Chapter 8: Recycle

Last time: She was lying across the fire, taking mental notes on what to do to spice up her life when she found a demon of her own.....She was bent on having a great life just like Kagome did. Miroku looked at Sango then back at Sesshomaru and Kagome. There was something in Sango's expression that he didn't like. Why would she look at them then at the sky with a wistful expression? Come to think of it she hadn't been looking at him and had been avoiding him as much as possible.


It was really cold up here in the trees tonight....

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Sesshomaru watched as Sango and Kagome disappeared into the tree to have one of their world-famous 'girl-talks.' So here he was left with a hentai houshi and a currently out of commission hanyou. It was his fault that he got thrown anyway. Why provoke him even more? No one dared insult his Kagome.

-Sango and Kagome-

Kagome was currently in a pissy mood and wanted to kick some hanyou ass and hissed, "I still can't believe that he would degrade me, no forget about me, every female in the world!" Kagome said angrily. "Tell me; Sango is that all we are good for? No wait don't answer that question." Kagome said. She had forgotten that Sango came from the past, the Sengoku Jidai era and women were only good and used for cooking, cleaning, following rules, having babies and obeying their husbands. No one would ask them their opinion or even expect them to disobey, fight men's battles and speak out against males. Hell women were considered stupid and no one was educated!

However, Kagome came from a different time (she thanked it a million times over) and spoke her mind which baffled some and others felt insulted that a half-dressed female, dared consider herself a Miko would tell them otherwise. Perhaps Inuyasha was saying that because he didn't know any better and only said what he saw/experienced. Yes Kagome Higurashi was very passionate when it came to females and being insulted, insulting the entire female kind was enough to rile anyone up!

"Uhm Kagome?" Sango started whispering. She wanted Kagome to know what was up with her. "You know I asked Sesshomaru if he had any demons in his cas…."



Both girls looked at each other and sighed. Why must Inuyasha always cause a scene and cause trouble for himself? He was only going to get his ass kicked by his older brother. Yes everyone already knew that he could not defeat Sesshomaru.

-End Sango and Kagome-

Both girls walked into the clearing to see Inuyasha glaring at an obviously amused Sesshomaru. (And Inuyasha having his sword drawn) Miroku was leaning against a tree, mediating? Possibly and not looking the least bit concerned. He opened his eyes and smiled a bit, Sango shifting her feet nervously. She didn't want him to look at her like that! He looked like he cared for her and it made her feel bad. Of course if it had been anyone else, they would've dropped Miroku, given it to him straight and took off but Sango wanted to let him go easy but she knew that only stalling and letting this keep up was only going to hurt him. She sighed as she watched both inu brothers looking at each other. Males….

Kagome's eye twitched. Inuyasha always picked a fight with Sesshomaru when she wasn't around! And why must Sesshomaru always humor him? If they had so much animosity between each other then why didn't Sesshomaru just kill Inuyasha off once and for all?!

'You know you'd like that.' Her conscious said. Sesshomaru all to herself and no interruptions.

Miroku looked at them (the group) finally and then frowned looking around. "I feel something ominous in the air. Like someone is going to do something bad like a betrayal…Lady Kagome are you going to betray someone perhaps?" both of them (Sesshomaru and Kagome) looked at each other and Kagome shook her head vigorously. No way she was gonna betray her Sesshomaru but Miroku didn't see Sango cringe. It wouldn't be like she was betraying him or anything! They didn't even have a relationship to begin with!

Kagome was looking at Sesshomaru with a look that said, 'what's the plan?' Sesshomaru nodded his head towards the trees and Kagome sighed understanding. "Inuyasha…." Kagome began and he looked over at her. "Sit boy!"


"Lady Kagome?" Miroku said in a confused voice wondering whether she'd lost her mind or something. Well when he was occupied looking down at Inuyasha's fallen form there was a loud (BONK!) from Sango's boomerang and Miroku fell right down next to Inuyasha and saw pretty stars. She sighed and put it away following Sesshomaru and Kagome into the trees.

The three of them looked over to make sure that one: they (Inuyasha and Miroku) weren't looking or within hearing range and two: they were still out cold.

"So what's the plan? I say that we both leave these two here (out cold) and since the western palace has a barrier around it they can't come in and no one will let them." Sango said sounding completely unlike herself.


"I…well…it's going to be hard to get rid of the both of these. Maybe I should seal Inuyasha to a tree…for the time being I mean! And Miroku will have to stay with Inuyasha because no one else can steal or kill Inuyasha while he's under a spell." Kagome said sounding completely unlike herself.


Well looks like at least Sesshomaru still sounded the same as always….

Inuyasha and Miroku were both reviving and the trio hurried back to camp before they figured out they were missing. Perhaps thinking they ran away. But they hadn't come up a with a plan yet! Or had they?

"Oi! Wench! Why'd you go and sit me like you did?" Inuyasha said shaking off all of the dirt on his clothes. Kagome just looked at him with a blank stare. He came closer to Kagome and sniffed her close to where he shouldn't be sniffing her earning a growl from Sesshomaru, claws glowing green and an eyebrow raise from Miroku. Kagome turned red and yelled a loud 'Sit' again and glared at the now crater Inuyasha.

"Hmph! That's why I sat you baka-sama!" Kagome said. What did she ever see in Inuyasha anyways? He was mean, gruff, rude and a two-timer. He never appreciated it when she cooked for him or when she found another jewel shard!


'Inuyasha we got another jewel shard!' Kagome said happily and added it to the Shikon jar she had. They were closer…they were getting closer to the final battle and she couldn't wait. She felt that something special was waiting for her at the end and it wasn't Inuyasha asking her to mate with him. She had a feeling that she would've refused had he asked at sat him to kingdom come for his nerve to ask her.

'Feh! That's nothing. We don't even have half the jewel yet! We move too slow! No you humans move too slowly and Shippo here can't even save his life let alone fight! Come on everyone haul your asses and let's get a move on!' Inuyasha said sheathing his sword.

'Inuyasha….SIT BOY!'



'Why thank you Kagome-sama. You do seem to have the magic touch.' Miroku said watching a twitching Inuyasha in his lovely crater.

-End Flashback-

"This Sesshomaru needs to see to his papers/documents as soon as possible." He started in a bored voice. "I do not have time to stall for interruptions."

"That's right!" Sango said and eyed Miroku with an evil smile. Time to take out the trash until properly recycled…..

Sango smashed his head with a boomerang and Sesshomaru knocked him out, he'd be out for at least for a few hours.

Inuyasha jumped out of his crater and yelled what the hell they were doing but didn't get far enough because Sesshomaru threw him into a tree (enjoying it all the while) and Kagome shot him with an arrow. (Until she unsealed it of course)

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and then the trio merrily went on their way to Sesshomaru's castle.

Kagome wanting her R X R…..

Sango wanting a male demon….

Sesshomaru wanting…hmm….Kagome?

Everyone was oddly, walking in silence towards the castle. No one wanted to say anything even though they were all excited about the prospect of finally getting what they wanted. Sango smartly, left her boomerang behind with Miroku and put her Kimono back on. No need telling the demons in the palace that she slayed their kind. Kagome was watching Sesshomaru's back, his hair swaying back and forth and she sighed. What was she doing here? Stuck here with him and not doing her job, she didn't have time to 'play' with Sesshomaru or do other things.

When the guards at the gate saw them they opened it without delay and the trio walked inside. Kagome was merrily walking alongside Sesshomaru thinking about something and then was broken out of her thoughts by a loud:



Oh good god. Was that going to happen every time Sesshomaru came and went from his Palace? Sesshomaru didn't even acknowledge them rather just coolly passed by. The rest of the guards/staff didn't dare question why he'd brought two human women with him. He walked into the palace and then there was a:

"ALL RISE!!" and everyone rose and went about their duties. Kagome looked back and sighed. Maybe she should've gone home instead of coming here.

'What? What are you saying!' her conscious said angrily putting her foot down. 'Your mate stands before you and you decide to 'skedaddle' home instead? Shame on you!'

Mate? Sesshomaru wasn't her mate. They didn't really do anything. Always interrupted…(sigh) but here there wouldn't be any right? No one dared bother the lord unless they had a death wish. Kagome sighed loudly and then shocked to see an amused Sesshomaru looking down at her. "And what are you thinking about Ka-go-me? You've been out of it for a few minutes. This Sesshomaru has tried calling your name a couple of times."

"Oh sorry I…" Kagome started and then looked around "Hey where's Sango?"

"She went on a hunt for male demons. Seems like she prefers the generals and guards of my army." Sesshomaru said offhandedly.


Well Sango was sure on top of things and was making the most of her time. "Which reminds this Sesshomaru…you're sharing a room with me." And then took her by the arm and they walked along into his room. Kagome would've stopped him but she was in deep thought and didn't notice what he was doing. "I've got a wonderful hot spring." He added as he led her to it.

"Eh?" Kagome said and then looked around. They were in a huge hot spring! It looked so inviting. She then looked at him and told him to 'get gone' so she could take a bath and relax, thinking about nothing.

He smirked at her knowing this was coming and that's why she was here. "This is MY private spring. I own this spring so that means that I belong here and everything in this castle belongs to me that means that YOU belong to me." He finished nodding his head.


Kagome huffed. "Well fine then! I'll go find my own spring to take a bath in!" and she marched out of the spring but he stopped her.

"I'll leave if you promise this Sesshomaru something." He said very seriously. Kagome looked at him warily. She wasn't going to like this was she?


Well this was not turning out to be the way that she wanted it to be! She wasn't having much luck. She huffed and leaned against one of the many walls of the castle. The demons didn't even want to talk to her! Was it because she was human? Or maybe that she was human and they knew she was a slayer. Just great….she was after all, the only slayer left in the feudal era and maybe she was famous along the tales that entered the castle walls about how she was on the hunt to kill Naraku.


'Wait! I just want to talk!" Sango said running after one of the blonde and blue-eyed guards.

'Please miss! I er…uh…am mated! I cannot cheat on my ma…mate!' and he ran, sword and all down the halls of the large castle.

'You're a liar! You aren't mated! Come back here you fine male specimen!' Sango said running after the demon but alas he had demon speed and ran for his life.

-End Flashback-

Maybe Miroku was her best bet. No one wanted to mate/marry a female who was a fighter and had so many battle scars to prove it. She might have had a perfect flawless pretty face, but her luck only seemed to reside with perverted monks. She slumped down the wall and sat down dejected and wondered if Kagome's luck was different. Sesshomaru did like Kagome or at least that's what she thought. Where was she anyway? Sango had just left the both of them in the Royal wing staring into each others eyes. She didn't have time to watch them moon over each other and then she saw a demon and told him to stop.

She wasn't having much luck. She had no luck in the relationship department. All she knew was to KILL demons and not seek them out as mates. Her family was probably glaring down at her right now and telling her to get her act together. Maybe all she needed to do was sit here until some male demon came and found her then she'd jump….err talk to him but he better be cute! And so she sat. Sesshomaru was supposed to help her! And he was busy with Kagome! GAH!!!! She got up off the floor and proceeded to the Royal wing to beat Sesshomaru or force him to find her a mate! He'd promised and he was a man…err..male of honor.

-Inuyasha and Miroku- (forest)

Miroku was coming to and then looked up to see Sango's boomerang and then Inuyasha who was sealed to a tree again!? What was going on? The ladies and Sesshomaru gone….Inuyasha looking half-dead and not moving at all. He couldn't leave Inuyasha here again and so he sat and hoped the girls were okay. They were with Sesshomaru and he wouldn't do anything to them.

-Sesshomaru and Kagome-

"Well are you going to get in?" he asked her. Kagome glared at him. Was he serious? She was here so she could be alone but he did have a point and he could wash her back! But that was so wrong! But what about all the dirty stuff they did way back when? But that was when she was being stupid…and then she had sealed Inuyasha to a tree again…oh no! he was going to KILL her when she unsealed him again. But then that wouldn't happen unless she was under Sesshomaru's protection right? Bu that would mean that she would have to mate him…

'And you have a problem with that?' her conscious said hitting her upside the head.

"It would seem that you have issues with mating in the springs so then why don't we fix that….mate? He carried her back to his room and she blushed red and looked away pretending that this was his idea and not hers.

He carried her to his bed and placed her on the bed gently. He'd never begin to wonder why he'd ignored her for so many years. Bending over he kissed her neck and whispered one word that made Kagome shiver. Never one to 'beat around the bush' so to speak he told her to undress. He knew what he wanted and he always got it.

Why was she trembling? She didn't know. She wanted him and vice versa. Why was this different? Her undressing in front of her enemy, or Inuyasha's at least. She screamed Inuyasha to SIT if he ever saw her naked…


She wasn't having much luck and now she was lost dammit! Where was a damn map when you needed one?! And who the hell decided that a palace be so big and a maze too?!

"Miss are you lost?" someone asked her from behind. Sango whipped around, she was thoroughly exhausted and needed somewhere to sit or someone to lean on. A demon was standing in front of her. He had long dark brown hair and dark green eyes. By the looks of him he was a general of some sort of Sesshomaru's army. He smiled down at her. Sango found herself blushing. Even Miroku never gave her such a heated look before. Maybe it was a demon thing. She found herself wondering why her village hated demons. They were all so bloody HOT! She cleared her throat as he began to speak.

"I heard from some of my men that there was a pretty human female with large purple eyes scaring the guards away from their posts." He said with an amused look down at her. She didn't look so intimidating. Really, it was funny how large and evil demons didn't scare his men but a human female running after them scared them to run from her.

"I…I'm sorr…" Sango said turning red.

"My name is Senjou. And you are?" he said. She was pretty, he had to admit and she had the power of scaring his men into obedience and making them do their job instead of slacking off.

"Sango. My name is Sango." She said with more confidence.

"Ah, the last of the Taijiya's." he said nodding his head. So that's why his men were so horrified of her. Who in their right minds would let a demon-slayer into a castle full of demons? But it wasn't her fault and he frowned when he saw her face drop/sadden some. "Is something the matter?" he said.

"You know about me?" she said in a whisper. Damn all the good ones gone to waste!

He lifted her chin to look up at him and said, "Of course. Stories of the last of the slayers is known to all but they never said how pretty you were." She smiled some. Good. She looked better happy. "Although I had never seen you, I've always thought of you as a strong-willed and brave woman." 'Someone who would be an excellent mother to my pups.' He thought.

"So tell me are you being courted by anyone?" Senjou asked her seriously. 'So I can kill him?' he thought.


"I...No." Sango said and he took her by the arm.

"That's wonderful. Come with me. I wish to show you the gardens. The sakura trees are beautiful this time of year." Senjou said. Sango allowed him to lead her to the gardens. He was really cute. She'd be damned if she screwed this up.

-Inuyasha and Miroku-

Miroku still sat not knowing what to do. He couldn't leave Inuyasha in case he woke up and he didn't know how to get to Sesshomaru's palace. Looks like he was stuck here for at least for a while. Did Kagome shoot the arrow at Inuyasha? Only a Miko could and if she did then why? Was it permanent? Did she want Inuyasha gone so bad? He hoped that his Sango was alright.

-Back to Sesshomaru and Kagome-

He lifted his head and looked into her blue eyes which were clouded with passion, a dazed expression on her face. Suddenly he got up off of her and slowly removed his clothes. Within the blink of an eye he was on top of her pressing his body against hers, his hunger for her made her shudder. He brutally he pushed her legs apart and started kissing and licking her center. She panted…. Oh No! She wanted him so bad! And that was really bad! Bad Kagome! No time to think though, Kagome was currently very busy.

Soon his tongue left her center and one finger entered her and then another finger, she moaned and cried out his name. Without warning his fingers slid out of her and she whimpered at the loss of his warm fingers in her. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around him…opened herself to him.

He kissed her deeply, hungrily and then pushed himself into her body, destroying her virginity. Kagome felt the pain but it faded away as she felt him deep inside her. He started to move and she groaned. As soon as he had done that he slid out of her and bit down on the juncture of her neck and shoulders so she wouldn't feel so much pain. Both lay unmoving for quite some time neither wanting to leave…..

"So what about those hot springs?" he whispered in her ear.

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