Moving Forward Series Moving Forward Series Part 00 - Prologue Chapter 01 - Of Lords and Ladies

Into a perfectly square, gray room appeared four doors. Each door was unique; the first adorned with a precise grid of squares that were alternated black and white. The door on the opposite wall was also adorned in a black and white pattern but in contrast there was no discernible pattern consisting of appealingly random swirls some area's darker some lighter never staying still but always the door remained exactly half white and half black

On the other two walls were one door of the blackest black and its opposite was of the whitest of whites.

For a long while the room was empty, existing in perfect balance. Then as if on a queue the black and white doors opened, in tandem from each door strode a being that matched the others pace. As they moved as one to the square table that faded into existence as the beings came closer to the room's center. The being on the right composed completely of pure bright light; where the being on the left was composed of an amorphous blob of blackness of equal size and shape to the area of white. As each stepped further into the room they took on more and more definition the white light consolidating into a beautiful lithe woman with perfect features although devoid of all color but for scarcely altered shades of white, flowing white hair was barely definable against her flowing Victorian cut gown made of the sheerest white lace and smooth white silk.

The black blob simultaneously evolved into the shape of a man every aspect of the man was a severe intense black, his features barely discernable as patterns of lighter black his skin and hair almost indistinguishable from his impeccably tailored suit. Both Lord and Lady stood assessing each other in silent battle of wills. They arrived at an equal distance apart awaiting a signal only detectable by them. Then through the other two doors emerged another couple. The woman had skin as dark as the first man who had entered and clothing as white as the other woman's. The man who had emerged from the remaining door had skin as white as the first woman and was attired in a smartly cut suit as black as the other man's.

The black and white Lady addressed her opposite number the white and black lord. "My Lord Death do you agree to be impartial judge of this contest?" she queried in a beautiful singsong voice, as a golden light surrounded her.

With a nod he smiled and assented said "Do you Lady Time also agree to be an impartial Judge?" He asked with a soothing voice promising peace, but as cold as the grave, even as a silvery ethereal light surrounded him.

This time it was her turn to smile and nod agreement, each knowing the other to be a liar.

With this, each turned to the being on their right to complete the ritual. This time death spoke first "Do you Lady Order agree to be true to your nature and wage an orderly battle for the destiny of this universe?"

Her reply of assent was reminiscent of a perfectly harmonized musical instrument.

The Lady Time finished the ritual by asking "Do you Lord Chaos agree to be true to your nature and wage a chaotic battle for the destiny of this universe?"

His reply of assent could only be compared to the sound of hoarse and grind gears.

With the final assent, Lady Time and Lord Death intoned together "So let the battle begin."

At this, they all sat down around the playing board to begin the games that would influence the fate of the universe.

Each Lord and Lady was having his or her part to play and each influencing the player's chosen.

The Lady Time put forth the piece designating the first players in the shape of a beautifully shaped grandfather clock in a lovely shade of blue. Naming the Race it represented. "Time Lords"

The Lord Death put forth a metal pepper pot as he stated "Dalek"

The Lady Order was the next to put forth her piece a beautiful figure of a young humanoid woman stating, "Joy"

The Lord of Chaos placing his piece last, a piece that would have surprised most of the others if they had allowed themselves to show any emotions at all. The last piece was of a stunningly handsome young man, the name he gave it made clear his purpose on the board. "Destruction"

Thus, the game began...