Part 01 - What Came Before?

Chapter 01 - Old Allies & New

Spinning in the darkness there was a pitiful cry; a cry she thought went unheard in the darkness of space. It was the cry of a TARDIS now the last of her kind mourning, her ancestral home, her people and her soul-weary, devastated sole passenger. She hurt more deeply then she thought she ever would again. Not since the days when she had been abandon in an upgrade maintenance bay. Then she had been alone and grieving for the one being, that should have been her traveling companion for life, her Time lord friend Marnal. She had felt so alone.

Then had come Theta, her Doctor, to make everything better to take her back to the stars and into time where she belonged. She mourned and worried for him now, he had been forced to make a decision no one should ever have to, the life of everyone they loved, their family, their species or that of the rest of the universe. The Daleks destruction in the process was very cold comfort indeed.

Much as she knew Theta didn't get along with his people, she knew the love he had for them and his planet of birth. It was a love and loyalty she knew most of them really didn't deserve. They had given him this task as punishment for his earlier compassion in not destroying the Daleks before their rise to power. In spite of his acceptance of the duty the Time Lords had lay at their doorstep she knew he would never quite be the same man he was and would always be haunted by that action. Already the tenderhearted, compassionate man that he had been had been driven crazy by grief into attempting to take his own life.

Only her quick actions as soon as he lost consciousness prevented his destruction as well. She had kept him sedated though his difficult regeneration and done her best to pour out her love to him, her need for him as his mind and body reformed and healed. In the silence, she cried for their losses, careful to insure that her passenger didn't hear her. She had seen him change many times now, but never had the regeneration process been so difficult. Never had they been so alone. With no home to return to, no companions to help him cope with the gaping hole in his psyche, and the devastating quiet caused by the loss of their people in his mind she feared for him. If there wasn't someone there when he awoke again... Knowing that he would feel angry and betrayed by her saving his life and if there was no one to help him, to give him physical comfort that she couldn't that he would be truly lost. She was certain he would not give her a second chance to save him.

In the darkness she cried, and she thought and she struggled with her disobedience to his desires knowing she couldn't, wouldn't go on without him. She also knew that with out Time Lords the universe would suffer even though he had given everything he cherished to save it from destruction by Dalek. She just had to find a way to help him heal. She resolved that she would find a way, and began to search both time and space for a way to give him back at least a portion of that which he had lost.

Without warning or conscious thought on her part, she began to materialize in a place that was not a place, the home of the White Guardian; she was afraid.

The darkness of space became a sea of white surrounding her. The TARDIS wondered at this turn of events with trepidation. She knew there would be no avoiding the Guardian. Fortunately for her, the guardian was not feeling inclined to make her wait. Unlike her previous visit when the Doctor had been working with the Guardian to get the key to time, she knew the Guardian was here to see her. Fading into sight from the surrounding white, he placed his hand ever so gently on her right front door, which at his desire to enter opened.

He did not look as he had in their last encounter. Now he appeared as a tall willowy fellow, with a narrow face like pictures of elves the doctor had in some of his earth books. Neat curly white hair came to his shoulders and reminded her a bit of the doctor's hair in his fourth and sixth bodies. An impeccably tailored white suit, and white on white spats, did nothing to hide his long skinny limbs and almost delicate appearing hands and feet. The only significant color other then his skin color was his intense bluish white eyes. They looked at her time rotor with such intensity that she gave a mental shudder, but she sensed no hostility from him and very politely telepathically queried him about his presence.

Speaking with quiet power he stated. "I have brought you here to request your assistance in a mutually beneficial venture. With the passing of Gallifrey, the universe has shifted toward Chaos and more in the favor of the Black Guardian. I am asking you to help me correct that shift. I think you will find that you will like results." With a broad smile that seemed to light up her entire control room, with warmth and healing, the Guardian began to outline his plan.

For long moments after he finished speaking she was quiet. Her mind was turning over and over the plan. Marveling at the beauty of it she agreed to help him. For the first time since the destruction, she truly had hope that things might turn out all right.

With her agreement, the guardian gave a zillion watt smile and approached her console. He gently reached out; putting his hands flat on two spots clear of controls, and closed his eyes. She hummed in pleasure as she felt a sweet energy flow from his contact. Bright white tendrils of energy played over her console and her time rotor shifted in color to the pink of intense pleasure. Each white tendril rippled over her slowly coating the interior of the control room in it a swirling kaleidoscope of every color she had ever seen. As she felt the energy absorbing into her she healed. When it dissipated, she found herself sitting in the living room of a friend.