"Daddy," he heard a voice, "Wake up Daddy."

When he opened his eyes he found himself staring into an identical pair of smiling eyes.

"Look what I can do!" the face pulled away but it wasn't Madeline, at least not the adult Madeline pumping herself on some swings.

"Maddie?" Troy asked.

"Yes Daddy?" the young girl, about six or seven answered.

"How are you small again?" Troy's confusion was apparent but not to the little girl.

"What are you talking about daddy?" she laughed and said, "I've always been small."

"What?" he asked quietly to himself.

"Are you ok daddy?" the girl asked.

"Yes I-I'm fine," Troy stuttered out and looked down confused.

"Watch out daddy!" she yelled and he looked up to see a ball coming towards him and everything went black.

"Dad," someone said, "hey dad, wake up."

He looked up and this time, he saw her blue eyes smile when he found she was ok.

"I woke up a little bit ago," she laughed lightly.

"Are you ok?" Troy asked, standing up and inspecting her.

"Yes," Maddie said, "but I can't move my leg without it hurting."

"I made your mom and Brady go home last night," Troy told her.

"Good," Maddie smiled.

"Mads," Troy started and hugged her gently, "I'm so glad you're ok."

"Well Madeline," a doctor pushed the door open and saw her staring lively up at him, "It's good to see that you're ok."

"When can she go home?" Troy asked sharply.

"Well, we need to give her another check up and get a cast on her right leg. Maybe a few days," the doctor replied and the door burst open again.

"Maddie," it was Brady along with Gabriella, "I was so worried."

"He even cried," Troy put in, making Brady blush.

"You did?" Maddie asked quietly.

"Well yea," Brady admitted himself, "I love you."

"Thanks," she hugged him and let him kiss her nose.

"Come on Troy," Gabriella nudged him after kissing her daughter's cheek, "Let's go home and leave these two alone."

"It's all because I love you and our babes ya know," Maddie smiled up at him that night. They were laying in her hospital bed together with their babies.

"I know," Brady kissed her cheek and looked down at the two young kids in their arms, "All because Mads… All because." He watched as she drifted to sleep peacefully.

That's the end.

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