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The transmission ended, the official debriefing was over, there was just one more thing to know…

"You set the bomb you didn't die in, didn't you?" Casey said softly.

Ilsa looked away. Casey could tell he was correct.

"You were cleaning the scene." He elaborated.

"My cover was getting complicated." Her chin lifted.

"I thought you were a civilian." Casey winced slightly as he spoke.

"I thought you were too." She smiled sadly. "I don't like complicated."

"I was in love with you." It was almost easy to say, the past tense helped.

"I know." She didn't meet his eyes. "It would have been so easy to love you… But I had a job to do."

"You made me contemplate retirement." The words were almost accusatory.

Ilsa's breath caught. "I'm sorry, I thought it would be better than a breakup."

"Easier on you." He said.


Casey's hand crept towards her cheek and his head bent towards hers. He didn't kiss her.

She glanced towards his bedroom. "Shall we? For old times sake? I'm not staying."

There was nothing he wanted more. Except for her to stay.