All because

Chapter 1


"Happy Birthday Sweetheart" Gabriella Montez said lovingly to her now seventeen-year-old daughter as she shook her lightly to wake her up from a deep slumber.

"Thanks Mom." Madeline, or Maddie, Montez said back in thanks as she opened her eyes to a bright new day, which just so happened to be her birthday… December 30th.

"Now you better get dressed and come downstairs because I have something for you." Gabriella told Maddie secretively and sighed as she looked around the room. All around were posters and magazines of the hit singer, Troy Bolton he'd been singing since he was twenty-eight after his basketball career ended. Maddie Montez didn't have a crush on him seeing that he is around 35, but she loved his voice and her friends told her she was a lot like him… (I think you know where I'm going...)

"Ooh what is it?" Maddie asked as she darted out of bed and ran into the bathroom, changing and getting ready quickly.

"You'll see baby, you'll see." Gabriella smiled and quickly walked out and down the stairs to a bunch of Maddie's friends waiting to surprise her.

"Coming Mom." Maddie yelled as she appeared at the top of the stairs and looked down at the group of people.

"SURPRISE MADDIE!" Her friends yelled and Maddie screamed and started to hug everyone there.

"Oh my gosh!" Maddie exclaimed as she hugged her mom.

"Well, you looked busy so I'll go and get more food from the kitchen." Gabriella laughed and headed the other way, away from her daughter's friends.

"Maddie I have another surprise for you!" Her friend, Jennifer, or Jenni, Cross, exclaimed as she hugged her tightly and pulled out an envelope.

"What is it?" Maddie asked excitedly as her bright blue eyes traced over her name written on the front.

"Open it!" Jenni exclaimed to Maddie. She slowly opened the envelope and pulled two pieces of paper out.

"OH MY GOSH!!!" Maddie screamed and brought her voice down to a whisper, "You got us backstage passes to meet Troy Bolton!"

"Yeppp!" Jenni yelled over the crowd.

"When is it?" Maddie asked after she finished hugging her friend and jumping up and down.

"Tonight at seven." Jenni told her.

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