Roxas breathed in the fresh air. It cleansed his brain; clearing his thoughts. He strolled lightly on the small dirt path shaded under the lush, green trees from the warm sunlight. With hands in his pockets he headed for pond.

Stepping out from the protection of the large trees he paused and gazed across to the secluded large pond. The sunlight reflected off it's still surface and caused it to sparkle like a diamond. A small breeze tripped around Roxas and swayed over to the deep pond causing small ripples on the silk water sheet. As he stepped closer he watched small turtles play under the water and peek up to the surface. The turtles were vivid shades of blue and green and stood out in the transparent water. Plants swayed and danced underneath the surface.

Roxas watched the turtles skip joyfully through the water and to the other side of the pond towards something. Roxas followed the bright mosaic animals with equally bright, curious eyes until he stopped when finding their destination at the opposite side of the pond, standing on a worn wooden dock. He felt a smile trickle onto his lips as he recognised the girl as the same girl who visited the pond everyday.

He silently watched her dip her fingers into the cool water and giggle at the turtles swirling around them. She wore a simple white dress that matched her pale skin and light blonde hair which hung neatly over her shoulder. He was mesmerized. She could only remind him of an enchanted being greeting the small, water creatures.

Suddenly her head shot up to look at Roxas. He awkwardly averted his gazed to the sky. When turning back she had turned to the pond again. And so Roxas, reluctantly, made his way to another path in order to not seem stalker-like.

A loud sound of creaking wood screamed through the sanctuary. Roxas turned to see the girl, now standing, looking cautiously down to the dock but the wood screeched again and gave way. The girl crashed through and into the water. Roxas froze. But from seeing an angelic hand breaking the surface of the water and then defeated become swallowed by the dark hidden depths of the fiend pond; he sprang into action. Sprinting over to the pond, he jumped from the edge and smashed into the cold, bitter surface of the pond. He opened his eyes to the blue-blurred surroundings and swam with all his might to the white cloud of a moving person. Once close he clutched onto her fragile, limp body and hulled her to the surface. Breaking the water he sucked in the air and dragged himself and the girl to solid ground.

Once safely on ground, Roxas lay the girl neatly on the ground, checked her breathing and covered her with his hoody (even although it was soaked). And he waited and attempted to catch his breath. Roxas stole glances at her and realized how much more beautiful she was up close. As he watched her he was sure he saw the twitch of an eye opening. He watched her rosy lips carefully and curiously. And then a wave of courage took over. This was the perfect opportunity.

As quietly as possible Roxas, still dripping wet, shifted himself towards her and leaned over her. Her porcelain features remained peaceful and calm. Roxas leaned in closer and inhaled her scent and pressed his lips gently on hers. Her lips were soft and sugary. He wished he could stay in this moment of perfection forever. And as he backed away, sad, he suddenly felt familiar gentle lips graze his. His eyes snapped open.

"I was wondering how long I would have to wait. I'm Naminé." She grinned.

Roxas grinned sheepishly and replied, "Roxas." before taking advantage of another perfect opportunity.