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Chapter Twenty One: Five is My Limit

Two years later…

Uzumaki Naruto groaned as his cell phone continued to vibrate loudly in the pocket of his pants on the floor. He sat up, grimacing slightly, and leaned over the side of the bed to get to his pants.

Obsidian eyes watched in amusement as the sheets fell of the other man's tan body, his rear seeming to call to him. Sasuke smirked as he reached a hand forward and poked one of the cheeks.

"Teme, stop it," Naruto mumble as he finally got to his cell phone, sliding it open. "Hello?"

Sasuke's smirked widened as he stuck his finger into the blond's tight hole, causing him to groan loudly.

"N-no, sorry Choji!" Naruto practically yelled into the phone. "Yeah, Sasuke's being an asshole."

The Uchiha laid his chest on Naruto's back as he began to slide his finger in and out. "I'm not being an asshole. It's my birthday and you said I could do whatever I wanted to you." He could hear Choji chuckling on the other line.

"Ugh, ignore him. So what's up, Cho? Eh, seriously? Dude, that's awesome!"

"What?" Sasuke asked in pure curiosity, his movements paused for the moment.

"Choji's opening his first restaurant. He wants us to come to the party."


"Thursday at six o'clock."

"That sounds do-able…"

Naruto grinned and returned his attention to the phone. "We'll be there man! It's too bad that Lee and Sakura aren't back from their honeymoon; they're gonna be missing out on some great chow. Okay, dude, bye."

Naruto closed his phone and dropped it back on top of his pants. Sasuke helped get back on the bed and it wasn't until he turned over onto his back that he realized that Sasuke still had his finger inside of him. He squirmed uncomfortably. "C'mon, Sasuke…aren't you tired yet?"

"Of course not! It's bad enough you passed out on me last time. It's no fun jacking you off when you're unconscious."

A bright blush seemed to cover the younger man's entire body. "You didn't have to do that!"

Sasuke chuckled darkly. "I would never leave you with an erection, my dear."

"Don't call me that! It makes me sound like a girl!" Two more fingers entered him abruptly, causing him to groan and bite his bottom lip. "T-teme…get some lube…"

Sasuke looked down at his digits as they appeared and disappeared repeatedly. "No, we're doing it dry."

Naruto squawked something incomprehensible as the fingers brushed over his prostate. He panted heavily as Sasuke grabbed his right leg and draped it over his shoulder.

The Uchiha leaned forward and claimed his lips in a noisy kiss while Naruto came closer and closer to the edge from the relentless fingers. He withdrew his hand from the blond's hole and sat back.

Naruto got the hint immediately and sat up, getting on all fours he leaned down and took Sasuke's manhood into his mouth without hesitation.

Sasuke couldn't but note how eager and bold Naruto was when he did this. He moaned deep in the back of his throat when he felt the head of his cock touch the back of Naruto's throat. He leaned back on the bad and panted as Naruto's miracle of a mouth worked him to the point of no return.

"Nah…Naruto…s-stop…" He moaned.

The blond lifted his head and licked his lips quickly. Without another word, he got up on his knees and turned around, only to drop onto his chest with his butt raised in the air. He looked back at Sasuke expectantly and wiggled his rear playfully.

The raven-haired man smirked and sat up on his knees. He placed one hand on Naruto's shoulder while the other one reached underneath him and grasped his chest. He slowly eased his cock into Naruto's entrance, relishing in the gurgled moan his lover made. Without waiting for the other to adjust, Sasuke pulled most of the way out and plunged back in.

"Ah, Sasuke!" Naruto hissed at how rough it felt, at how good it felt. The friction was more intense and he could feel every move Sasuke made. He pushed his hips back to meet all of Sasuke's thrusts.

It wasn't long before Sasuke was pounding Naruto's prostate with each thrust forward. He slid his hand from Naruto's shoulder, down his side and onto his stomach until he had a firm grip on the other's cock. He pumped it in time with his furious movements.


Sasuke pulled out and roughly flipped Naruto onto his back before he reentered him. After another minute, Sasuke paused and pulled Naruto up, wrapping his arms around his waist.

Naruto pushed Sasuke down to lie on his back and he took over, only lifting off of him about an inch before plunging back down. "Mmnn…Sasuke…" He moaned when Sasuke began jerking him off again.

Their movements became jerky and uncoordinated as the two found themselves close to completion.

"Sasu-ah, ahhh!" Naruto cried as he shot his seed all over Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke followed after him quickly, grunting Naruto's name.

Naruto panted and slid off of the older man. "Okay…five times is my limit." He groaned as he laid down.

Sasuke took his spot next to him and kissed the blond on the neck and then the ear. "Well…thank you for the lovely birthday present…even though you forgot today was my birthday."

"I said I was sorry! Damn it, I took a half day off of work just to be here with you."

"I don't like your boss; he's perverted and he's an asshole."

"Yeah, well at least he's more forgiving than you were. Now I need to go to sleep; I have to get back to the store in three hours." With that, the blond reached down and pulled the covers over him.

Sasuke thought back to the old days when Naruto and his loser friends worked for him. They definitely made the office more interesting. Since he fired Shikamaru, the other four quit soon after.

Choji went off and returned to college to learn how to be a chef and run his own food business. After he graduated, he started a catering business and now he's opened his own restaurant.

Kiba also went back to college and became a veterinarian. He now works with his sister in one of the largest and most successful animal hospitals in the entire country of Japan.

Lee currently owns his own martial arts school for grade school kids. He was labeled as one of the best instructors of all of Konoha. He was even offered a contract to star in some ninja movie.

Naruto is working in a privately owned book store where a man who writes porn novels sits in the adult section and "researches" (according to Naruto).

Other people have come and taken their places, but they all lack character, which is what Naruto and his gang certainly had if nothing else.

But one thing that Sasuke missed the most was doing Naruto in his office. They tried to do it once when Naruto had the day off, but they were interrupted eight times (EIGHT FUCKING TIMES!) by those new blundering idiots. Naruto got tired of it and he just couldn't get into "the mood" so he decided to visit everyone in the office.

Then he got in a fist fight with Kakashi who was apparently ungrateful and Sasuke made him go home.

Sasuke laid on his back and draped his arm over his eyes. "I miss you, dobe…I want you to come back to the office." When he was met with silence, he sighed and turned onto his side, facing away from Naruto.

Blue eyes stared at the wall for the longest time before closing slowly.

"Naruto, it's been so long!" Sakura said cheerfully over the phone.

"Yeah. Yeah it has been a very long week since we last spoke." Naruto commented sarcastically as he stretched up on his toes, trying to retrieve a book for a customer.

"You sound busy…is Sasuke doing you right now?"

"I'm at work!" He hissed.

"Right, right. So listen, I have something really important to tell you!"


"I'm pregnant,"

Finally getting a hold of the book, Naruto slipped and fell backwards, the book falling and landing on his crotch. "Shit!"

"You're not happy for me?"

"No, I am! I was just hit in the wrong place."

"Oh, so you are with Sasuke."

"I'm not with Sasuke! And I'm really happy for you, Sakura. I just pity your kid."

"What? Why?"

"Because Lee's sperm is probably as backwards as he is," The blond laughed and hung up, cutting off the endless screaming on the other end. He stood there for a second, staring at his phone. "A baby, huh…"

"And that's why we can't do it tonight." Naruto announced proudly, crossing his legs and folding his arms.

"Because Sakura's having a baby?" Sasuke asked incredulously.

"What? No! Because a book fell on my penis!"

Sasuke smirked and dropped onto his knees in front of Naruto. "Well then, maybe I should have a look at it to make sure there is no damage." He began unbuttoning the blond's pants, but two hands in his face made him stop.

"Don't do that!"

Sasuke growled as he continued to undo the pants anyway.

"Ha…Sasuke! No! Stop it, teme! Ugh…n-no!"

"Temari, I'm home." Shikamaru called in his normal bored tone as he walked through the door.

The blond haired woman shot up from the couch and blushed. "Um, welcome home. I have a…um…surprise for you."

Shikamaru studied her face and then looked down at the coffee table. His eyes widened comically. "Is that a pee stick?"

"Um…well, it's normally called a pregnancy test, but yes, it's a pee stick." Temari frowned.

The black-haired man undid his tie and dropped it on the chair next to his briefcase. "Have you peed on it?"


"Damn it, Temari! That's gross! Get it off the table!"

Temari gaped at him. "You unbelievable bastard! You don't even care if it's positive or not!"

Shikamaru grimaced. Oh shit, he made her upset. "Um…i-is it positive…?"


The couple stood there for a minute in utter silence. Suddenly, Temari found herself in a strong embrace.

"Ohmigawd, this is great!" He cried, lifting her off the ground and twirling around. He fell forward on the couch so that he was lying on top of her and he pressed his lips against hers roughly.

When they parted for air, Temari looked up into his face. She'd never seen her husband like this before. "I thought that you thought that kids were a pain in the ass."

"They are, but I don't mind raising a bunch of pains in the ass as long as I'm raising them with you." Shikamaru said, smiling a genuine smile at her.

She frowned and puffed out her cheeks. "That was really cheesy."

"I'm in a cheesy mood." He replied abruptly. He got off of the couch and lifted her bridal style, kissing her softly. "Shall we go to our royal chamber, my queen?"

Temari couldn't hold back the laughter that bubbled in her chest.


Okay, I know it was fast and rushed.

There will be a revised version of this entire fic out eventually, and it will have a better, more conclusive ending.