with him.

She was running out of breath, she probably didn't even run this much when she was on track back in school. 'I probably lost like more than 5 pounds right now..' she thought vaguely.

Her bruise started to burn, and she winced in pain. She still heard Inuyasha following her and she panicked. 'I can't freak out right now!!! I have to do something!!' Wouldn't someone help her? Finally losing air she fell to the ground on her knees. 'I guess this is where it ends…whatever he wants…..goodbye world…' she gasped for breath and she heard someone upon her.

She shut her eyes, the pain in her stomach increasing immensely. Suddenly she was lifted off the ground and she heard a loud sound like someone being tossed away….

'Huh?' she opened her eyes and saw that she was indeed off the ground. 'I didn't know I could fly….oh right, I'm floating in the skies….cause I'm dead….funny I didn't feel any pain.' Then she heard Inuyasha's voice.

"WTF? You bastard!!! Why are you here?!! You're interrupting! That's rude! I'm trying to kill Kagome here!!" with that he lunged forward. "You always tend to appear in the most unusual areas…. Whenever SHE needs help…are you like constantly watching her or something?" Inuyasha held a tinge of jealousy in his voice but that was probably his demon side talking.

"I think the only one dying here today should be you Inuyasha." Sesshomaru replied smoothly, stepping to the side, easily avoiding Inuyasha's attack. He placed Kagome on the ground and then picked Inuyasha up by the neck and hissed, "How can you call yourself an honorable demon, when in fact you were about to go and do something unforgivable? You worthless half-breed you do not realize that this brings dishonor on the whole family of Taisho…Dead or alive! It doesn't matter whether she's a human, hanyou or a demoness!" With that he threw him against another tree, which broke it in half. Wow…. Kagome had never seen him so utterly pissed off before.

Inuyasha coughed and looked up to see his brother walking up to him. "You are sadly mistaken if you think that this Sesshomaru will allow you to soil and dishonor the family name." Sesshomaru looked down at him and said, "It must be the Human blood that courses through your veins….your mothers….the wench who tainted our proud bloodline…..and unfortunately created YOU." He turned around and looked back at Kagome who seemed to be in shock that Sesshomaru had saved her from certain doom. She sat on her knees, totally dumbfounded, confused and looked so unbelievingly damn sexy in that skimpy skirt of hers…..

He shook his head then turned back around to face his half-breed brother and then said, "A human Kagome might be, but as selfless as she is your losing quite a lot." Sesshomaru said to Inuyasha, as if he was a complete idiot and didn't see it for himself…..

"She should die for all she's worth!" Inuyasha said glaring up at his brother.

"Hmm…again with your foolish notion of dead miko's are better than live one's little brother?" Sesshomaru spoke to him as if he were speaking to a child.

Sesshomaru could've killed Inuyasha right there, but he didn't…..not in front of Kagome…

(A/N: Awww, what a sweetheart !!! He cares about Kagome!!! )

"Ha! What do you know anyway Sesshomaru!?" Inuyasha yelled at him, jumping up. "It's not like you can keep an eye on her 24/7…..I can kill her when ever I want." That said, he jumped towards Kagome, preparing to rip her heart out…….

(A/N: stop here? (sees angry reviewers cracking their knuckles daring her to stop writing) Nah, I can't leave you all hanging!! Eh-heh)

Kagome shrieked but was sitting paralyzed with fear and shut her eyes…. Thinking that she really was going to die today. Sesshomaru sighed, not believing his brother's constant foolishness…..he shook his head and grabbed Inuyasha by the neck and threw him back….but this time Inuyasha didn't fall and tried yet again to reach for Kagome.

Sesshomaru picked Kagome up in his arms and whispered into her ear. "Go home, Kagome. You'll know when the time is right to come back…. Oh and seal the well from him as well…" that said he gently dropped her into the bone-eaters well and Kagome fell 500 years into the future again.

'Err…what the HELL just happened here?' she thought sitting on the ground of the well. Still she didn't waste time and sealed the well…just as Sesshomaru had told her to do……

-End Flashback-

'And that was that….I probably would've died if it hadn't been for him.' She thought looking outside her window to see that it was still raining. She'd been here in the future for about two weeks now and was still mulling over as to what Sesshomaru meant by 'You'll know when the time is right to come back…' Seriously that demon was as vague as ever. He said something and did another. So should she go back to the past now? Or next week? She didn't know……

She turned around and looked down at the shattered picture on the ground then touched the scar on her stomach. Sighing at the mess she'd made she starting to pick up the shattered fragments of glass. She picked up the photo and said inwardly, I'm sorry Sesshomaru as tears fell on the picture she now held in her hands.

'Oh I'll go back…..I'll go back alright and make things right…..' and that was a promise she meant to keep.

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Lady Nefertiti: "Or what Sesshy? Do you want me to give you pink hair and wear a lovely red mini-skirt?"

Sesshomaru: '………………'

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Kagome: "IN-U-YAS-HA!!!! Si…" (Inuyasha Screams like a banshee and tries to escape)

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