Katara and Haru have been dating for not even a week. The teenagers both just got out of bad relationships. Katara's ex-boyfriend broke up with her because she refused to fulfill his sexual desires. Haru's ex-girlfriend just stopped answering his phone calls and refused to see him when he went to her house. Both of them were so innocent and hurt, it was only natural that they felt they belonged together. On the second day of their relationship, Haru introduced his girlfriend to his best friend, Aang. This best friend had an emo girlfriend named Toph. The two new associates would always hang out, mostly in Aang's tiny one-room apartment. If it wasn't for Haru, the two would have never met.

Both of them were sitting on the torn up couch, looking at the static television screen in front of them. Katara twitched in her seat and tucked some hair behind her ear before talking. "I'm bored." She poked Aang in the ribs and stuck a tongue out at him.

He twitched from the poke. "What do you suggest we do?"

She leaned back in the couch, "You're the idea-man."

Aang laughed. "Shall we go shopping?"

The girl smiled, "Now, why didn't I think of that?" She jumped up from the sofa and ran to the front door. "Race you!"

Aang chuckled and turned off the television. "I'll beat you."

"How? I'm already off the couch." Katara stuck her tongue out at him and ran down the white hall, turned the corner, and ran into the garage.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the car keys off the coffee table near the battered couch. "Good luck getting in without the keys!"

The man took his sweet time walking down to to the garage. Katara danced in excitement next to his slick black car, waiting for him impatiently. "You're so slow!"

"Yes." Aang pushed a button on his keys and unlocked the car. Katara threw open the passenger's door and jumped in. He slowly walked around the car to the driver's seat and slid in. "But it's just so much fun to torture you."

The girl stared at him and grinned. "Either way: I beat you."

He rolled his eyes as the car turned on. "Sure you did." He moved the gear to 'drive' and floored them out of the garage.

Katara stuck her arms into the air and squeeled with delight as they zoomed down Main Street. Aang laughed, if only her boyfriend could see how silly she could be. "Where do you want to go?"

Katara smiled a bit as she stared outside the window and watched the scenery flash by. "Hot Topic?"

He laughed and took her hand, afraid that she'd jump out the window. "I should've known."

They pulled into the mall area. Almost in an instant, cars began to leave the lot. It was as though they noticed their presence and backed away to make room for a king and queen. Aang parked into the nearest empty spot and hopped out, quickly followed by Katara. Aang smiled back at her, squeezed her hand, and then they both ran across the cement and into the mall. The automatic doors opened and the aroma of all the different kinds of food filled their noses. It was as though every country in the world gathered into one building.

The two kept walking by the many different shops. Each had a different theme, ranging from goth to elderly. They walked slowly to the end of the mall and walked into Katara's favorite place: Hot Topic. Aang quickly ran over to look at the shirts, Katara followed him. Each shirt was pushed over, the girl just loved their clothes. But one shirt caught her eye, it was black with an adorable emo bear on the front. Katara ran to the dressing room to try it on, wanting nothing else but to buy it.

Katara threw her black jacket and blue shirt onto the bench and slid the new shirt on her naked body. It fit like a glove, showing a bit of her cleavage, but not too much, and it wasn't too tight or too long. She smilied and opened the door, only to find Aang waiting for her. He changed too, into the same shirt as Katara wore. "Oh look, we match." She laughed.

Aang chuckled and looked deep into her eyes, "If you and me were boyfriend and girlfriend, we'd so be locking hands."

Katara smilied. "Too bad I'm not Toph."

He sighed, "Yeah. And too bad I'm not Haru." The both laughed and he pulled her into his chest. "He's so lucky to have you. You're a great girl."

She blushed and wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks. Toph is lucky to have you too."

Aang jumped back and checked the golden watch on his right wrist. "Shit! I was suppose to meet Toph ten minutes ago!"

He pulled off the shirt on his body and grabbed the clothes Katara came there with. They ran to the cash register and he slipped the woman a $20 bill while he pointed to the black cloth that hugged Katara's torso. They both ran out of the mall and back into the car.