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Chapter 1 - "the Clothes" - Start.

The room was quiet and dark, a small candle lit in the corner. There was a young man, no older than 19, hunched over on the corner of his small bed, in obvious thought. In the candlelight, his normally "sunny" features had an ominous orange glow that would bring anyone to believe he was, in fact, a very gloomy person. But it was just the opposite-he was very well known for his bright attitude that was brought out even more by his features.

He had lightly tanned, firm skin, showing off his evident, but not-too-large muscles. Although, upon closer examination, one could see that his body was curvaceous-feminine even. He was tall, his blond hair slightly longer than what he had in his childhood-but still just as messy. The hair framed his face splendidly, showing off his (pleasantly) thin face-allowing his whisker-scarred cheeks to stand out all the more. A truly noticeable feature of the blond was his trademark orange ninja outfit-not a very... usual color among ninjas. But, if somebody were to meet him and be asked what was most noticeable-they would undoubtedly point out his bright cerulean eyes and cheery personality.

The blonde man grunted, seemingly answering his own thoughts before adjusting to a new position-lying down on his back on the bed. He broke out of his trance and turned to the room he called "home."

It was a small room, the walls were a dingy brown-the wallpaper peeling away in many more places than one. There was a small window in the middle of the far wall-a small tarp covering the hole of the broken glass. There was a mini-fridge on top of the counters next to the window. Across from the window, a small table with a picture frame sat in the middle of the room and across from that-the bed that he currently lay upon. There were thin sheets covering the bed, surprisingly clean but not very warming during the winter.

He sighed in resignation, a frown slowly slipping onto his face. He sat up and crawled to the edge of the bed. He felt a small shiver run up his spine as he gingerly touched his bare feet to the cold floor, and shuffled to the right to open a door. He stepped into his (even smaller) bathroom and turned to the shower, seemingly torn and at a loss of what to do. He shrugged and began pulling off his clothes. The ninja suit, the metal protection garment, the strap-on weights, his undershirt, and lastly his black boxers, revealing his previously mentioned curvaceous, yet muscular body and large scars going across his back. If one were to apply chakra to his stomach, it would reveal a large black marking, starting at his navel and spiraling outwards-a seal.

He stepped into the shower and placed his hand hesitantly on the handle. He lightly bit his tongue to prepare for what was to come. After a few deep breaths he turned the handle-signaling ice cold water to splash all over his body. Goosebumps immediately rose all over his skin, his body shaking-protesting against the cursed water. He quickly began to lather himself with soap and rinsed off, before repeating the same process with shampoo in his hair.

After he was finished, he turned the shower handle back the opposite way and grabbed a towel hanging from a nail on the wall. He wrapped it around his lower region and turned to the dirty mirror, pressing a hand with gathered chakra to his lower abdomen. He stared at the seal in the mirror-the cause of most of the horrors in his short eighteen-and-a-half-year-old life. He picked his clothes up off of the floor with a sigh and returned to the previous room.

Now that his body was moist from the shower, it seemed to be even colder to him. He suppressed a shiver and turned to sit down on his bed-tossing his clothes on the end and returning to his thinking. He stayed deep in thought for a few moments and then growled, breaking himself out of his thoughts. He looked to the corner of the room, where a small pile of (obviously) dirty clothes were and stared for a few minutes. He then stood up and turned to his clothes and sighed as if he had just made heart-breaking decision.

He dropped his towel and quickly got back into his clothes, pulling them on in the opposite order: black boxers, undershirt, strap-on weights, metal protection garment, and the ninja suit. He stopped again, then turned to the bathroom and stepped in momentarily. He looked in the mirror at his own frowning reflection and spoke quietly, "I suppose my mask is slipping..."

All of a sudden, his head snapped to the doorway of the bathroom, trying to focus on the house's main doorway. As if he hadn't been so depressed before he turned back to the mirror and smiled as largely as possible and then ran to the door, opening it with fake glee. A few feet from the door stood a startled kunoichi who was planning on knocking on the door but was greeted by a door slamming open.

She wore a red 2-piece ninja suit with circle markings in white. She had on the regular ninja shoes, exposing her toes and also wore fingerless gloves-a metal material was attached to the knuckles of the gloves to pack an extra punch. She had bright pink hair that was nearly to her shoulders and pulled back by her forehead protector bearing the leaf sign of Konoha. Her emerald green eyes were widened in obvious surprise, quickly turning into a light glare.

"Damnit! You know I hate it when you do that, Naruto," she said. He stepped closer and rubbed against her side in a cat-like way.

"Gomen, gomen, Sakura-chan. I just recognized your chakra and decided to meet you halfway!"

She smiled, "yeah, yeah," she stopped and frowned slightly. "Tsunade-shishou(1) wants you. You have a mission." He stopped his "rubbing" and frowned, quickly turning back to a smile. Sakura noticed the frown. "A mission, eh? About time she got me one!" he smiled even larger. Sakura timidly smiled back then looked behind Naruto.

"Naruto, you're wearing the same suit twice in a row, aren't you?" she looked up at him.

"Eh? Wha..? Oh... uh... it's okay, Sakura-chan. Really!"

She frowned. "No, it's not Naruto. I'm going to take you to Tsunade-shishou, but first, we're going to my house to wash your clothes. You can wear the clothes I bought for you last time."

"Huh?! I don't want to! They aren't orange!" Naruto pouted. "Too bad, Naruto." she stepped past him and grabbed the small pile of dirty clothes that she had looked at over Naruto's shoulder, "you go through too much crap already, and I'm not going to be the shitty friend that just watches."

He sighed, then smiled. "Thanks, Sakura." She turned and looked at him surprised. He had never said her name without the -chan at the end, and... the way he had said it. She shivered at the thought of the deep, sensual voice. She faced away from him, hiding her small blush. "Well, ah-ahem. Get on your shoes and let's go, then." She turned and looked at him, even more surprised. He stood up and pointed to his now covered feet. "You must be zoning out, Sakura-chan. I already put them on while you were staring at my pile of clothes!"

She chuckled nervously. "Heheh, yeah... well, let's go." She strode past him and motioned for him to follow. He obliged and walked out of the door, turning to lock it with a key. "As if I'm actually going to need it..." he mumbled. He turned and stuffed his key in his pocket, then took off running after Sakura. She smiled and turned, running quickly towards her house, Naruto quickly and easily following.

Sakura stepped into her small, empty house, motioning for Naruto to follow. He slowly stepped in behind her, shutting the large wooden door behind himself. He looked around quickly-it had been a while since he had last been here. Sakura took off her shoes, slipping on the small white house shoes and went down the hallway, leaving Naruto to reminisce.

The last time he had been here was after he had been critically injured while chasing after his best friend/rival. He had been ambushed by a large group of ninjas that were evidentally also searching for his old teammate and best friend.

There was a small area for shoes to be placed and a hallway extending further. He stepped out of his shoes, pulling on the extra pair of wabaki(2), especially for guests. He stepped into the hallway and looked to his right. It was a large open room-the living room. It had a "homey" feeling. There was a small couch with it's back facing the hallway. There was a coffee table in front of it with what he assumed to be mission papers on top of it. There were two small windows on the far wall and a closet on the side.

If he were to take a few steps further down the hallway and look to his left, he would see a small but elegant kitchen with counters surrounding the walls, a large refrigerator, a sink and eating utensils neatly stacked on the side. Further down the hall is Sakura's bedroom, with a large bed, table, and dresser. Attached to the bedroom is a small bathroom, with a bathtub/shower, toilet, and sink.

He turned and strode into the living room, sitting on the couch and stared at the coffee table. He sat there deep in thought, waiting for his old teammate to come out with the promised clothing. After a few moments in thought, he heard a door being shut and footsteps coming down the hallway. He turned to see Sakura holding a large bundle of blue and black-what he assumed to be the clothing.

"Here, Naruto. These are the ones I recently bought you. You really should keep them..." she tossed them into Naruto's lap. " I'll wash your other clothes and give them back to you later. I'm going to be making tea in the kitchen, so hurry up and change."

She turned and went down the hall, into the kitchen. He sighed and stood up, allowing the clothes to fall onto the couch. "Why does she keep trying to get me into dark colors..? She knows I like orange..." he mumbled.

He quickly stripped and unfolded the bundle of clothes. There was a blue top, with a few hidden pockets, a pair of black ninja pants, and a black vest to hold any small weapons, poisons, etc.

He pulled them on quickly, picked up his dirty ninja suit he had just stripped out of and turned on his heels, starting for the kitchen. He stopped at the doorway and leaned against the counter, watching Sakura pour the steamy liquid into the cups. She looked up and blushed, looking down in the blink of an eye. "It looks good on you... really good."

The clothes hugged his frame closely, showing his nicely but not over-muscled build. Just by looking, one could tell that he had strong legs and arms... the muscles were quite evident. The blue color of the shirt brought out his eyes and the black of the pants and vest brought out the fox-like scars on his cheeks. All in all, he looked very good.

He raised a curious eyebrow and smirked. "Oh, really? Is that the reason why you keep trying to get me into these wretched dark clothes?"

It was her turn to raise an eyebrow. "'Wretched'? You think that blue and black is 'wretched'? What about that orange you always wear..? I find that absolutely 'wretched'." She smirked and put down the teapot.

"Yeah, yeah. I've heard that from many more people than just you, so don't start the 'horrid orange' topic with me." He picked up one of the cups and lightly blew on the liquid, then took a large swig and smiled.

"Well, I suppose we had better get going before Tsunade-baachan(3) decides that she wants to 'punish' me for being late-and I do not like to be punished by her."

Sakura smiled, "Yeah, I don't think anybody wants to be punched into a wall by her." She drank her tea quickly and put her cup in the sink.

Naruto shivered, recalling his last 'punishment' that had ended with him being in the hospital for a day. "Tell me about it."

Sakura took Naruto's cup and put it beside her own in the sink. She took his dirty clothes from him and put it in her room. She came out of her door shutting it quietly. "Let's go." She walked past him, down the hall, to the area in front of the door and pulled off her house shoes. He followed and did the same, pulling on his ninja shoes before she had finished pulling on her own. He walked out the door and turned, waiting for Sakura to lock the door. She finished locking the door and started off for the Hokage tower, Naruto closely behind.

-Chapter End-

(1) "shishou"- Japanese; means "master" as in master/apprentice

(2) "wabaki" - Indoor shoes used in Japan

(3) "baachan" - Japanese; used as a means of referring to an elderly person, an expression that Tsunade hates being used on herself


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